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The 100 division 7 continues to aces up drive with “Nakara,” a scary, dark, yet decidedly fun episode. Actuality is our review.

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The 100 division 7, adventitious 6 “Nakara” is absolutely delightful. From the aperture montage of Diyoza bossing her way through capture, ache and escape (she didn’t die! I adulation actuality wrong!), to Clarke and Raven’s Moby Dickian adventure, and to that acutely acceptable ability about-face in Sanctum, it was all ballsy and fast-paced and final-season-worthy.

New biographer Erica Meredith brings what I would alarm a all-important un-The 100-like activity to the adventitious – lightness, affecting irony and a little bit of cheese – and administrator P.J. Pesce smartly avoids absolution the adventitious run at a adamant clip by giving the affecting moments the amplitude and gravitas they deserve.

Not aback “Demons” has The 100 managed to use abhorrence brand elements to comedy up its ball with such success; maybe it’s the focus on key relationships, or the bonds of accurately accessible characters in a baby space, or maybe it’s aloof the allegation to accepting the best out of every moment. Nothing feels like filler.

And whomever’s abstraction it was to acquire Diyoza’s ability montage set to the iconic “Evil” by Interpol, well, Oso laik wonkru.

Let’s dive into the whale…I beggarly the maze…I mean,

Let’s see, what pop ability affinity should I cull out of my hat to contextualize my altercation of this allotment of the episode?

A Moby Dick reference? Tired.

An busy Minotaur’s Coil dissection? Wired…

A about-face Conflicting in which the bodies access through the abdomen of the alien?? Yep, I’m activity with that one.

Clarke, Raven, Jordan, Niylah and Miller – the immortals, if you will – access on Nakara and, afterwards shouting their friends’ names into the all-inclusive icy wilderness one (1) time, actuate with 100% authoritativeness that their princesses are in addition castle.

(This is so silly. It’s a WHOLE PLANET! Bellamy could be three canicule airing in either direction, or over the abutting hill, asleep! Plus, what if it was like on Bardo and bodies lived underground?? They could acquire so calmly absent them!)

Luckily, Raven’s helmet has a accessible Anomaly bean locator, and they clue it into a cave… that turns out to be the aperture of a giant, active conflicting creature. That has behemothic active conflicting spiders ample about in its guts. I’m with Miller, this planet sucks.

But it’s a complete air-conditioned way to acquaint some complete aliens afterwards the appearance accepting to absorb a lot of time talking about it, and not accepting to absorb a lot of its account on crafting/animating agrarian and absurd creatures (though for the record, in the prequel, I apprehend a WETA-workshop akin of adherence and behind-the-scenes featurettes to architecture out this world. No pressure).

Instead, it’s aloof hallways with slime, addition cast of the Ark/Mount Weather/Arkadia/bunker/Bardo template. And metaphorically, aren’t they all bellies of assorted beasts? And aren’t our heroes consistently active through them, attractive for a aperture through which to be expelled?

Will you anytime attending at this arena the aforementioned way again?


Our heroes get to jerk through a coil with walls that move and accomplish their way to the Portkey at the center, which will them beeline to the story’s villain (there are no aboriginal ideas, I’m sorry).

And forth the way, we get that all-important moment amid Clarke and Raven that acquire been bristles seasons in the making. Finally, they get their locked-in-a-closet-forced-to-confront-their-feelings arena we’ve been absent about (okay no, but as abutting as we’re anytime gonna get), the life-and-death affairs and Raven’s contempo besom with her censor bidding an compassionate an affinity that puts these two heroic, angry leaders on the aforementioned level.

It’s a hell of a lot of burden to put on a distinct scene, and I still advance that the appearance could and should acquire let Clarke and Raven assignment out their issues a lot eventually than this. We were beggared of at atomic two abounding seasons of Princess Mechanic ability brace aggregation excellence, and that will never stop aggravation me.

Having said that, the arena does an accomplished job framing the battle amid Clarke and Raven about their corresponding states of mind. It is about a added mature, nuanced adaptation of Clarke and Abby’s “maybe there are no acceptable guys” arena in division 2 that accurately reflects what they’ve been through aback and how their adventures acquire shaped their corresponding worldviews.

Raven accepting to ascertain Clarke as “humming forth like a finely-tuned engine” and Clarke alms Raven a anatomy of absolution — by abnegation to acquire a point of no return, for her own or for Raven’s body — allows them to coffin the hatchet, in a way that seems neither approved nor out of character.

Their chat ceremoniousness the complicated blend of love, respect, and (at atomic in Raven’s case) judgement they feel for anniversary added and themselves. They don’t appear out of it in complete agreement, but they do accretion a new compassionate for the other’s point of view, which (in my opinion) is better.

In the scene, Raven admits that she could acquire gone in to do the adjustment job herself, which I absolutely did admiration about (I aloof affected the acknowledgment would acquire been a action ‘well she wouldn’t acquire survived continued abundant to accomplishment the job’). It’s abundant that she brought it up, and it absolutely makes her affliction and answerability added barefaced in context.

The way we’ve consistently had Clarke’s “I had no choice” moments affected was that yes, she would cede others to save bodies she cared about most, but she would consistently cede herself first. And the few times she didn’t – aback she and Lexa able TonDC afore the bomb fell, and aback she about activated Nightblood on Emori rather than herself – the anecdotal advised her complete agonizingly for it.

As one of the bodies who’ve advised Clarke best agonizingly for ‘selfish’ choices, Raven recognizes the arrogance (in her own opinion) of her own choice, and credibility to her own disability to self-sacrifice* as the specific affair that burst her soul. Clarke, who has been up and bottomward the answerability block abounding times, has already fabricated accord with her choices, and she can extend that aforementioned accord to Raven now.

(*Yes, we are acutely actuality asked to balloon that time in division 5 aback Raven did affliction by blockage abaft on the Eligius abode to annihilate the prisoners, with no agency of escape. But it could be a lot worse.)

Through Raven, we get some acumen into Clarke’s appearing calm acceptance in herself and her bodies and that the mission will continue, which is absolutely the antecedent of Clarke’s strength: the backbone and candor that she holds onto, alike as the apple absolutely avalanche afar about her. You booty a breath, afresh another. (You about-face the page.)

Miller, Niylah and Jordan save the day (I’m afraid and blessed about an befalling to abode that sentence), as Clarke knew they would, and admitting the helmet’s scratched-up state, Raven manages to affairs the Anomaly Bean and accelerate them alee to their abutting planet… but not afore a little on-the-nose moment area Miller and Niylah analyze the folded-up archetype attribute as actuality Additional Dawn’s.

It’s confirmation, if we bare it, that the accustomed Bardo citizenry originally came from Earth through its Anomaly Stone, and that they are associates of the aforementioned band that survived in the Polis alembic and (presumably) founded the Grounders.

The adventitious ends afore we see area our Badventure Squad ends up, but aback the promo reveals Clarke on Bardo, let’s accept that’s area they go.

…Which is lucky, aback Aggregation Penance is aback in allegation of a new extraction!

I apperceive I already accustomed it, but I acquire to aloof accord addition annular of acclaim for that Diyoza aperture montage. What an complete barbarian she is (or is Achievement the beast? I’m absent in this metaphor).

I candidly don’t apperceive if I adulation how the appearance has alleged to use and advance Diyoza or Indra more, all I apperceive is that I adulation that I don’t acquire to choose.

The Bardoans try everything, but Diyoza artlessly doesn’t breach – she bides (or bites!) her time and pulls off a grim, abominable escape plan that had me animated from ear to ear. Rarely does this appearance contentment me so. Rarely does it use its own brand black to do so. But it works, because it’s Diyoza.

She runs into some guards and throws her knife into what luckily turns out to be a knife-proof mask, aback Achievement is the bouncer who wears it.

The alliance is shocking, the fun heist-vibe instantly replaced by a admirable ancestors alliance – not aloof with Achievement and Diyoza but with Octavia.

I anticipate it’s adequately apparent that this trio’s time jump was the best (only) able use of that device, aback it was acclimated to assuredly about-face appearance priorities and dynamics. Because in this moment, Octavia’s accident of Bellamy is balmed by the actuality that she still has a family, and that this ancestors shares her pain.

Octavia’s pain, which in any division antecedent would acquire ashore the world, is acutely assorted by Echo’s. Her affliction is raw and beginning and all-consuming.

Despite accepting had the exact aforementioned acquaintance on Penance (even with one of the aforementioned people), Echo doesn’t acquire a new ancestors to allay her pain. She doesn’t alike acquire her old one. She has no ballast — and clashing Octavia (and maybe Clarke), she hasn’t done abundant soul-searchy healing to be her own ballast — and so she defaults to acrimony and dark violence.

Incidentally, it’s a lot like how we saw Bellamy acknowledge to accident Clarke aftermost season, except Bellamy has baffled a abstemiousness and an compassionate of the big account that acutely still eludes Echo.

Bellamy’s change is absolutely complete underrated (at atomic aural the appearance itself): over the accomplished six seasons we’ve apparent him boring and steadily advance from a egocentric my-people kid, his big axis point advancing in division 3 aback he gave into dark vengeance, afterwards which he rose from the ashes to become a astute — but not common or blank — leader.

When it came to his abutting test, faced with a complete agnate claimed tragedy – the actuality he admired best (according to the story) actuality asleep deliberately, for addition people’s egocentric accretion – he acquainted all the aforementioned acerbity and affliction as he did three seasons earlier, but he had developed abundant as a actuality not to act on it in the aforementioned destructive, astigmatic way.

Bellamy has appear a continued way. Echo has too, and yet the adventitious hasn’t accustomed her the aforementioned amplitude to grow, or to try her duke at big-picture leadership. Abundant like Indra, she has kept herself a adhesive and adherent herself absolutely to a people/cause; clashing Indra, she hasn’t yet stepped into ample a ability exhaustion and prove herself able of alarming accord and absolute change.

And while I do anticipate Echo can acquire the aforementioned arc trajectory, maybe it’s her (thankless) lot on the appearance that she won’t. Not all phoenixes acceleration from the ashes, afterwards all, but on The 100 (for all its affectedness of nihilism), about all the capital characters ultimately change and advance for the better.

We haven’t had addition able beneath burden for a while, and it would be applicable that Echo’s adventitious is ultimately a adverse one, aback we’ve apparent her afresh try and abort to breach her follow-the-leader conditioning aback we met her. I appetite to see her breach it. But it would be a backbone of the autograph if they absolutely backward accurate to the amount of who she was, and acclimated her to appearance that some bodies don’t fundamentally change, behindhand of circumstance. (Diyoza is a abundant archetype of this too, but Diyoza knows and accepts herself in a way I’d altercate Echo doesn’t.)

Unlike a lot of fans, I wouldn’t say Echo has gone abounding Finn Collins, mainly because killing was already a key allotment of who she was afore she began accomplishing it to abate her pain. I additionally don’t anticipate she’s headed for the aforementioned fate as Finn, but she bigger be headed for some array of reckoning.

But I accept we won’t apperceive what Echo’s adventitious is absolutely about until she reunites with Bellamy and we see how they abode her accomplishments during her adventitious to save him. There is still the achievability that this is all aloof about assuming the admirers how abundant she loves him. But I achievement not. There is a lot added dash to Echo and her accomplishments than that.

On their abundant escape, they miraculously run into janitor-Levitt (did anyone abroad anticipate he was a hologram/projection of Octavia’s burst brain?? He was a attendant like Bellamy and basically beatific them to die on the surface! It was so weird!).

He and Octavia allotment a candied OTP-worthy moment during which he asks her to bite him again, and hey, you do you, Levitt. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Levitavia continues to rise, and I adulation it. They begin anniversary added in a — uh, nevermind.

Levitt tells them to abstain the bean allowance because it’s too heavily guarded, and instead arch for the surface, area they’ll ‘survive longer.’ This strikes me as a absolutely awe-inspiring idea, aback absolutely the abbreviate achievability of angry their way to the bean is bigger than the aught achievability of annihilation but apathetic asphyxiation (or whatever) on the surface?? But okay.

On their way, they appointment a candied old man with some flowers, whom Echo promptly stabs in the neck. And that seems to be the breaking point for Gabriel.

Finally we get a adjustment to his growing ache with Echo (and Hope)’s adventuresome apathy for animal activity and appearing complete abridgement of mercy. He would rather let them all get captured than go to their assertive (?) death, and sets his Stormtrooper gun for stun.

Echo accuses Gabriel of aloof actuality forth for the ride because he wants answers to the questions he’s been allurement for the accomplished 150 years. And while I don’t anticipate Gabriel is that bare of adherence — on some level, he does affliction for Achievement and Echo — I don’t anticipate she’s absolutely wrong, either.

Gabriel isn’t a apparent ‘good guy’ who latches on to the aboriginal and the best accumulation he happens to acquisition himself in the about of. He isn’t some absent they best up on Sanctum and brought on his aboriginal admirable adventure. Gabriel is the Prime who invented the activation system, sacrificing endless innocents to save Josephine; he has a lot of claret on his calmly and a audacious absence of a bodies to alarm his own (he hasn’t already bidding a admiration to get aback to the Accouchement of Gabriel or accurate apropos that they ability allegation him).

A five-year assignment on Penance allegation acquire seemed like a bead in the ocean to Gabriel; there is no absolute acumen for him to soul-bond with Achievement and Echo, and no acumen for us to anticipate he has any added adherence to them than Echo had to Orlando. (Though he ability acquire added honor, becoming from experience.)

Right now, the abandoned ambition we apperceive Gabriel has is to amount out the Anomaly mystery. We additionally apperceive he carries Josephine’s apperception drive with him. At best, he’s activity to be a aloof affair whose abandoned drive is ability for knowledge’s sake, and a worst, he’s acquisitive he can bargain with Bardo for a adventitious to balance the absent abstracts on that apperception drive.

For now, we leave him agape out with the others, re-captured already afresh by the Bardo soldiers, who now acquire added pieces of the Clarke Griffin addle to array through.

No breach to Hope, but she allegation be the affliction rescuer ever.

Last but absolutely not atomic is the Sanctum story, which takes a complete welcome, hasty about-face by swerving abroad from a echo Commander Madi achievement to instead let Indra assuredly appear into the ability she has added than earned.

(It’s funny, I feel like I’ve been shouting into the abandoned for years now that The 100 should aloof accomplish Indra the leader, but I didn’t anticipate they’d anytime absolutely do it!)

Indra was consistently a leader, her talents for command acid on the battlefield. Complete aboriginal on, she accustomed that her arch for action fabricated her accomplished at added than aloof battles. Indra has consistently been able to see things from added people’s credibility of appearance — an advantage acclimated to action adjoin them, and after to accessory with them. Over time, her aptitude has become to body bridges, not abort them.

More than any added character, Indra has transcended her my-peopleism — aboriginal by demography Octavia as her second, afresh by partnering with Kane, and after by alarming accord in the bunker.

(I’m not activity to alter my analysis into a alembic adventitious redux; I’ll aloof point out that Murphy and Emori’s answer that Indra led the people, not Octavia, is acutely inaccurate – and there’s still a chat to be had about how Indra, Kane and Abby all bootless Octavia by ambitious that she took abounding albatross for the adamantine choices that they fabricated her accomplish – but they said it themselves: they weren’t there. They abandoned apperceive what they’ve been told. This is a adventitious about how absoluteness is shaped by point of view; we should never booty a character’s chat as cold fact, and the adventitious fails aback it uses characters’ abstract memories to carbon history. But I don’t anticipate that was the ambition here.)

Much like Clarke in beforehand seasons, Indra has a acumen and a acute attendance that makes her a accustomed leader, and abundant like Clarke, she doesn’t acquire a claimed admiration for power. She can attending aloft herself to see what the bodies appetite and need, and her drive to booty ascendancy comes from a admiration to advice people, not herself, or alike aloof her people.

But clashing Clarke, Indra additionally has the acquaintance all-important to cross as complicated backroom as acquire acquired in Sanctum; clashing Clarke, Indra is complete abundant in the trenches with the bodies she tries to lead, not aloft or afar from them.

As continued as The 100 operates with free leaders, I anticipate Indra is aloof about the best advantage they’ve got.

As this adventitious makes clear, Indra isn’t perfect. Indra grew up in and perpetuated a baneful administration arrangement that affected accouchement to action to the death, with the champ accepting an AI built-in in their academician and affected to action wars on account of their clan.

She has developed and broadcast her angle in arresting agency over the advance of the series, but alike now, her go-to band-aid is still to acquisition a Nightblood adolescent and force the weight of the apple assimilate their shoulders.

Madi is, for the aboriginal time in her life, in a position area she gets to acquaintance that ambiguous affair alleged childhood. We see the attraction of ‘school’ from her perspective: a calm normalcy, a adventitious to accomplish accompany and comedy (children accidentally bonding cross-factions? They absolutely are the future. #playfootballnotwar).

Indra rips her abroad from that because the fate of the apple is at stake. Is she amiss to do so? I anticipate best of us would feel that way. But from her perspective, there are 2,000 bullets unaccounted for, and they could be acclimated to apple-pie out bisected of Sanctum at any moment. From Indra’s perspective, absolution Madi be a adolescent agency absolution Madi (and anybody else) die.

From Indra’s perspective, attention Madi’s adolescence at the amount of hundreds of lives is artlessly not a applicable option. (Especially because that adolescence ability abandoned aftermost bristles minutes.) She has, as the kids say, no choice.

After all, she sees no alternating baton who could ample the ability exhaustion and claiming Sheidheda. They acquire no added Nightbloods, and no added champions. She doesn’t for one second, accede herself an option. Which, as Emori credibility out, is absolutely why she is not aloof an option, but the best option.

In a absolutely acceptable twist, it is not Madi who ends up arch Wonkru; Madi reacts in a way that ceremoniousness the agony of her adventures so far — she is animal — and rightfully, it is larboard up to the adults to absorber her and to apple-pie up their own messes.

With Emori, Murphy and Jackson’s help, Indra already afresh manages to force herself to breach her constant conditioning, abundant like aback she best up a gun, or aback she accustomed a non-Nightblood leader. It would never acquire occurred to her to booty charge, but already she realizes it is the appropriate affair to do, she doesn’t hesitate.

Emori’s able words, “The actuality that you don’t appetite it… it’s why you should do it” are announced to a absolutely ballsy allotment of Tree Adams account that I absolutely achievement is alleged article like “Indra’s Ascent.” It’s a key moment for the show, not aloof for Indra’s appearance but for its over-arching adventitious of award the appropriate affectionate of bodies to accompany 18-carat change to the animal race.

No, Indra isn’t perfect, and she shouldn’t do it abandoned (no baton should), but she’s absolutely the abutting affair they’ve got to advance appropriate now. While it is about absolutely short-lived, this achievement for altruism feels becoming and account the journey.

One of the affidavit why Indra is Wonkru’s ideal baton is because she speaks their accent – she needs a affectation of concrete backbone to prove her capabilities to them. Luckily, “Knight” (wow, subtle) stands by accessible to assist; she beats him easily, and afresh sets him to work, like the bang-up she is.

No, it’s still not capitalism and yes, I’d like for Wonkru to absence to addition affectionate of leadership-selection than conclaves, but. Baby steps. Now we aloof acquire to achievement that Indra’s administration inspires a adherence to battling Sheidheda’s, aback he eventually makes himself known.

Of advance Madi isn’t out of the bold yet. Her memory-drawings allegation still appear into comedy somehow (she remembers the Anomaly Bean – does that beggarly accomplished Commanders saw it, alike if they didn’t necessarily go through it themselves?), but at atomic she doesn’t acquire to be Heda anymore.

I’m absolutely animated they autonomous for a altered adventitious for her this season, and assuredly accustomed the appearance to breach out of the Heda loop. The time for Commanders was over in division 5. At atomic now it’s official.

Meanwhile, Sheidheda manages to ensnare his aboriginal ally. Nelson, already afresh abandoned by Indra (a appropriate mistake, but she does acquire a lot of assurance to juggle), goes to get his justice, abandoned to be absorbed in with a artful accent about how amends and ability are the aforementioned because you can’t acquire amends afterwards power.

It’s an absorbing perspective, alveolate that old aphorism of history actuality accounting by the victors. Amends is not a aloof concept; as Raven says to Clarke, while they accomplish sacrifices for the bodies they love, the bodies they sacrificed had bodies they loved, too. Acceptable old Emerson in division 3 was accommodating to annihilate all of Clarke’s accompany to avenge Mount Weather. Was that not, from his perspective, justice? Yet to us, because he wasn’t in a position of power, it apprehend like vengeance.

Still, Sheidheda’s alternation assumes that amends allegation consistently be a biased thing. Appropriate now, Sanctum’s botheration isn’t who is in charge, it’s that they accept one person/faction has to be, and that appropriate and amiss allegation be advised by them alone. Nelson’s amends is as egocentric as Nikki’s vengeance, which makes them the same, and agency that they crave ability to get it.

But if anyone chock-full to accede what would be fair, to anybody — if affinity and compassionate others’ credibility of appearance was prioritized acquirements in that coveted academy of theirs, and not aloof article leaders had to feel and appoint on their apprenticed capacity — afresh aback ability wouldn’t be the chief agency in who got justice. (In a absolute world, anyway.)

But as continued as this appearance continues to characterize a PvP world, there can be no fairness, or empathy, or absolute justice. There can abandoned be a champ and a loser.

Sheidheda plays chess (just like Orlando! I will never let it go) and talks of bringing bottomward the Queen — which he considers to be Clarke. He offers to advise Nelson how to play, adorable him to his ancillary with words and amateur alone.

And as arresting as it is to watch Nelson be so calmly swayed, I’m bluntly absolutely afflicted by how absorbing these talking-for-progress scenes are to watch.

It’s not accessible to let adventitious progression articulation on characters’ abilities to argue anniversary added with half-truths and abandoned promises – at atomic not if it additionally has to be absorbing – and while I still anticipate The 100 did a bigger job of it in aboriginal seasons, division 7 is absolutely convalescent in this regard.

The ability dynamics in Sanctum are absolutely alive in absorbing agency now, with Wonkru currently affiliated abaft Indra; the Accouchement of Gabriel and Eligius potentially allying with Sheidheda, and the Prime followers an abrupt agrarian agenda already they apprehend their gods are dead. (Could the little bonding moment amid Murphy and Dad of the Anniversary be an adumbration that some of them ability ancillary with ‘our’ people?)

Will Wonkru angle abaft Indra already they acquisition out about Sheidheda? Ability the Eligius prisoners end up on ‘our’ side? And how does it all change already the Bardoans are befuddled into the mix? I acquire no idea, and for that acumen alone, I’m intrigued.

The 100 allotment abutting Wednesday at 8/7c with “The Queen’s Gambit.”

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