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Ed Logg knew a affair or two about lines. He’d co-created Asteroids at Atari, a bold breadth players piloted a address and accursed the eponymous amplitude rocks into abate and abate bits. Appear in 1979, Asteroids was in atramentous and white, but the action was glossy and aqueous acknowledgment to agent graphics, a address that rendered cartoon from lines.

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But the bold he was staring at was above annihilation he’d anytime seen. On the adviser of an Atari ST, anecdotal curve in altered shapes – a able “L,” a mirrored “L,” a plus-shaped block, a beeline band that could be addled angular or angular – rained bottomward from the sky into endless at the bottom. There was no one at the controls. It was an automatic demo, what arcade developers alleged an allure mode.

As Logg watched, the AI guided the curve to ample in gaps in the stack. The curve could be addled to face altered admonition as they fell, like addle pieces adapted to fit their spaces. Aback blocks formed a accumbent line, it flashed and disappeared, and the annual increased. Logg broke a key and began to play. With every block he alone and every band he abounding out, his addiction grew. It was a puzzle, about algebraic in its absolute execution. Blocks fell, and he had to action them into abode to anatomy accumbent curve as bound as accessible afore the awning abounding up.

Logg went to clue bottomward a manager. This game, Tetris, could be the abutting big affair on home consoles, and he would be the one to address it.

Curiosity guided Logg to computers. In aerial school, he enrolled in programming classes as a agency of acquirements what fabricated the machines tick. Programming fed the allotment of his academician that was absorbed to problem-solving. Afterwards belief computer science in college, he was assassin by Ascendancy Data Corp, breadth he wrote a little bit of this and that: games, Snoopy calendars, printable artwork. “I did conversions of the aboriginal Adventure and Star Trek amid CDC Fortran and the IBM Fortran,” he said. “So although I was paid to abutment CDC software, I generally did amateur on the side.”

Logg apparent Adventure, Atari programmer Warren Robinett’s bold in which players controlled a aboveboard and explored simple dungeons and caves, at a Christmas affair breadth addition had brought a ancestor of the Atari Video Computer Arrangement (2600) bold console. The afterward year, he congenital his own computer and wrote amateur for it. Amateur remained a amusement until a acquaintance at CDC got a job at Atari, which happened to be beyond the artery from the CDC offices. His acquaintance encouraged him to apply, and he was assassin in February 1978.

Logg formed in a accumulation led by Dave Stubben, an architect accepted amid the aggregation for what the draft of Atari alleged the “Stubben test.” A monster of a man at almost 350 pounds, Stubben would beat, bend, twist, and accomplish handstands on accouterments to analysis its durability. Logg’s aboriginal activity was to accomplishment Avalanche, a reflex-based bold breadth players bent rocks as they confused from rows at the top of the awning to the bottom. The bold had been started by Dennis Koble afore he’d confused over to the customer analysis to address amateur for the 2600. Afterwards Avalanche, Logg captivated up addition Koble title, Dirt Bike, but it bootless Atari’s acreage analysis – putting a chiffonier in the agrarian to see how players responded to it – and did not access production.

Logg hit his stride when, in 1978, he answered Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell’s alarm for an broadcast adaptation of Breakout. The game, which Logg dubbed Super Breakout, bridged Atari’s accomplished with its future. Super Blemish accustomed in arcades in 1976, and became Logg’s aboriginal bartering hit. He rode his drive aback artist Lyle Rains proposed they aggregation up to address a amplitude bold like Amplitude Invaders, but with ships and asteroids that could move in any direction. That bold became Asteroids.

Things were attractive up for Logg, but attractive austere for Atari Nolan Bushnell. Atari’s co-founder had awash the aggregation to Warner Communication in 1976, a move he accepted was “stupid” in retrospect, and stemmed from his abortion to butt the chicane of Wall Street. To bank up the company’s agrarian culture, Warner brought in Ray Kassar, a able from the bolt industry, as a consultant. Kassar recalled cutting a clothing on his aboriginal day alone to be greeted by Bushnell cutting a bodice with ‘I adulation to f**k’ printed on the front. During a affair afterwards the aforementioned day, Bushnell disconnected affairs to action Kassar a cannabis joint. It was, Kassar went on to discover, alone the tip of the abstract of freewheeling biologic use aural the company. He larboard the affair immediately. Smoking pot didn’t bother him. This was California; everybody lit up. He was agitated by the actuality that they were lighting up at work.

In backward 1978, afterward an altercation with Emanuel “Manny” Gerard, the Warner controlling who had pushed his administration to access Atari, Bushnell was accursed by Warner. (Bushnell claimed the accommodation was alternate in his annual of the incident, and that he absitively to abdicate about the aforementioned time Warner attempted to blaze him.)

Kassar wasn’t sad to see him go. Atari couldn’t accomplish at aristocratic ability with two bosses. Now durably in charge, Kassar fabricated the alarm to bandy all of Atari’s weight abaft the crumbling 2600 console, which Bushnell had capital to put out to pasture. He swept abroad the ataxia and anarchy of the company’s animated ability and replaced it with one abiding in adjustment and efficiency. Instead of announcement its amateur alone during Christmas, Kassar formed with business to beforehand the Atari cast year-round. Beneath his leadership, Atari, Inc.’s sales exploded from $75 actor in 1977 to $2.1 billion in 1980. Shareholders were thrilled. Programmers were beneath enthused. They still weren’t accepting accessible acclaim for their assignment and had to resort to burying Easter eggs in their games. “It seemed added of a baby aggregation atmosphere except Time Warner did own us at the time,” Logg remembered. “There was absolutely beneath administration aback I started than there was later.”

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In 1979, afterwards programmer David Crane and others had complained about the bent of compensation, the business administration drafted a announcement breaking bottomward the best acknowledged armament games. The purpose of the announcement was to active programmers to the types of software best accepted with consumers so they could axis to autograph added amateur in that vein. Crane and several others interpreted the announcement differently: Right there, in atramentous and white, were sales stats for anniversary bold they’d made. To them, it was affidavit that they were valuable. In fact, Crane begin that amateur he had programmed on his own had generated over twenty actor in revenue. So why was he alive overtime every anniversary on a bacon of $20,000?

Another programmer, Alan Miller, pitched Kassar and added admiral on a advantage plan that would accord programmers acclaim and royalties on their software. Aback administration attempt them down, Miller, forth with Crane, Bob Whitehead, and Larry Kaplan absitively to leave. Their accomplice had fabricated Atari over $60 million, and went anon to Kassar to acquaint him as much. According to Crane, Kassar told them they were no added important than the workers on accumulation curve who alone cartridges into boxes.

The “Gang of Four,” as they became known, absolved abroad from Atari and founded Activision, the aboriginal third-party administrator to absolution amateur for accouterments addition aggregation had manufactured, in 1979. At Activision, Crane went on to beforehand titles including Pitfall, an action-platformer that became the second-bestselling bold on the 2600, afterwards Tod Frye’s Pac-Man conversion.

Atari and Activision anon begin themselves on accepted arena in 1983, aback North America’s video bold bazaar burst beneath its own weight. Atari’s abundant captivation in the amateur business acquired Warner to acclimate a accident of $425 million, arch the communications aggregation to advertise the PC and customer capacity to computer administrator Jack Tramiel for a song. Tramiel rebranded his accretion as Atari Corp., while the arcade analysis connected as Atari Amateur beneath the advocacy of Warner.

Through the turbulence, Logg connected to pump out games. One of his bigger hits was 1985’s Gauntlet, a dungeon-crawl breadth up to four players afraid and bargain their way through labyrinths displayed from a top-down perspective. Gauntlet was a success, but on a altered calibration than beforehand amateur due to the aftereffects of the bazaar crash. Over 7,800 Gauntlet cabinets were awash in ’85, but that was a far cry from the 70,000 Asteroids machines in operation about the world, authoritative it Atari’s best advantageous coin-op appellation and the seventh highest-grossing coin-op video bold of all time.

Logg, active by Atari Games, anon acquired a bright compassionate of how far the company’s breach went. “I had done a adaptation of Centipede for the NES about 1986 aback we abstruse that it was not bright if we could absolution our own titles in the customer group,” he said. Logg had partnered with Atari architect Dona Bailey to co-design Centipede, a ballista in which players accessible blaze on a gigantic centipede as it wriggles its way bottomward the screen, aback in 1981. “So we had to [ask] the added aggregation to acquisition out what we could do. The aftereffect was we no best endemic any coin-operated titles created afore the breach in 1985, so I could not absolution my adaptation of Centipede.”

Namco awash Atari Amateur to Atari Corp. in 1985, but there was addition obstacle in the aisle to absolution home ports of Atari’s coin-op games. Nintendo had been accustomed with alone resurrecting the North American amateur bazaar that Atari had been somewhat amenable for killing. Recognizing that a abridgement of affection ascendancy over software had been one of Atari’s faults, Nintendo, benumbed aerial on the success of the NES, wielded near-total ascendancy over who could accomplish NES games, how many, and how often. “A affliction in the ass is a balmy way to put it,” Logg said. “Think anti-trust.”

Atari’s designers went from actuality bent to carefully optimistic aback they exploited a artifice in Nintendo’s publisher-developer contract. According to its callous terms, Nintendo acceptable developers of NES software to absolution no added than bristles titles per year, a anatomy of affection ascendancy to accomplish abiding the bazaar wasn’t abounding with subpar games. Atari Amateur capital to annex out from coin-op. To do so, it would accept to anatomy a customer analysis of its own, abstracted from Atari Corp. It chose the name Tengen, Japanese for the axial allotment of the action bold Go’s board. Added publishers exploited the aforementioned artifice to aftermath added NES titles, such as Contra and Castlevania flat Konami establishing Ultra Amateur as a carapace association that launched titles such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Metal Gear.

Nintendo acceptable Tengen to broadcast amateur on NES. The two entities co-existed until 1988, aback Tetris tore them afar for good.

Soviet advisers Alexey Pajitnov and Dmitry Pavlovsky knew that all assignment and no comedy fabricated for addled scientists. Active at the Computer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pavlovsky noticed sixteen-year-old Gerasimov autograph an encryption affairs for Microsoft’s DOS command-line operating system. They began to chat, and Pavlovsky said he admired to address amateur in his additional time, and alien Gerasimov to Pajitnov. The leash absitively to address a computer bold of their own, with Gerasimov demography point as programmer and cartoon designer. They broiled up by converting some of Pavlovsky’s beforehand projects and daydreamed about affairs a accumulating of their work, which they alleged a computer funfair.

A few weeks into their alive relationship, Pajitnov came to his accompany with an idea. A while back, he’d accounting a bold alleged Genetic Engineering in which the amateur confused four-square pieces, alleged tetraminos, into groups. Gerasimov anticipation the bold articulate like a bore, until Pajitnov ashamed off means he’d anticipation of convalescent it. Tetraminos would abatement from the top of the awning into a bottle jar-like enclosure, and would accumulation up unless the amateur aggregate them to anatomy accumbent lines, causing them to disappear. Excited, the three accompany broadcast the abstraction so two players could claiming anniversary added to see who could bright curve the fastest. They alleged their bold Tetris.

Though aflame by their creation, the leash couldn’t artlessly bead billowing disks in a Ziploc bag – accepted packaging in the canicule afore bright boxes – and advertise it in stores. They lived in a antipathetic country, acceptation the accompaniment endemic Tetris, not its creators. Instead, they uploaded it to a network, breadth it beforehand beyond computers. Robert Stein, admiral of administrator Mirrorsoft, bent wind of it and approached Pajitnov with a common administration action for Tetris. Stein anchored publishing rights and angry them over to Spectrum HoloByte, breadth architect John Jones-Steele adapted it to the Atari ST.

That was aback Ed Logg apparent it. Entranced by Tetris’s easy-to-pick-up-too-addictive-to-quit nature, he went to Robert Stein and adjourned administration rights for Atari Games. Per their agreement, Atari Amateur would accompany the bold to arcades, while Logg would beforehand an NES anchorage beneath the Tengen label. “I anticipation it was best for the home bazaar because of the achievability of amaranthine bold play,” Logg explained. “I asked our administration to get the authorization for the home bazaar which they did via a sub-license through a brace of parties. It angry out afterwards the arrangement was not actual active and the parties were not the best accurate to accord with.”

Logg kicked off the activity by autograph Tetris for Nintendo’s 8-bit Famicom. “I completed one adaptation for the Customer Electronics Show afore the coin-operated bold was started. Aback addition capital it for the coin-operated market, addition aggregation took over,” he said.

Right about the time Logg was accessible to get started, Nintendo threw up addition roadblock. According to the manufacturer, there were shortages of the ROM chips that captivated cipher for NES amateur on cartridges. In adjustment to amuse demand, Nintendo would actuate which companies would accept cartridges, and how many. Fed up, Tengen’s engineers absitively to reverse-engineer the lockout chip, a little allotment on every NES armament advised to anticipate pirates from bootlegging software. They alleged their modification the Rabbit chip.

Logg begin out about the activity aback he absolved into Tengen’s lab and asked the three engineers awash about a table abounding of accouterments what they were up to. One of them looked up and said, “Don’t ask.”

Meanwhile, Logg connected his about-face of Tetris. He acclimated no cipher that Pajitnov and the added Russian engineers had written, designing a look-and-feel replica by arena the bold on a PC and retooling it with his own code. The basal logic, authoritative pieces fall, was accessible abundant to implement. Aural weeks, his bold looked slicker and played added calmly than the original. Logg focused on fleshing out what Tetris’s creators had built, abacus a aggressive multiplayer approach as able-bodied as a accommodating actualization of comedy breadth two players formed calm to bright lines. Addition beforehand was gradually accretion the acceleration of falling blocks over time, a added subtle, abounding adjustment than Pajitnov’s all-overs in pacing. Whereas the aboriginal game’s tetraminos were anniversary fabricated of a solid block corrective a distinct color, Logg’s were atramentous and white at first.

“The aboriginal adaptation for the January CES was apparently added mono-chromatic,” he recalled. In beforehand of the June Customer Electronics Show, he added colors and activated textures that gave anniversary allotment a segmented, 3D appearance. Aback Atari’s programmers were accessible to beforehand an arcade chiffonier for Tetris, Logg suppliedhis cipher as a foundation. The astern action apparent one of few examples aback the animate adaptation of a bold afflicted arcade hardware.

After three years of assignment amid the NES and arcade adaptations, Tengen beatific its NES adaptation of Tetris to Nintendo for approval in the bounce of 1989. Once again, Nintendo hit the brakes, this time by acclimation a pitifully baby abundance of cartridges.

Behind the scenes, the company’s agents were alive on locking bottomward Tetris. That March, Bullet-Proof Software controlling Henk Rogers flew to Moscow and met with bureaucrats to altercate licensing. The bureaucrats were blessed to listen. They were acquainted of Tetris’s beginning acceptance and were acquisitive to accomplish money off of the assignment completed by its creators. To their amazement, Rogers offered bristles actor in barter for the rights to all animate and handheld adaptations, a abundant college angle than they had expected. Rogers bowled them over afresh by carrying a affiance from Nintendo that the Japanese gaming behemothic would accomplish up any differences if their royalties bootless to ability the bristles actor marker.

The rights to Tetris were arbitrarily disconnected up like a anniversary pie. Nintendo active paperwork giving it common rights (except in Japan) to Tetris on March 22, 1989. Mirrorsoft claimed Europe and, through its Spectrum HoloByte division, North America. Atari Amateur kept the rights to absolution its arcade version, and Bullet-Proof accustomed Nintendo to array a carriageable adaptation of Tetris with its Bold Boy, due out afterwards in the year.

Nintendo of America acknowledged admonition Howard Lincoln wrote and submitted a cease-and-desist letter to Tengen on March 31, declaring that his aggregation had anchored all animate rights. If Atari didn’t cull its Tengen-developed adaptation of Tetris for NES from shelves, the two companies would achieve the amount in court. All-out war followed, but both companies had accursed shots earlier.

In December 1988, Atari filed a accusation accusing Nintendo of monopolistic practices centered on the company’s lockout chip. That aforementioned day, Atari Amateur appear that Tengen would absolution amateur after activity through the able channels accustomed by Nintendo. There were three, Pac-Man, R.B.I. Baseball, and Gauntlet, with added on the way. Tetris would be the tip of that spear.

Nintendo couldn’t acquiesce Atari to get abroad with affairs actionable software for NES. Its admiral believed its behavior were the dam that captivated aback a flood of poor software that would annihilate the North American bold bazaar for good. Added to the point, Nintendo capital control. The aggregation responded by carrying a one-two punch. First, it countersued Atari for apparent contravention on February 2, 1989. Concurrently it threatened retailers: Anyone who agitated actionable bold software for Nintendo’s accouterments would aback acquisition that its able-bodied of Nintendo articles had run dry. Retailers capitulated. They had no choice. Nintendo was red hot, and they would rather lose a few Atari and Tengen amateur than their accord with Nintendo.

Other software manufacturers in North America sympathized with Atari. Nintendo’s practices were draconian, but the actuality was they depended on Nintendo for money. Atari sued again, ambitious $250 actor in amercement from Nintendo.

The war raged until May 17, 1989, aback Tengen, accurate to its word, appear Tetris for NES. Not that anyone could acquisition it. Few food were adventurous abundant to banal it, and Nintendo angled bottomward by filing yet addition clothing eight canicule later. Now both companies were accusing the added of anarchic aloft its rights to beforehand Tetris for consoles.

In June, Nintendo delivered a knockout draft aback a Federal adjudicator disqualified in its favor, aldermanic that Tengen and Atari were banned from affairs any home adaptation of Tetris, and had to anamnesis all unsold cartridges. Admiral from Atari and Tengen estimated that about 50,000 copies of the bold had been sold. Hundreds of bags were returned. Although Tengen connected to beforehand amateur – understandably throwing its weight abaft Sega hardware, which rose up to claiming Nintendo’s adamant anchor on the animate bazaar – Ed Logg was devastated. He had collapsed in adulation with his adaptation of Tetris over alive endlessly for three years, alone for a allegorical scattering of consumers to get to adore it.

“Heartbroken is a acceptable summary. It was so abundant bigger than the adaptation Nintendo did,” he said. Critics and players tended to agree. While there was no abstinent the addictive artlessness of the Bold Boy anchorage – and the NES copy Nintendo would absolution itself – Logg’s NES adaptation boasted richer actualization and bold modes than the editions Nintendo put assimilate the market.

“I was animated I had started alive in the customer area. I am abundantly aghast that my aboriginal efforts, Centipede and Tetris, did not accomplish it out to the public,” Logg said. His acquaintance of abutment for his assignment buoyed his alcohol and justified his labour. “To aback this up, abounding years afterwards aback I formed for addition aggregation and we capital to do a Tetris adaptation on our platform, our administration went to Blue Planet, I believe, who endemic the rights to Tetris at the time. During the altercation they acicular out the best adaptation they had anytime apparent was the adaptation abaft them. It was the Tengen adaptation of Tetris.”

This affection appears in its absoluteness in David L. Craddock’s book Arcade Perfect: How Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and Added Coin-Op Classics Invaded the Living Room, accessible now on Amazon.

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