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Annual Work Plan Template Usaid The Seven Steps Needed For Putting Annual Work Plan Template Usaid Into Action

August 6, 2020Transcript

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Jonathan Rath Hoffman, Assistant to the Secretary of Aegis for Public Affairs

ASSISTANT TO THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE JONATHAN RATH HOFFMAN: All right, acceptable afternoon everybody, acknowledgment for calling in or advancing into the architecture today to do a quick columnist briefing. Aboriginal and foremost, I appetite to booty a moment to acknowledgment Secretary Esper’s sentiments and accurate the department’s centermost condolences to the families of the nine account associates who we absent aftermost anniversary in California.

Our prayers are with the family, accompany and teammates of those adventurous adolescent men. We additionally appetite to accurate the department’s sympathies and aching the lives of so abounding absent in Lebanon on Tuesday. This is a alarming tragedy. General McKenzie has arise with the administrator of the Lebanese Armed Armament and abreast him of an approaching charge of three C-17 shipments of abatement supplies, including food, water, and medical supplies.

The aboriginal of the Air Force C-17’s with altruistic aid has now taken off from Qatar apprenticed for Beirut. We will accept to alike with Administering of Accompaniment and USAID [United States Agency for All-embracing Development] on added aid missions.

This morning, Secretary Esper had an hour and a bisected connected blast alarm with the People’s Republic of China Minister of National Aegis General Wei Fenghe. In their discussion, the secretary alleged for greater auto — PRC [People’s Republic of China] accuracy on COVID [Coronavirus Disease], bidding apropos about PRC — PRC destabilizing action in the about of Taiwan and the South China Sea, and alleged on the PRC to account all-embracing obligations. Secretary Esper additionally arise the accent that the PRC accept by all-embracing laws, rules, and norms and accommodated its all-embracing commitments.

Finally, Secretary Esper affirmed the attempt and accent of constructive, stable, and results-oriented aegis accord amid the United States and the PRC.

This week, we had celebrated transitions booty abode beyond the administering as we accustomed General Charles C.Q. Brown as the 22nd Chief of Agents of the U.S. Air Force, and General Daniel Hokanson as the 29th Chief of the National Guard Bureau.

We appetite to acknowledge Generals Goldfein and General Lengyel and their families for their acclaimed account and accurate acknowledgment for their decades of charge to our nation. We ambition them able-bodied in retirement.

We additionally saw cogent beforehand this anniversary with hearings for seven chief DOD [Department of Defense] nominees afore the Senate Armed Services Committee for arresting positions such as the undersecretary of Air Force, General Counsel of the Army, and Deputy Undersecretary of Aegis for Intelligence and Security.

We acknowledge the Senate Armed Services Committee and the administrator and the baronial affiliate for accepting those hearings this anniversary and advancing and affective this action forward.

So with that, I will booty your questions. So, aboriginal to the phone, Lita?

Q: Hi, acknowledgment Jonathan. Two things on Lebanon, cardinal one, is there any apropos about any of the aid catastrophe up in Hezbollah hands? Is there any anticipation actuality taken in that regard, and is there any move to accept the U.S. be complex in any blazon of analysis into what absolutely happened there?

And second, did U.S. generals accord the admiral inaccurate advice aback he said that they told him that this was an attack, and accept you been able to array of get to the basal of this? Is there still any abiding thoughts amid the aggressive if this was an attack? Acknowledge you.

MR. HOFFMAN: So, aboriginal obviously, we’ll afresh reiterate our condolences for — for the hundreds dead and the thousand that were afflicted in Beirut. The analysis into the admission is ongoing. We’re activity to adjourn to and accord the Lebanese government amplitude to complete their analysis and ability their conclusions. I’m not activity to action any — any abstracts from the U.S. government or from the intel association today. That’s not my role, so we’re activity to assignment with them. If they ask — if they ask for assistance, the U.S. would be accommodating to accommodate that, but I’ll adjourn to Accompaniment Administering into the allocation of what could booty place.

Yes, I ahead your added com — your added catechism was in attention to comments from the President. I would aloof accompaniment that situation’s been fast evolving, and that on Tuesday and Wednesday we saw altered advice arise to light.

The Admiral and Secretary accept both been constant that we’ve accomplished no absolute account for the admission and that advice is still coming, and we’re activity to accept to appraise it.

All adapted — I’ll go to — adapted here, Meghann.

Q: So aftermost anniversary the Secretary apparent this plan to move troops out of Germany and aback home, about added genitalia of Europe, and said that some of these units would alpha to authoritative their moves aural a amount of weeks. Has there been array of a alarm breadth of units that are activity to be notified about those movements?

MR. HOFFMAN: So, I’d accredit you over to EUCOM [United States European Command] and General Wolters and his aggregation on the exact timeline of accomplishing for the — the accommodation that was arise aftermost week. Obviously, our charge to NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] and the European association is alive — and we’re activity to accept to bolster our NATO armament and bolster our aegis for Russia.

But the timeline that those will booty abode — obviously, this is article that’s activity to booty a little while to apparatus fully, but as we mentioned aftermost anniversary was that there will be some elements that — of beforehand armament — that may be transitioning from one breadth to addition — to activate for added beyond assemblage deployments. But — I — like I said I adjourn you to EUCOM to get added capacity on that. OK. All right. We’ll go to phone. Idrees Ali, Reuters.

Q: Thanks, Jonathan. Two quick questions. Has Mr. Tata started alive in his new role at the Pentagon yet, and secondly, some Senators accept alleged the move to install him after a Senate acceptance audition and action a mockery. So, for the Pentagon was this array of a one-off — not activity through a acceptance process, or is that activity to be the new barometer activity advanced breadth addition is installed after activity through a Senate process?

MR. HOFFMAN: So, as you’re aware, Mr. Tata’s been appointed as assuming the duties of the Deputy Beneath Secretary of Aegis for Policy. This is aloof a simple appointment that allows an alone to serve assuming abounding of those duties, but it is not an acting role. He is — he does not accept all the approved responsibilities — that he’s aloof assuming the duties of.

annual work plan template usaid
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Excel Work Plan Template – 12+ Free Excel Documents .. | annual work plan template usaid

I will agenda that this is not uncommon. This is article that takes abode in this alignment — others and in above-mentioned administrations. I’ll aloof point out that in the above-mentioned administering a accepted affiliate of Congress was appointed a chief — chief official assuming the duties of the Deputy Beneath Secretary of Aegis for Policy for over a year.

This is not unusual, so, this assembly — like I said, it’s a appointment — responsibilities and not an acting status. But as I mentioned we accept seven individuals who are afore the Senate Armed Services Committee this anniversary that had hearings. I ahead four of them had hearings on Tuesday and three added had hearings today.

So, the administering is still committed to accouterment names that the Admiral has appointed for application by the Senate, and hopeful acceptance and adjustment in positions aural the department.

OK. So we’ll go to the abutting one to Sylvie, AFP [Agence France-Presse].

Q: Yes, hello. Jonathan, you mentioned that this morning in the alarm (inaudible) General Wei. I capital to apperceive if the Secretary discussed with the Chinese Aegis Minister — the appointment he wants to accomplish actuality to China this year, and if they absitively on a date?

And additionally can you — you didn’t acknowledgment Lita’s catechism about to whom the aid is accustomed in Lebanon. Is it the government or is it NGOs [Non-Governmental Organization]?

MR. HOFFMAN: OK, acknowledge you for reminding me on that. I did — I did balloon to acknowledge to that. So, adapted now I’d adjourn you over to the CENTCOM; obviously, this has been affectionate of a fast-developing plan with General McKenzie’s advertisement alone a brace hours ago, and the aboriginal aircraft aloof demography off.

We’re able-bodied acquainted of some of the apropos with — with whom the aid would go to and ensuring that the aid gets to the bodies of Lebanon that charge it most. So, we’ll assignment with Accompaniment Administering and USAID and booty their advice on — on who bear aid to. I don’t accept added advice for you on that adapted now. CENTCOM can get that to you or we can put you in blow with the adapted bodies over at Accompaniment and USAID.

To your — your added question, don’t accept an advertisement apropos the Secretary’s proposed appointment to — to China. We’re still attractive to accept that complete this year to allocution about, as the Secretary mentioned some — or the Secretary discussed on his alarm today, some of these incredibly-important issues with a — with an important nation in which we are alive through a cardinal — a cardinal of topics.

We’ll aloof break on the phones. We’ll go to Politico.

Q: Hi Jonathan, acknowledgment so abundant for accomplishing this. So, aboriginal of all, I aloof capital to aftereffect on the catechism about General Tata. I don’t accept it’s accustomed to baptize addition who the Senate has basically, about alone at this point as assuming the duties of, so can you aloof analyze that point?

And afresh my added — my absolute catechism is aloof about Afghanistan. Has the Pentagon accustomed orders to go bottomward to four to 5,000 troops in Afghanistan as the admiral said?

MR. HOFFMAN: So, with attention to your aboriginal one, I’m not activity to altercate academic votes in the Senate, but no vote on — on Mr. Tata took place. So, he withdrew his — his name from consideration, and he was currently confined at the department, and based on his abjure from application for the position of the Beneath Secretary for Policy, he was placed into a altered position from the one he was actuality advised for.

I don’t accept the history of every distinct alone in the administering who has been — with names that are aloof from application for a Senate hearing. But already again, the acceding of an alone who is currently confined at the administering into a PTDO [Performing The Duties Of] position is not unusual, and it’s article that’s happened afresh through this administering and antecedent administrations.

So, added catechism I ahead was on Afghanistan. So, the president’s administration on this has been absolute clear, and the department’s affective to finer apparatus that advice in appointment with Congress and in allocation with our NATO allies.

So, what’s important to bethink is that the Resolution Port Mission is a NATO mission, and so we — we came to Afghanistan together, we fought together, and we’ll — we’ll acclimatize together. And if altitude are met we will — we’ll end up abrogation together.

So, at this time, I’m not activity to get into to — to orders or — or administration that has been given, but this is an advancing process. Planning is in place, and at the adapted time we will — we’ll accept added advice and updates for you.

All right, Lucas.

Q: Jonathan, Hezbollah is allotment of the Lebanese government. Why — what are you accomplishing to accomplish abiding that they don’t accept any of this aid money?

MR. HOFFMAN: Aloof to go back, I don’t ahead we accurately mentioned aid money. We’ve absolutely mentioned aid in acceding of aliment and medical supplies. And so, with — with that question, fast-evolving situation. CENTCOM is activity to accept to assignment with Accompaniment Administering and USAID to do what we can to accomplish abiding that that aid gets to the Lebanese bodies and those bodies that are suffering.

We’re optimistic and hopeful that this is an befalling for all of those who — who appetite to see a bigger aftereffect for the Lebanese bodies to arise calm and assignment for that.

Q: So, you’re not anxious at all that Hezbollah gets some money?

MR. HOFFMAN: I — I don’t accept any ascribe or acumen into money activity to Hezbollah in — in this situation. It’s not advancing from the Administering of Defense. The Administering of Defense, I can affectionate of apprehend off to you the — the account of things that are traveling adapted now.

So, it’s seven pallets of food, pallets of water, pallets of abatement absolute that are affective out. That’s on that aboriginal aircraft. There’s two added aircraft that are appointed to abandon Qatar for — for Beirut soon. [NOTE: The aboriginal C-17 did arise from Qatar. However, the abject of agent for the added and third aircraft accept not been articular but will be from aural the U.S. Central Command breadth of responsibility.]


Q: I aloof accept one follow-up. Are you anxious at all about these — the contempo rocket attacks on you armament in Iraq and some of the accumulation convoys that accept arise —

MR. HOFFMAN: We’re consistently anxious about our — our — our force aegis efforts. General McKenzie and the generals on the arena in Afghanistan and — and Iraq will consistently booty whatever measures they ahead are all-important to assure our bodies and our forces. They accept the inherent adapted of self-defense, and we’ve apparent in the accomplished that we are — we will — we will do what is all-important to booty affliction of our men and women in uniform.


Q: I accept aloof one quick aftereffect on the Afghanistan, I mean, the admiral said we’re activity bottomward to 4,000 to 5,000 by the election. Does that beggarly the altitude accept been met to cut the U.S. troops by half? You said it’s altitude based, so I aloof appetite to — accept the altitude been met to do that?

MR. HOFFMAN: So, I — I’ll — I’ll already afresh accompaniment that the president’s administration on this has been clear. We’ve got an acceding with the Afghan Taliban — with Taliban and how we will beforehand in Afghanistan and breadth we appetite to end up. It is altitude based. We are activity to be accomplishing this in appointment with our allies and partners. But, today I don’t accept an advertisement for –for that timeline alfresco of — of what things the admiral said previously.

Q: And afresh — and aloof on that point, I mean, you’re — DOD arise a address aftermost ages adage they hadn’t burst with Al-Qaida, the abandon levels accept remained high. So, it doesn’t arise that the altitude are currently actuality met. Do you concur?

MR. HOFFMAN: So — so, I would say we’re optimistic. I ahead we accept — the Afghan government has a — the government-wide meetings, the Loya Jirga, demography abode and we’re optimistic that that can beforehand to the alpha of an inter-Afghan chat that could beforehand the accord process. We’ve apparent the captive exchanges demography place.

And so, we — we accept — we accept to be optimistic; we accept to advice ensure that there is a aegis environment. From our ancillary the — the Taliban has abided by the abridgement in attacks on U.S. forces, and they’ve followed through on some of the captive releases.

So, we’ll accept to advance that with Accompaniment Department, as Accompaniment Department, the beforehand adjudicator in this, to see that they — they get there and to see that those inter-Afghan negations booty abode and that we — we do ability a peaceful band-aid for the Afghan people.


Q: (Inaudible), Al Hurra. Quick aftereffect on Lebanon. Do you accept any apropos that the absolute exploded in Beirut is affiliated in any way to Hezbollah or Iran? I’m allurement this question, because we’re seeing a lot of media letters on this issue.

Also, do you assurance an analysis to actuate the account led by the Lebanese government, accustomed that Hezbollah is allotment of this government?

MR. HOFFMAN: So we — we will — I’m not activity to accomplish any assumptions or assertions about the accessible account of it. As I said, it’s — I’m not activity to altercate our intelligence. We are — we’re activity to accept to investigation. We’re activity to accept to watch the analysis that’s conducted by the Lebanese government and — and — and advice if all-important or if asked to get to a — the cessation about the absolute cause.

And there’s been belief about whether this was a — could accept been a — a weapons accumulation or could accept been a — some array of an advised device, or whether this is — abounding bodies accept posited an blow — a terrible, adverse accident. So, we’re activity to assignment with the intelligence community, and we’re activity to assignment with our allies and partners, and we’re activity to delay and see until we ability a cessation about that, and afresh we will arise advanced with it.

Go ahead.

Q: (Inaudible) I accept a two questions. One is South Korea, addition one North Korea. The U.S. and the ROK [Republic of Korea], the R.O.K. collective aggressive exercise activity on this month, do you accept annihilation on that? Is the alarm reduced? And the added one, North Korea, (inaudible) afresh appear that Kim Jong-un dead 700 North Koreans includes coronavirus (inaudible). Do you accept any advice about the North Korean (inaudible)?

MR. HOFFMAN: So, any advice about the North Korean coronavirus data? I don’t accept advice on that that I can allotment in this setting, and I’m not absolutely accustomed of what the numbers accept been appear about on that, so I don’t accept abundant I can action you there.

With attention to contest in the Republic of Korea, acutely we always appraise the bearings with attention to COVID. So breadth there were some changes or exercise in action efforts during COVID. The administrator on the ground, General Abrams has fabricated determinations to continue, and we’ve never chock-full training, we never chock-full exercising.

We’re bringing aback some, and we’re adjusting our force training posture, but that’s activity to be ongoing. Allotment of it is acutely we’re attractive against the OPCON [Operational Control] transfer, and we appetite to accomplish abiding we booty the accomplish that are all-important to get to that abode by ensuring that that adequacy is there for the Republic of Korea forces.


Q: Acknowledge you. I appetite to follow-up, the Secretary’s (inaudible) to appointment China. Did China appearance alertness or artlessness to host the Secretary’s appointment (inaudible).

MR. HOFFMAN: So, I don’t accept any amend on the appointment from the alarm today to allotment with you, but as anon as we do accept an amend on either timing or location, or annihilation like that I’ll be abiding to allotment it with you guys.

OK. David?

All right, we’ll go aback to the phones here. So we’ll go to Ellen Milhiser.

Q: Hello, Jonathan, acknowledge you so abundant for accomplishing this. I’m activity to go domestically, the COVID response, is there annihilation that the Pentagon — that the aggressive is accomplishing domestically in abutment of the nation’s pandemic?

MR. HOFFMAN: Now, we do accept some armament that are deployed in California and Texas that are in abode acutely additionally. The admiral connected the National Guard allotment opportunities for the abutting — actually, for the blow of the year. So those two accomplishments are demography place.

Third, I would accommodate Operation Warp Speed, the efforts that we accept underway broadly with attention to analysis and development of analysis and vaccines. And General Perna’s efforts as the COO [Chief Operating Officer] of Warp Speed, and allowance align the whole-of-government armament to acquisition a vaccine, accomplish and administer it to the American bodies by the end of the year.

So those would be the capital ones that are underway. And, obviously, we assignment with FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] on a circadian basis, and as FEMA and HHS [Health and Human Services] analyze mission assignments — or states and counties arise advanced and analyze a charge for added abutment whether it’s for National Guard armament or alive assignment armament we’ll assignment with them to agents those and to move cadre in to those positions.

All right, we’ll break on the phones. We’ll go to Tony Capaccio.

Q: Hi, there, Jon. The — the anniversary China report, aback do you ahead that advancing out? And secondly, what areas of accuracy would the secretary like to see bigger from the PLA [People’s Liberation Army]?

MR. HOFFMAN: So I’ll — I’ll get aback to you on the China report. I — I haven’t been tracking the — the date on that. I — I ahead one of the — the aboriginal ones that acutely is discussed is activity to be on COVID. We — we’ve discussed that. There are obligations that the — the Chinese government is beneath albatross for with attention to the WHO [World Health Organization] agreements, so they accept a — accept a charge to accommodate samples, to accommodate data. That didn’t happen, and we apprehend them to — to accept to advance their advice administration in — in attention of that. So, that’s one affair that was discussed. I can — I can get aback to you on — on a brace added ones, but that, with some of the China experts, but that was one that came up on the alarm today.

All right, we’ll go to — aback on the phone, we’ll go to Jeff Schogol.

Q: Acknowledge you.

MR. HOFFMAN: All right. Ryan, you had a…

Q: Yeah, I aloof — I do…

Q: … a chase up on the — the National Guard. The — was the Pentagon — did the Pentagon acclaim that they fully-fund the Guard deployments, or did the Pentagon acclaim the 75 percent allotment level?

MR. HOFFMAN: So the — the — the Pentagon’s albatross on this is — you apperceive how the arrangement works, is with the funding, I ahead the exact diction is — the — the — FEMA’s amenable for the agreement and amount allotment assessments, and so that’s FEMA’s role in that action and alive with the White House, and, so, the department, we advocated for the — the deployment or the befalling for the National Guard to be acclimated by states to be continued. We formed with the White House and with the added agencies on — on a assurance about the — the amount allotment and the funding. One hundred percent amount allotment is very-rarely-used tool, and in fact, this is a — the alone time breadth 100 percent has been used, at atomic that we’re acquainted of, and the White House has aggregate that 100 percent has been acclimated civic and every accompaniment and every county. And, so, absolute unusual, and so the White House and the admiral fabricated a accommodation to — to cycle that aback to the added acceptable 75/25 amount share. But FEMA administers that, so I’d accept to absolute you over to — to FEMA and the White House for the — the absolute final controlling on that.

Q: And — and Florida and — and Texas were accustomed exemption, but they’re analogously — I apperceive that it’s been a while, but the ante — in fact, you apperceive coronavirus infection ante are activity up in some states. So, would there — you — but there was no Pentagon advocacy about how this should be done?

MR. HOFFMAN: So — so that wouldn’t necessarily be our role, and I don’t — I don’t appetite anybody to be — distort that the abridgement of a advocacy would not necessarily be our role. As I said, FEMA has the albatross on the — the agreement amount share, and the White House works anon with states on that. So I apperceive from antecedent comments from others and from — from the White House is that the admiral had absolute conversations with governors and accomplished a assurance breadth he acquainted the amount allotment appraisal should be.

And look, we’re aloof — we’ve been absolute encouraged by the assignment that the National Guard has been able to do, and that they’re activity to accept to do. So every accompaniment now continues to accept the availability and admission to National Guardsmen to help, whether it’s — it’s testing screening, sanitizing, breadth abutment in aliment coffer areas. So, all of those assets are still available. All of those National Guardsmen who are on orders will still accept to accumulate the retirement and benefits. There’ll be no aberration based on — on what the amount allotment is, and that we’ll accept to see — see our bodies out there accomplishing what they’ve been accomplishing for six months. They’ll accept through the end of the year, and we’ll accomplish an appraisal as to whether that continues.

OK. All right, guys. Acknowledge you absolute much.


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