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A alterity address accounting by a Lubbock aborigine has addled a ambit with others, and now there’s a growing movement to appeal the burghal body up beforehand neighborhoods, not newer ones.

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The actuality that a accumulation of agreeing individuals can appear calm during a time aback bodies are socially distanced goes to appearance the ability of amusing media. The new Facebook accumulation alleged Lubbock Compact was started beforehand this week, and by Friday there were 1,400 members.

The associates are organized. They assume passionate, and best are new to bounded politics.

On Tuesday some abounding the Lubbock Burghal Lath affair to apostle for appulse fees on development alfresco Loop 289, which they altercate will advice stop money from actuality taken abroad from old neighborhoods to pay for basement in new subdivisions and developments.

Several weeks ago abounding associates abounding coffee with the mayor, and the affair accomplished a point of altercation not usually apparent at contest with bounded accessible officials.

Members of Lubbock Compact are administration email templates to accelerate to associates of the burghal council, administration talking credibility for aback they allege alfresco the group, and administration assorted analysis affidavit on accompanying topics.

The body of what they’re advocating for is the prioritization of absolute neighborhoods rather than new growth. They ask for Lubbocks’ activity makers to admit smart-growth strategies and refocus absorption on revitalization.

“The accelerated amplification of South and West Lubbock, abundant of it enabled by the basement investments into Milwaukee Avenue, accord the apparition of a burghal on the rise,” the address reads. “Instead, what has occurred over time is the pooling of assets and abundance into one concentrated breadth of Lubbock.”

If it doesn’t appear soon, the address argues, “Old Lubbock in 2040 will abide of gutted out neighborhoods, untouchable slumlords, and a bootless academy district.”

Nick Bergfeld is the columnist of the report, and the advance organizer. He’s a adolescent in bread-and-butter advance and association development at Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business

Bergfeld is a Lubbock native. He’s a alum of Lubbock High who got his undergraduate bulk at Texas Tech. He went on to acquire a adept of accessible activity from Harvard University and a medical doctorate from the Yale Academy of Medicine.

budget journal template
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Prior to abiding to Lubbock, he managed the development of the healthcare convenance for LeapFrog investments, the better specialized appulse advance close globally. That position took him to places about the world.

When he alternate to Lubbock, Bergfeld said he couldn’t acquire how abundant had afflicted in the decade he was gone. He said he came aback to acquisition Lubbock’s old neighborhoods breakable while new development in affection fields thriving. He’s been aback in Lubbock for about three years.

The absolute 47-page address is dense, and there’s a lot of information. It talks about the history of Lubbock’s disparities created by old racist laws and ordinances, and the abridgement of allotment that acquire gone into neighborhoods in North and East Lubbock.

In the paper, Bergfeld is analytical of a lot of things. He’s analytical of the development in North Overton, and how it collection bodies out of homes. He’s analytical of the abolition of Dunbar High School, the bank that is Interstate 27, and the abridgement of eyes for the Canyon Lakes in East Lubbock.

He’s analytical of the abridgement of freeholder oversight, the bulk of unpaved streets and how accessible busline doesn’t affix the absolute city.

He’s analytical of the automated zoning that has engulfed old neighborhoods in North and East Lubbock.

Bergfeld says the media has bootless to awning these issues, and he says these are aloof some of the issues causing the collapse of Old Lubbock.

One of Bergfeld’s capital credibility is that Lubbock has continued its bread-and-butter activity too attenuate by growing out. He writes that Lubbock needs to abstraction the absolute bulk of expansion, and what it’s accomplishing to absolute genitalia of the city.

This altercation is evocative of what Lubbock beautician Maurice Stanley has been adage for years, to anyone who will listen. Stanley ran for the Burghal Lath in 2014 beneath the bulletin “take affliction of what you have.” For years he’s been speaking to the lath during account hearings and accessible animadversion periods about how the burghal needs to accent advancement basement instead of architecture new.

“Lubbock should booty a altered approach,” Stanley said. “In lieu of body it to the south and west and they will come, maybe it should be fix it and they ability stay. We do not charge a beyond doughnut hole.”

Stanley said he hasn’t yet apprehend the report, but he’s on lath with what he’s heard. Stanley for years has been talking about burghal revitalization, and authoritative 34th and 50th Streets adorable places to do business. He says appropriate now bodies are actuality incentivised to abscond the affection of the city.

Stanley says this is a developer-driven town. He said farmers know, and the burghal needs to learn, that if you can’t booty affliction of one acre, you shouldn’t be affairs two.

Mayor Dan Pope said he’s apprehend Bergfeld’s address several times. He says there are some things he agrees with, but additionally things he disagrees with. Pope says he thinks about the absolute city, not aloof parts.

“I was adopted to represent all citizens of Lubbock, and all genitalia of Lubbock,” Pope said on Friday. “I’ve spent a lot of my activity in abating beforehand genitalia of our community, decidedly downtown, because I acquire they are adorable to adolescent people, and we charge adolescent bodies in Lubbock to allure businesses to actualize more, acceptable jobs.”

The lath is advancing appulse fees, and associates for several years acquire said new advance isn’t advantageous for itself.

Neighborhood awakening was a key advocacy to appear from Plan Lubbock 2040, forth with appulse fees. Pope says the adjacency planning accomplishment the burghal hopes to get underway abutting budgetary year will outline agency the burghal can advice abate beforehand neighborhoods.

He said the lath encourages bodies to advance central Loop 289, and hopes to see added mixed-use development activity in the future.

“I anticipate we are accomplishing things today,” Pope said. “I acquire the burghal government’s job is to actualize an ambiance area clandestine citizens appetite to invest, whether that’s affairs a home or affairs acreage to body homes. Our job is the infrastructure, it’s authoritative abiding the streets are good, it’s authoritative abiding the adjacency is safe and we’re advancement code.”

Bergfeld’s address calls for added than that. Throughout the address there’s a cardinal of activity changes, initiatives and smart-growth strategies Bergfeld makes the alarm for. He says these aren’t new agency of thinking, they’re aloof new to Lubbock.

Bergfeld calls for added mixed-use zoning in neighborhoods because schools, which were the architecture blocks for neighborhood, are actuality consolidated. He says there needs to be cogent investments in clay anchorage and breakable roads, and accurately argues the 34th Street artery needs to be burst to actualize walkable and blooming space.

Bergfeld says money from the city’s Gateway Fund shouldn’t aloof be acclimated for the architecture of new streets alfresco Loop 289.

The address calls for a freeholder anthology program, public-private partnerships leveraging burghal acreage and affordable apartment tax credits in East Lubbock, and more. The address has too abundant advice to outline in one account article.

His big arguments are for the burghal to no best addendum land, and to absolutely de-annex area possible. And he says architecture on Loop 88 needs to stop.

He says Loop 88 will be the end of Old Lubbock.

“The aisle of Lubbock is still changeable, but it requires a axiological alteration of Lubbock’s political arbor from appropriate interests to the interests of all Lubbock citizens and this needs to appear now,” Bergfeld says.

In acknowledgment to endlessly Loop 88 and Bergfeld’s altercation that the burghal needs payments and advantage for businesses to move their automated activities elsewhere, Pope said he disagrees.

Bergfeld met with A-J Media on Friday afternoon, and said this is aloof the alpha of what he hopes will actualize absolute change. He says he can’t acquire the bulk of absolute responses, and the cardinal of bodies adage they’re accommodating to help.

He said abounding bodies in Lubbock acquire been activity the aforementioned way. He said now, with anybody activity so afraid because of COVID-19, and because amusing amends is on everyone’s apperception because of the protests, bodies are accessible for action.

Bergfeld common that the address doesn’t lay out annihilation exceptional of or groundbreaking. He says he’s allurement for Lubbock’s activity makers to admit the abolition that’s been done, and to acquire the best practices added cities are doing.

Bergfeld said he never agreed with the adage “Lubbock or Leave It” because it implies Lubbock is afraid to change. He said beforehand movements for austere change lacked blockage power, and the acknowledgment so far makes him anticipate that won’t be the case for Lubbock Compact.

“It is not too backward to change the approaching of Old Lubbock,” Bergfeld writes. “The solutions are able-bodied aural the city’s agency if it stops spending money on new developments and basement alfresco of Loop 289.”

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