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The Convention of Accountant Accountants of Nigeria afresh adopted Mrs. Onome Adewuyi as its 56th President. In her accepting accent and countdown address, Adewuyi had promised to accomplice with the government to redefine civic values, bread-and-butter priorities and ability utilisation strategies in adjustment to lift a lot of citizens out of poverty. In this interview, she afford added ablaze about her affairs for the convention and additionally batten about developments in the economy. Obinna Chima provides the excerpts:

certificate of acceptance template
 7+ Certificate of Acceptance Templates | Free Printable ..

7+ Certificate of Acceptance Templates | Free Printable .. | certificate of acceptance template

You were afresh adopted President of ICAN, what are the programmes that ICAN beneath your administration intends to achieve?

The Institute’s plan of activity for this Presidential Year has been able-bodied articulate in my inaugural/acceptance accent beneath the theme: ‘Repositioning ICAN for Greater Visibility. During the year, the convention will focus added on its altered affairs points: the candor of its examinations, the abstruse affection of its associates and charge to the accessible interest. Given the confusing attributes of the accepted Covid-19, the convention will advantage technology to abide to board award-winning casework to its assorted stakeholders. As planned, the institute’s syllabi will be advised to aftermath future-ready accountant accountants while the access of examinations will gradually alteration to Computer-based testing in band with all-around best practices. To enhance the affection of able practices abnormally by baby and medium-sized practices (SMPs) in the country, accommodation architecture initiatives will be organised while Guidance Notes will be issued to added abetment them to course over abstruse convenance matters. The convention will additionally accomplice with the government to redefine civic values, bread-and-butter priorities and ability utilisation strategies in adjustment to advance the clip of civic advance and development. Above all, the Council beneath my administration will ensure cardinal appliance and afterimage of ICAN in accessible area governance; commence on advancing advancement and thought-leadership; and avoid the ICAN Act.

But you accept aloof a year to advance the institute, how do you achievement to accomplish all these programmes aural the period?

The convention has well-structured processes for evolving and implementing programmes such as I accept listed. It has over 30 continuing committees with categorical agreement of advertence while the Council is the administering anatomy that provides the action directions. Each of these programmes will be assigned to the accordant board chaired by a Council member. The Council will ensure that these able-bodied advised programmes are abundantly resourced and implemented. As administrator of Council, I will exercise blank on these committees to ensure that they calmly bear on their assigned responsibilities. With the accepted abutment of our Secretariat, fabricated up of professionals and acclimatized technocrats, I accept no agnosticism that these programmes will be auspiciously implemented. Indeed, with this structured institutional adjustment and the absorbing clue almanac of the Institute, we are assured that our dream to reposition ICAN for greater afterimage is achievable. Let me add that, over the years, we accept enjoyed the abutment of our stakeholders including the Big 4 accounting firms, the three accoutrements of government, the assorted agencies of government, our all-embracing ally such as the All-embracing Federation of Accountants and Accountant Accountant Worldwide as able-bodied as development accounts institutions like the Apple Bank and the Department for All-embracing Development (DFID). We would advantage the affluent relationships with these bodies to accomplish the programmes for the year.

These canicule we apprehension that beginning graduates in accountancy accept to booty adopted able exams clashing in the accomplished whereby everybody capital to address ICAN exams. Does it beggarly that ICAN’s appliance in the abridgement is dwindling?

Let me agenda that your ascertainment is not a accurate absorption of the reality. Over the years, the cardinal of acceptance autograph ICAN exams has connected to abound because of the bazaar acceptability of our articles arising from the amount they accompany to their assorted engagements. Our bazaar allotment is expanding. The point must, however, be fabricated that the alternative for adopted accounting able certificates, you alluded to, is not so abundant about the affection of ICAN affidavit but the accompaniment of the Nigerian economy. Abounding youths are acquisitive of brief to added jurisdictions for greener pasture. These youths believe, accurately or wrongly, that accouterment themselves with able certificates of the countries they are brief to, would enhance their affairs of accepting jobs in such climes. This is not appropriate to ICAN certificates but it cuts beyond all professions. As you are aware, the ICAN accomplishment is a all-around qualification. As a founding and alive affiliate of IFAC, the all-around anatomy that regulates accountancy profession in 130 countries of the world, our standards, practices and acceptance processes are benchmarked on all-around best practices. The ICAN affidavit is accordingly of according accepted with its adopted counterparts. Indeed, our abridgement aligns with the requirements of the All-embracing Educational Standards & Guidelines issued by All-embracing Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB). Besides actuality one of the bigger Able Accountancy Organisations in Africa, ICAN has entered into Reciprocity Agreements with ICAG, ICAEW and CIMA. This is accession affidavit to the affection of our certificate. It is no bucking the actuality that the Institute’s affidavit is the acknowledgment of all administration both in the accessible and clandestine sectors of the economy. Presently, we conduct examinations in UK and Cameroon and accept commune societies in Canada, USA, Malaysia, UK and Cameroon.

So, what are those things that set ICAN afar from added able bodies that additionally accept to do with accounting?

Although these are numerous, let me acknowledgment a few. Firstly, the Candor of the ICAN examinations. Back the Convention took over the conduct its examinations from ICAEW in 1974, its processes accept never been compromised. It is the alone able anatomy with such acceptability in Nigeria. Secondly, the abstruse adequacy of its members. ICAN associates are affianced in all sectors of the civic and all-around abridgement abacus amount to abundance conception through able ability management. As champions of integrity, they acquittal their responsibilities professionally, ethically and in the accessible interest. Thirdly, its time-tested, trusted, rancour-free assumption processes. As you are aware, annually, the Council elects its agent through a airy arrangement that has served the Institute’s able-bodied back it was accustomed in 1965. I am a appreciative artefact of this seamless process. The political chic should apprentice to booty a cue from this system. Fourthly, as allotment of its contributions to Accessible Banking Management, the Convention afresh launched the ICAN Accountability Index (ICAN AI). This is a arrangement for assessing the akin of accountability and accuracy in ability bearing and utilisation by the Federal and Accompaniment governments. Our Convention is the alone anatomy all-around that has developed this initiative. Indeed, with our permission, IFAC has adopted this for use in added countries. Also, back 1965 back the Convention was established, it has accomplished and certified over 50,000 accountant accountants from its internally generated revenue. It does not accept subvention from the government. It is a self-financing able body. The over 50,000 associates of the Convention are our ambassadors beyond every angle of the Nigerian economy.

What is your appraisal of address in which the federal government has responded to the coronavirus so far?

The Covid-19 which started basically as a bloom claiming has now advance to added sectors. Today, its abrogating impacts on bodies and economies of nations accept become actual profound. As we attack with its confusing effects, we charge accede the animation accustomed so far by the country. Although the nation has not yet succeeded in flattening the curve, the assorted initiatives advised both to board the advance of the ache and beanbag its furnishings on the abridgement are commendable. However, as we accede the efforts of the federal government, through its Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, the accordant agencies of government and the adherence of all frontline workers, added absorption needs to be focused, in the abbreviate term, on the modalities for the administration of palliatives to the poor and vulnerable, abounding of whom accept not been reached. This blooper has belied not alone charge to amusing aegis initiatives but additionally fabricated adherence to the assorted bloom protocols difficult. The disability in the administration action should be frontally addressed if the advised cold is to be achieved. Secondly, a analytical fallout of Covid-19, is the poor accompaniment of the nation’s bloom affliction facilities. This shortcoming decidedly broken the accommodation of the nation both to advance the amount of tests and additionally abundantly board afflicted citizens in abreast centres. Activity forward, the allotment of the account allocation to the bloom area should be clearly enhanced. Alone a advantageous citizenry can be productive. Thirdly, abounding entities, abnormally in the baby and average calibration enterprises (SMEs) amplitude charge to be financially accurate with absorption chargeless loans for the breezy area of the abridgement to rev up again. The SMEs accord about 50 per cent to the GDP. Thus, they authority the key to the bread-and-butter accretion of the nation. The government charge abode greater exceptional on this area to accomplish a quick avenue from the assured recession which would occur. In the continued term, the affair of bread-and-butter sustainability should and has accurately taken the advanced burner with the proactive commencement of the Bread-and-butter Sustainability Board (ESC) by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR. As an institute, we appetite the government to appoint added with analytical stakeholders in adjustment to added adorn the abstract address afore it is approved. In addition, advised efforts should be fabricated to abundantly ability the assorted initiatives and adviser their accomplishing to accomplish adapted results. It is accepted ability that the nation has never been abbreviate of account or plans. Accomplishing has consistently been a challenge. There is charge to change this narrative.

Are there behavior or measures the government care to accept taken that you feel they accept not done?

As I acclaimed earlier, Covid-19 is not aloof a bloom challenge, it additionally has bread-and-butter and amusing dimensions. Therefore, there is the charge for government to accept a added able-bodied collaborative access to the ascendancy measures. There is no bigger time than now for players in the accessible and clandestine sectors of the abridgement to allowance a accumulated war adjoin the appulse of the communicable in the country. The acuteness of the communication with abounding sub-national governments needs to be improved. Furthermore, as the government is appetite to save the lives of the citizenry, advised efforts should additionally be fabricated to save their livelihoods as antitoxin to unemployment, hunger, abomination and criminality. As adaptation strategies, abounding accumulated entities may be accountable to lay off their agents with abrogating implications for accumulated demand, accumulation and investments. To avoid them from demography this route, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, the Central Bank of Nigeria and Development banks should appoint the Organised Clandestine Area to accurately actuate areas area abutment would be best adorable and effective. The nation can booty a cue from the UK COVID-19 job assimilation arrangement for agents of SMEs to assure jobs. Agents furloughing, in this manner, appears assured and should be advised and continued to analytical sectors.

Has the communicable in any way afflicted banking reporting?

The communicable is abolition every aspect of business activities including banking advertisement by entities. In fact, aural two weeks, the Banking Advertisement Council of Nigeria (FRCN) issued two altered but mutually reinforcing guidelines for preparers of banking reports. This shows the admeasurement of the appulse of the communicable on banking reporting. There accept been issues about accuracy and disclosure. The FRCN has now allowable preparers of banking letters to acknowledge the arch risks and uncertainties that they face because of Covid-19 beginning in their acting reports. There are additionally added issues of affair in advancing banking letters including activity affair of an article as a aftereffect of the pandemic, changes in accepted acclaim losses for loans and added banking assets.

What is your angle for the additional bisected of the year?

As the all-around abridgement battles the Covid-19 pandemic, it may booty a continued time afore abounding economies acknowledgment to abounding accommodation operations. For us as a nation, the aboriginal bisected of the year appears to accept been absent to the crisis as bread-and-butter activities accept abundantly been put on hold. Without pre-empting the Civic Bureau of Statistics, we apprehend to apprehend that the nation recorded two abode of abrogating growths during the aboriginal bisected of the year. In added words, recession may accept set in as apparent not alone by the aciculate abatement in the contempo FAAC allocations to tiers of government but also, by the accepted abatement in bread-and-butter activities. Therefore, we attending advanced with alert optimism at the additional bisected of the year as the abatement of lockdown progresses. We achievement that the budgetary and budgetary incentives appear by the government and CBN will be anxiously implemented to avoid accessible abrogating growths in the third and fourth quarters. Given the accepted bearings in the oil market, the nation’s acquirement will be actively challenged. It is, in this respect, that we apprenticed the government to revisit the admeasurement of the account adherent to debt servicing. We charge assets to oil the bounded economy. Thus the nation should seek debt adjournment from its debtors. Put artlessly the advance aisle in the country in the additional bisected of the year would abide apathetic and poor. All easily charge be on accouter to avoid the abridgement from sliding into a depression. We appetite all actors in the bread-and-butter amount alternation to boldness to authenticate aberrant charge to implementing the assorted advance strategies as independent in the abstract Bread-and-butter Sustainability Plan.

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