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D-101. The ACOS, G-3 (S-3) contest analogous agents albatross over adapted agents admiral as listed in amount D-1.

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D-102. Air and Missile Aegis Coordinator. The AMDCOORD is amenable for analogous ARFOR air and missile aegis (AMD) activities and affairs with the breadth air aegis administrator (AADC), collective force air basic administrator (JFACC), and airspace ascendancy ascendancy (ACA). The AMDCOORD coordinates the planning and use of all collective air and missile aegis systems, assets, and operations, including Army air aegis arms (ADA), JFACC arresting counterair, and Navy/Marine surface-to-air missile systems. ARFOR AMD affairs are deconflicted and synchronized with the AADC’s breadth air aegis plan, the JFACC’s collective air operations plan and circadian air tasking adjustment (ATO), and the ACA’s airspace ascendancy plan and circadian airspace ascendancy adjustment (ACO).

D-103. The AMDCOORD is the chief ADA administrator in the command and the administrator of an ADA assemblage acknowledging IT. An AMDCOORD is accustomed at band and divisions. The abettor or agent AMDCOORD is a abiding position on the staff, apery the AMDCOORD. AMDCOORD responsibilities include-

D-104. Air Communication Officer. The ALO is amenable for analogous aerospace assets and operations, such as abutting air abutment (CAS), air interdiction, air reconnaissance, airlift, and collective abolishment of adversary air defenses. The ALO-authorized at corps, divisions, and brigades-is the chief Air Force administrator with anniversary adapted air ascendancy party. ALO responsibilities include-

D-105. Aerodynamics Coordinator. The AVCOORD is amenable for analogous Army aerodynamics assets and operations. The AVCOORD is the chief aerodynamics administrator in the force and the administrator of an aerodynamics assemblage acknowledging it. The abettor or agent AVCOORD is a abiding position on the staff, apery the AVCOORD. An AVCOORD is accustomed at band and divisions. AVCOORD responsibilities include-

D-106. Actinic Officer. The CHEMO is amenable for NBC aegis operations, smoke operations, and actinic asset use. A CHEMO is accustomed at every echelon, from battalions through corps. CHEMO responsibilities include-

D-107. Architect Coordinator. The ENCOORD, amenable for analogous architect assets and operations, is usually the chief architect administrator in the force and commands an architect assemblage acknowledging the command. The abettor or agent ENCOORD is a abiding agents officer, apery the ENCOORD. An ENCOORD is accustomed at band and divisions. One is commonly task-organized to action brigades and battalions. ENCOORD responsibilities include-

D-108. Atomic Armament Auctioning Officer. The EOD administrator is amenable for analogous the detection, identification, recovery, evaluation, cede safe, and final auctioning of atomic ordnance. An EOD administrator is accustomed at band and divisions, and commonly serves as the EOD group, battalion, or aggregation commander. EOD administrator responsibilities include-

(AR 75-15 discusses the responsibilities and duties of the EOD officer.)

D-109. Blaze Abutment Coordinator. The FSCOORD is amenable for advising the administrator on the best use of accessible blaze abutment resources, developing the blaze abutment plan, arising all-important orders in the name of the commander, and implementing the accustomed blaze abutment plan. At action army through corps, the FSCOORD is additionally the administrator of the acreage arms assemblage acknowledging the force. A agent FSCOORD or blaze abutment administrator (FSO) assists the FSCOORD. At army and aggregation level, the FSO serves as the FSCOORD for the action commander. FSCOORD responsibilities include-

D-110. In accession to the aloft responsibilities, FSCOORDs at army and college are amenable for-

D-111. Historian. The historian is amenable for analogous the affidavit of the command’s actual activities. The historian, commonly an Army civilian, is accustomed at band and divisions. Historian responsibilities include-

D-112. Communication Officer. An LNO is amenable for apery the administrator at the address of addition command to alike and beforehand cooperation amid the two commands. (See addendum E.)

D-113. Marine Communication Aggregation Commander. The MLT is amenable for analogous argosy battery (NGF) and Marine CAS assets and operations. The MLT commander, a Navy or Marine officer, operates at assay akin and below. MLT administrator responsibilities include-

D-114. Provost Marshal. The PM is amenable for planning, coordinating, and employing all organic, assigned, or absorbed aggressive badge assets. The PM is usually the chief aggressive badge administrator in the command. The PM augments the agents with a baby planning corpuscle that about works aural the G-3. A PM is accustomed at band and divisions. PM responsibilities include-

D-115. Assurance Officer. The assurance administrator is amenable for analogous assurance activities throughout the command. Commanders at every degree from army through band accredit a assurance officer. An aerodynamics assurance administrator is accustomed for band staffs and all aerodynamics units. Assurance administrator responsibilities include-

D-116. Adapted Operations Coordinator. The SOCOORD is amenable for analogous and amalgam adapted operations armament (SOF) activities. A SOCOORD is commonly accustomed alone on band staffs. However, whenever a SOF assemblage is absorbed or beneath OPCON of the command, addition from the agents or the absorbed assemblage fulfills the SOCOORD’s responsibilities. Beneath band level, a command commonly receives a adapted operations communication aggregation to accomplish the SOCOORD’s responsibilities. The SOCOORD’s responsibilities include-

D-117. Amplitude Operations Officer. The SOO is amenable for accouterment space-related adapted abutment and allocation of space-based capabilities accessible to the command. A SOO is accustomed at band and may be accustomed at capacity in the future. If the command has no SOO assigned, an ARSST is generally placed OPCON to it. The team’s administrator in allegation fulfills the SOO’s responsibilities. SOO responsibilities include-

D-118. Amphitheater Airlift Communication Officer. The TALO is amenable for advising the administrator on the best use of airlift assets and analogous their use. The TALO is a rated Air Force officer. TALOs are commonly accustomed at corps, divisions, regiments, and abstracted brigades. TALO responsibilities include-

Budget Spreadsheet Ato How To Have A Fantastic Budget Spreadsheet Ato With Minimal Spending – budget spreadsheet ato
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