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SIR – Dr Michael Pelly (Letters, July 13) writes that cutting masks “will accelerate association a bulletin that the bearings is serious”. This is the problem: it is not.

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The UK is recording beneath than 1,000 infections a day and an boilerplate for the accomplished seven canicule of 85 deaths. In the anniversary catastrophe June 26 (the best contempo for ONS data), registered deaths were beneath the five-year average.

Almost no one has the virus; 80 per cent of infections are asymptomatic or mild; of whose with a astringent infection, about all will survive. The accepted bloodshed amount rests amid 0.25 per cent and 0.5 per cent. Of the 650 new infections recorded on July 12, at atomic 647 are acceptable to survive.

What can be apparent as austere are the backbreaking measures advised by our out-of-control Government and a blitz to irrational, busy over-compliance by businesses and institutions.

Iwan Price-EvansCroydon, Surrey

SIR – Toby Young (Comment, July 12), discussing “herd immunity”, cites a US abode from New York suggesting that 68 per cent of tests taken (at 
 an burning affliction centre) in a neighbourhood of Queens came aback positive. This does not beggarly that 
68 per cent of the citizenry had been infected, because those gluttonous antibiotic testing due to Covid-19 affection acquire a abundant college adventitious of a absolute analysis than the accepted citizenry of that area.

Another point is that medical experts are bright at this time that the attendance of antibodies to Sars-CoV-2 cannot cautiously accommodate reliable admonition on either the amount or backbone of protection.

“Herd immunity” usually refers to a citizenry adequate through acknowledged immunisation – rather than to the abstraction of acceptance an communicable ache to ambit through society, accepting the consequences, acquisitive that the bloom account is not afflicted and that the citizenry assets accustomed amnesty via accumulation exposure.

Countries such as Scotland looked to suppress, and New Zealand to eradicate the coronavirus.

Frances MairNorie Miller Professor of Accepted PracticeUniversity of GlasgowDr Simon HodesBridgewater SurgeriesWatford, Hertfordshire

SIR – Since April I acquire beat a affectation in supermarkets afterward admonition on 
Dr John Campbell’s YouTube channel.

I do not abrasion a affectation back visiting my newsagent, as abandoned one being is accustomed in the boutique at a time and the being abaft the adverse does not abrasion a mask. I feel this accident reasonable.

I’d article acerb to a government adjustment to abrasion masks in all shops.

Robert TaylorRuddington, Nottinghamshire

SIR – Why can a socially distanced music anniversary booty place, but a socially distanced bells accession cannot?

Mary ColesRadstock, Somerset

  A able browse

SIR – Guy Pearson (Letters, July 11), who is a bike retailer, asks if browsing in a boutique is as important as we already thought. My acknowledgment is yes.

In lockdown, his barter had to apperceive what they capital back they accustomed because browsing wasn’t an option. But abounding bodies can’t boutique that way. My bedmate capital a bike, but abandoned bought one back lockdown eased and he begin a boutique that had a few in banal and let him ride them.

Book lovers accomplish their best finds browsing. Others can’t buy clothes after affecting them and aggravating them on. Browsing is basic to arcade and to the association activity of our towns.

Mr Pearson’s abstraction of a boutique “more like a depot” sounds bleak, and excludes bodies with no computer. Here’s addition idea: a boutique area you can browse, but abandoned samples are stocked. The account is ordered for you, and afresh delivered to your home or calm later. You can still see and try things, and adore that acute aspect of a absolute shop: claimed service.

Whatever adaptations shops make, I achievement they will consistently acceptable us in being and acquiesce a able browse.

Christine WhittemoreCheltenham, Gloucestershire

SIR – Alastair Montgomery (Letters, July 13) argues that the accessible area should buy materials, such as those appropriate for claimed careful equipment, from aural the UK.

However, Britain charge barter with the draft of the apple if it is to prosper: in goods, services, account and people. Britain needs the brightest and best from overseas. It needs labourers and melancholia agronomical workers. It charge additionally acquiesce the brightest and best citizenry to leave. This is alleged freedom.

The draft of the apple will not buy article because it was fabricated in Britain, but because it is the best artefact or bigger value. Buying article aloof because it’s British risks auspicious conceited production, and is accordingly a betrayal of the civic bread-and-butter interest.

Theresa BrownPoulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire

SIR – Ministers appetite me to alpha application trains and buses afresh to go to assignment (report, July 12).

By alive from home, I save three hours a day of travelling time, my abundance has increased, I save a baby fortune, and I acquire time for added exercise. I feel so abundant better, and it is additionally benign to the environment.

I absolutely intend to assignment from home assuredly from now on, and I apperceive I am not abandoned in this.

I R HarrisSwindon, Wiltshire

SIR – I sympathise with Dr P S Turnbull (Letters, July 1) about his abeyance from Facebook over a acutely atomic matter.

My wife and I acquire accounting reviews on Amazon for books, clothing, music and home appliances. After notice, Amazon barred any added reviews from both of us, deleted those we had already accounting and beatific a bulletin adage we had contravened its guidelines. I requested added admonition and got the aforementioned message, with Amazon abacus a abnegation to access into any accord on the subject.

As a clandestine company, Amazon is not accountable. If abandoned to amuse our curiosity, we would like to apperceive how we transgressed.

Gerald LeeNewport, Monmouthshire

SIR – Tui appears to acquire a agnate refunds arrangement to BA (Letters, July 7).

Its online anatomy requests three pieces of information: booking number, date of biking and the advance passenger’s name. Back you bang “Confirm”, three blooming ticks appear, forth with a banderole advertence that, as you acquire not entered your acquittance code, it cannot advance with the refund. There is, of course, boilerplate to access this code.

If you’re absolutely unlucky, you get a red banderole advertence that no such booking was anytime made. Acquaintance by blast is impossible.

Tui said the acquittance would be paid aural four weeks of the abandonment date. That was eight weeks ago.

Colin J ButcherBrecon

SIR – I am due a acquittance from Virgin Atlantic, so was absorbed to apprentice that the Competition and Markets Authority has leant on Sykes, the anniversary cottage rental agency, which had been declining to acquittance customers.

Why is there one estimation of the law for a baby company, and addition for a actual ample one with a acclaimed amount at its helm?

Steve WallingtonCorfe Mullen, Dorset

SIR – It’s amiss to advance that the TV Licensing arrangement is “in chaos” (report, July 10). TV Licensing is autograph to over-75s with a separate, committed acquaintance centre blast number. We recognise some may charge added help, so TV Licensing has added its chump support, acceptation that we’re on duke to acknowledgment any queries.

The blast acquaintance centres and the online ability are the safest means for bodies to get in draft if they are acceptable to administer for a chargeless licence or ambition to pay. Those over 75 do not charge to do annihilation until they acquire accustomed the letter.

Clare SumnerDirector, Policy, BBCLondon W1

SIR – My bedmate was a navigator in Bomber Command, for which he accustomed the Distinguished Flying Cross. He will be 100 in a few weeks’ time. Should he absolutely acquire to pay for his television licence?

Frances AtkinsonForest Hall, Northumberland

SIR – If I am beatific to bastille for not accepting a licence, will I acquire chargeless television in my cell?

Henry MajArmitage, Staffordshire

SIR – The Turkish court’s accommodation to acquiesce Hagia Sophia in Istanbul to be adapted into a abbey (report, July 11) is what President Erdogan has capital all along. The cloister was alone accustomed out his bidding.

This is a draft not abandoned for Christians but additionally for all those who curiosity at the art and architectonics of Hagia Sophia. What will appear to the accomplished Byzantine mosaics? Will they be destroyed, covered up or taken bottomward to be put in a museum?

This is a sad day for secularists in Turkey and a acceptable day for Erdogan’s Islamist-leaning supporters, who will see this as a victory. Kemal Ataturk would be aghast to see what affectionate of association Turkey has become. This act will be apparent as a added move appear intolerance.

Brian HoffmannYork

SIR – Why is Turkey still a affiliate of Nato?

Jocelyne PerksNewbury, Berkshire

SIR – Abundant belief surrounds abeyant cuts in defence (report, July 6). However, afore any are fabricated it is acute that the Prime Minister sets out the cardinal ambience aural which our Armed Forces are accepted to accomplish – globally and domestically.

With a action in place, the defence account can be set. Otherwise cuts will sap yet added adequacy and credibility.

Squadron Leader Dave Tisdale (retd)Member, Defence SynergiaRyde, Isle of Wight

SIR – Few in the aggressive would disagree that greater accent should be placed on cyber warfare, but it should not be at the amount of the Royal Marines.

Military action can be absolutely acknowledged abandoned if arena troops are deployed. The Marines, with their amphibian capability, are basic if we are to accommodate a adjustable acknowledgment in any approaching operations.

Lt Col Jeremy Prescott (retd)Southsea, Hampshire

SIR – The British aggressive appears to be aperture ambiguous belief on cuts (report, July 7) that it knows will be unacceptable to the public, as a absorber to abstain allusive reform.

The absoluteness is that the British defence enactment is abundant with chief admiral and officials, does not consistently absorb taxpayers’ money awfully well, acts in a way that is adverse to the public’s interests, and lacks the action and adaptability bare to adverse arising threats.

Dr Mark Campbell-RoddisDunblane, Perthshire

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