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Chopped Chicken And Rice Recipe What I Wish Everyone Knew About Chopped Chicken And Rice Recipe


On clue to refile Libervant™ (diazepam) Buccal Blur New Biologic Application (NDA) by end of added division 2021Initiated first-in-human Phase 1 pharmacokinetic (PK) abstraction for AQST-109 epinephrine sublingual blur candidateSympazan® (clobazam) continues to accommodated key accomplishment metrics and accretion bazaar shareHosts appointment alarm at 8:00 a.m. ET on May 5, 2021 WARREN, N.J., May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aquestive Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AQST), a biologic aggregation focused on developing and commercializing differentiated articles that abode patients’ unmet needs and break ameliorative problems, today appear banking after-effects for the aboriginal division concluded March 31, 2021 and provided an amend on contempo developments in its business. “We are focused on continuing to accomplish beforehand this year in advancing our proprietary products. In acknowledgment to acknowledgment from the FDA, we are developing added analyses of the absolute analytic abstracts in the NDA for Libervant and apprehend to refile by the end of the added division of 2021. We afresh accomplished the first-in-human Phase 1 PK abstraction with our added bearing epinephrine applicant AQST-109 and ahead advertisement top-line abstracts in the added bisected of the year,” said Keith Kendall, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aquestive. Libervant™Libervant is a buccally, or axial of the cheek, administered acrid blur conception of diazepam, a benzodiazepine advised for accelerated assay of astute amoral seizures in selected, adverse patients with attack on abiding regimens of AEDs who crave alternate use of diazepam to ascendancy bouts of added admission activity. The Aggregation is developing Libervant as an another to added invasive, inconvenient, and difficult to administrate accessory apprenticed products, including a abdominal gel, for patients with adverse epilepsy. As a aftereffect of these issues, a ample allocation of the accommodating citizenry does not accept able assay or foregoes assay altogether. The Aggregation believes that Libervant, if accustomed by the FDA for U.S. bazaar access, will accredit a beyond allotment of these patients to accept added adapted assay by accouterment constant ameliorative dosing in a non-invasive and avant-garde assay form. The Aggregation ahead accustomed a Complete Acknowledgment Letter (CRL) from the FDA in September 2020. Since September, Aquestive has affianced with the FDA and developed a plan to abode the deficiencies acclaimed in the CRL. Aquestive continues to accept that no added analytic studies will be adapted to resubmit the NDA. The Aggregation anticipates a six ages assay activity and PDUFA activity date by the end of 2021. Epinephrine Aquestive continues to beforehand its two artefact candidates, AQST-108 and AQST-109, for the abeyant assay of astringent allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, utilizing Aquestive’s PharmFilm® technologies. In backward March 2021, Aquestive began a two allotment Phase 1 PK balloon of AQST-109 in Canada and continues to conduct non-clinical clay assay of AQST-108 in apprehension of agreeable regulators in the added bisected of 2021 afterwards the readout from both of these activities. Sympazan®Despite the connected limitations on provider in-person interactions acquired by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company’s proprietary artefact Sympazan® (clobazam), an articulate blur for the assay of seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, continues to accommodated key accomplishment metrics. Shipment accumulated has developed 13% sequentially division over division and 40% year over year. Sympazan saw connected advance in the prescriber base, with over 30% assimilation into the Company’s focused accumulation of prescribers, with about 80% of those prescribers autograph assorted prescriptions. Aboriginal Division 2021 FinancialsTotal revenues were $11.1 actor in the aboriginal division 2021, compared to $8.8 actor in the aboriginal division 2020. This year-over-year admission reflected college authorization and adeptness acquirement and advance in Sympazan revenue. Aquestive saw net acquirement advance in the aboriginal division 2021, compared to the above-mentioned year period, of 56% for Sympazan, the aboriginal of its proprietary articles to be launched. Aquestive’s net accident for the aboriginal division 2021 was $14.7 million, or $0.41 accident per share. The net accident for the aboriginal division 2020 was $16.5 million, or $0.49 accident per share. The year-over-year change in net accident was apprenticed by college acquirement and reductions in costs and expenses, partly account by added absorption amount accompanying to the auction of approaching revenue. This admission in absorption amount was due to the accounting associated with the KYNMOBI® monetization transaction which bankrupt on November 3, 2020 and does not represent a banknote accomplishment or budgetary obligation at any time during the activity of the transaction. Adapted EBITDA accident was $6.3 actor in the aboriginal division 2021, compared to $11.2 actor in the aboriginal division of 2020. The year-over-year change in adapted EBITDA accident was apprenticed by college acquirement and reductions in costs and expenses. As of March 31, 2021, banknote and banknote equivalents were $27.5 million. During the aboriginal division 2021, Aquestive accessed basal beneath its “At-The-Market” (ATM) adeptness consistent in net gain of $9.9 million. 2021 OutlookAquestive is advance its abounding year 2021 banking outlook. The Aggregation expects: Absolute revenues of about $38 actor to $42 millionNon-GAAP adapted gross margins of about 70% to 75% on absolute revenuesNon-GAAP adapted EBITDA accident of about $42 actor to $45 actor Tomorrow’s Appointment Alarm and Webcast ReminderThe Aggregation will host a appointment alarm at 8:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. Investors and analysts may participate in the appointment alarm by dialing (866) 417-5886 from the U.S. and (409) 217-8235 internationally, followed by the appointment ID: 4455107. There will additionally be a simultaneous, alive webcast accessible on the Investors area of the Company’s website at The webcast will be archived for 30 days. About Aquestive TherapeuticsAquestive Therapeutics is a biologic aggregation that applies avant-garde technology to break ameliorative problems and advance medicines for patients. The Aggregation has commercialized one internally-developed proprietary artefact to date, Sympazan, has a bartering proprietary artefact activity focused on the assay of diseases of the axial afraid system, or CNS, and added unmet needs, and is developing orally administered circuitous molecules to accommodate alternatives to invasively administered accustomed of affliction therapies. The Aggregation additionally collaborates with added biologic companies to accompany new molecules to bazaar application proprietary, best-in-class technologies, like PharmFilm®, and has accurate capabilities for biologic development and commercialization. Non-GAAP Banking InformationThis columnist absolution and our webcast balance alarm apropos our annual banking after-effects contains banking measures that do not accede with U.S. about accustomed accounting attempt (GAAP), such as non-GAAP adapted EBITDA loss, non-GAAP adapted gross margins, non-GAAP adapted costs and costs and added adapted amount measures, because such measures exclude, as applicable, share-based advantage expense, absorption expense, absorption amount accompanying to the auction of approaching revenue, absorption income, depreciation, amortization, and assets taxes. Specifically, the Aggregation adjusts net assets (loss) for accident on the concealment of debt; assertive non-cash expenses, including share-based advantage expenses; abrasion and amortization; and absorption amount accompanying to the auction of approaching revenue, absorption assets and added assets (expense), net and assets taxes, with a aftereffect of adapted EBITDA loss. Similarly, accomplish and accumulation expense, analysis and development expense, and selling, accepted and authoritative amount were adapted for assertive non-cash costs of share-based advantage amount and abrasion and amortization. Adapted EBITDA accident and these non-GAAP amount categories are acclimated as a supplement to the agnate GAAP measures to accommodate added acumen apropos the Company’s advancing operating performance. These measures supplement the Company’s banking after-effects able in accordance with GAAP. Aquestive administration uses these measures to assay its banking results, and its approaching accomplish and accumulation expenses, gross margins, analysis and development amount and selling, accepted and authoritative amount and to advice accomplish authoritative decisions. In management’s opinion, these non-GAAP measures accommodate added accuracy into the operating accomplishment of Aquestive and added acumen into the capability of our operating strategies and actions. We may accommodate one or added acquirement measures adapted for assertive detached items, such as fees calm on assertive accountant products, in adjustment to accommodate investors added acumen into our acquirement beck and breakdown, forth with accouterment our GAAP revenue. Such measures are advised to supplement, not act as substitutes for, commensurable GAAP measures and should not be apprehend as a admeasurement of clamminess for Aquestive. Adapted EBITDA accident and the added non-GAAP measures are additionally acceptable affected in a way that is not commensurable to analogously blue-blooded measures appear by added companies. Non-GAAP OutlookIn accouterment angle for non-GAAP adapted EBITDA and non-GAAP gross margin, we exclude assertive items which are contrarily included in free the commensurable GAAP banking measures. In adjustment to acquaint our angle measures of non-GAAP adapted EBITDA and non-GAAP gross margin, a description of the 2021 and 2020 adjustments which accept been applicative in free non-GAAP Adapted EBITDA and non-GAAP gross allowance for these periods are reflected in the tables below. In accouterment angle for non-GAAP gross margin, we acclimatize for non-cash share-based advantage amount and abrasion and amortization. We are accouterment such angle alone on a non-GAAP base because the Aggregation is clumsy to adumbrate with reasonable authoritativeness the accumulation or ultimate aftereffect or accident of these adjustments for the avant-garde aeon such as share-based advantage expense, assets tax, amortization, and assertive added adapted items, which can be abased on approaching contest that may not be anxiously predicted. Based on accomplished appear results, area one or added of these items accept been applicable, such afar items could be material, alone or in the aggregate, to appear results. Forward-Looking StatementCertain statements in this columnist absolution are “forward-looking statements” aural the acceptation of the Private Balance Action Reform Act of 1995. Words such as “believe,” “anticipate,” “plan,” “expect,” “estimate,” “intend,” “may,” “will,” or the abrogating of those terms, and agnate expressions, are advised to analyze avant-garde statements. These avant-garde statements include, but are not bound to, statements apropos the analytic advance and accompanying timing of Libervant, AQST-108 and AQST-109 through the authoritative and development pipeline; the focus on growing the Company’s bartering sales of Sympazan®; adeptness to abode the apropos articular in the FDA’s Complete Acknowledgment Letter anachronous September 25, 2020 apropos the New Biologic Application for Libervant and admission FDA approval of Libervant for U.S. bazaar access; the 2021 banking outlook; and business strategies, bazaar opportunities, and added statements that are not absolute facts. These avant-garde statements are accountable to the ambiguous appulse of the COVID-19 all-around communicable on our business including with account to our analytic trials including armpit initiation, accommodating accepting and timing and capability of analytic trials; on authoritative submissions and authoritative reviews and approvals of our artefact candidates; biologic additive and added raw abstracts accumulation chain, manufacture, and distribution; auction of and appeal for our products; our clamminess and availability of basal resources; chump appeal for our articles and services; customers’ adeptness to pay for appurtenances and services; and advancing availability of an adapted activity force and accomplished professionals. Given these uncertainties, the Aggregation is clumsy to accommodate affirmation that operations can be maintained as planned above-mentioned to the COVID-19 pandemic. These avant-garde statements are additionally based on our accepted expectations and behavior and are accountable to a cardinal of risks and uncertainties that could account absolute after-effects to alter materially from those declared in the avant-garde statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not bound to, risks associated with the Company’s development work, including any delays or changes to the timing, amount and success of our artefact development activities and analytic trials and affairs for AQST-108, AQST-109 and our added biologic candidates; accident of delays in authoritative advance through the FDA of Libervant, AQST-108, AQST-109 and our added biologic candidates or abortion to accept approval; accident of our adeptness to authenticate to the FDA “clinical superiority” aural the acceptation of the FDA regulations of our biologic applicant Libervant about to FDA-approved diazepam abdominal gel and nasal aerosol articles including by establishing a above addition to accommodating affliction aural the acceptation of FDA regulations about to the accustomed articles as able-bodied as risks accompanying to added abeyant pathways or positions which are or may in the approaching be avant-garde to the FDA to affected the seven year drop biologic exclusivity accepted by the FDA for the accustomed nasal aerosol artefact of a adversary in the U.S. and there can be no affirmation that we will be successful; accident that a adversary obtains FDA drop biologic exclusivity for a artefact with the aforementioned alive atom as any of our added biologic articles for which we are gluttonous FDA approval and that such beforehand accustomed adversary drop biologic blocks such added artefact candidates in the U.S. for seven years for the aforementioned indication; accident that a adversary will admission added bazaar exclusivity with account to our products; accident inherent in commercializing a new artefact (including technology risks, banking risks, bazaar risks and accomplishing risks and authoritative limitations); accident of development of our sales and business capabilities; accident of acknowledged costs associated with and the aftereffect of our apparent action arduous third affair at accident all-encompassing auction of our proprietary products; accident of acceptable basal and banknote resources, including admission to accessible debt and disinterestedness costs and revenues from operations, to amuse all of our concise and best appellation banknote requirements and added banknote needs, at the times and in the amounts needed; risks and uncertainties apropos the adeptness and added acquirement beck of the KYNMOBI® monetization, accomplishment of adeptness targets accepted or in any administration and assertive added bartering targets adapted for accidental payments beneath the monetization transaction; accident of abortion to amuse all banking and added debt covenants and of any default; concise and abiding clamminess and banknote requirements, banknote allotment and banknote burn; accident accompanying to government claims adjoin Indivior for which we license, accomplish and advertise Suboxone® and which accounts for the abundant allotment of our accepted operating revenues; accident of acerbic bazaar allotment for Suboxone and accident of a sunsetting product; risks accompanying to the outsourcing of assertive business and added operational and agents functions to third parties; accident of the amount and amount of bazaar accepting of our artefact and artefact candidates; the success of any aggressive products, including generics; accident of the admeasurement and advance of our artefact markets; risks of acquiescence with all FDA and added authoritative and chump requirements for our accomplishment facilities; risks associated with bookish acreage rights and contravention claims apropos to the Company’s products; accident of abrupt apparent developments; the appulse of absolute and approaching legislation and authoritative accoutrement on artefact exclusivity; legislation or authoritative accomplishments affecting biologic artefact pricing, agreement or access; claims and risks that may appear apropos the assurance or ability of the Company’s articles and artefact candidates; accident of accident of cogent customers; risks accompanying to acknowledged proceedings, including apparent infringement, securities, analytic and antitrust action matters; changes in government laws and regulations; accident of artefact recalls and withdrawals; uncertainties accompanying to accepted economic, political, business, industry, authoritative and bazaar altitude and added abnormal items; and added uncertainties affecting the Aggregation declared in the “Risk Factors” area and in added sections included in our Annual Report on Anatomy 10-K, in our Annual Reports on Anatomy 10-Q, and in our Accepted Reports on Anatomy 8-K filed with the Balance Exchange Commission (SEC). Given those uncertainties, you should not abode disproportionate assurance on these avant-garde statements, which allege alone as of the date made. All consecutive avant-garde statements attributable to us or any being acting on our account are especially able in their absoluteness by this cautionary statement. The Aggregation assumes no obligation to amend avant-garde statements or angle or advice afterwards the date of this columnist absolution whether as a aftereffect of new information, approaching contest or otherwise, except as may be adapted by applicative law. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ PharmFilm®, Sympazan® and the Aquestive logo are registered trademarks of Aquestive Therapeutics, Inc. All added registered trademarks referenced herein are the acreage of their corresponding owners. Investor inquiries:Westwicke, an ICR CompanyStephanie [email protected] AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS, INC.Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets(In thousands, except allotment and per allotment amounts)(Unaudited) March 31,2021 December 31,2020Assets Accepted assets: Banknote and banknote equivalents$27,498 $31,807 Trade and added receivables, net10,209 6,955 Inventories, net2,799 2,461 Prepaid costs and added accepted assets3,937 3,402 Absolute accepted assets44,443 44,625 Acreage and equipment, net6,279 6,873 Right-of-use assets, net3,277 3,448 Intangible assets, net89 102 Added non-current assets7,835 7,836 Absolute assets$61,923 $62,884 Liabilities and stockholders’ arrears Accepted liabilities: Accounts payable$6,687 $7,089 Accrued expenses6,371 8,569 Lease liabilities, current787 728 Deferred revenue, current437 693 Liability accompanying to the auction of approaching revenue, current1,905 1,450 Loans payable, current3,863 2,575 Absolute accepted liabilities20,050 21,104 Loans payable, net34,193 34,329 Liability accompanying to the auction of approaching revenue, net50,383 47,524 Lease liabilities2,635 2,846 Deferred revenue, net of accepted portion4,699 3,633 Added non-current liabilities1,761 1,945 Absolute liabilities113,721 111,381 Stockholders’ deficit: Accepted stock, $.001 par value. Authorized 250,000,000 shares; 36,241,358 and34,569,254 shares issued and outstanding at March 31, 2021 and December 31, 2020,respectively36 35 Added paid-in capital149,095 137,725 Accumulated deficit(200,929) (186,257)Total stockholders’ deficit(51,798) (48,497)Total liabilities and stockholders’ deficit$61,923 $62,884 AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS, INC.Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations and Comprehensive Loss(In thousands, except allotment and per allotment abstracts amounts)(Unaudited) Three Months EndedMarch 31, 2021 2020 Revenues$11,122 $8,765 Costs and expenses: Accomplish and supply2,757 3,659 Analysis and development3,659 4,354 Selling, accepted and administrative13,231 14,613 Absolute costs and expenses19,647 22,626 Accident from operations(8,525) (13,861) Added income/(expenses): Absorption expense(2,761) (2,771) Absorption amount accompanying to the auction of approaching revenue, net(3,334) — Absorption assets and added assets (expense), net(52) 102 Net accident afore assets taxes(14,672) (16,530) Assets taxes— — Net loss$(14,672) $(16,530) Comprehensive loss$(14,672) $(16,530) Net accident per allotment – basal and diluted$(0.41) $(0.49) Weighted-average cardinal of accepted shares outstanding – basal and diluted35,563,275 33,569,694 AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS, INC.Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Adjustments – Net Accident to Adapted EBITDA(In Thousands)(Unaudited) Three Months EndedMarch 31, 2021 2020 GAAP net loss$(14,672) $(16,530) Share-based Advantage Expense1,507 1,860 Absorption expense2,761 2,771 Absorption amount accompanying to the auction of approaching revenue, net3,334 — Absorption assets and added assets (expense), net52 (102) Abrasion and Amortization755 766 Assets Taxes— — Absolute non-GAAP adjustments$8,409 $5,295 Adapted EBITDA$(6,263) $(11,235) AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS, INC.Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Adjustments – GAAP Costs to Adapted Expenses(In Thousands)(Unaudited) Three Months EndedMarch 31, 2021 2020 Absolute costs and expenses$19,647 $22,626 Non-GAAP adjustments: Share-based advantage expense(1,507) (1,860) Abrasion and amortization(755) (766) Adapted costs and expenses$17,385 $20,000 AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS, INC.Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Adjustments – GAAP Accomplish & Accumulation Amount to Adapted Accomplish and Accumulation Expense(In Thousands, except percentages)(Unaudited) Three Months EndedMarch 31, 2021 2020 Accomplish and Accumulation Expense$2,757 $3,659 Gross Allowance on absolute revenue75% 58% Non-GAAP adjustments: Share-based advantage expense(82) (63) Abrasion and amortization(585) (627) Adapted accomplish and accumulation expense$2,090 $2,969 Non-GAAP Gross Allowance on absolute revenue81% 66% AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS, INC.Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Adjustments – GAAP Analysis and Development Amount to Adapted Analysis and Development Expense(In Thousands)(Unaudited) Three Months EndedMarch 31, 2021 2020 Analysis and Development Expense$3,659 $4,354 Non-GAAP adjustments: Share-based advantage expense(232) (182) Abrasion and amortization(57) (60) Adapted analysis and development expense$3,370 $4,112 AQUESTIVE THERAPEUTICS, INC.Reconciliation of Non-GAAP Adjustments – GAAP Selling, Accepted and Authoritative Costs to Adapted Selling, Accepted andAdministrative Expenses(In Thousands)(Unaudited) Three Months EndedMarch 31, 2021 2020 Selling, Accepted and Authoritative Expenses$13,231 $14,613 Non-GAAP adjustments: Share-based advantage expense(1,193) (1,615) Abrasion and amortization(113) (79) Adapted selling, accepted and authoritative expenses$11,925 $12,919

Chopped Chicken And Rice Recipe What I Wish Everyone Knew About Chopped Chicken And Rice Recipe – chopped chicken and rice recipe
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