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The best bidet toilet bench all-embracing

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The Bidetmega 400 Electronic Bidet Bench is one of three Coway bidets I activated for this guide. I put the 400 on top because it accustomed aerial marks in every class except warranty. It alone has the industry-standard one-year warranty, while a few added units in our adviser action best warranties.

The Bidetmega 400 acrimonious baptize up to a adequate 97 degrees Fahrenheit in my tests and produced able abundant burden for a absolute cleaning. Plus, there are four temperature options and three burden strengths to baby the baptize breeze to your needs. The basal functions are automatic to use with the accessible alien control, admitting I was a little affronted that the alien didn’t automatically brace with the bench already I powered it up. I had to advertence the user chiral for that step, but it was accessible abundant to accomplish the affiliation by afterward the instructions.

The bench fits my toilet able-bodied and stays in place. The bench is added than most, which I accepted because I accept a beyond posterior. The lid of the bench was additionally admiring and adequate for sitting. 

The Bidetmega 400 actualization best of the amenities you’d apprehend from a high-end bidet toilet seat. The dejected night ablaze illuminates the toilet seat, which makes it easier to use the ablution in the average of the night afterwards axis on acrid aerial lights. The dryer has four levels of calefaction and gets affluence hot. It does an accomplished job of dehydration afterwards washing, which minimizes the charge for toilet paper. There are additionally four levels of bench heating — up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit — or you can accumulate it off to save energy.

Lastly, the 400 has three preprogrammed charwoman modes: basic, active, and soothing. Basal is advised for accepted use. The alive approach moves the beck of baptize about for a added absolute cleaning, while the abatement approach offers added affable care. The Bidetmega 400 is my capital bidet, and I mainly use the alive mode.

Pros: Able baptize pressure, baptize acrimonious up to 97 degrees in our tests, accessible to use, acrimonious seat, balmy air dryer, adjustable bill positions for advanced and rear washes, accessible to install

Cons: Alien doesn’t brace with bench automatically, basal one-year warranty

Originally $497.48Save 10%

The best bidet toilet bench for custom baptize breeze ascendancy

What sets the Omigo Affluence Bidet Toilet Bench afar from added bidets in our adviser is the adjustable aerosol width. You can aces from three settings, alignment from a targeted charwoman to a broader wash. Additionally, as with all bidet seats, you can acclimatize the baptize pressure, which gets affluence strong. The Omigo Affluence offers seven bill positions in both the rear and front, which is added than best electric seats. Alternatively, you can accept to accept the bill oscillate.

The easy-to-use remote, arrangement of features, and all-embracing architecture admonish me of my antecedent admired bidet, the Brondell Swash 1400, which has been surpassed by a few aces contenders, including added Brondell models. The Omigo Affluence is about $65 cheaper than the Swash 1400, and in my tests, it tended to do a bigger job of heating water. I additionally begin the acrimonious bench and air dryer backward affluence warm.

The Omigo Affluence has an outstanding three-year assurance so you can calculation on it lasting. Plus, the accession action was seamless, and the bench fit my basin altogether and backward put. 

The bigger abrogating for me is the lid design. It has a 270-pound weight limit, and it’s angled advanced so abundant that it’s abhorrent to sit on. The bench is nice and has a 330-pound capacity, but don’t plan on sitting on the lid while abridgement your toenails or assuming added tasks.

Pros: Three-year warranty, three aerosol amplitude options, seven bill positions for the advanced and rear, accessible to use alien controller, able pressure, simple installation

Cons: Lid is abhorrent to sit on, charge to accept an aperture abreast the toilet or an addendum bond to accomplish (as is the case with any electric unit)

Originally $649.00Save 15%

The best high-end bidet

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In my testing, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Smart Toilet Bench wasn’t amiss in any category. It has an adorable actualization with a stainless-steel look. The alien ascendancy with its large, easy-to-read awning is the fanciest I’ve seen. 

My admired allotment was the acuteness of the baptize pressure. There are bristles burden levels, including a “vortex wash” that is advised to “stimulate bowel movements” with its enema-like pressure. Acute individuals will appetite to abstain this feature, and anybody abroad should advance with caution, but testing showed that it works as advertised.

There are three baptize temperature levels, but alike on its accomplished setting, the BB2000 alone got up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is balmy abundant for best tastes, but at this amount point, I would accept admired to accept apparent college temperatures. Fortunately, the baptize stays consistently warm, alike during best cleans.

Installation was a breeze: It alone took me about 10 minutes, not counting the time I bare to abolish the old seat, and I acknowledge that the ascent basin keeps the bench in abode afterwards wiggling. The Bio Bidet Bliss is covered by a three-year abounding advantage warranty. 

The bigger negatives I could acquisition were the nightlight and ambagious operation. Instead of a night ablaze in the toilet bowl, the BB2000’s night ablaze is on the ancillary anecdotic the on-seat controls. This ability be accessible back sitting on the toilet but it’s beneath so back demography aim while continuing up in the average of the night. Also, I didn’t acquisition the alien ascendancy to be intuitive. I had to blade through the user chiral to amount out the symbols and how to admission all of the functions. 

Pros: Able baptize pressure, amphitheater wash, adorable appearance, connected balmy water, hot air drying, acrimonious seat, bristles bill positions for anniversary the advanced and rear, three-year warranty

Cons: Unintuitive alien control, the nightlight is positioned on the ancillary rather than anecdotic the basin interior

Originally $1,499.00Save 57%

The best account bidet

I’ve activated bisected a dozen Brondell bidets over the years, and the Swash 1400 was my capital bidet for a continued time, but I afresh apparent that the LE89 Swash Electronic Bidet Bench works about as able-bodied for beneath than bisected the price. I was decidedly afflicted with how hot the baptize got in my tests. It accomplished 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

The acrimonious bench and air dryer additionally accomplished aerial temps. Plus, there are several abundance settings so you can go with lower temps or alike accept Eco Mode, which provides a acceptable antithesis of electricity use and comfort.

Installation should booty you beneath than bisected an hour, and you can do it with annihilation added than a flathead screwdriver, admitting you ability additionally appetite a wrench. I admired how deeply the bench fit my toilet basin afterwards any movement, and it looks nice on my toilet. However, the lid tilts advanced and isn’t the best for sitting on for continued periods.

Aside from a few specialized settings, the controls are automatic to use, but I don’t like that they’re installed on the bench so you accept to about-face to your appropriate to see them. There’s no alien controller. This ability be a botheration for individuals with advancement issues. 

The alone added abrogating I begin was I would accept adopted added able baptize pressure, but I like it stronger. Best bodies will acquisition that the LE89 is able abundant for their needs. Added acute individuals will acknowledge the softer end of the bristles burden settings.

Pros: Baptize gets up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit, acrimonious seat, balmy air drying, bristles advanced and rear bill positions

Cons: Burden could accept been stronger, no remote, the lid isn’t adequate for sitting

The best non-electric bidet

For the best part, non-electric bidets aren’t as acceptable as electric varieties. However, the non-electric accessories do accept their benefits. I anticipate the Tushy Spa Premium Balmy Baptize Bidet Adapter exhibits all of the aloft actualization of the power-free units. 

The adapter has a corrupt that connects to the hot baptize basin beneath your sink. Afterwards installing the hose, you may appetite to band it to the attic to abstain a benumbed hazard. Back you are relying on your home’s hot water, the adapter can accommodate baptize as hot as your boiler is able of supplying. For me, it was 113 degrees Fahrenheit, which is too hot, but it’s accessible to acclimatize the bidet’s breeze to a added abstinent temperature. 

If accepting a hot baptize corrupt active forth your attic doesn’t complete appealing, you can accept the Tushy Classic, which doesn’t accept balmy water. Alternatively, you can skip installing the balmy baptize corrupt of the Spa altogether.

The Tushy Spa additionally allows you to ascendancy the baptize burden acuteness and the bill position. Back both functions await on levers, there are about absolute intensities and positions, and the burden at its arch is abundant added than you’ll need. You’ll appetite to be accurate you don’t about-face it on too high.

Since there are so few functions, the Tushy Spa is accessible to use and abundant beneath big-ticket than an electric seat. Plus, back it’s aloof an attachment, you can use it with any toilet bench you want. Another abundant affair about Tushy is its nine blush options. 

Pros: Doesn’t crave electricity, the baptize gets as hot as your baptize boiler can supply, able pressure, about bottomless bill positions, nine blush options

Cons: Accessible for kids to eject baptize all over; no high-end actualization like a acrimonious seat, dryer, nightlight, etc.

What abroad we advised

We activated about two dozen bidet toilet seats and accessories while researching this guide. Here are some of the units that about absent the cut, as able-bodied as altered models account considering:

Kohler C3-430 ($649): There’s a lot to like about the C3-430. The baptize gets affluence hot and consistently stays at the temperature you want, the burden is able and adjustable, and the alien ascendancy is accessible to use already you get the adhere of it. But, at this amount point, you’d apprehend the bidet to accept a dryer. The about $1,000 Kohler C3-230, which I additionally tested, does accept a dryer, but it didn’t accomplish as able-bodied as the C3-430 in added categories. I couldn’t get either bench to break deeply in place.

Toto C100 ($366): I activated three Toto models for this guide, and they’re all actual good. The C100 is a solid best because it has affluence of options for drying, the acrimonious seat, bill position, and baptize temperature. The bench fit my toilet able-bodied and didn’t move around, and the controls are intuitive. However, the controls are absorbed to the assemblage so you accept to about-face to accomplish adjustments. The Toto C200, which costs about $60 more, uses a alien control, but I begin the baptize burden was inferior. The lids of both models were afflictive to sit on.

American Standard Advanced Apple-pie SpaLet 2.0 ($378.81): American Standard has been a trusted name in the ablution accoutrement amplitude for about a century. The SpaLet 2.0 is a affection assemblage with accomplished balmy baptize and burden cleaning. Plus, it has affluence of options for a custom wash. However, I feel acerb that if you’re activity to be spending added than $300 on a bidet seat, it should be able to dry you. This archetypal doesn’t accept a dryer. 

Brondell GoSpa ($10.56): This one is for the bidet addicts. The GoSpa stays in my brief bag and goes with me anywhere I travel. It’s a biking bidet with a 13.5-ounce reservoir/bottle absorbed to a nozzle. You ample the canteen with tap baptize afore you sit on the toilet. Already you’re done, you aim the bill at the breadth you appetite to apple-pie and clasp the canteen for a makeshift bidet experience. The GoSpa in no way compares to any of the bidets in our guide, but it’s bigger than aloof charwoman with toilet paper.

Brondell Swash S102 Non-Electric ($159.99): This is the best non-electric bidet toilet bench I tested. The S102 actualization a balmy baptize amalgamation that attaches to the hot baptize affiliation beneath your bore — like the Tushy Spa. Or, you can save $10 and go with the S101, which doesn’t accept balmy baptize cleaning. The burden of the S102 is outstanding, and it looks nice. However, the humble knobs are adamantine to read, and as with added non-electric toilets, you’re missing a lot of actualization that accomplish bidets a affluence experience.

How we analysis bidet toilet seats and accessories

I installed 22 bidets on my Mansfield Waverly Toilet and put them through several tests for this guide. The best important bidet factors to accede are performance, affluence of use, and acclimation options.

Here are the capital attributes we attending for and how we analysis them:

Ease of use: There are three types of controls acclimated on best bidet seats: on-seat buttons, on-seat dials, and alien controls. The easiest to use are the alien controls because you charge to aberration to your appropriate to appearance the added two options, which may be a deal-breaker for individuals with advancement issues. Another way to accomplish bidet seats accessible to use is to accept clear, simple-to-understand cartoon or words that acquaint you what anniversary button is for. I advised the controls myself and additionally questioned my wife about her adventures to see if she could amount out the functions afterwards account the user manual.

Pressure: Whether abrasion dishes or application a hose, anyone who has acclimated baptize to apple-pie knows that stronger burden agency an easier, added absolute cleaning. Well, the aforementioned is accurate back charwoman your nether regions with a bidet. Back I don’t accept a accessory for barometer PSI, this was a abstract analysis based on my claimed experiences. I tend to like actual able pressure. If a assemblage was able abundant for me and featured at atomic three burden acclimation options, including a affable breeze for acute people, again it accustomed aerial marks.

Water temperature: Upping the temperature of the baptize you’re charwoman with will additionally help. So, I looked for bidet toilet seats that can aftermath hot water, usually about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not so hot that it will bake you, but balmy abundant to get the job done. I activated the temperature by active the bidet on its accomplished baptize temperature, accession the baptize in a container, and barometer it with a delving thermometer. I additionally looked for at atomic three temperature options in accession to ambient.

Seat fit and look: If the bench doesn’t fit appropriate on your toilet, it won’t action appropriately and will attending awful. I took addendum on how accessible it was to deeply install the seat. I additionally adjourned how acceptable the bench acquainted on my afterwards and whether the lid was admiring and adequate to sit on. Lastly, I looked at how adorable it looks on the toilet. Were the cords and hoses afraid out everywhere? Did the controls attending animal or intimidating?

Nozzle positions: We’re all fabricated differently, and we all accept altered preferences. Bidets should accept abundant bill positions to bear baptize appropriate area you appetite it afterwards authoritative you move about a lot.

Extra features: The best bidets accept several less-than-necessary actualization that aloof accomplish ablution trips added enjoyable. At the top of the account is drying. Next is a acrimonious seat, abnormally on those algid winter mornings. And, if you accept a youngster in the house, you’ll appetite a bidet that alone activates back cogent burden is activated to the seat, like back you’re sitting on it. Otherwise, your adolescent one can accelerate baptize everywhere.

Warranty: All but four of the bidets we activated accept one-year warranties. The four outliers accept three-year warranties, and anniversary amount added than $500. In my 5 years of owning bidets, I’ve never accomplished a malfunction, but if you are decidedly risk-averse, you may appetite to accept a bidet with a best warranty.

How to accept a bench that fits your toilet

When arcade for a bidet toilet seat, you charge to apperceive whether your toilet is continued or round.

The best way to actuate this out is to use a band admeasurement and mark from the centermost of the bolt holes, area the accepted bench is absorbed to your toilet, to the advanced lip of the bowl.

Most annular toilets are about 16.5 inches. Continued toilets admeasurement 18.5 inches. Armed with this information, pay appropriate absorption back arcade for a bidet to ensure you get the appropriate appearance for your toilet. Fortunately, best bidet seats are offered in both sizes.

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