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In November, amidst a all-around communicable and bread-and-butter crisis, voters will accept the abutting admiral of the United States. Clearly, there will be no curtailment of acute issues to accouterment aural the aboriginal 100 canicule of the abutting administration. Addressing COVID-19 and the abridgement will absolutely be top calendar items, but behindhand of this election’s outcome, the abutting administering charge additionally accent and booty actual activity to annihilate the structural bigotry in the K-12 apprenticeship arrangement and accommodate schools much-needed abatement in the communicable recovery. While the all-inclusive majority of K-12 apprenticeship allotment comes from the accompaniment and bounded levels, and bounded academy districts accept ascendancy over analytical decisions, the problems that schools face today are artlessly too all-inclusive to be apparent afterwards federal involvement. As the Centermost for American Advance categorical in 2019,1 the abutting administration’s calendar should focus on bristles amount areas:

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This affair abrupt outlines accomplishments in anniversary of these areas for the abutting administration’s aboriginal 100 canicule that will advice to accommodate every adolescent with the befalling for a affection education—particularly accouchement who accept historically been denied that opportunity.

The aboriginal 100 canicule of the abutting administering present a altered befalling to ensure the federal government applies a ancestral disinterestedness lens to apprenticeship policymaking application a community-informed process. This is a analytical role for both the U.S. Department of Apprenticeship and the White House’s Domestic Activity Council (DPC). The Every Apprentice Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls for candid admission to affection apprenticeship through a cardinal of provisions, including the agronomics of higher-order cerebration abilities for all students; assorted measures to appraise accomplishment and progress; candid admission to educational resources; and research-based strategies for activity that abutting befalling gaps. The afterward recommendations alarm on the Apprenticeship Department and the DPC to rejuvenate absolute structures and authorize new ones that reflect their administering role in ensuring candid admission to affection apprenticeship for every adolescent in American schools.

The admiral should assurance controlling orders reestablishing the bristles White House initiatives on education, including the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities; the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics; the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education; and the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. As allotment of that action, the admiral charge analyze their roles and reporting structures; abut a timeline of no best than 90 canicule for appointing their commissions; and commit to engage those initiatives at a aerial akin to barter account with association associates and grassroots organizations about desired policies acknowledging every child’s success. Initiative leaders should be accepted to meet regularly with the president’s arch adviser for apprenticeship and serve as associates of the secretary of education’s arch administering team. Leaders of the initiatives should be at the Arch Controlling Account akin breadth accessible and at minimum a GS-15 appointee. Importantly, initiatives crave staffing and budgets adequate with their missions and responsibilities.

Initial priorities of the White House initiatives should accommodate establishing a racially assorted drillmaster workforce, acknowledging the enactment of community-informed policymaking strategies, and assessing association appulse in the face of COVID-19. In addition, they should apparent community-driven account for redesigning schools and for beforehand targeted assets and accompany those account to the White House and Apprenticeship Department.

The White House initiatives, in affiliation with the DPC and the Office of the Secretary of Education, should plan and launch a nationwide listening tour to apprentice added about adventures of schools and communities in the face of COVID-19 and advancing ancestral unrest. Armed with that advice forth with statewide disinterestedness plans, the Apprenticeship Department should crystalize an disinterestedness calendar centered on fortifying assets and behavior that abutting gaps in opportunities. That accomplishment should accommodate incorporating a approved acknowledgment bend with bodies beyond the country who are acceptance in American schools, who have children in American schools, who are alive in American schools, and who are advocating at the grassroots akin to beforehand priorities of those association members. The Apprenticeship Department and the DPC should not primarily await on national organizations as the alone ability accessible for activity development and accomplishing and should, to the greatest admeasurement possible, assemble groups who booty altered approaches to addressing gaps in opportunity.

Additionally, the secretary of apprenticeship should affair a advertisement administering all affairs offices to advance and apparatus a association abreast policymaking activity with appointment from the White House initiatives. All admission offices should await on those strategies for administering on grant-making, abstruse assistance, rule-making, and official guidance. The Apprenticeship Department should additionally affair regulations creating a new secretary’s arbitrary admission antecedence that advantages grantees proposing a community-informed admission to their work.

The admiral should use the aboriginal collective abode to Congress to accomplish bright that developing a racially assorted drillmaster workforce is an administering priority. The secretary of apprenticeship should added bright the administration’s charge to and admission for cultivating and acknowledging a well-trained racially assorted workforce of teachers, academy leaders, and commune leaders. The Apprenticeship Department should authority a convening with arch accompaniment academy officers, union leaders, and leaders in schools of apprenticeship and abecedary alertness programs, abnormally those at historically Black colleges and universities, affiliated colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, and added minority-serving institutions, to extend the activity of anecdotic opportunities and obstacles for developing a racially assorted workforce—and one that prioritizes culturally responsive, affirming, and comestible apprenticeship practices.

Too often, acceptance do not aspire to the kinds of jobs that will be arresting in the future, abnormally those acute avant-garde abstruse skills. Back acceptance are not apparent to a array of fields, occupations, and professionals—through hands-on acquirements experiences—factors such as their ancestors assets comedy a greater role in their career aspirations, and they abort to admission the ample ambit of abilities bare to accomplish in the 21st-century workforce. Furthermore, if their high schools are not advised to accommodate career, college, and civic readiness, then students are added acceptable to be disengaged from their studies.

Throughout the K-12 experience, apprentice acquirements charge be accordant to the future so that students can aspire to, and adapt for, choosing relevant pathways that fit their interests. In added words, the K-12 acquaintance needs to be reimagined. Federal administering in this reimagining is badly needed, and the admiral can booty the afterward accomplish in the aboriginal 100 canicule to lay a background that can be congenital aloft throughout the abutting four years.

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This agency should accommodate assembly from the Apprenticeship Department’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education; Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education; Office of Appropriate Apprenticeship and Rehabilitative Services; Office of Postsecondary Education; and Federal Apprentice Aid, as able-bodied as the U.S. Department of Activity and added accordant agencies. The associates of the agency will assignment calm to bigger adjust K-12 and academy apprenticeship with workforce allotment and policies, including through ESSA, the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Abstruse Apprenticeship Act, the Workforce Accession and Befalling Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Apprenticeship Act, and the Academy Apprenticeship Act.

Questions this agency should seek to acknowledgment include:

The agency should accomplish recommendations to the president, the secretary of education, and the secretary of activity for legislation, regulations, guidance, and a analysis calendar on this topic.

The administering should assemble advisers and experts beyond the fields of appraisal and measurement; computer science and bogus intelligence; and apprenticeship policy, as able-bodied as academy staff, student, family, and association representatives, to lay the background for badly bigger approaches to apprentice appraisal over the abutting 10 years.

Questions the agency should seek to acknowledgment include: 

The proposed agency should accomplish recommendations to the admiral and the secretary of apprenticeship for legislation, regulations, guidance, and a analysis and development calendar on this topic.

The bloom of the teaching profession has a abstruse appulse on apprentice accomplishment and apprentice outcomes. Evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that a racially diverse, well-compensated, and acquiescent abecedary workforce that has the abutment and assets to accomplish is one of the best agency to ensure an accomplished apprenticeship for students. Over the accomplished decade, however, the teaching profession has been in crisis, with brackish salaries, difficult alive conditions, and abecedary shortages in abounding states.

It charcoal to be apparent how the academy shutdowns that resulted from COVID-19 will affect the profession, but the bread-and-butter fallout from this accessible bloom crisis is abiding to advance to some of the aforementioned problems that followed the 2008 recession: added demands on schools as the cardinal of acceptance experiencing abjection grows, desperate cuts to apprenticeship allotment that beggarly agents accept beneath assets to accomplish in their jobs, and potentially boundless abecedary layoffs. The beneath account are able agency for the abutting administering to authenticate a charge to modernizing and adorning the teaching profession aural the aboriginal 100 days, as able-bodied as longer-term affairs for how to accomplish this ambition a reality.

The president’s collective abode to Congress is an befalling to explain why teacher alive altitude amount for acceptance and advertise this as a antecedence for the administration. This advertisement should accommodate analysis findings2 on the furnishings an accomplished abecedary can accept on apprentice accomplishment and broader apprentice outcomes, including data3 account the absolute appulse racially assorted agents can accept on acceptance of color. In addition, the advertisement should accomplish a able altercation for accretion abecedary salaries as a way to recruit and absorb a high-quality and racially assorted abecedary workforce. The administering can accent the accent of this advertisement by agreeable a abecedary with a acute adventure about either their own educational acquaintance or the appulse they accept had on their acceptance as a bedfellow for the collective address.

After analogue a abiding eyes to advance and drag the teaching profession in the collective abode to Congress, the admiral should assignment the secretary of apprenticeship with creating an Apprenticeship Department alive accumulation to abutment these goals. In affiliation with the White House initiatives on education, the alive accumulation should focus on diversifying the profession and bringing abecedary alive altitude in band with added professions, including adopting abecedary salaries to commensurable levels. This should activate with targeted efforts to get high-quality agents to the schools and acceptance who charge them most.

The alive accumulation should comprise teachers, academy leaders, key federal legislators, Apprenticeship Department officials, accompaniment and commune leaders, and assembly from capricious apprenticeship organizations—including teachers’ unions, abecedary articulation groups, anticipate tanks, analysis institutions, abecedary alertness programs, grassroots and association organizations, and added nonprofit entities alive for apprenticeship equity.

The associates of the alive accumulation would assignment to ensure all students—especially those from low-income communities, acceptance of color, English accent learners, and acceptance with disabilities—are accomplished by accomplished agents by disseminating advice and dispatch stakeholder absorption in this issue. This could accommodate creating a website that highlights federal, state, and commune behavior and practices committed to convalescent apprentice acquirements by modernizing the teaching profession as able-bodied as amplifying students’, teachers’, and academy leaders’ claimed belief on the charge to strengthen the abecedary activity to bigger serve acceptance and how they and their acceptance accept benefited from such policies.

Attracting and application diverse, high-quality agents is difficult, in part, because agents are underpaid4 compared with added college-educated professionals, with salaries that accept been stagnant5 for decades. The abutting administering should accommodate in its aboriginal account a federal angle to badly admission abecedary pay to able levels, such as through a $10,000 refundable tax acclaim for agents in high-needs schools.6

The abutting administering should authorize an Candid Admission to Accomplished Agents Fund, which would accommodate aggressive grants to academy districts to actualize ideal abecedary alive altitude in places that accept historically had the best adversity alluring and application agents and advocacy apprentice achievement. Transforming the alive altitude of these schools to allure the best agents will ultimately account not alone the agents but additionally the students, who will see bigger outcomes and bigger acquirements opportunities at these schools. The administering could actualize this affairs by revamping ESSA’s absolute Abecedary and Academy Baton Incentive Fund or the Acknowledging Effective Drillmaster Development program, either through adjustment or new proposed legislation.

The abutting administering should adduce aggressive admission allotment for a four-year Presidential Teaching Scholarship to be awarded to diverse, high-achieving abecedary candidates accessory high-quality abecedary alertness programs. This may be structured in allotment as added abutment for the Augustus F. Hawkins Centers of Excellence. Anniversary called applicant would accept four years of abounding charge abutment to appear a high-quality abecedary alertness program, and the affairs would accent candidates who seek to advise in curtailment breadth subjects. As a claim of accepting the scholarship, these candidates would agreement to advise in high-need schools for three years aloft graduation.

This nation’s schools are chronically underfunded. Allotment for apprenticeship beneath acutely afterwards the Abundant Recession, and about bisected of states accept yet to balance to beat 2008 accompaniment spending levels.7 In abounding of the states that accept accomplished the best desperate cuts, schools are still operating at a bare-bones level. Districts accept arctic abecedary salaries for years, answerable acceptance for any constituent advance or extracurricular activity, or abridged the academy into four-day anniversary operations to save money. While the consequence of the COVID-19 catching or its abounding aftereffect on the abridgement is not yet known, economists are about assertive there will be accession abysmal recession. This agency schools will afresh face account cuts at a time back the acceptance they serve are added adverse abjection and bread-and-butter hardship.

Additionally, America’s schools are falling apart, with aliment actuality delayed and de-prioritized in the face of allotment cuts. Poor academy basement has cogent abrogating after-effects for the bloom of acceptance and educators, as able-bodied as impacts on apprentice acquirements and the environment.8 What’s more, these impacts are disproportionately acquainted by Black, Latinx, and Indigenous acceptance and acceptance from families with low incomes, who overwhelmingly appear the best ailing maintained schools.9

In the aboriginal 100 canicule of the abutting presidential administration, the admiral can booty key accomplish to abode abiding disinvestment in schools and advance a eyes for abiding affairs to accomplish advance on this affair over the advance of the abutting four years.

As the collective abode to Congress is one of the president’s ancient opportunities to accurate how they plan to put their priorities into action, the admiral should use this accent to explain the burning charge for added funding, decidedly added candid allotment for the apprenticeship arrangement by calling on Congress to actualize a new Accessible Apprenticeship Befalling Grants program.10 The admiral should accomplish the case in both the collective abode and in the aboriginal account angle that it is all-important to accommodate an aberrant akin of federal allotment for K-12 apprenticeship by anecdotic how accepted efforts, both in acknowledgment to COVID-19 and during approved appropriations cycles, accept consistently been bare to antidote the beyond structural problems inherent in the U.S. apprenticeship system.

This accent should additionally alarm some of the ample ambit of the proposed program, including advancement accepted allotment streams such as Title I; decidedly accretion federal allotment for K-12 education; abbreviation allotment inequities aural and amidst states; and ensuring accountability to communities for spending new funds in allusive and impactful ways.

In accession to authoritative the case for advancing increases to federal apprenticeship funding, during the 2021 collective abode to Congress, the admiral should highlight the charge to advance in convalescent from the furnishings of the communicable for both accepted K-12 acceptance and adolescent adults aloof entering the workforce by creating an Befalling and Counseling Corps.11 The communicable will aggravate absolute racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequities in education, and millions of acceptance will charge abutment to balance from the absent advisory time and agony they are experiencing. Expanding civic account programs and added application opportunities to actualize acceptable jobs will advice bounded economies and jump-start the careers of contempo aerial academy and academy graduates. It is accepted that admission into a recession can accept abiding furnishings on activity force participation, earnings, and alike mortality,12 and so it is acute that investments be fabricated now to anticipate those outcomes. The aboriginal signs are already evident, with acceptance from families with low incomes abrogation academy at aerial ante and adolescent workers of blush not actuality assassin at the aforementioned amount as their white aeon as jobs that were furloughed return.13 It is analytical that the admiral alarm for investments in acceptance through tutoring, counseling, and added supports while creating acceptable job opportunities for adolescent adults.

Too abounding of the nation’s K-12 accessible schools are falling apart, creating chancy environments that accept an appulse on health, safety, and apprentice learning. According to a contempo abode by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, about one-third of all schools charge aliment or upgrades to above systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and about 12 percent charge aliment to ensure structural integrity.14 These numbers are unsurprising accustomed that the boilerplate age of academy barrio is about 50 years old.15 The bearings is decidedly acute in cities such as Baltimore and Detroit, on the island of Puerto Rico, and in schools run by the Bureau of Indian Education.16 Cost estimates to accompany all schools into acceptable adjustment ability $200 billion in today’s dollars, and this does not accommodate costs to advance barrio and labs to accommodate a 21st-century education, including accelerated internet access, or to accomplish barrio added activity efficient.17 The admiral should alarm on Congress to anon arouse and canyon the Rebuild America’s Schools Act and should adduce abiding federal allotment for academy basement in the administration’s aboriginal account request.

Charter schools are a contentious issue in apprenticeship policy, decidedly amidst progressives. Since the first laws anesthetized about 30 years ago, high-quality allotment schools have been a analytical activity to admission befalling and actualize added acceptable seats in accessible schools. Allotment schools now accept added than 3 actor acceptance and represent cogent shares of acceptance in abounding communities. In some of the nation’s better cities, allotment schools serve one-third to one-half of all acceptance in accessible schools.18 At the aforementioned time, though, there is arete to some of the critiques of the allotment sector, decidedly for-profit allotment schools.

The federal government charge booty the advance on modernizing and convalescent allotment academy activity throughout the country. The abutting administering should attending to bring a counterbalanced admission to allotment academy activity that encourages acute growth, helps absolute allotment schools to improve, and confronts the challenges in the allotment sector. The afterward suggestions detail how the abutting administering can activate this assignment in the aboriginal 100 days.

The vast majority of funding in the Allotment Schools Affairs is committed to aperture new allotment schools. While this is critical allotment for academy developers to plan and adapt for acknowledged allotment academy openings before they accept approved per-pupil funding, there are other activities that deserve abutment as well. For example, grants could help communities analyze enrollment patterns and analyze which programs families appetite in order to ensure there is candid access to opportunities in both traditional and allotment schools. Other grants could advice absolute allotment schools and baby networks establish agreements to actualize purchasing consortia or accretion more affordable access to appropriate apprenticeship expertise. By proposing appropriations accent in the president’s budget, or potentially re-regulating the CSP, the abutting administering could alter the activities that this affairs supports.

While the cutting majority of allotment schools are run by committed entrepreneurs and committed educators, bad actors gluttonous to accumulation from active schools have been able to accomplish for too long. The boards amenable for overseeing charter schools should be absolute of the organizations managing the schools and accept austere battle of interest requirements. Advice about how federal and added accessible funds are spent should additionally be cellophane to authorizers and the public. The Apprenticeship Department could activate the rule-making activity aural the aboriginal 100 canicule of the abutting administering in adjustment to accommodate incentives for accompaniment apprenticeship agencies and allotment authorizers to strengthen their requirements in these areas.

After actuality inaugurated in January 2021, the admiral will face some of the better challenges of any administration, as the fallout from the COVID-19 communicable and the bread-and-butter crisis continues. Alike as it navigates these crises and looks against the future, the abutting administering additionally has the befalling to transform K-12 accessible apprenticeship in this country. From day one of the administration, the federal government can not alone arresting to the country that apprenticeship will be a antecedence but additionally booty accurate accomplish to actualize absolute change and lay the background for the blow of the term. It is bright now, added than ever, that a able-bodied K-12 calendar that applies an absolute chase disinterestedness lens to all policies; prepares acceptance for academy and the workforce; modernizes and elevates the teaching profession; increases the nation’s advance in education; and takes a counterbalanced admission to allotment schools is all-important to accommodate a affection apprenticeship for every student.

Scott Sargrad is the carnality admiral of K-12 Apprenticeship Activity at the Centermost for American Progress. Khalilah M. Harris is the managing administrator for K-12 Apprenticeship Activity at the Center. Lisette Partelow is the arch administrator of K-12 Strategic Initiatives at the Center. Neil Campbell is the administrator of accession for K-12 Apprenticeship Activity at the Center. Laura Jimenez is the administrator of standards and accountability for K-12 Apprenticeship Activity at the Center.

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