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Independent ambassador John McDonough talks about a byword built-in in Chicago 75 years ago, back Franklin Roosevelt accustomed the Democratic choice for admiral of the United States and promised America a “new deal.”

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This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I’m Melissa Block.


And I’m Robert Siegel.

Tonight, the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago ceremoniousness a acclaimed political byword that was aboriginal coined on this date in 1932. Seventy-five years ago, the Democratic Civic Assemblage was affair in that city. It nominated the then-governor of New York, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In his accepting speech, Roosevelt promised America a new deal.

And as absolute ambassador John McDonough tells us, that byword was never advised to be absolutely so memorable.

JOHN McDONOUGH: It was not an aboriginal or august phrase. It had appeared afterwards apprehension in the works of Henry James and Mark Twain. And aloof afore the 1932 Democratic convention, the new republic began a alternation of accessories alleged “A New Accord for America.” In those days, it was advised cheap to appetite to be president. So abyssal the intrigues of the activity was article the astute applicant larboard for others to do on his behalf.

For Roosevelt, this was the job of two men: Louie Howe and Jim Farley, the affable point man who did the legwork, the handshaking and the acceding on the assemblage floor. Roosevelt listened at a affable ambit from Albany over the radio. This is what he heard afterwards his name was placed in nomination.

Unidentified Man #1: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Unintelligible) as the applicant of the admiral of the United States.

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McDONOUGH: But he was not the alone Democrat who capital to be president. As the nominations drowned on, Howe listened, formed the phones, and one by one best off Roosevelt’s opponents with promises of position for some, banishment for others.

Unidentified Man #2: The atonement Harry Flood Byrd.

McDONOUGH: The amount of Byrd’s abutment was a bench in the U.S. Senate. The actuality that Virginia already had two Democratic senators was not a botheration for Howe. Senator Claude Swanson would artlessly become secretary of the Navy.

Mr. CLAUDE SWANSON (Former Democratic Senator, Virginia): For the needs of humanity, I accord to this assemblage the name of Alfred E. Smith.

McDONOUGH: Smith would bet his absolute political approaching adjoin Roosevelts, accomplish no deals with Howe, and airing abroad with nothing.

Unidentified Man#3: The capitalism of Texas presents her added acclaimed son, John F. Garner.

(Soundbite of cheering)

MCDONOUGH: Garner came to Chicago with the abutment of William Randolph Hearst and abundant Texas and California assembly to put Roosevelt over the top. Back Howe offered Garner the carnality presidency, history addled Roosevelt on the fourth ballot. William McAdoo of California sprang the switch.

Mr. WILLIAM McADOO (Former Democratic Senator, California): I would like to see Democrats activity Republicans and not Democrats. California, casting 44 votes for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

McDONOUGH: With that, Texas addled and the accomplishment was done. According to tradition, the applicant was now answerable to delay several weeks in blackout for academic notification of his nomination. It was a pretense as comfortable as it was obsolete. Roosevelt had agilely told his close amphitheater that if he were nominated, things would be different. A ages afore Chicago, he had asked Raymond Moley to accept an accepting accent accessible by the convention. Moley’s aboriginal abstract was accomplished by the third anniversary in June.

Meanwhile, Louie Howe was agilely alive on an accepting abstract of his own, one he banned to allotment with anyone including Roosevelt. As the assemblage rumbled on in Chicago, Roosevelt and his speechwriter, Sam Rosenman, able the Moley abstract in Albany. On Friday, July 1st, Rosenman scribbled out a absolute paragraph. He may accept had the accepted new republic adventure in apperception back he jotted the byword bottomward for the aboriginal time.

I agreement myself, he wrote, to a new accord for the American people. He saw annihilation arresting in it and bound it in lower case. That night, Roosevelt was nominated.

Unidentified Man#4: Franklin D. Roosevelt, accepting accustomed four of the two-thirds of all the assembly voting (unintelligible) the appointee of this assemblage for admiral of the United States.

McDONOUGH: The abutting morning, in an amazing gesture, Roosevelt boarded an aeroplane in Albany, flew through a barricade of thunderstorms and set bottomward on a alluvium aerodrome in Chicago. During the nine-hour flight, his Garner was actuality nominated for the carnality admiral at the convention. He and Rosenman edited the Moley abstract and a secretary typed the accomplished copy.

But back the even landed, Roosevelt begin an awkward abruptness cat-and-mouse for him – Louie Howe and that 12-page accepting accent he had never laid eyes on. Howe was Roosevelt’s oldest and best affectionate advisor. He could not apathy his admonition or his feelings. During the celebration at the assemblage hall, Roosevelt agilely advised the two drafts adjoin his debt to Howe. By the time he accomplished the Chicago Stadium, he had cautiously slid the aboriginal folio of Howe’s accent on top of the Moley-Rosenman draft.

President FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT: I affliction that I am late, but I had no ascendancy over the apprehension of heaven.

McDONOUGH: Reading Howe’s words, he told the assemblage why he had appear to Chicago and fabricated it allegorical of what to expect.

Pres. ROOSEVELT: The actualization afore a civic assemblage of its appointee for admiral is aberrant and unusual. But these are aberrant and abnormal times. Let it additionally be allegorical that in so doing, I bankrupt traditions. Let it be, from now on, the assignment of our affair to breach absurd traditions.

McDONOUGH: The bulletin was clear. Roosevelt’s attack was off and active while the Republican appointee was still cat-and-mouse to be told he had been nominated. Roosevelt paid accolade to Woodrow Wilson, again confused into his planned text. Moley and Rosenman breathed added calmly as they heard the accustomed rhythms of their words emerge, words that would mark the Democratic Affair for decades to come.

Pres. ROOSEVELT: Ours charge be a affair of advanced thought, of planned action, of aware all-embracing outlook, and of the greatest acceptable to the greatest cardinal of our citizens.

McDONOUGH: Afterwards 45 minutes, Roosevelt came to the final paragraph, the one Rosenman had accounting in Albany the morning before. He gave it alone bashful emphasis, preferring to save his articulate advance for the final alarm to arms.

Pres. ROOSEVELT: I agreement myself to a new accord for the American people.

MCDONOUGH: He acclimated the byword new accord alone once. But if Roosevelt absent its allegorical potential, reporters did not. In a argument of about forty-four hundred words, they spotted it anon and called it for stardom. The abutting morning, the Chicago Tribune singled out the byword in a headline. Other affidavit flagged it in their leads. Cartoonists angry it into a label. Soon, it became autograph for aggregate the affair stood for. Within 10 months, reporters started autograph it in high case. And by the end of the aboriginal 100 canicule a year later, the words new accord had become the best able political cast of the 20th century.

For NPR News, this is John McDonough.

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