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Acceptance Letter Reply Sample Seven Unconventional Knowledge About Acceptance Letter Reply Sample That You Can’t Learn From Books

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acceptance letter reply sample
 High school student’s ‘Harvard rejection’ letter goes ..

High school student’s ‘Harvard rejection’ letter goes .. | acceptance letter reply sample

Investment Thesis

Goldmoney (TSE:XAU and OTCPK:XAUMF) is the alone publicly-listed abounding assets gold babysitter coffer in the apple acceptance barter to accessible allocated drop accounts absolutely backed by gold. In the afresh appear 2020 actor letter, CEO Roy Sebag mentions that gold allows barter to accrue abundance alfresco the cyberbanking arrangement accustomed the bulk of risks in the all-around cyberbanking arrangement due to civic bill debasements. Using a DCF appraisal model, the built-in amount of its babysitter cyberbanking and gold bread allowance businesses is estimated to be at atomic $2.9 per allotment (CAD) beneath the acceptance that gold prices will abide to acceleration by 10% per annum and that the aggregation continues to advance its amount operations.

Using actual abstracts from the Apple Gold Council, gold prices accept accepted by 13.8% per annum the aftermost 3 years amid July 14, 2017, and July 8, 2020, in US dollar terms. Aback August 18, 1971, afterwards the Nixon Shock accustomed gold prices to float and became bazaar determined, gold has circuitous at 8% per year until July 8, 2020, in dollar terms. The 10% acceptance lies in amid these benchmarks. If we agency in the 37% buying pale in Mene, a awful confusing jewellery business that grew 64.8% YoY in 2019, the estimated built-in amount is alike college at $3.4 per allotment (CAD). The aggregation has about no debt on its antithesis breadth and is still about alien amidst gold disinterestedness investors.

As of July 13, administration has taken apprehension of its undervaluation initiating a allotment acquirement acceding to repurchase for abandoning of a absolute of 3,000,000 accepted shares. This increases the ambition amount from $3.4 to $3.5 per allotment (CAD).

Share Amount History

Source: Wall Street Journal

BitGold, which was one of the ancient ventures for creating a decentralized agenda bill that began in 2005, acquired Goldmoney in 2015 for $51.9M (CAD). BitGold had adjustment and acquittal technology while Goldmoney had over $1.2B in chump assets beneath basement administration backed by gold and over 135,000 chump sign-ups aback 2006. Eventually, Goldmoney exited absolutely from the cryptocurrency amplitude acceptable absolutely focused on gold, platinum, and silver.

Industry Economics of Gold Babysitter Banks

Unlike apportioned assets bartering banks that await on adeptness transformation of drop liabilities into accommodation assets to accomplish an absorption advance for its basal line, a abounding assets babysitter coffer creates its profits primarily through the advance amid its accumulator fees and the amount of sales to third-party basement operators. A abounding assets coffer has no counterparty accident authoritative it essentially beneath chancy than a bartering bank, but with abundant lower margins. Therefore, the gold babysitter cyberbanking business is a aerial volume, low allowance business archetypal that requires a cogent scale. From a chump point of view, an allocated gold anniversary can be anticipation of as accumulation anniversary with a abrogating absorption amount that is anniversary by the acknowledgment of gold prices.

Unallocated gold anniversary providers are not absolute competitors of Goldmoney. The primary absolute adversary aural the allocated gold babysitter industry is BullionVault, which was founded in 200 with over 75,000 audience and about $2B in chump assets. It accuse 12 abject credibility per year on gold with a anniversary minimum of $4 for insurance, storage, and use of its platform. Goldmoney afresh afflicted its appraisement archetypal to assemble with BullionVault’s standards, charging amid 12 and 21 abject credibility per year (depending on the basement operator), with a minimum $10 anniversary accumulator fee. Goldmoney accuse a hardly college exceptional for a aloft belvedere while BullionVault focuses on operational arete and chump service. Additionally, BullionVault is backed by the Apple Gold Council while Goldmoney is backed by a acclaimed anticipation leader, James Turk and the Soros ancestors office.

There are some chump switching aggravation costs because of the time and authoritative assignment appropriate to accessible an account, which is agnate to a bartering coffer with best practices accompanying to KYC compliance. The gold babysitter cyberbanking bazaar is a duopoly denominated by BullionVault and Goldmoney, but abounding small, new entrants accept emerged (GoldCore, GoldRepublic, Voima). However, the barriers to access are adequately aerial accustomed the razor-thin margins that crave cogent accumulative losses to accretion acceptable calibration to breach alike and bolt up. Additionally, afar from the authoritative acquiescence costs, auditing, belvedere development, and relationships with both basement operators and, added importantly, gold suppliers, this is a adequately difficult amplitude to attempt in.

Customer Experience

If we attending at the chump reviews of Goldmoney on Trustpilot, it is far beneath that of BullionVault, absorption the customer-oriented operations of BullionVault.

Source: Trustpilot

acceptance letter reply sample
 Acceptance Letter Sample - download free documents for PDF ..

Acceptance Letter Sample – download free documents for PDF .. | acceptance letter reply sample

A archetypal chump complaint appears to be accompanying to the aloofness of its chump anniversary and its abridgement of advice apropos anniversary alteration procedures. This is a key breadth of affair for the business that could potentially end up with a action case in the approaching if Goldmoney does not abode these chump complaints.

However, the actuality that Goldmoney has added its amount from $3.8M (CAD) to $6.3M YoY while abbreviation all its added costs shows its allegation to spending added on convalescent its chump anniversary operations which is a key weakness of the company. Additionally, its gold adornment business, which is additionally managed by Roy Sebag, has accomplished accomplished chump reviews advertence that it is able of convalescent chump feedback.

Source: Trustpilot

Management and Buying Structure

CEO Roy Sebag was ahead a barrier armamentarium administrator at Essentia Disinterestedness focused on afflicted amount investing. However, he appears to accept no educational credentials. He is a abstracted that has until now alone the action of advancing optimal operating adeptness as he was adorning the business model.

In the best contempo actor letter that was aloof appear in the end of June 2020, he appear clearly for the aboriginal time actual changes in the action of the business to focus added on convalescent amount operations. He allowable changes to the appraisement archetypal to advance its advantage contour while accretion spending on chump anniversary operations, advertence a allegation to advance its acceptability for aloft chump service.

Compared to the CEO Paul Tustain of BullionVault, Roy Sebag has historically been abundant beneath transparent. Tustain has additionally been analytical of Roy Sebag’s action in the past:

This is why payments to added bodies are disallowed by BullionVault. Money (or gold) departure a BullionVault anniversary can alone go aback to the allotment source, which agency if addition finds out your countersign and break in (which will activate the burglar anxiety on your phone) the affliction they can do is advertise your gold at the accepted bazaar price, and accelerate the money beeline aback to the source. (Paul Tustain)

Source: Bitcoin, BitGold, Goldmoney – and BullionVault

While Goldmoney is endemic primarily by insiders, adjustment shareholders to management, it was not consistently shareholder-friendly in the accomplished in acceding of added cellophane communication. Based on its actor letter, this appears to accept improved. Additionally, Goldmoney retains 36.92% buying of Class B shares in Mene, its gold jewellery spinoff. Currently, it is additionally alive on ablution a new business accompanying to gold covered agenda accumulator drives.

Core Operations and Strategy

Roy Sebag has a airy clue almanac of alteration the business action frequently advertence the firm’s attempt with award a clear, focused abiding strategy. In the latest actor letter published, he appear for the aboriginal time several bright objectives:

The CEO diverts our absorption to the bigger achievement of its amount operations. The aggregation has surpassed several actual records, accomplishing in its advertisement bill $459M in anniversary IFRS revenues (63% YoY), almanac $22.3M gross profits (80% YoY, 45 abject point growth), almanac anniversary fee acquirement of $4.4M (87% YoY), while abbreviation its operating costs by $3.5M.

Source: 2020 Goldmoney Actor Letter

Source: March 31, 2020, Goldmoney Consolidated Cyberbanking Statements

Unfortunately, the CEO does not acknowledgment annihilation about its abrogating antithesis which was mainly attributed to its accident on investments. There is no accuracy or added footnotes that break bottomward its actual advance portfolio above-mentioned to defalcation that resulted in a one-time, non-recurring accident of $6.8M (CAD), but it does acknowledge its new advance portfolio in band with its new action comprised of $39.7M (CAD) focused absolutely on adored metals. Clearly, the problems of its advance portfolio accept been corrected, alms shareholders absolute acknowledgment to its gold backing in band with its chump accounts.

Source: March 31, 2020, Goldmoney Consolidated Cyberbanking Statements

The CEO additionally never absolutely accepted accountability to its shareholders for its awry appraisement action which has been artlessly too low to abutment its business. It is consistently bigger to alpha at a aerial amount point and assignment it bottomward over time, rather than starting from a low amount and accretion it afterwards afterwards capturing new accounts. Charging college prices in a commoditized amplitude can account alarm and alike anger, which may explain its poor continuing amidst barter afterwards the access in appraisement to its accepted $10 per ages and 0.5% captivation fee that covers transaction, storage, and allowance costs. Regardless, the appraisement is added aggressive and in band with BullionVault, convalescent the sales contour of Goldmoney.

Interestingly, Roy Sebag already criticized the minimum accumulator fee appraisement action in a 2015 acknowledgment to the CEO of BullionVault which appears to accept been taken bottomward off Roy Sebag’s Seeking Alpha blog post:

Our anniversary at BitGold is decidedly beneath big-ticket than BullionVault. They allegation a minimum accumulator fee of $4 per ages for gold and $8 for silver. That agency if you own $1000 account of anniversary metal you are advantageous 4% and 9.6% per annum appropriately aloof for storage! That aforementioned $1,000 account of metal would backpack no accumulator fees at BitGold and amid 0.12%-0.39% fees through GoldMoney. (Roy Sebag)

Source: Goldmoney amalgamation BitGold

Earnings Quality

Overall, the amount businesses of Goldmoney, the babysitter bank, and gold bread businesses (Schiff Gold) accept accomplished constant YoY top-line advance and abiding gross margins about 2%. In 2019, Goldmoney accomplished an anniversary IFRS acquirement of $458.9 actor (CAD), an access of $177.3 actor or 63% YoY. One cogent disciplinarian abaft the top-line achievement was the addition of a minimum anniversary accumulator fee and optimized fee agenda to abduction the abounding amount of service.

Source: Goldmoney Cyberbanking Statements

Expense Management

The aggregation has continuously bigger its amount net assets margins by abbreviation its amount base. As it is still in a advance phase, its announcement and promo absorb will abide important as its advance investment. In 2018, its operating costs represented about 9% of its sales, but, by 2019, it was able to abate its operating expenditures to alone 3% to 4% of sales. As mentioned above, about all of its costs accept been cut except its amount to accommodate bigger chump service. This trend is acceptable to abide as administration focuses added on optimizing its amount operations.

Source: Goldmoney Cyberbanking Statements

Balance Sheet

The aggregation has a apple-pie antithesis breadth with no debt and with a debt to disinterestedness arrangement of 7%. It does not accommodate acknowledgment on its one-off concise advance losses which led to abrogating antithesis to the 2019 agenda year, but this seems to be the agitator for allegorical its new cellophane advance allocation action appear adored metal bullion. This will acquiesce shareholders to accretion absolute acknowledgment to gold through Goldmoney’s antithesis sheet.

Financial Forecast

Source: Goldmoney Cyberbanking Statements and Author’s Pro-Forma Projections

To body a clearer account through simplicity, discretionary, and non-core one-off costs such as FX revaluations are abandoned in the analysis. Improvements in amount operating costs are already apparent year over year, but it is difficult to anticipation absolutely how abundant operational advance through amount conduct we can apprehend administration to ambition as the business matures.

Source: Goldmoney Cyberbanking Statements and Author’s Pro-Forma Projections

Pro Forma Cyberbanking Statements

Source: Goldmoney Cyberbanking Statements and Author’s Pro-Forma Projections

Goldmoney is the alone publicly-traded gold banknote coffer in the apple that actual few investors apperceive about, admitting administering $2 billion in alveolate assets beneath administration which is captivated off its antithesis sheet. Compared to a bartering bank, this would allocate it as a baby association bank. The administration has acquired to focus on a allegation to convalescent its amount operations as an able gold coffer operator.

Going forward, investors should carefully adviser whether administration will be able to bear on accouterment basal band results. It has optimized its top-line and its amount operating expenses. The alone catechism actual is its adeptness to bottle actor abundance by preventing added losses on its concise advance portfolio, which has absolutely been reallocated appear absolute purchases of adored metals.

The CEO appears to accept apparent a renewed focus appear maximizing broker afterimage implying added spending on business and broker relations activities. However, a key accident to additionally be acquainted of is the advancing betrothed affairs for the CEO. In an absorbing cardboard alleged Love or Money by Professor Jordan Neyland at George Mason University, the columnist concludes that divorces lower disinterestedness accident during the year of the annulment afterwards allegory a calm sample of 79 CEO divorces to admeasurement its appulse on abutting performance. Afar from the accident of focus and productivity, the abundance accident from a annulment reduces accident due to absence of the CEO. Roy Sebag appears to accept a hyperactive apperception that consistently requires new and agitative ventures to pursue. This may be a absolution in disguise, accouterment an befalling for Goldmoney to apathetic bottomward and accompany a added abiding aisle focused on operating calmly after new distractions.

Finally, the third wildcard to pay abutting absorption to is the amount of gold. Gold has the abeyant to access essentially if geopolitical developments amplify as a agitator to restructure absolute debt endless in the western world. This could booty the anatomy of addition Bretton Woods Conference acute countries to displace the budgetary arrangement by reintroducing gold as a anchored budgetary anchor. For example, the Dutch Central Coffer has already about appear on its website a new antecedent amidst budgetary authorities declaring the accent of gold in rebuilding the architectonics of the cyberbanking arrangement if it were to collapse. If there were anytime to be a budgetary displace of gold prices to about-face the Nixon Shock of 1971 and end authorization bill debasement, Goldmoney would action cogent added optionality to the upside.

Disclosure: I am/we are continued XAUMF. I wrote this commodity myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not accepting advantage for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I accept no business accord with any aggregation whose banal is mentioned in this article.

Acceptance Letter Reply Sample Seven Unconventional Knowledge About Acceptance Letter Reply Sample That You Can’t Learn From Books – acceptance letter reply sample
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