AT&T U-Verse: Digital TV, High-speed Internet and Voice Solutions

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What exactly is AT&T’s Uverse system? Keep reading to find out more information about Uverse.

AT&T U-Verse - Digital TV, High-speed Internet and Voice Solutions

What is U-Verse?

U-verse is regarded as a service that’s offered by AT&T. AT&T U-verse service plan is now presented in 22 states. The service was introduced in the year 2006 by AT&T.


History Of Uverse

In ’07 for only over a year since Uverse was released, it had become offered to roughly three million subscribers in the America. The service was also offered to many cities that same yr., including Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, San Diego, and also Cleveland and Detroit.

Uverse voice soon was included in the year of 2008. Detroit locals were the 1st clients of U-Verse Voice and at this time there were 200,000 people register and took advantage of the service. There was a period that more than 10,000 brand new clients were given an installation service each week.

By the year 2011, about four million people were subscribed to U-Verse TV, about 2 million U-Verse Voice subscribers and roughly seven million High-speed Internet subscribers.


Uverse Bundles

There are 6 completely different U-verse deals that you can pick. By far the most low-cost package that AT&T offers is their High speed internet Plan charged at less than $20 per month.

The Internet Plan was basically the lowest priced next to the list is the U-Family Plan. This plan includes DVR, and you could even add the premium and have it free for about three months. With the value of thirty-dollars monthly you can now avail the U-Family Plan.

For just $50 per month you can already subscribe to the TV and Internet Bundle and $79 per month for the TV, Internet and also Phone Package deal. The above plans present downstream rates of speed of 6MBPs, although the TV, Internet and Phone bundle also includes 250 min’s worth of call period.

Last but not least, the two other bundles that U-Verse offers are the Max TV and Internet Bundle also, the Max TV, Internet and Phone Bundle. Both plans present you with downstream speeds of 18MBPs.


Subscriber Equipment

The right equipment required for the U-Verse customers are being given by AT&T. The manufacturer either rents the equipment to customers for a monthly charge, or the equipment can be bought by having a warranty that is good for one full year. TV receivers provided by Cisco and Motorola, wireless routers together with modem are the devices that will be offered to U-Verse users.


Ways on How to Subscribe to Uverse

It is very simple to enroll for U-Verse. Interested subscribers may check out AT&T’s site and then choose U-Verse. Be certain that U-Verse is accessible in your area because it is only obtainable in 22 states. In case you do reside in a location where the service is obtainable, you may then select the plan that you want, and then a rep will look at your location, and then the right equipment will probably be installed, which in turn will allow you to make the most of all the features which the service provides.

It’s wise to do some research on purchasing options for signing up for the Uverse service plan. Att works with lots of associates which are allowed to publish offers for Uverse products. As an example, publishes coupons and deals for many att Uverse plans. Coupon codes are a fantastic way for buyers to lower the cost of their Uverse purchase.



U-Verse is an excellent service to get, and it is also worth the money. If a person is in need of an amazing Internet, Phone as well as TV package, then they must look no further than U-Verse.

Flexibility and More with Straight Talk Phone Plans

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Straight Talk is a mobile phone corporation with plans which offer not just options, but also flexibility, for consumers. TracFone Wireless is the parent company of Straight Talk. Straight Talk has many, mobile plans to choose from, like absolutely no commitment plans. As an added bonus, Straight Talk is sold at many Wal-Mart retailers and also on the internet.

Straight Talk

Clients will not be dissatisfied with the numerous mobile phones to choose from. Consumers won’t have just about any difficulties getting a mobile phone that is right for them, no matter if it’s a simple model or the latest and greatest gadget mobile. Straight Talk offers handsets that are touch-screen as well as up to date with the most current technology for those that enjoy gizmos. Regardless of what your need happens to be, Straight Talk has a product to suit you.
Wouldn’t like a new cellphone? Straight Talk can easily still help with some of its cellphone only options.

Straight Talk additionally allows you to have a new mobile phone number or simply keep your old cellular phone number should you desire. Some customers find keeping existing numbers is a hassle-free option.

Straight Talk provides cellphone coverage that is certainly quite equivalent or superior to the leading competitors, enabling you to keep in touch with those people you love virtually wherever you go. Many customers who change to Straight Talk from some other providers document a dramatic decrease in their mobile charges. Clients wanting to spend less on the expense of a cell phone or voice and/or data plan are able to do so through the use of online or by using a variety of special offers.

Anyone can select from a variety of plans that will meet your needs. There are unlimited plans that permit you to text message plus talk as much as you wish within the United States. Have loved ones overseas? Then consumers can benefit from international unlimited plans. There is also a smaller plan for those who do not use a cell phone very often.

Calling plans may be enabled to automatically replenish on a monthly basis or to refill just as required. Moreover, Straight Talk provides longer term calling plans, like 3 months, 6 months or even a year, that customers pay beforehand.

Straight Talk is adept at addressing every consumer’s unique cellphone requirements and has a program that can suit any person.

Staying Connected with Verizon FiOS

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Verizon FiOS is a fiber optic network which provides services for cable TV, broadband internet and home telephone service. Customers may bundle these services with each other in order to save some cash, and there can also be offers out there both on the web plus in stores. Verizon generally provides periodic offers, in particular for new clients, which feature great starting costs. Sometimes, Verizon might even provide a money card when people enroll in specific FiOS offerings.

Verizon is a major telecommunications provider in the United States, providing residential and business services for millions of customers.

Verizon FiOS
Verizon was basically one of the initial providers to offer products to households over the fiber optic network. FiOS is certainly a fresh service, which has not even existed for a decade yet. As a result of regional limits within the network and/or local service arrangements, FiOS may not be found in all regions in the united states. Many websites might help clients find accessibility along with pricing in their state. In certain cases, just a few of the Verizon FiOS products may very well be available in particular regions, but consumers can save money on any number of products if they use a Verizon FiOS promotion code.

  • FiOS Digital Voice -There are lots of home telephone choices through Verizon, including a standard home phone product and voice over internet. Verizon shall be centering on providing FiOS service to present consumers and won’t be increasing its fiber optic network in to new regions. As with all telecom service, FiOS Voice clients will pick from many calling plans.
  • FiOS TV – With FiOS cable, customers can pick among service tiers including HD, Prime HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD. Service tiers will certainly obviously have an effect on consumer’s pricing. With FiOS TV, clients are going to be delighted with the station line-up, with more than Hundreds of channels.
  • FiOS Internet -FiOS broadband is declared to be one of the fastest high-speed internet connections in the U.S. Verizon delivers one of their very own high-speed modems to ensure high quality. Consistency and also amazing rapid connections are usually top priority for Verizon with its FiOS service. Not all the customers want the exact same bandwidth plus connection data transfer speeds, so Verizon provides many packages to choose among.

Verizon is yet another top cellular service provider. In addition to price savings on FiOS, Verizon usually provides discount codes for its wireless services, too. Consumers can make the most of the Verizon 4G network for mobile along with data services. Verizon has no shortage of choices for FiOS and wireless services.

Verizon FiOS really should be a top consideration for digital voice, television and/or broadband if it’s found in a consumer’s location. Once customers check FiOS accessibility within their location, there are often great deals for anybody planning to switch. Spending less on Fios services can be done, together through discounts along with combining these services with each other.

Best Family Friendly Shows on Broadway

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Feel like going to see a Broadway show with the family? The Book of MormonKinky Boots or Chicago may not be appropriate for young audiences, so here are a few Broadway shows that will be sure to delight children as well as adults.
Best Family Friendly Shows on Broadway
The Lion King is a terrific introduction to the theatre experience for families. Most children are already familiar with the story and songs thanks to the Disney film. Follow Simba the lion as he learns about the circle of life and what it takes to be a great king. Everyone will love the colorful costumes and fantastic Serengeti-inspired sets. Now playing at the Miniskoff Theatre. Tickets start at $89.

Annie The Musical tells the story of a spunky, red-headed orphaned girl looking for a family. Follow Annie, her dog Sandy, the evil Miss Hannigan and Annie’s benefactor Daddy Warbucks on their depression-era, New York City Christmas adventure. As an added bonus, Jane Lynch from Glee will be portraying Miss Hannigan from May 14-July 14, 2013. You will be humming the upbeat songs like “Tomorrow” and “It’s a Hard Knock Life” on your way home. Annie is playing at the Palace Theatre. Tickets start at $119.

Matilda is a little darker in tone than Annie, but is also geared toward families. Based on Roald Dahl’s children’s book,Matilda tells the story of a young girl genius with telekinetic powers. Children will love to cheer with Matilda and Miss Honey as they stand up to bullies like the evil Miss Trunchbull. Matilda opens April 11, 2013 at the Schubert Theatre. Tickets start at $37.

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is also appropriate family-friendly fare. See one of the most beloved fairy tales come to life on Broadway. Follow Ella and her prince in a contemporary setting,complete with some new subplot twists. Children will love the colorful costumes, magic and comedic touches. Cinderella is playing at the Broadway Theatre. Tickets start at $45.

More Sports, Higher TV Bills

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Cable television providers are looking at ways to handle the increasing cost of sports programming packages by regional sports networks.
More Sports, Higher TV Bills
Regional sports networks package games of top pro sports franchises or top college teams, as well as conferences, interviews, and talk shows. This causes large amounts of revenue that are the result of the games being put on cable and satellite bundle packages.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a prime example of these new deals. The Dodgers signed a deal with Time Warner Cable that could be worth as much as $7 or 8 billion over a quarter of a century. The partnership will spin off of a new channel called SportsNet LA, which will have a $5 month carriage fee that all subscribers must pay, baseball fans or not.

Cable and satellite services have placed the blame on regional sports networks for high prices. By charging all new customers for the regional sports network, Verizon is doing things a little bit differently. Verizon aims to give customers transparency regarding that part of their TV bill.

This new plan is a symbol used to describe the anger that many people feel over what sports programming is doing to their bills. To fight this, subscribers would like the freedom to pay to watch games over the internet, instead of television. The cable providers do not like this idea.

Cable and satellite services have placed the blame on regional sports networks for high prices. By charging all new customers for the regional sports network, Verizon is doing things a little bit differently. Verizon aims to give customers transparency regarding that part of their TV bill.

This new plan is a symbol used to describe the anger that many people feel over what sports programming is doing to their bills. To fight this, subscribers would like the freedom to pay to watch games over the internet, instead of television. The cable providers do not like this idea.

Some providers, like Verizon, offer ways to save on your bills with a

Verizon FiOS promotion code 2014

.These new price hikes due to regional sports networks have many customers evaluating their options. Many people are talking to their cable providers, threatening to go elsewhere where there are lower rates.

New York Architecture

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New York is known for its original and unique architecture and it is the architecture that I originally fell in love with when I first moved to the City. Below are 10 top architectural marvels that are definitely worth the visit when in New York City.

1. Empire State Building – This iconic building stood as the tallest building in New York for 40 years, until the World Trade Center was built. It was built in 1931, and is a symbol of New York, the Empire State.

2. Statue of Liberty – This statue was a gift from France to the United States in 1886, and symbolizes freedom and liberty to immigrants arriving at the United States. She stands 151 feet, not including the base and torch. This symbol of freedom can be seen from miles away, and has been a beacon of hope and liberty for many years.

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art – The largest art museum in the United States fills more than 2 million square feet, and houses more than 2 million works of art.

4. Grand Central Terminal – Also called Grand Central Station, this train station is among the most popular tourist sites in New York, bringing in more than 20 million visitors annually. The main concourse is huge, and is usually filled with crowds. Grand Central Terminal also houses museums, restaurants, and once housed an art school.

5. Brooklyn Bridge – The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It crosses over the East River, which connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. It is 486 meters long, and was the longest suspension bridges at the time of its construction.

6. Woolworth Building – Constructed in 1913, the Woolworth building is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the United States. At 57 stories tall, it is one of the tallest buildings in New York, and a National Historic Landmark.

7. New York Public Library – One of my personal favorites, as the second largest public library in the United States, it houses over 53 million items. It was opened to the public in 1911, and housed only 1 million books. Now, over 100 years later, it stands as a vital part of America’s intelectual system.

8. Hearst Magazine Building – The original building was built in 1928, and was 40,000 square feet. It now houses numerous magazine companies, including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Seventeen. The new building has the privilege of being the first skyscraper to break ground after 2001.

9. Flatiron Building – Located on a triangular block at the intersection of Fifth Avenue, Broadway and East 22nd street. It gets its name from the look of the building, which resembles a clothes iron. This building is so popular that it has been seen in multiple movies, including Neverending story, and in television shows like Friends.

10. Museum of Modern Art – A museum dedicated to just showing modern art, it has been the premier museum for modern art since 1929. It holds over 300,000 books, artist books and periodicals, and holds individual files on more than 70,000 artists. The museum also houses a restaurant and has an archive that carries primary source material on modern and contemporary art.

5 Unique Educational and Fun Activities for Kids in NYC

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Diversity is what defines New York City. Appealing to adults and kids is a never ending line up of activities. Fun and educational these five destinations will keep your kids entertained.

The Tenement Museum
Travel to New York life in the late 1800 and early 1900’s. With the Meet the Residents program, the Tenement Museum takes your children back in time where they can learn about the life of early immigrants. A costumed actor will portray one of the buildings residents and answer questions about the experience of immigrating to the United States.

New York City Fire Museum
Capture the attention of your children in this firehouse museum. In a fire safety education program the firefighters will simulate a real fire and teach your children how to react safely. The museum also houses historical and modern firefighting equipment and tools.

New York City Police Museum
Investigate New York City law enforcement. In the Jr. Officers Discovery Zone kids can explore a police car, take their fingerprints and even become a Jr. Detective. These activities and more help your children understand what law enforcement is all about.

Museum of the Moving Image
Experience the thrill of making a movie. With the Behind the Screen program your children can learn what goes into making a movie. In the Drop-In Studio kids can engage in hands on activities related to movie making. The museum also features artifacts from many movies.

Central Park Zoo/Tisch’s Children’s Zoo
Explore the world with wild animals. With just one stop your children will see and learn about animals from all over the world. The 4-D theater offers educational films for kids. The zoo also offers programs that enable your children to get a more in depth look at the animals.

Always exciting these five activities promise to keep your kids engaged. New York City offers entertainment for all ages. Together with your children come and experience this great city.

Top 10 New York City Tourist Attractions and Landmarks

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The most frequently asked question I get from friends and family visiting NYC is, “What should we do in the x number of days we have here?” The answer to that question depends on so many things, and there is so much to see and do in NYC, it’s always hard to say.

But because NYC is known as “the city that never sleeps”, it is a constant hub of excitement, entertainment and dining. If I was forced at gunpoint to choose the top 10 attractions and landmarks located throughout the city, here would be my list:

NYC Skyline
There is nothing quite like the bright lights and bustling environment of New York City. One of the things both locals and tourists can agree on is that the New York City skyline is a site to behold. Monuments, birdges and skyscrapers contribute to the beauty of the city.

Times Square
Anyone who has ever watched the ball drop on New Years Eve has seen Times Square. Well known for its famous restaurants, bars and other attractions, Times Square also boasts huge digital billboards.

Central Park
Those who are looking for a more relaxing attraction will want to check out world famous Central Park. Located in Manhattan, Central Park stretches 843 acres and features beautiful trees and bodies of water. Locals can be seen taking a leisurely stroll through the park with their dogs.

Statue of Liberty
Located on Ellis Island, the Statute of Liberty has been called the most historic landmark in New York City. Visitors can climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, where they can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Also located on Ellis Island is the Peopling of America Center. This center opened in 2011 to mark the Statue of Liberty’s 125 year anniversary.

Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Manhattan, is one of the city’s most recognized structures. There is an elevated walkway that allows visitors to walk the length of the bridge.

Prospect Park
Located in Brooklyn, Prospect Park stretches 585-acres and features a lake and a Dog Beach where locals often take their furry friends to play and exercise. There is also a 250-acre natural forest in the park. Locals often go fishing at the Dog Beach where they are likely to catch a largemouth bass.

Coney Island
Also located in Brooklyn, Coney Island is a world famous beach and boardwalk that tourists and locals visit in droves. The New York Aquarium is located in Coney Island and is open all year long. There are two amusement parks and a handful of dining establishments as well.

Yankee Stadium
Baseball fans will want to visit Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees and nicknamed “The House That Ruth Built,” after Babe Ruth. There is also a Yankees museum that details the entire history of one of the most popular baseball teams in the U.S.

Bronx Zoo
The Bronx Zoo stretches 265-acres and is home to over 5,000 animals and over 600 different species. Visitors can check out the daily penguin and sea lion feedings.

Staten Island Ferry
The Staten Island Ferry transports people to and from Manhatan. The Ferry runs 24 hours a day and is used by both locals and tourists.

Real Estate Trends In The Big Apple

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After college, I was incredibly lucky to find a rent-controlled apartment in an unbelievable area. I lived there, eventually with my new hubby, until we had enough savings to buy a place of our own. Granted, our current home is not for the faint of heart — it was expensive for its size — but it is ours and we are proud to have a piece of the American dream.

With the economy struggling as much as it is in the United States, New York has been something of a diamond in the rough. Rental demands have remained high in the city and continue to do so as the economy slowly begins to heal. However, many people are beginning to question whether this trend will continue much further, or if many New Yorkers will begin to look towards other cities for financial refuge. One thing is for certain, the trends of New York real estate are changing quickly and people need to understand these changes if they wish to continue living in the Big Apple.

Since New York has been thriving in comparison to other cities in the United States there are likely to be more investors looking to score big. Current trends show that more investors are coming to the city to begin new developments. There are new skyscrapers being built and you can count on rental properties becoming more available in the near future. Even though New York rental costs are going up, many foreign investors still consider the city to be a fairly solid investment. Americans may complain about rising rent, but there are plenty of major foreign cities with higher rental rates that seem too risky for investors.

One trend that is sure to begin among the renters themselves is the big switch to owning property. Mortgage rates are lower than ever and rent costs are sky high. The obvious result seems to be more home owners and less renters. However, New York is still the place to be. Finding new tenants is likely not going to be a major problem. Long time New York renters are beginning to take advantage of their rent rate problems by finally making the switch to purchasing a home.

Amenities are beginning to disappear as a recent trend in New York real estate. Less people are interesting in forking over the cash to accommodate for such amenities. More renters are realizing that they can live perfectly well without a built in gym for tenants or any other added bonuses that go along with renting an up scale apartment or condo. It is likely that many new developments will avoid the added amenities from the start. This form of simplified living is not a recent trend and has been happening all over the country. Even home owners are trying to reduce spending so that they can save instead.

One of the major trends in New York real estate is the development of Queens. This borough is beginning to expand to accommodate for new investors and long time renters wishing to own their own place rather than pay high rent costs month after month. New York is always changing, but it is likely to begin changing in more major ways than ever before in recent history. There will be new renters to replace the old ones who have moved on to owning homes. Overseas and local investors will begin to rebuild the city in hopes of adapting to an economy that has been permanently changed in the recent decade.

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