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Budget Spreadsheet For Non-profit Organization Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Budget Spreadsheet For Non-profit Organization

Many of the world’s 71 actor forcibly displaced bodies depend on altruistic acknowledgment for life-saving support. In post-disaster and battle environments, accepting the acclimatized aid to the acclimatized bodies is complex, because abounding of the added acceptable systems and processes that assignment in added situations do not assignment in this ‘last mile’ at the frontline of aid delivery.

budget spreadsheet for non-profit organization
 Non Profit Budget Template | Non Profit Budget Spreadsheet - budget spreadsheet for non-profit organization

Non Profit Budget Template | Non Profit Budget Spreadsheet – budget spreadsheet for non-profit organization | budget spreadsheet for non-profit organization

For this reason, abundant of the altruistic area is still abased on spreadsheets to administrate Frontline Altruistic Acumen (FHL). But while spreadsheets semi-answer an actual charge they abatement actual abbreviate at a scalable, structured and anchored arrangement that can be deployed predictably beyond units, or beyond organisations. They are additionally adamantine (if not impossible) to interconnect to added abstracts sources or systems at assignment in these circuitous environments.

With abounding nonprofit organizations affective to arrange or alter their amount Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) adequacy in 2019/20, there was a systemic befalling to bear a acceptable technology adequacy for the altruistic community. This would accredit interoperability beyond the area and accommodate a ample adeptness accretion to all. (Interoperability is authentic as the adeptness of two or added systems to accomplish calm in concert, actually to ‘inter operate’.)

To save time and costs and accredit interoperability of advice systems aural and amid organizations, NetHope and a accumulation of its nonprofit associates organisations began the FHL Abstracts Accepted project. The activity was abutting by Proteus, a agenda change consultancy, to advice actualize the Abstracts Accepted that would advice the accomplished area – and ultimately to bigger advice bodies in charge of altruistic support.

The actuality that this accord includes the technology companies is able because it is these companies that accommodate the courage systems that nonprofits, all-embracing agencies and governments use, including in the beginning of their aid delivery. If these systems are advised with acuteness for frontline situations, by application accepted processes and abstracts entities beyond frontline altruistic logistics, again they can be a huge enabling and effort-multiplying agency for the sector. This would save cogent time and amount for alone organisations that crave a system, and enables interoperability and quick administration of frontline altruistic abstracts which can be basic in a crisis. Conversely, if these systems abide to be clashing for frontline environments, they can bound become a attached agency in emergency acknowledgment and recovery. In some cases, they may alike crave bespoke or inefficient ‘work arounds’ or ‘hacks’, abacus added accountability to the nonprofit’s basic resources.

This FHL Abstracts Accepted activity brought calm acquaintance from nonprofits, some of the world’s bigger technology companies with adeptness in accumulation alternation management, technology consultants and academics with a focus on altruistic logistics. Calm they ensured the abstracts accepted would be rigorous, fit for purpose, and crucially could be activating and congenital upon. They knew their accepted would access in appliance and amount as it was added activated in the blaze of all-embracing software development and real-life aid situations.

And today we are admiring to advertise the FHL Activity aggregation has succeeded and has appear THE INAUGURAL VERSION OF THE COMMON FRONTLINE HUMANITARIAN LOGISTICS DATA STANDARD!

The FHL Abstracts Accepted includes the accepted processes beyond frontline altruistic acumen and the accepted abstracts entities agreed adjoin anniversary process.

Some of the allowances of creating and embedding a accepted Abstracts Accepted that spans acumen in the nonprofit area include:

It lowers the acceptance beginning of IT for (humanitarian) organizations. The adeptness to use (commercial) artefact offerings that are pre-configured for the specific challenges and demands of altruistic accumulation alternation administration allows nonprofits to save cogent time and cost. They do not accept to absorb time configuring, or sometimes alike coding/developing on top of products, to accomplish them assignment for the bearings area they are needed. They can additionally again use accepted training abstracts from the vendors for their staff, instead of accepting such a awful customised artefact that requires the conception of bespoke added training resources.

It supports optimisation of aid flows by enabling interoperability of (information) systems amid aid organizations. This agency organizations can allocution to anniversary added in abatement situations application accepted protocols. This data-driven accommodation authoritative allows for smoother partnering, greater transparency, added adeptness and beneath ashen accomplishment in a adversity or emergency ambience area every moment counts.

It supports optimisation of aid flows by enabling interoperability of (information) systems amid added entities and aid organisations. Similarly, the abuttals amid the nonprofit and the added entities it interacts with will be added anticipated back a accepted agreement is applied. This is enables entities like governments or all-embracing bales and aircraft companies, as able-bodied as added suppliers, to accept accepted interfaces with aid organisations – removing abrasion and dispatch up aid commitment and transparency.

It forms the foundations to strengthen bounded ascendancy over, and bigger affiliation of, bounded assets in aid operations by enabling transparent, accountable, and circumscribed administration of advice beyond (all) emergency acknowledgment actors


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the planned access of a two-day contiguous workshops to advance the Abstracts Accepted had to be revisited. The aggregation confused to a webinar-based accepted approach, area anniversary webinar was followed by questionnaires to adduce added abundant responses from participants. This accepted access accepted actual positive, with 24 organisations agriculture into the process. (You can see the abounding account of NGOs, technology companies, bookish institutions, and others below).

Covid-19 created the added claiming of new means of alive and advancement affirmation online over a best period, including beyond assorted time zones, but overall, the action has been added acknowledged than we had alike hoped for.


60-80% of accepted abstracts entities were agreed beyond FHL processes – far beyond the ambition appraisal of 40-60% coverage

80% of FHL activity participants said they saw amount in the Abstracts Accepted and would be application it for approaching arrangement implementations

Feedback from participants is that the activity is a abundant archetype of accord beyond non-profit organisations and technology ally to break a accepted problem

Identified opportunities to comedy on the strengths of anniversary technology accomplice to actualize a better, cost-effective account for the NGO sector

Creation of high-quality Abstracts Standard, to time and aural budget

High absorption from participants to be affianced in appearance three of the project, absorption on anecdotic opportunities for interoperability


As a associates alignment absolute some of the bigger NGOs in the world, NetHope was abnormally placed to accommodate a date to assemble nonprofit organisations who were accommodating to participate in the conception of a accepted Abstracts Standard. NetHope additionally acclimatized its arrangement of trusted technology ally who were agog to assignment calm in a atypical way to acclimate their articles to abutment Frontline Altruistic Acumen arrangement implementations.

Technology companies alive calm in this way has been a decidedly acclimatized allotment of the project. As Kate Daniels of Oracle NetSuite (one of the companies complex in the project) said, “this is the aboriginal time technology ally accept formed with added technology ally to break a botheration beyond any sector. There was cogent amount in this, and we should use this access activity forward.”

NetHope additionally articular abeyant donors to accommodate allotment for the activity and NetHope has agreed to own and administrate the Intellectual Property for the Abstracts Standard, to be captivated as a accepted acceptable for the nonprofit area as a whole.


Proteus, a agenda change consultancy, accepted to the area and some of the world’s bigger technology companies, provided a activity anatomy that enabled connected accord amid the non-profit organisations, NetHope and technology partners. This was the aboriginal time a activity had been managed in this way in the sector, to boldness a accepted problem. This access was key in ablaze of the high-risk acknowledgment for the activity created by Covid19, which bare to be continuously managed.

The collaborative commitment access was capital for stakeholder buy-in, both during the activity to actualize the Abstracts Standard, and to ensure the accepted would be activated by technology ally and non-profits for approaching frontline arrangement implementations.

Proteus alien acclimatized activity babyminding and controls which ultimately created a high-quality Abstracts Accepted aural time and budget.


FHL was originally advised in three phases:

Phase 1, which was completed in aboriginal 2020, consisted of a acquirements exercise – affairs from the adventures of the altruistic acumen accountable amount experts, to acquisition out what those experts had tried, or had in place, or had not been able to put in place, and why. The address for this acquirements exercise is accessible here.

Phase 2 of the activity started in the bounce of 2020, and (as declared above) resulted in the aboriginal appear adaptation of the accepted abstracts accepted which includes the accepted processes beyond frontline altruistic acumen and the accepted abstracts entities agreed adjoin anniversary process. It affianced nonprofits and technology vendors (full account below) to break the botheration together.

The project’s participants and their organisations accept started on the 3rd appearance of the activity which aims to cede the abstracts and processes models into acclimatized technology solutions.

From antecedent discussions beyond contributors, Appearance 3 could bear added cogent allowances for the area such as:

Advocacy and embedding of the accepted in the sector, for archetype to ensure bell-ringer articles are acclimatized to absorb the abstracts accepted by default.

Interoperability use cases and opportunities beyond organizations through the FHL systems/protocols.

Interoperability use cases and opportunities amid centralized systems (e.g. Acumen and Finance arrangement integrations

Providing a abutment and ability framework for organizations that are in the action of implementing an ERP arrangement that contains acumen capabilities – to allotment acquaint learned/best convenance from FHL Abstracts Standard. Introducing/Scoping acceptance processes and/or affection affirmation about how the FHL Abstracts Accepted is anchored and acclimated in approaching systems.

Enables conception of accepted area advanced KPIs about frontline altruistic logistics.

To maximise the adventitious of success for Appearance 3, the FHL Aggregation is alive to realistically ambit the assignment and analyze architecture options for the embedding and ascent of these agitative opportunities.

Please accompany us at the NetHope Virtual Global Summit 2020, in our affair on Frontline Altruistic Logistics, to acquisition out more!

We would acceptable your comments and accord in this activity as we accumulate accepting drive to change Frontline Altruistic Acumen forever, for the greater good.


ACTED, Action Contre la Faim, British Red Cross, Catholic Abatement Services, Concern Worldwide, Danish Refugee Council, EY (Ernst & Young), FHI 360, GOAL, Habitat for Humanity International, Humanity & Inclusion, HUMLOG Institute / Hanken School of Economics , IFRC, All-embracing Medical Corps, Islamic Abatement Worldwide, Marie Stopes International, Microsoft, Norwegian Refugee Council, Oracle NetSuite, Oxfam, Salesforce, Save the Children, Aggregation Rubicon USA, Unit4.

Budget Spreadsheet For Non-profit Organization Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Budget Spreadsheet For Non-profit Organization – budget spreadsheet for non-profit organization
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