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This added agenda presentation is actuality fabricated attainable to you in beforehand of the acceptable advertisement on appointed for October 7.

bi weekly budget template printable
 Biweekly Budget Template - 8+ Free Word, PDF Documents ..

Biweekly Budget Template – 8+ Free Word, PDF Documents .. | bi weekly budget template printable

Our aboriginal allotment of added agreeable is our acceptable bulletin from Oregon Business editor Kim Moore.

Next is a bulletin from our sponsor, Columbia Bank. Thank you to Columbia Coffer for continuing to abutment our revamped anniversary format.

Following is a bulletin from Lilisa Hall of the Nonprofit Affiliation of Oregon.

We would like to accede our 2020 100 Best Nonprofits Hall of Fame entrants. Organizations accompany the Hall of Fame aback they accomplish the 100 Best account for the 10th time.

Finally, we would like to accede the 100 Best Nonprofits to Assignment For in Oregon Top 10. These organizations and their advisers are absolutely committed to acceptable practices.

Below is the complete 2020 100 Best Nonprofits to Assignment For in Oregon list. Congratulations to all organizations who accomplished the list.

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Large OrganizationsMedium OrganizationsSmall Organizations

1 Baker Allotment Schools

Location: Baker CityWebsite: bakercharters.orgOregon employees: 150 | Score: 629.03

Staffers acknowledge adjustable schedules and the accuracy with which decisions are fabricated at this academy specializing in online education. Agents accord a accede to the assurance administrators accept in agents to do their jobs. “Employees are kept beside of decisions that allegation to be made, and ascribe is commonly approved from rank-and-file employees.”

Sponsored added listing:

At Baker Allotment Schools’ we admonition our acceptance and agents accomplish their best by alert to them, blame for quality, and consistently innovating.  We are accustomed to be advised one of the 100 Best Nonprofits to Assignment For in Oregon!

Location: MedfordWebsite: logoscharter.comOregon employees: 72 | Score: 610.46

Teachers adore that they are complex in controlling at this allotment school. A abutting accord amid administrators and agents makes for a feel-good assignment environment. “I acknowledge our administering seeks our appraisal about authoritative things work. I am beholden that we are advised as professionals and not micromanaged,” says a staffer.

Location: PortlandWebsite: selfenhancement.orgOregon employees: 150 | Score: 603.24

Staff acclaim this amusing casework nonprofit confined the African American affiliation for captivation accurate to its standards of candor and respect, which are memorized by anniversary agent aloft hire. One agent brand that they feel automatically accustomed and accepted as anon as they airing into the office.  “The alive ambiance is calm but energetic.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: rmhcoregon.orgOregon employees: 58 | Score: 600.07

Employees assurance leaders of this nonprofit that supports the bloom and abundance of children. One agent addendum how they accept the accoutrement they allegation and that the alignment consistently has their back. “I am consistently afflicted by the able and appropriate admonition that we accept from the controlling administering team.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: rosevilla.orgOregon employees: 200 | Score: 599.99

Employee acknowledgment programs are allotment of the bolt of befitting agents agreeable at this senior-living retirement community. “Having fun and actuality artistic are encouraged alongside adamantine assignment and productivity,” says a staffer. Workers acknowledge that they are complex in decisions, and managers are adjustable aback it comes to employees’ claimed needs.

Location: SalemWebsite: wvh.orgOregon employees: 121 | Score: 596.32

“I accept never acquainted like a question/concern of abundance has gone unanswered” is how an agent describes alive at this hospice. “Everyone is gentle, affable and welcomes with attainable arms.” Accession staffer enjoys the abandon they accept to accompany account on how to beforehand operations.

Sponsored added listing:

At Willamette Valley Auberge & Palliative Care, we accommodate innovative, personalized, and compassionate affliction to patients and families adverse austere illness. Since 1978, our caring and accomplished advisers and acceptable volunteers accept been accouterment analytical abutment to our community.

Location: Forest GroveWebsite: adelantemujeres.orgOregon employees: 71 | Score: 596.06

This nonprofit confined Latina women and their families created a paid 
“COVID-19 Brainy Bloom Day” to accord with the stresses of the pandemic, as able-bodied as two months of paid COVID-19 leave. Advisers adore a adjustable abode that allows staffers to assignment accidentally and accumulate a antithesis amid assignment and family.

Location: RedmondWebsite: neighborimpact.orgOregon employees: 200 | Score: 590.11

This Central Oregon amusing casework nonprofit aloft pay on boilerplate by 22% during the pandemic, assisted with adolescent affliction subsidies for capital workers and supplied alternative aliment boxes to employees. Staffers acclaim the benefits, focus on adeptness and work-life balance, and the befalling to beforehand professionally.

Location: EugeneWebsite: epud.orgOregon employees: 78 | Score: 589.80

This utility’s medical and retirement diplomacy are the best in the bounded area, says one annoyed employee. Adjustable schedules and acceptable bacon accomplish this a best nonprofit to assignment for. “Culture all-embracing is good, with advisers empowered to accomplish decisions and booty buying over projects and tasks,” says accession employee.

Location: AuroraWebsite: lifeflight.orgOregon employees: 240 | Score: 588.81

This nonprofit’s bloom allowances are added to none. Advisers pay no premiums for bloom insurance. Staffers are offered one anniversary of paid time a year to beforehand in times of civic and all-embracing crisis.  “Dedication to the benefit, empowerment, and abundance of its advisers is as aerial as the organization’s adherence to its mission.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: energytrust.orgOregon employees: 104 | Score: 588.71

Leaders accomplish an accomplishment to accommodate agents in controlling and strategy, says one annoyed employee. “I’m accustomed absolute opportunities to booty on new assignment and claiming myself.” The ecology alignment is committed to diversity, disinterestedness and inclusion, says accession staffer. A collapsed bureaucracy contributes to a absolute assignment vibe.

Location: PortlandWebsite: mowp.orgOregon employees: 155 | Score: 587.03

This nonprofit that delivers commons to seniors has a four-day assignment anniversary paid at full-time rates.  Employees acknowledge the befalling to abound professionally, including the adeptness to adumbration managers at adapted locations. “Upper administering allows us to be artistic in our admission to projects, contest and advancing calm for ideas.”

Sponsored added listing:

Thank you Commons on Wheels Bodies agents and volunteers for continuing to serve earlier adults in our affiliation during the pandemic. Calm we can change lives, one meal at a time.

Location: EugeneWebsite: hivalliance.orgOregon employees: 80 | Score: 585.42

This nonprofit offers two weeks of paid sabbatical. Fair pay and allowances and work-life antithesis accumulate up agent morale. Workers acknowledge that managers accept to their apropos and accomplish apartment to advisers in need. “I feel like I’ve abstruse a lot and been accustomed the befalling to cross-learn from adolescent co-workers.”

Location: MedfordWebsite: pathway-inc.orgOregon employees: 160 | Score: 584.53

During the communicable in April through July, this amusing casework nonprofit paid out added bonuses. Agents say they feel heard and listened to. “Everyone has a articulation in this organization, from administering to abutment agents to custodians,” says an employee. Opportunities for claimed and able beforehand accomplish advisers feel valued.

Sponsored added listing:

At Alleyway Enterprises, Inc., agents are committed to ensuring bodies with disabilities are experiencing their best lives by creating environments that enhance people’s adeptness to attain greater independence. This has been a actual arduous year, and our agents rose to the break by accouterment outstanding casework with benevolence and allegation to all.

Location: PortlandWebsite: linesforlife.orgOregon employees: 141 | Score: 577.81

During COVID-19, Lines for Activity organized several amusing activities to accumulate agents affiliated while alive remotely, including basic affable classes, fettle and brainwork sessions, book clubs, and alike a basic bingo challenge. Brainy bloom of advisers is prioritized. It provided an added day of paid time off during the pandemic.

Location: SalemWebsite: capitalmanor.comOregon employees: 250 | Score: 569.90

Generous allowances are on activity at this retirement community. Up to 30 paid canicule of concise disability, scholarships, discounted meals, and gym and basin admission are amid the perks. Advisers babble about the family-feel environment. “I absolutely like how anybody works as a aggregation and we can be attainable about any apropos we may have.”

Location: MonmouthWebsite: pclpartnership.orgOregon employees: 675 | Score: 568.93

This alignment acknowledges agent achievements with “Staff of the Month” and celebrates birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. Staffers say managers booty agent recommendations actively and accomplish abiding workers are blessed in their positions. “They affliction about their employees. They appearance this consistently with events, connected training and opportunities to beforehand as professionals.”

Location: MedfordWebsite: rogueretreat.comOregon employees: 53 | Score: 568.60

Employees say there are affluence of opportunities to abound in this nonprofit that serves the homeless. A abounding allocation of the organization’s agents went through the diplomacy themselves. Leaders are compassionate and committed. “The administering is attainable and listens and understands how to get the best from employees,” says one contented staffer.

Location: CorvallisWebsite: luminahospice.orgOregon employees: 52 | Score: 566.43

Staff say leaders are attainable to change and account the opinions and account of all advisers to admonition appearance behavior and procedures. Workers additionally acknowledge the adeptness to set their schedules. Allowance for beforehand and acceptable bacon go bottomward able-bodied too, as able-bodied as the focus on agent wellness.

Sponsored added listing:

At Lumina Auberge & Palliative Care—a community-grown, independent, nonprofit—we accommodate compassionate affliction and abutment for those adverse end of activity and their families.

Location: PortlandWebsite: alsoweb.orgOregon employees: 290 | Score: 564.80

This alignment confined bodies with adorning disabilities makes an accomplishment to beforehand staff. “The admonition amid the appointment staff, the administering and agents in accepted is great,” says a annoyed staffer. A family-feel assignment ambiance contributes to authoritative this a best nonprofit to assignment for.

Sponsored added listing:

Congratulations ALSO Advocates! Thank you for ensuring the abounding admittance of bodies with bookish and adorning disabilities in their community. During 2020, you accept continuously provided the accomplished affection of casework befitting those you abutment advantageous and safe. Thank you!

Location: PortlandWebsite: metfamily.orgOregon employees: 97 | Score: 563.40

This nonprofit takes agents training on disinterestedness actively and has fabricated efforts to appoint added assorted agents to bigger represent the bodies it serves. “It’s a abode area bodies are encouraged to learn, anticipate critically, and ask questions about why we do the things we do and how,” says an employee.

Location: PortlandWebsite: careoregon.orgOregon employees: 947 | Score: 562.94

A best allowances amalgamation makes this a best nonprofit to assignment for. Commuter pass, wellness reimbursement, allegation assistance, paid beforehand hours and anniversary bonuses are on offer. “The alignment spends a abundant accord of time because the goals we set for ourselves and creates a plan for how we will accomplish them.”

Location: RoseburgWebsite: adaptoregon.orgOregon employees: 390 | Score: 561.96

Fully paid bloom allowance and adjustable schedules are allotment of the allure of alive for this brainy bloom and addiction casework organization. Agents feel their choir are heard and that leaders act on their feedback. “There is lots of acquirements and beforehand and attainable admonition that creates a abundant atmosphere.”

Sponsored added listing:

At Adapt, there is no amiss aperture care–primary affliction or behavioral bloom care. Our greatest asset is our people—employees who body our bulk ethics and address their talents to accomplish our mission to beforehand bloom and restore lives.

Location: Canby/MedfordWebsite: nt4kids.orgOregon employees: 61 | Score: 561.46

Opportunities for beforehand are endless, says an employee. Agents adore the abutment they allegation to do their jobs and feel their opinions are heard and welcomed. “I feel listened to and an basic allotment of the team,” says a staffer.

Sponsored added listing:

At Neurotherapeutic Pediatric Therapies and Medford Children’s Therapy, we accommodate high-quality analysis casework to all accouchement and families.  Both teams in Oregon represent our mission and bulk ethics with arete and we are accustomed to be on the 100 Best list.

Location: EugeneWebsite: wfts.orgOregon employees: 221 | Score: 561.24

Employees acclaim leaders for alms adeptness to agents to booty time off for claimed needs. “I accept never formed at a abode that gives you so abundant time off. They absolutely appetite their agents to accept the time to disentangle and recharge,” says a contented staffer. Workers are additionally encouraged to accompany college education.

Location: PortlandWebsite: thedpigroup.comOregon employees: 51 | Score: 560.64

Staff can booty the time off they allegation afterwards actuality apprenticed to an accretion arrangement at this alignment that provides abode casework for bodies with disabilities. A adeptness of attainable admonition fosters assurance in leaders. “Leadership provides bright and cellophane communications and keeps us affective forward,” says an employee.

Location: EugeneWebsite: cascadehealth.orgOregon employees: 229 | Score: 559.36

This nonprofit offers a amalgamation of able benefits, including some abnormal ones such as afflication paid time off, chargeless flu shots and anniversary account awards. Advisers say leaders are attainable to agents acknowledgment on how to improve. “I anticipate actuality so up-front and attainable is one of the things that makes this aggregation great.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: mywallace.orgOregon employees: 66 | Score: 556.82

A focus on agent wellness and able beforehand makes this bargain bloom dispensary a best abode to work. The alignment has “worked tirelessly” to try to accumulate agents safe during the communicable by accouterment careful gear. Agents alike accustomed bonuses during these ambiguous bread-and-butter times.

Sponsored added listing:

At Wallace, we accept that anybody deserves outstanding care, no bulk their activity circumstances. Our advisers apperceive that bloom affliction isn’t one-size-fits-all, and admonition our patients affected their barriers to acceptable health. They are the best, 365 canicule a year.

Location: HillsboroWebsite: carepartnersor.orgOregon employees: 52 | Score: 552.78

This auberge seeks to beforehand a caring assignment ambiance that inspires agents to accommodate accomplished end-of-life care. “You can feel the compassionate affliction from the top down, which creates a absolute abode and advisers who feel cared for and supported,” says a staffer. Advisers accept abandon to accomplish and beforehand their own schedule.

Location: PortlandWebsite: chnw.orgOregon employees: 51 | Score: 550.88

Unlimited ailing days, a fettle and wellness stipend, and banking abutment for educational courses are allotment of the allure of alive at this nonprofit. Leaders animate agents acknowledgment and beforehand self-care and brainy bloom support. “All of our apropos are never downplayed or swept beneath the rug,” says one employee.

Location: PortlandWebsite: childpeace.orgOregon employees: 67 | Score: 550.38

Employees like the family-oriented assignment ambiance area agents accept a articulation and feel valued.  “Each being acutely cares about the academy and aloft community,” says a contented staffer. Banking abutment for able development and attainable carriage passes are a benefaction too. “Great bodies and ambiance to assignment in.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: tipnw.orgOregon employees: 205 | Score: 546.84

Volunteers say they are able-bodied accomplished and accept important assignment to do at this nonprofit that provides abutment to victims of trauma. “There is no abortive busywork here,” says one volunteer. It is additionally a “warm, affable environment” with agents “going aloft and aloft with communication, planning and affective the team.”

Sponsored added listing:

Trauma Intervention Diplomacy NW provides affecting abutment to beggared citizens, anon afterward a tragedy.   Our TIP Volunteers are accomplished to “ aloof be there” and accommodate assets and a ardent animal affiliation in the bosom of chaos.

Location: EugeneWebsite: lookingglass.usOregon employees: 264 | Score: 543.72

This 50-year-old alignment that provides brainy bloom and addiction counseling offers opportunities for training and able growth. Agents accept the adeptness to set their schedule. “I feel acerb accurate in my job,” says an employee. Acceptable allowances and aggressive salaries go bottomward able-bodied too.

Sponsored added listing:

Looking Glass Affiliation Casework is accustomed to be included amid the top 100 best nonprofits list. We abundantly bulk our advisers and their adherence to confined our best attainable affiliation associates anniversary day – this accolade is adumbrative of their passion.

Location: PortlandWebsite: nwfs.orgOregon employees: 80 | Score: 541.49

This amusing casework nonprofit has an agent abetment diplomacy that offers chargeless concise counseling and aftereffect casework to advisers who accept claimed or work-related problems. A adeptness of attainable admonition and adjustable schedules accord to a absolute assignment environment. “The adeptness and accent on self-care is great,” says a staffer.

Location: PortlandWebsite: olshf.orgOregon employees: 25 | Score: 626.38

Work-life antithesis is bulk to the adeptness at this organization. Agents can accompany their breed and kids to the appointment if schools are closed. A faculty of teamwork and abandon to articulation opinions accumulate agents content. “Management encourages agents to allege up and criticize procedures as a way to consistently beforehand as an organization.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: inclusioninc.orgOregon employees: 22 | Score: 615.94

This nonprofit’s aesthetics is that the bigger an agent is taken affliction of, the bigger they will perform. Absolute time off, 100% paid-for bloom plan and up to 10% accession to a 401(k) annular out the benefits. “Inclusion allows us to be accustomed while dupe us to assignment in our own time and space.”

Sponsored added listing:

Inclusion Inc provides case administering to adults experiencing intellectual/developmental disabilities active in our community.  2020 has presented abounding challenges, we are so appreciative of our aggregation and we are accustomed to be included on the best 100 list.

Location: MedfordWebsite: creativesupports.orgOregon employees: 26 | Score: 615.74

A feel-good atmosphere pervades at this nonprofit confined bodies with bookish and adorning disabilities. Leaders assignment with advisers to affluence accent or cantankerous assignment and claimed challenges. Advisers feel empowered to abound in their roles. “Everyone who wants to try their duke at a appropriate activity is accurate to do so.”

Sponsored added listing:

Congratulations to our admirable aggregation at Artistic Supports, Inc. During a year of pandemic, fires, and abounding added challenges; your allegation to the bodies we serve and to anniversary added has alone developed stronger.

Location: BeavertonWebsite: bbcamp.orgOregon employees: 20 | Score: 614.51

Employees accept chargeless apartment and commons aback they are on-site at this adolescence camp’s locations. Mentoring and abutment for able development are on offer. “Incredible and attainable admonition from leadership” is how one staffer describes alive here. A faculty of inclusivity and acceptable pay are additionally allotment of the culture.

Location: PortlandWebsite: b-e-f.orgOregon employees: 21 | Score: 609.19

Good allowances and able development opportunities are allowances of alive at this ecology nonprofit. A allegation to work-life antithesis and adjustable schedules are a benefaction too. There is an “openness to accomplish beforehand on important ethical, ecology and ancestral amends issues,” says one contented staffer.

Location: PortlandWebsite: parentingwithintent.orgOregon employees: 39 | Score: 607.24

This nonprofit ethics connected acquirements and able growth. It supports staff’s following of apprenticeship by acceptance adapted schedules or acting part-time work. A allegation to diversity, disinterestedness and admittance to bigger serve the community, as able-bodied as a administering attainable to feedback, accord to a faculty of teamwork.

Location: PortlandWebsite: mhaoforegon.orgOregon employees: 44 | Score: 601.19

This alignment provides paid beforehand hours and up to three paid hours a ages to participate in accession organization’s lath or advising council. Managers ask for and act on acknowledgment from staff. Leaders are additionally accessible. “The adeptness and acceptance of work-life antithesis makes us all feel cared for,” says one staffer.

Sponsored added listing:

We are a peer-run alignment that supports bodies on their adventure appear self-directed recovery. We accommodate associate abutment services, associate workforce development, and abstruse assistance. Thanks to our amazing agents for authoritative MHAAO one of the best places to work!

Location: Klamath FallsWebsite: klamathhospice.orgOregon employees: 38 | Score: 598.83

This family-oriented employer participates in contest such as anniversary parties and parades, and encourages ancestors involvement. An admissible activity and adeptness of attainable admonition add to the absolute atmosphere. Assortment in age and accomplishments of advisers makes the assignment ambiance “interesting and challenging,” says a staffer.

Location: EugeneWebsite: sponsorsinc.orgOregon employees: 40 | Score: 596.22

This nonprofit, which helps bodies advancing out of prison, makes it a convenance to appoint individuals with bent histories. Absolutely paid bloom allowance and a acceptable alimony diplomacy go bottomward able-bodied with staff. One staffer is appreciative of the allegation the alignment has in accepting “difficult conversations and self-reflection about diversity, disinterestedness and inclusion.”

Location: Eagle CreekWebsite: summitlearningcharter.orgOregon employees: 44 | Score: 595.86

This allotment academy empowers agents to use their abilities and adroitness to accommodated the needs of students, says one annoyed staffer. Adjustable assignment schedules and agents captivation in controlling accomplish workers feel valued. “Everyone has a voice. Anybody can accomplish a change,” says accession employee.

Sponsored added listing:

At Summit Acquirements Charter, our acceptance acquaintance a different alloy of basic apprenticeship and real-life accessory opportunities. We expertly advantage the best educational assets to accommodate class best and actualize a acquirements alleyway specific for anniversary student.

Location: PortlandWebsite: growing-gardens.orgOregon employees: 27 | Score: 595.43

Staff parties, dogs in appointment and admission to agronomical admonition are a few of the allowances at this nonprofit that advocates for growing aliment in schools, backyards and correctional facilities. Advisers say the alignment is committed to disinterestedness and has prioritized hiring agents from aural the communities it serves.

Location: Central PointWebsite: dogsforbetterlives.orgOregon employees: 34 | Score: 591.48

This 43-year-old nonprofit that rescues and trains abetment dogs pays 100% of employees’ medical and affliction benefits. Leaders are consistently appetite to beforehand and adapt, say employees. “We accept a abundant work-life antithesis culture, and there are opportunities for convalescent our job abilities and advancing in the organization.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: projectaccessnow.orgOregon employees: 29 | Score: 588.47

This amusing casework nonprofit seeks to be across-the-board in its controlling by involving agents at all levels of the organization. Advisers acknowledge the training they accept accustomed in diversity, disinterestedness and inclusion. “I feel like I am heard and apparent and accustomed as an alone and as a aggregation member.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: earthadvantage.orgOregon employees: 22 | Score: 586.19

Weekly blessed hours, bi-weekly “lunch and learns,” and an anniversary anniversary affair and retreat are some of the allowances of alive at this nonprofit that advocates for acceptable buildings. During the pandemic, advisers accustomed home appointment stipends, and abutment was accustomed to advisers clumsy to assignment because of academy and day-care closures.

Location: EugeneWebsite: eugenemission.orgOregon employees: 44 | Score: 584.54

This abandoned apartment provides advisers and volunteers with breakfast, cafeteria and dinner. Advisers can booty any added aliment home. The nonprofit absolutely pays for bloom benefits. Leaders animate agents to apprentice on the job through hands-on acquaintance and trainings. “We are consistently able to accompany our questions and apropos to the table and be heard.”

Location: Eagle PointWebsite: craterlakecharter.orgOregon employees: 26 | Score: 583.54

Leaders are committed to the mission of this allotment academy and admonition advisers abound with the organization, according to a staffer. Accession describes the ambiance as fun and welcoming. “The abutment and accuracy of arch staff, the aggregation vibe and alertness to listen” is how one staffer describes the allure of alive here.

Location: PortlandWebsite: communitywarehouse.orgOregon employees: 28 | Score: 583.08

“Open admonition and a safe amplitude for aboveboard and attainable conversations” is the acumen one agent loves alive for this nonprofit appliance bank, which collects domiciliary appurtenances and redistributes to families in need. Agents feel adequate acquirements from mistakes. “There is a audible spirit of affiliation and ancestors in the workplace.”

Location: MedfordWebsite: heartswithamission.orgOregon employees: 49 | Score: 582.11

Employees at this faith-based adolescence apartment adore a abode area adoration and adoration are respected. Agents are accurate to try out new account and programming. “I adulation that we are able to try new things like classes, groups and marketing. It’s amazing to be able to abatement advanced with support.”

Sponsored added listing:

At Hearts With a Mission, we serve abandoned and at-risk adolescence by accouterment shelter, education, mentoring, and alteration planning with a faith-based approach. Our ambition is to accommodate achievement through practical, admiring affliction for kids and families in crisis.

Location: BendWebsite: cascadesacademy.orgOregon employees: 41 | Score: 580.61

Staff of this nonprofit academy adore a admirable campus, a balmy community, aggressive allowances and a caring administration. “It is a amplitude area I am absolutely challenged, accept amplitude to grow, and is a alive ambiance that acts as a home abroad from home; a accurate family,” says one worker.

Location: CorvallisWebsite: jacksonstreet.orgOregon employees: 40 | Score: 575.13

Employees at this 20-year-old at-risk adolescence casework nonprofit will acquisition a anatomy that supports career goals. Managers activity continuing apprenticeship opportunities anniversary year. The alignment has a “strong accent on self-care” as able-bodied as diversity, disinterestedness and team-building activities. Abounding advisers go on to become caseworkers and biologic and booze counselors.

Sponsored added listing:

We are arch bounded efforts to ensure that adolescence homelessness is prevented whenever possible, and that unaccompanied adolescence who do acquaintance homelessness are on a quick aisle to safe, stable, and abiding housing.

Location: BrookingsWebsite: coastalhhh.orgOregon employees: 37 | Score: 575.11

Workers at this auberge accept allegation and corpuscle buzz plan reimbursement, discounts to aliment and gym memberships. The alignment added banking abutment during the COVID-19 crisis, with agents accepting an added anniversary of vacation. “It’s like family. Best abode I accept anytime worked,” says one agreeable staffer.

Location: PortlandWebsite: thefreshwatertrust.orgOregon employees: 39 | Score: 566.45

Oregon employees: 39 Score: 566.45“The mission, the bodies and the allowances are unmatched,” says one staffer at this ecology nonprofit. The employer offers six weeks’ paid time off afterwards two years of service, a 5% accession to 401(k), and paid-for educational courses. Corpuscle buzz and internet reimbursement, appointment blessed hours and agents parties annular out the perks.

Location: BendWebsite: bethleheminn.orgOregon employees: 30 | Score: 565.52

This abandoned apartment fosters a trauma-informed environment, which takes affliction of the appropriate brainy bloom needs of its employees. Agents accept training and career development courses to accept how agony impacts people’s lives. Accomplished medical allowances are additionally on offer. “It is a huge abatement that our medical is top notch.”

Location: SalemWebsite: hopeandsafety.orgOregon employees: 27 | Score: 559.74

“Management is consistently award means to beforehand and abutment staff, and that is actual appreciated,” says an agent of this calm corruption crisis center. The organization’s wellness aggregation beatific advisers COVID-19 affliction bales during the pandemic, and paid advisers for a 40-hour anniversary while scheduling them for 35.

Location: PortlandWebsite: jvcnorthwest.orgOregon employees: 20 | Score: 554.66

“There’s a actual honest compassionate that not all the assignment done by Jesuits historically has been culturally responsive,” says one agent of this Milwaukie beforehand corps. The alignment did a ancestral disinterestedness appraisal to analysis its appulse in communities of color. Advisers will additionally acquisition a allegation to work-life balance.

Location: PortlandWebsite: smartreading.orgOregon employees: 35 | Score: 553.00

This children’s articulacy nonprofit offers corpuscle buzz reimbursements and a $100 per ages allowance to go adjoin bloom affliction co-pays. It offers a family-friendly, adjustable assignment environment. Managers consistently seek means to get acknowledgment from staff, and they are complex at all levels of decision-making, declared as “democracy in action.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: forthmobility.orgOregon employees: 26 | Score: 549.56

“We accept about no agents about-face because bodies are absolutely blessed with their jobs,” says an agent of this electric advancement advancement nonprofit. Advisers adore aggressive pay and benefits, and admission to electric vehicles. Staffers can additionally booty advantage of the organization’s able development account to awning costs for education.

Location: PortlandWebsite: ulpdx.orgOregon employees: 49 | Score: 545.48

Employees at one of Oregon’s oldest civilian rights organizations will acquisition the befalling to anon appulse the lives of African Americans. “We are not alone accustomed but empowered to authenticate cultural pride,” says an employee. The alignment shows acknowledgment for agents with chargeless tickets to Blazers games, and art and music events.

Location: SherwoodWebsite: catadoptionteam.orgOregon employees: 37 | Score: 544.92

Employees adduce admiring managers and a collaborative aggregation as affidavit to assignment for this cat accomplishment nonprofit. “Our administering accord us opportunities to grow,” says an employee. Workers will acquisition an employee-assistance diplomacy and chargeless advantageous snacks. Agents additionally accept admission to discounts for pet aliment and supplements.

Location: PortlandWebsite: casahelpskids.orgOregon employees: 24 | Score: 541.23

“I accept been consistently aggressive by the benevolence and drive of the aggregation I assignment with,” says one agreeable agent of this adolescent abundance nonprofit. Agents associates go on approved fun outings, such as demography the afternoon off to go outdoors or activity crimper for their anniversary celebration.

Location: PortlandWebsite: raphaelhouse.comOregon employees: 42 | Score: 540.50

In accession to absorption on able development and fun team-building events, the communicable did not account any agent at this calm abandon apartment to lose their job. Recently, leaders bigger pay disinterestedness and transparency, which was “a absolution and a accurate act of amusing justice,” according to one employee.

Location: PortlandWebsite: storetodooroforegon.orgOregon employees: 24 | Score: 531.47

Staff at this grocery allegation account for seniors and bodies with disabilities adore adjustable schedules to administer work-life balance. Advisers acknowledge the befalling to apprentice new skills. “The bulk of assignment this aggregation has approved through the COVID-19 communicable is absolutely alarming in agreement of teamwork, collaboration, diplomacy adjustments, and decisiveness.”

Sponsored added listing:

At Abundance to Aperture we assignment to abutment absolute active for homebound seniors and bodies active with disabilities with our volunteer-based grocery arcade and allegation service. We adulation our staff, and are accustomed to be amid the 100 best nonprofits!

Location: EugeneWebsite: sllea.orgOregon employees: 27 | Score: 521.95

This nonprofit that supports adolescent adults active on the autism spectrum has a collaborative and admiring team, which creates “layers of support” for both agents and students. Bloom and dental allowances are paid at 90%. Despite beneath appointed hours due to COVID-19, the alignment paid advisers for approved hours to affluence banking strain.

Location: MedfordWebsite: jacksoncountycasa.orgOregon employees: 19 | Score: 635.43

“There are no words for the abutment we receive, both alone and professionally,” says one agent of this advancement accumulation for abused and alone children. Administering cultivates a admiring environment, requesting everyone’s ascribe for candid botheration solving. Aggregation diplomacy alpha with agents appreciation. Advisers accept two weeks of paid afflication leave.

Location: PortlandWebsite: nten.orgOregon employees: 10 | Score: 633.90

“It’s the affectionate of abode you attending advanced to activity to on a Monday morning,” says an agent of this affiliation of technology professionals. Agents accept 20 canicule of paid time off during the aboriginal year of application and 25 thereafter. Six weeks of paid affectionate leave is offered to mothers and fathers.

Location: EugeneWebsite: westernlaw.orgOregon employees: 10 | Score: 633.50

Employees go to assignment in a acceptable building, and will acquisition a adjustable assignment agenda and work-from-home options. Three months of paid breather leave is on activity afterwards bristles years of employment. Agents are able-bodied paid and advised with respect, says a staffer. “We are accustomed the befalling to be artistic and innovative.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: ecologyoutdoors.orgOregon employees: 6 | Score: 622.35

“The bodies actuality are ridiculously passionate,” says one employee. The lath and the agents are invested in the mission and the success of both the alignment and the claimed career development goals of the staff. “We accept a awful adjustable and admiring work-life balance,” says accession staffer.

Location: West LinnWebsite: clackamasworkforce.orgOregon employees: 10 | Score: 621.68

Employees acclaim the organization’s allegation to adjustable schedules, which was accessible to parents ambidextrous with academy closures due to the pandemic. One agent describes this job-placement nonprofit as a “family-first” organization. The employer is additionally accretion the conversations it is accepting about diversity, disinterestedness and admittance in bread-and-butter development.

Location: PortlandWebsite: togethergreater.orgOregon employees: 12 | Score: 615.16

Employees are encouraged to accent self-care and ancestors needs at this apprenticeship nonprofit. To abutment alive parents and affliction providers, it offers adjustable hours and work-from-home options. “The alignment is acknowledging and centers the abundance of its advisers aloof as abundant as the affiliation and families we serve,” says one worker.

Location: EugeneWebsite: rdiinc.orgOregon employees: 10 | Score: 606.83

In accession to 24 hours of paid beforehand time anniversary year, advisers will acquisition opportunities to abound professionally. “RDI provides opportunities for all advisers to abound and annex into new areas of interest,” says one employee. “Professional development and volunteering aural the affiliation are acerb encouraged.”

Location: EugeneWebsite: elaw.orgOregon employees: 11 | Score: 605.88

Staff are motivated by their assignment to beforehand ecology justice, and adore accommodating with colleagues about the apple to claiming ecology abuses and assure communities. “We are a baby alignment with a big impact,” says an employee. An atmosphere of brotherhood makes this a best abode to work.

Sponsored added listing:

ELAW helps communities about the apple allege out for apple-pie air, apple-pie water, and a advantageous planet. Our arresting aggregation is appreciative to coact with grassroots advocates in 80 countries to body a added sustainable, aloof future.

Location: PortlandWebsite: hbint.orgOregon employees: 4 | Score: 603.88

Employees adore biking opportunities, adjustable schedules and a vacation plan that allows advisers to accept their time off afterwards accepting to accumulate or calculation their hours. Advisers adduce the unique, claimed admission to bloom affliction allegation consort by the organization. “We accept that anybody has the adeptness to change their world.”

Location: BendWebsite: vim-cascades.orgOregon employees: 10 | Score: 602.84

This bloom affliction nonprofit that serves low-income bodies has admiring managers who accept to employees. “I accept never heard a cantankerous chat from any of the administering or bosses. I accept never had a bigger bang-up in all my years of working.” The employer is additionally committed to creating a assorted workforce.

Sponsored added listing:

At VIM, we accept anybody has the appropriate to healthcare casework and it is the albatross of a caring affiliation to adeptness out to those in need. We aim to be a arch archetypal of effective, integrated, volunteer-based accommodating healthcare.

Location: PortlandWebsite: mhkc.orgOregon employees: 11 | Score: 601.79

This alfresco affected for bodies with adorning disabilities empowers advisers to innovate. “I adulation that as an employee, my articulation is heard and I am able to design, apparatus and dream up new programs,” says a staffer. The nonprofit additionally strives to be a alarm of diversity, disinterestedness and inclusion.

Location: PortlandWebsite: bcsi.orgOregon employees: 13 | Score: 600.92

This banking articulacy nonprofit offers agents a adjustable agenda that allows them to assignment from home aback possible. Advisers accept assimilation bonuses, and managers are attainable to change and agent feedback. “We accept a actual abutting accumulation of bodies alive here. We get a lot done, but accept fun accomplishing it.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: neighborhoodpartnerships.orgOregon employees: 11 | Score: 599.74

“Since I’ve been there, the alignment has stepped up its disinterestedness and admittance efforts internally and externally,” says an agent of this amusing casework nonprofit. The alignment ensures there is a account for career development and provides agents with adeptness on how to work. Agents additionally acclaim the acceptable benefits.

Location: TigardWebsite: goodneighborcenter.orgOregon employees: 14 | Score: 598.86

“It’s the alone abode I accept formed that gives ailing and vacation time to part-time staff. Anybody absolutely works as a aggregation like a big family,” says a staffer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the nonprofit scaled bottomward its operation to four administering agents members, but connected to pay the non-working agents for their consistently appointed hours.

Sponsored added listing:

Good Neighbor Centermost is committed to accouterment safe, emergency apartment and supportive, allotment casework to families in need.

Location: Oregon CityWebsite: casa-cc.orgOregon employees: 10 | Score: 593.84

The adherence of managers to the organization’s mission encourages a focused and committed workforce, comments one employee. Agents accept adeptness to antithesis assignment and ancestors needs. One artisan praises the admiring and acceptant administering team, adage they are “always accommodating to accept to account and ascribe from employees.”

Location: EugeneWebsite: bringrecycling.orgOregon employees: 16 | Score: 590.45

This recycling and reclaim nonprofit has a wellness diplomacy that lets agents catechumen bare ailing time to vacation time or be paid out. The alignment offers interest-free loans to employees, a 50% abatement in the abundance and work-life balance. “We’ve had a continued cord of admirable changeable leadership,” says a staffer.

Location: MedfordWebsite: improvedcredit.orgOregon employees: 8 | Score: 589.88

“Since new administering has arrived, allowances accept increased, we accept added agents and are confined added people,” says one agent of this banking counseling nonprofit. Advisers feel leaders accent the abundance of staff, and advisers acclaim the affability of the abode and the affection of co-workers to admonition others.

Location: MedfordWebsite: 71Five.orgOregon employees: 19 | Score: 588.92

“Each being is a accidental affiliate of the team, and the alignment ethics the aggregation as able-bodied as those we serve,” says an agent of this faith-based adolescence ministry. Workers put a aerial bulk on the assurance becoming by the administering and a abode adeptness of kindness.

Location: PortlandWebsite: westernenergy.orgOregon employees: 18 | Score: 587.94

This barter affiliation apery the electricity and accustomed gas sectors “provides aberrant work-life balance, telecommuting, acceptable PTO and ailing leave, in accession to already adjustable schedules.” Eligible advisers can booty up to four weeks off at abounding salary. Agents can use air afar from business purchases on the aggregation acclaim agenda for claimed travel.

Location: EugeneWebsite: centrolatinoamericano.orgOregon employees: 19 | Score: 587.20

Employees will acquisition assets attainable for self-care and able development through a advanced array of training options, such as suicide prevention, brainy bloom aboriginal aid and agony mitigation. “The adeptness is welcoming, across-the-board and friendly,” says one worker. Leaders advance in the beforehand and development of all staff.

Location: SpringfieldWebsite: casa-lane.orgOregon employees: 17 | Score: 584.95

This child-welfare nonprofit has a wellness plan that promotes brainy bloom and resiliency amid staff.  Employees will acquisition training for accent management, benevolence fatigue and accessory alarming stress. Adjustable assignment schedules, agents and ancestors picnics, corpuscle phones, and a $350 account allowance to account bloom affliction costs are amid of the benefits.

Location: PortlandWebsite: oregonwild.orgOregon employees: 12 | Score: 578.87

This attention nonprofit hosts an anniversary agents sledding day on Mt. Hood, an outdoor-themed mini-retreat in the spring, a three-day camping retreat in the summer and more. “Our alignment still manages to allegation full-steam advanced while additionally acceptance abounding time off. I anticipate Oregon Wild has absolutely nailed the work-life balance.”

Location: PortlandWebsite: childfoundation.orgOregon employees: 12 | Score: 578.03

This all-embracing alms committed to allowance bankrupt accouchement abide in academy in bristles countries about the apple offers agents training programs, adjustable hours, work-from-home options and a abounding slate of bloom allowance benefits. “We accept the aforementioned ambition and accept a acceptable and affable environment,” says a staffer.

Location: PortlandWebsite: nwcounseling.orgOregon employees: 15 | Score: 576.24

During COVID-19, this nonprofit provided advisers with banking abutment and added time off in accession to remote-working options. Agents are encouraged to accompany able development opportunities and booty on new responsibilities aural the organization, says one employee. “Management is admiring of new account and demography risks,” says another.

Location: PortlandWebsite: svpportland.orgOregon employees: 6 | Score: 569.28

Employees accept absolute canicule off as continued as it can be abiding with the team. “Respect for work-family activity balance, committed and caring colleagues, and an important mission that is alone allusive to me” is how one agent describes alive at this alignment that advocates for social-impact investing.

Location: Klamath FallsWebsite: klcas.orgOregon employees: 17 | Score: 567.58

Employees acclaim this nonprofit for assuming adeptness in the face of this year’s pandemic. Advisers accept been accustomed “a lot of allowance to be creative,” and leaders animate agents to change programs to bigger clothing advisers and clients. Agents feel “able to admission administering and the lath with any concerns.”

Sponsored added listing:

At Klamath & Lake Affiliation Activity Services, we assignment to strengthen our affiliation one being at a time. Our aggregation envisions a affiliation area every being has a articulation and is valued.

Location: PortlandWebsite: communityenergyproject.orgOregon employees: 15 | Score: 566.73

“Our alignment serves an amazing mission, while accouterment its advisers flexibility, aegis and beforehand opportunities,” says one agent of this renewable-energy nonprofit. “Management seems to abutment the best absorption of agents through work-life balance.” The alignment angled staff’s ailing canicule in acknowledgment to COVID-19.

Location: PortlandWebsite: spoonfoundation.orgOregon employees: 11 | Score: 566.21

This organization, which fights adjoin malnutrition in children, allows advisers who do not biking as a accustomed allotment of their job to accompany a cruise afterwards two years of employment. “We are able to bite aloft our weight because of our amazing agents and our egalitarian, action-oriented assignment culture,” says one worker.

Location: AlbanyWebsite: abchouse.orgOregon employees: 19 | Score: 566.19

This adolescent corruption blockage nonprofit supports agents with circadian invitations to exercise, book clubs, artistic accumulation art activities and by shouting out acclaim for one accession in a array of formats. These baby gestures admonition actualize the base of its assignment culture, and accord the agents a able foundation as a aggregation to accommodated assignment challenges.

Location: BeavertonWebsite: homeplateyouth.orgOregon employees: 10 | Score: 565.95

This youth-services nonprofit encourages agents to be acquainted of their affecting and concrete needs, and beforehand work-life balance. Weekly paid lunches, retreats, wellness days, and training and apprenticeship sessions are allowances of alive here. The alignment afresh put diversity, disinterestedness and admittance at the beginning of its operations.

Location: PortlandWebsite: dougy.orgOregon employees: 19 | Score: 564.93

This nonprofit, which provides afflication counseling, offers aggressive accomplishment and benefits. Agents feel admired and accustomed for their work. A supportive, mission-driven administering aggregation helps accumulate up agents morale. “Senior administering provides able abutment to band staff,” says a worker.

Location: PortlandWebsite: worldoregon.orgOregon employees: 12 | Score: 562.33

This nonprofit committed to deepening attainable acquaintance about all-embracing diplomacy provides agents with the different befalling to affix with all-embracing visitors. Training and apprenticeship are a priority. “We accept abundant administering and a admiring board,” says one employee. “It is abundant to assignment with a positive, admiring accumulation of people,” says another.

Sponsored added listing:

We are appreciative to be allotment of the 100 Best account for the fourth year in a row —it’s a abundant way for WorldOregon to bless 70 years of abutting Oregonians to the world.

Location: PortlandWebsite: newbuildings.orgOregon employees: 18 | Score: 562.24

Flexible schedules, adeptness to assignment remotely, and acceptable advantage and allowances are affidavit advisers adore alive at this organization, which works to beforehand activity achievement in bartering buildings. Advisers accept affluence of training and can accompany able associations for chargeless to arrangement with others in their field.

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