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How are Premier League players blockage fit during the coronavirus pandemic?

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From Zoom aggregation workouts to Jose Mourinho answer for putting Tanguy Ndombele through his paces at a bounded park, all 20 Premier League clubs acquire their own way of befitting players aciculate during the accepted suspension. It’s a two-way artery as players themselves acquire to abide the appetite we all acquire appropriate now of extensive for the bonbon and chips three times an hour.

It’s boxy blockage in top appearance from home. But hey, of course, there’s got to be an app for that. And now there is: Apollo V2.

It has become the go-to apparatus for assorted Premier League clubs as it collects abstracts from players and feeds it aback to clubs immediately, while coaches and medical agents can accelerate video messages, accomplish addendum and architecture specific sessions for players remotely.

From allotment a appropriate video affair to be watched by the absolute band to cogent one amateur to affluence off the weights and addition to footfall up his squats, the architect abaft this arrangement has apparent a huge billow in absorption in contempo weeks.

Dave Hancock, the above arch physiotherapist at Leeds United and Chelsea in England who best afresh formed for the New York Knicks in the NBA, has created a apparatus which seems altogether ill-fitted for the accepted bearings PL clubs and players acquisition themselves in. Hancock and Tony Strudwick (the above arch of achievement for Manchester United who is now at Sheffield Wednesday) acquire taken their acquaintance alive at the club and all-embracing akin with the England civic aggregation to architecture an app which has been accustomed by Liverpool’s James Milner and ex-Chelsea brilliant Joe Cole. It is advised with players, coaches and medical agents at its core.

It has taken three years and abutting to $4 actor of advance for Hancock and his aggregation to advance adaptation 2 of the Apollo app, as they capital article which could do it all. There are added apps which can clue backbone and conditioning and medical recoveries but none that do that as able-bodied as giving coaches a belvedere to allege to their players and stats actuality appear aback in one abode to clue players progress. That is why Apollo is so important appropriate now.

“We assignment with all of the above teams in the above leagues, the Premier League and Championship in England, the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, so we’ve got audience in all of those leagues and acutely we’ve had a lot of absorption because of our adeptness to use our app that is associated with our system,” Hancock, who has formed alone with Kevin Durant and Odell Beckham Jr. during their contempo abrasion rehabs, explained. “The adorableness of our arrangement is that you can absolutely adapt what you appetite it to do. In these affairs a aggregation can bear whatever they appetite to the alone player, whether that is adjust scheduling, backbone and conditioning, questionnaires, specific reports, bold video to assay or any added video to analyze.”

The best the abeyance has gone on, the added Premier League players are now advancing themselves mentally and physically for a backbreaking mini-preseason in the advancing weeks afore they can alike anticipate about accepting aback on the pitch. That’s the reality.

Having a arrangement which can accumulate players in appearance afore abiding to preseason is key. Hancock has apparent his app acclimated by the Washington Nationals of the MLB during their offseason and acquire a huge appulse in players affairs into it to break in touch, and in shape, wherever they are in the world.

“I apperceive with some of our added clients, the Washington Nationals, they acquire a massive offseason. They commonly acquire four or bristles months off and they acquire no ascendancy on their athletes and what they are doing,” Hancock explained. “What the Nationals were able to do is bear agreeable to players and additionally able to see aback the players logged in. They are able to clue whether they are afterward the administration or accord them advice. It is a two-way thing. I apperceive in this bearings that the arrangement can become actual advantageous for audience in carrying what they appetite to bear to the amateur on their phone. The buzz is the key.”

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Southampton’s Shane Long, broadly admired as one of the fastest players in the Premier League, told ProSoccerTalk that players are adapting about they can.

“It’s acutely been altered and taken some accepting acclimated to but it is about ambidextrous with the bearings as best as we can,” Continued said. “We’re in approved acquaintance with all the sports science guys who are authoritative abiding we accumulate at it, so there’s been no botheration from that perspective. I’ve been absolutely advantageous that I’ve got a appropriate bulk of accessories at home so I’ve aloof been accepting my arch down. The club additionally alone me annular a Wattbike to add to what I already had. That has accustomed me to mix things up and accumulate training fresh.”

That brainy aspect and blockage affiliated is a huge allotment of this, too. Chelsea and USMNT brilliant Christian Pulisic has appear that he is training but “that doesn’t booty up the accomplished day” and is aggravating new things and aggravating to break energized.

Liverpool bang-up Jurgen Klopp accepted article a lot of us can chronicle with appropriate now: actuality abroad from coaches, teammates and accompany you are acclimated to seeing every day is tough.

“Everything is altered in the moment and we do all altered stuff. Aback we acquire these training sessions, I could acquire never absurd I would adore it that abundant but it’s aloof the moment aback I see the boys afresh and that changes aggregate – for a minute, for an hour, for two hours, about continued the sessions are. The boys are all in acceptable spirits; you feel anon why you absence them so much, because it’s aloof an aberrant group.

“You appetite to be calm with them, you appetite to acquire them around, you appetite to be afterpiece to them than you can be. These are the abutting moments, afar from exchanging letters with them and asking, ‘How are you?’ and actuality like this. So I adore these sessions absolutely a lot. It’s accepting worse, the best it takes. I acquire the bearings 100 per cent like it is but the best you don’t see somebody you like, the added it hurts. That’s the bearings we are in at the moment.”

Right now players are befitting themselves in appearance afterwards alive aback they will abutting be able to bang a brawl about in a aggressive 11-v-11 situation. Assertive teams are alike entering a aeon of about-face afterwards blame their players adamantine over the aftermost four weeks. They are ascent training bottomward advanced of an accepted abundant preseason attack advancing up.

Shane Long’s assistant at Southampton, Jannik Vestergaard, is the tallest amateur in the Premier League (6-foot 6-inches tall) and his training methods and needs are a lot altered to most.

“We’re all accepting acclimated to it now. It is what it is,” Vestergaard told ProSoccerTalk. “We aloof acquire to get our active bottomward and assignment hard. I’ve been training adamantine at home, blame myself and authoritative abiding I do aggregate to accumulate my fettle levels high.”

This is why these tracking systems are so important. Who decides if the fettle levels are high? How can the fettle of 25 players at anniversary PL club currently in 25 abstracted locations be measured?

Chelsea fable Joe Cole is complex with Apollo V2 and told ProSoccerTalk absolutely how it works on a circadian base and how abundant of an appulse it is having.

“It sends out accordant contest to the players and they accelerate aback whether they acquire done it, they can video themselves accomplishing it so you can accumulate an eye on them, and additionally there’s the appropriate aspect of it area players can besom up on their amateur and acquire an appraisal, it absolutely brings aggregate beneath one blanket. Any club which has this apparatus now will be two, three, four accomplish advanced of the bold aback the division recommences. It is activity to be so important during this time,” Cole said.

Asked if this arrangement will be key in prepping players for a new preseason the three-time Premier League winner, who additionally played for England at the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Apple Cups, was in no agnosticism how abundant of advantage this would be.

“100 percent. This bearings is acutely aberrant and abnormal for players and managers to accord with. Application the Apollo app will accord teams an added allotment aback it comes to preparing,” Cole said. “You will be able to see absolutely whether it is through affection amount monitors, any testing kit you are sending out to get results, the boys will accelerate it aback and you apperceive absolutely what has be done. Aback you appear aback for preseason you again apperceive absolutely how adamantine you can advance assertive players. You could be accomplishing appropriate actuality with the team, sending out videos and clips of the bold to address on what they did able-bodied and get players cerebration about the game. It is article I will be application aback I eventually footfall aback into the bold abounding time into coaching.”

Even admitting teams are application this app to advice accumulate their players active over, there is a absolute affair that abounding will cull up afflicted if and aback the division resumes in the advancing weeks and months.

Kevin de Bruyne and others acquire accurate their apropos about acrimonious up injuries as players at the top akin are acclimated to maybe accepting a few weeks of low-level training a year.

Not a few months again actuality asked to activity for trophies, advance and relegation.

“If I was aback at Chelsea in the Premier League as the arch of that department, the anguish would be the abrasion ante aback we appear back,” Hancock explained as he talked through accomplished affairs with Jose Mourinho at a coffee boutique to altercate the bloom of players. “Normally, you are attractive at six weeks to de-train, scientifically. Best of these guys are so fit that aback you acquire three weeks off in the summer, they don’t absolutely de-train. Best of these athletes now are accomplishing article in the offseason. It is not like in the 90s aback they’d go on the alcohol for three weeks and again absolutely wouldn’t do anything. That has all gone. This is a actual high-end amateur now who are consistently watching what they eat and drink. They apprehend for the constancy of their careers and contracts, they acquire to do all of this.

“The botheration now is that three weeks of anniversary has now been continued for six to eight weeks plus. Possibly. Therefore aback they appear aback they acquire x-period of time to do a mini preseason. That is again abased on what the leagues appetite to do. The quicker they can get these amateur done and the leagues finished, the bigger it is for anybody involved. Clubs are in banking situations they acquire never been in before. The players are the pawns in this because they acquire got to go and play. If you say to a aggregation you’re activity to acquire two weeks of preseason again comedy alert a anniversary for six weeks to accomplishment the season, that is a hell of a lot of amount you’re putting on these players that are not necessarily activity to be in the activity that you appetite them to be in because you haven’t been able to ascendancy it.”

Some of this may complete a little too ‘big brothery’ for most, with Premier League players accepting their beddy-bye patterns, aliment burning and aggregate average fed aback to clubs, but that’s area we are at appropriate now.

And that is area Apollo comes in and fills the abandoned to clue area anniversary amateur is at so you can plan for their acknowledgment to the training arena accordingly.

“It is absolutely ascendant that this is actuality tracked and the contest and data. The botheration the players acquire got is that they can ride bikes and lift weights and go on runs and do sprints, but it is not the aforementioned as arena 11-v-11 for 90 minutes. That is actual difficult to mimic,” Hancock added. “This is very, very, actual important for the clubs and the apprenticeship agents because that is the aberration amid acceptable and losing, advance and relegation. This window that the leagues are activity to accord them, for me is actual important. From a clubs point of appearance it is ascendant they abide to communicate, abide to deliver, abide to be able to adviser what anniversary of the players are doing. Affection amount and GPS, all of that actuality that is actuality used, can be uploaded into our arrangement instantly. Therefore, bodies can do this all remotely.”

Most bodies accede that this array of abstracts assay and accumulating will now become the new accustomed beyond the soccer world.

Analytics and sports science already plays a abundant bigger role than it did 10 years ago but this accepted bearings should beggarly that if they haven’t been already, Premier League players and clubs will now break in connected acquaintance throughout the summer months and offseason.

“Every amateur sees themselves as a cast and a aggregation aural themselves now. They appetite to attending afterwards themselves and do the best for their bodies. They are actual professional. This arrangement enables the clubs to apperceive what they are doing,” Cole explained. “There are a lot of players who go abroad in the summer who go with specific claimed trainers and they ability be acceptable ones or ability not be. It doesn’t amount if they are the best or the affliction in the world, if there’s no accord amid what you’re accomplishing with them and what you’re accomplishing with the club, it all avalanche down. It is like a symphony. You can’t aloof go abroad and barbarian yourself and again appear off it. There needs to be communication. Aback the players address aback what they’ve done and the clubs get their easily on them, they can again aces it up. It is like fine-tuning a Formula One car now, these guys. They charge this akin of care.”

With so abundant focus on aback and if leagues will acknowledgment to action, not a lot of absorption has been placed on absolutely aback the players will absolutely be accessible to acknowledgment to action.

“The sports scientists and all of the ability they bring, accepting a acceptable one of those is activity to be vital,” Cole said. “The added abstracts you acquire and the bigger being you can acquire to apprehend that data, whoever does that the best will acquire a bigger adventitious to win games. It’s as simple as that. With Apollo you can see how your players acquire slept, what they’re eating, psychologically how they’re doing. That is afterwards the basics and bolts of the training. It is basic you’re all singing off the aforementioned aria sheet. If I was a administrator I’d be actual adequate if my club had this apparatus because I’d acquire abounding ascendancy on what’s been activity on. It is massively important.”

Just as important as aback the Premier League allotment to activity is what Premier League players and clubs are accomplishing appropriate now to accomplish abiding that acknowledgment is a successful, and healthy, one.

Personally, I’m absorbed to see if there’s a huge aberration amid which teams acquire a affronted accomplishment to the division and others who accomplishment sluggishly and if that can be put bottomward to training methods and tracking during this diffuse suspension.

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