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AppleInsider recaps what was arise during Tuesday’s “Time Flies” Apple event, and offers acumen into what we anticipate are the best absorbing things about it, and best black releases — added what we achievement to see from Apple in the future.

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On Tuesday, Apple captivated its “Time Flies” event, a alien appearance that gave Apple fans, tech-junkies, and columnist akin a attending at the newest offerings from Apple. While the “iPhone 12” wasn’t included, it delivered affluence of alive hardware, new services, and a glimps of what is to arise in the future. Here’s a quick epitomize of aggregate that Apple arise at Tuesday’s event.

Apple Watch Alternation 6

The Apple Watch Alternation 6 now appearance claret oxygen assimilation monitoring, a congenital altimeter, and bigger array activity to accumulate up with the best alive wearers. An bigger always-on affectation is up to 2.5 times brighter than the one included in the Apple Watch Alternation 5.

A new S6 chipset is 20% faster than the antecedent generation, and a U1 dent and Ultra Wideband advance affiliation with approaching Nearby Experiences.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is a feature-packed entry-level wearable

Apple has alien a new, budget-minded Apple Watch in the aforementioned attitude as the iPhone SE — the Apple Watch SE.

While it lacks the claret oxygen detection, ECG, and always-on affectation of the higher-end model, it does allotment abounding of the aforementioned health-tracking features.

The Apple Watch SE comes able with affection bulk monitoring, abatement detection, babble monitoring, and beddy-bye tracking options. For alive users, Apple fabricated abiding that the Apple Watch SE is swim-proof and has a congenital altimeter that shows changes in acclivity as little as a distinct foot.

iPad Air (Fourth Generation)

The refreshed, fourth-generation iPad Air

Apple’s iPad Air got a brace as well, now accessible in two new colors — blooming and sky dejected — alongside the accepted leash to amplitude gray, silver, and rose gold.

Beyond corrective changes, the fourth-generation iPad Air acquired some absorbing accouterments upgrades, too. It now appearance Apple’s A14 Bionic SoC, an upgraded 12-megapixel rear camera, and a USB-C anchorage instead of a Lightning port.

It additionally boasts a new 10.9-inch edge-to-edge Aqueous Retina affectation and a lock button that appearance a anew advised Touch ID.

Also new to iPad Air is abutment for the second-generation Apple Pencil and Apple’s 11-inch Magic Keyboard.

iPad (Eighth Generation)

The eighth bearing iPad

Apple’s entry-level iPad additionally got a refresh, admitting somewhat beneath notable than that of the new iPad Air. It still appearance the aforementioned 10.2-inch awning of the bearing before, with the aforementioned awning resolution, awning brightness, and abutment for the first-generation Apple Pencil.

Like the seventh-generation iPad, the new 10.2-inch iPad still uses Touch ID, appearance the aforementioned 8-megapixel rear camera, and gets 10 hours of array life.

The best notable change is the advancement to the A12 Bionic processor, which appearance the Neural Engine. This provides a cogent achievement accession over the antecedent two ancestors of entry-level iPads, which acclimated the A10 Fusion processor.

Apple One

Also arise was the absolution of Apple One, a array of some of Apple’s best accepted Apple services, including Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV, amid others.

Apple One launched with three tiers: Individual, Family, and Premier.

The “family” plan includes Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Arcade, with 200GB of iCloud storage, and the adeptness to allotment amid up to six ancestors members, for $19.95 a month.

The “Premiere” amalgamation will action those added Apple Account and the new Apple Fettle for $29.95 a month, and can additionally be aggregate with up to six ancestors members.


Fitness helps accumulate Apple Watch wearers active

For users who accept an Apple Watch Alternation 3 or newer, Fettle allows wearers to accomplish guided fettle routines. Displaying a conditioning on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, the app will adviser the user’s movement via sensors on the Apple Watch.

The account appearance best trainers who awning a advanced swath of conditioning types, including HIIT, Yoga, and Strength Training, and will be adapted weekly.

Data from the Apple Watch will arise on the awning as an overlay, so users can accumulate clue of their advance afterwards defective to attending at the Apple Watch. This will accommodate notifications for extensive fettle goals on their rings.

Fitness is priced at $9.99 per month, or $79.99 per year, with a 30-day chargeless balloon for anyone to try. Those who buy a new Apple Watch Alternation 3 or later, starting on September 15, 2020, get three months of Fettle for free. It can be aggregate with bristles added bodies in a Ancestors accumulation at no added cost.

Ancestors Setup

Family Setup offers a new distraction-free watch face for children

Apple has additionally arise that all cellular Apple Watch Alternation 4 and afterwards can now be beat by accouchement and managed by their parents.

The affection is alleged “Family Setup” and is advised to action accouchement — or any ancestors affiliate who may not own a cellphone — to use Apple Watch. This allows the wearer to accomplish audio FaceTime calls, text, use the calendar, and more.

New Watch Bands

The Apple Watch Abandoned Bend is fabricated of a distinct piece, adaptable silicone band

Apple additionally arise a few new Apple Watch bands, including jumpsuit stretchable bands. The Abandoned Bend is a adjustable bandage crafted from custom aqueous silicone, while the Braided Abandoned Bend is fabricated from recycled yarn abstruse with silicone threads.

AppleInsider’s Best and Worst of the September Accident

AppleInsider covered Apple’s “Time Flies” accident on Tuesday, and as expected, anniversary agents affiliate was afflicted — and maybe alike let bottomward — by article different. Here’s what we anticipation of Apple’s new offerings.

Mike Wuerthele

In the aftermost 20-plus years that I’ve covered Apple both public-facing and privately, I’ve abounding some presentations but added generally covered added from this armchair while added bodies waded through the crowd. This is now Apple’s additional alien briefing, and I achievement that they do it this way for the blow of time.

I’m not a full-time Apple Watch user. My primary accent is my Mac, and the Apple Watch is one footfall too far bottomward the band of devices. I accept why bodies affirm by it 24/7, and aggregate Apple arise on Tuesday will aloof enhance that. The Apple Watch Alternation 6 isn’t advocate on a year-over-year basis, but it doesn’t charge to be — about every absolution from any tech aggregation is best looked at a two-year lens.

The Apple Watch SE neatly solves the X=X-1 business botheration inherent to affairs an earlier Apple Watch with a lower alternation number. But, I was acquisitive for that artificial Apple Watch for a few altered claimed reasons.

Continuing to attending through that two-year lens, there are a lot of changes in both iPads apparent yesterday. The iPad Air redesign is a adviser of what will eventually assignment its way bottomward to the iPad line, with some aspects like Touch ID in the adeptness button conceivably trickling up to the iPad Pro. Both are abundant to get new buyers, but maybe the ones who bought a year ago should wait. We’ll see.

Regarding the every-event complaints that Apple’s simple artefact cast isn’t, booty a minute to attending at competitors and accede the company’s differences aback that 2×2 and afresh 2×3 cast was arise about 15 years ago. Apple is now confined added than an adjustment of consequence added association than it was afresh in aloof the iPhone alone, spanning a beyond ambit of needs and interests for adaptable devices.

We’re still abandoned attractive at bristles altered iPads, differentiated in admeasurement and performance. There are still abandoned two Apple Watch models and two sizes of each, and (today) how abounding Mac models there are depends on how you appetite to breach it up by size. It’s not adamantine to bulk out.

Anyway, the Apple One array will save me a accumulation of money per month. Admittedly, your breadth may vary. The Ancestors Setup on the Apple Watch hints to a beyond affairs bottomward the way, spanning added devices, but we’ll see how that goes.

Overall, for a no-iPhone September event, it brought a lot to the table. And, we’re not done for the year yet, with that “iPhone 12” and Apple Silicon cat-and-mouse in the wings.

Mikey Campbell

I actually admired the iPad Air. Its Apple’s aboriginal accent to use the new A14 chip, and will accompany massive achievement to the line. The new iPad Pro architecture and colors are slick, it has fast connectivity, and is (relatively) affordable, so what’s not to like? I’m still a fan of Face ID, but I apperceive added than a few mask-wearing association in the medical acreage who are activity to adulation a assertive book with fingerprint authentication.

I was beneath addicted of the Apple Watch Alternation 6. It is a abundantly accepted update. I was acquisitive for a few added appearance to get added to the line, but claret oxygen analysis and the U1 dent will accept to do.

Amber Neely

I was not assured to go into the “Time Flies” accident and wind up accepting aflame about the iPad Air, but Apple actually afflicted my apperception there. I’ve endemic a brace of iPads in the past, including a first-generation iPad Pro, and I accept admired them. The iPad Pro anguish up replacing my Wacom Intuos book entirely, works abundant as a adaptable workstation, and is generally the abandoned allotment of tech I bother demography aback traveling.

However, the accent is accepting a bit continued in the tooth. It doesn’t accept the array activity that it acclimated to, and I’ve badly capital to use the second-generation Apple Pencil. I had planned on eventually advance to a new iPad Pro, but afresh Apple debuted the new iPad Air.

The 10.9-inch book is absolute for accession who brand to backpack as little as accessible aback branch out the door. Its adeptness to assignment with both the Magic Keyboard and the second-generation Apple Pencil are big plusses in my book. Not to mention, they’re actually afterwards my affection with that sky dejected model.

I wasn’t afflicted by everything, though. I was appealing aghast aback Apple arise the Apple Watch SE and it didn’t arise in plastic.

I had congenital up a lot of achievement for a artificial Apple Watch that came in all the fun colors of an iPhone 5c and started at a lower bulk point. I’ve been attractive for a acceptable acumen to buy an upgraded Apple Watch, and accepting a apricot blush or ablaze brilliant chicken accent would accept beatific me over the moon.

Instead, the Apple Watch SE launched — abundant added big-ticket than the Apple Watch Alternation 3, aforementioned aluminum case, and no fun colors. My disappointment was palpable.

William Gallagher

I’m actually affairs the Apple One array aback it’s available. For the casework that I use appropriate now — Apple Music ancestors sharing, 2TB iCloud storage, and Apple New — it represents a extenuative of about 6 GBP for me. I’ve no absorption in Apple Arcade, but the array will save me accepting to adjudge about Apple TV , and it adeptness get me fitter.

It’s not generally that Apple sells annihilation on its cost, but alongside the accumulation with Apple One, there was yet accession assurance of the aggregation attractive to affordability. It’s ahead arise the iPhone SE which is about an iPhone 11 for $300 less.

Now there’s the Apple Watch SE, which isn’t actually the aforementioned as the new Apple Watch Alternation 6, but is based on abundant the aforementioned technology for $120 less. And while the new iPad Air is added big-ticket than the new iPad, it’s $200 beneath than the contrarily actual agnate 11-inch iPad Pro.

Apple is never activity to call its accessories as “low cost,” and actually never as “cheap,” but it is application “affordable” abundant more. And in this time aback so abounding bodies are accident their jobs, that seems like a amenable affair to do.

Malcolm Owen

For best bodies watching the event, the bigger allotment of account to arise out of it was the Apple Watch SE. As a new entry-level wearable device, it gives users an advantage that doesn’t beggarly affairs the Apple Watch Alternation 3, which is actually bluntly starting to age a bit.

Sure, it doesn’t accept the blatant $.25 that the full-price Alternation 6 has like the claret oxygen sensor or ECG functionality. What it does accept are all the important $.25 that anyone expects from a smartwatch, and that’s what matters.

The new iPad Air may assume like some to be a low-budget iPad Pro, and to a point they’re right. You’re accepting the administration and the achievement of an upper-tier iPad model, but afterwards the account like the apostle arrangement and bigger cameras. Some bodies may charge that performance, but not all that entails with the Pro tablets.

The eighth-generation iPad is, well, a abate upgrade, as it is a fair bit faster than the 2019 model, but retains the all-inclusive majority of the blow of the blueprint sheet.

The absolute champ actuality is apparently anyone who tunes into the Apple event. Apple has acclimated what it abstruse from WWDC with its prerecorded accident to actualize a glossy and information-dense presentation that isn’t slowed bottomward by admirers acclaim and any alive issues.

Here’s acquisitive that it continues for the “iPhone 12” launch.

Mike Peterson

The new Apple Watch Alternation 6 was a highlight with its focus on health, and the quiet accession of the U1 dent will acceptable about-face out to be absorbing with “AirTags” over the horizon. While the iPad updates were incremental in nature, the lower-cost iPad does badly charge a architecture refresh.

Although Apple Fettle wasn’t groundbreaking by any means, it seems like it could augur able-bodied for Apple’s all-embracing casework ambition — decidedly aback the aggregation is so focused on health. The Apple One bundles could additionally be adorable for any hardcore Apple casework user.

Victor Marks

The best two things that Apple arise bygone were Fettle and AppleOne. These two abandoned are activity to accomplish me buy a new Apple Watch. In the past, Apple had formed on authoritative fettle accessories acquaint with iOS, but it appropriate appropriate equipment. There was article baby like one gym in NYC and one in London. Now, every allotment of accessories can assignment with Fettle . That’s a big accord for me.

But yet, and still, there is no Apple Watch faces SDK. Apple still doesn’t appetite to let developers booty ascendancy of the capital interface, but they accept this new Art Face? If Apple’s activity to accompany up abundant new watch faces again, it needs to be aback they let us accept the adeptness to accomplish them.

Stephen Robles

After the pre-produced appearance Keynote at WWDC and now the “Time Flies” event, I’ve arise to acknowledge Apple’s assembly affection and the clip of these new events. At abandoned 60 minutes, Apple was able to backpack a cogent bulk of advice and artefact announcements in a abbreviate time.

I’ve been agitation the Apple Watch Alternation 3 for a while so I jumped on the new Alternation 6. My antecedent watches accept been stainless steel, but this time I went with the 44mm Titanium archetypal and the new alloyed abandoned loop. The abandoned loops attending abundant and I’m analytical about the fit afterwards application Apple’s printable allocation tool.

One of the affection announcements I was best aflame about was the new Ancestors Setup on Apple Watch. Accepting my kids an Apple Watch for advice and area notifications afterwards accepting to buy a abstracted iPhone is a abundant option, abnormally because the new cheaper SE model.

While the new iPad and iPad Air aren’t appetizing yet as I’m cat-and-mouse for the abutting iPad Pro refresh, I’ll actually jump on the Apple One “Premium” casework bundle. Because the casework I already pay for it will save some money and accord me admission to the Fettle account aback it launches.

Wes Hilliard

The iPad Air was the bright standout accent at this event. The new design, colors, USB-C port, and Touch ID adjustment accomplish this an amazing accent for best users. Bodies accept been quick to say this overshadows the iPad Pro too much, but I don’t anticipate so. I plan to buy an iPad Air to use alongside my 12.9-inch iPad Pro, replacing the iPad mini.

The iPad Pro still shines as my primary computer with 1TB centralized storage, 120Hz brace rate, and 10GB/s abstracts alteration speeds over USB-C. Apple’s advance for AR agency that LiDAR will be added important and my iPad Pro still differentiates itself with that sensor. The iPad Air looks like its the absolute admeasurement and bulk to act as my accessory book and will be a abundant daytime accustomed accompaniment vs the iPad mini’s anachronous architecture and specs.

The Apple Watch Alternation 6 was accession accepted upgrade, admitting I’ve already placed my order. The claret oxygen sensor is nice, but the appearance that will actually account me is the brighter always-on affectation and UWB. Apple CarKey is advancing and I will actually accept the aboriginal aftermarket agitation arrangement that supports it installed in my car, and accepting the U-1 dent agency unlocking my car with my watch.

Apple One is an accessible win for me, as I already subscribe to about every Apple service. The accumulation provided by the Premier cable will be acceptable to my budget.

The accident was abandoned an hour-long, but a lot was arranged in. I accept it showed us a lot about what Apple is planning for its approaching articles and I’m aflame to see what the “iPhone 12” and Apple Silicon focused contest will accompany to the table.

Will Shanklin

I adulation that iPads are all the acerbity again. Of course, I don’t adulation that it’s partially because of a baleful virus banishment bodies to assignment remotely, but I consistently accepted Apple’s old “post-PC world” vision. It’s been alluring watching it disentangle over the aftermost ten years. Magic Keyboard abutment for the not-quite-pro iPad Air 4 is accession footfall in that direction. iPadOS 14 is a complete belvedere you can do absolute assignment on, and the accessory’s keyboard and trackpad can about-face the $599 iPad Air 4 into a accepted MacBook backup for abounding people.

I ambition the entry-level iPad had an anti-reflective blanket on its screen. I get that it’s a $329 product, and I’m apparently allurement too abundant from a account device. But that’s the one detail of the entry-level archetypal that’s adamantine for me to go aback to. I accept Apple has accomplished me able-bodied to “need” alike the added attenuate upgrades in the higher-end models.

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