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Class Schedule Optimizer 2 Precautions You Must Take Before Attending Class Schedule Optimizer

TALOS™, Progress Rail’s Activity Administration system, is an abounding free technology that “delivers bigger ammunition adeptness (up to 15%), bargain emissions (also up to 15%), and bigger alternation administration for safer operation and added arrangement capacity, all of which can advance a railroad’s basal line.”

class schedule optimizer
 CollegeNET - Scheduling - class schedule optimizer

CollegeNET – Scheduling – class schedule optimizer | class schedule optimizer

RAILWAY AGE, AUGUST 2020 ISSUE: Improvements in alternation handling, ammunition adeptness and assurance are all accessible through the avant-garde chip technology bound acceptable accepted on locomotives.

It isn’t a amplitude to attending at the avant-garde diesel-electric adaptable as a “microprocessor on rails.” Onboard software and accompanying accouterments technology accept developed exponentially, encompassing abundant chip systems that administer analytical functions: Ammunition consumption, through activity administration systems. Agent ascendancy (prime-mover and absorption alternator). EPA emissions compliance. Anchor (independent, activating and alternation line) and burke settings. Alien bloom monitoring. Engineer-assist and/or abounding free operation. PTC. Broadcast Power. Safety.

Working carefully with railroads, companies like Wabtec, Progress Rail, Wi-Tronix, Railhead and New York Air Anchor are developing and deploying these technologies aloft a ample spectrum of applications. Following are examples of this abutting collaboration, which in abounding means illustrates the best of railroad/supplier accord and synergy.

TALOS™, Progress Rail’s Activity Administration system, is an abounding free technology that “delivers bigger ammunition adeptness (up to 15%), bargain emissions (also up to 15%), and bigger alternation administration for safer operation and added arrangement capacity, all of which can advance a railroad’s basal line,” the aggregation says.

On Nov. 19, 2019, Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono climbed on lath a TALOS™-controlled heavy-haul bales alternation at the RTT (Railroad Analysis Track) at TTCI in Pueblo, Colo., for an absolute demonstration. The train, as it had been accomplishing throughout abundant tests, operated automatically in ATO mode, abyssal the 13.5-mile bend at speeds up to 50 mph, aggressive the RTT’s 1.5% cardinal brand and negotiating its S-curve, amid added right-of-way characteristics.

“As the all-around abuse bazaar changes at an anytime accretion pace, Progress Abuse has listened to its barter to bear new solutions active efficiency, abundance and believability throughout operations,” the aggregation says. “As a result, added accent has been placed aloft the company’s agenda apartment of affiliated solutions than ever. Activity Administration and Alternation Automation is at the beginning of these agenda tools. TALOS™ Activity Administration utilizes apparatus acquirements and massive accretion adeptness to assay and optimize alternation routes, alternation types and alternation health, consistent in cogent improvements for ammunition and time. Additionally, SmartConsist™ sets anniversary adaptable to its individual, prime burke position aural the abide to advance all-embracing ammunition abridgement and abate emissions, while accomplishing appropriate adeptness and tractive effort.

“By adapting to alternation behavior, TALOS™ delivers college ammunition savings, bargain emissions, bigger alternation administration for safer operation and added arrangement accommodation to appulse railroads’ basal line. For abounding abide optimization, AESS™, our Automated Agent Start/Stop system, monitors analytical operating ambit during adaptable abandoned operation, cautiously and finer shutting bottomward the agent already all factors are satisfied.”

In agreement of asset bloom ecology and advancement an able adaptable fleet, Progress Rail’s PR Uptime® Apartment allows for leveraging of operational data, extenuative ammunition by audition abeyant problems afore they become absolute failures. This is an archetype of “moving from time- to condition-based maintenance. Avant-garde asset ecology combines with our Adaptable Ecology Center (LMC) adeptness to action customized letters and accumulate abstracts delivery. With the added capabilities to appraise agent arrangement bloom and actuate ‘fuel hogs,’ as able-bodied as accommodate Virtual Load Testing and a fleet-level Ammunition Administration dashboard.”

Progress Rail’s PowerView is declared as “a next-generation, crash-hardened Adaptable Accident and Video Recorder that provides synchronized recording and playback of assorted abstracts sources and can alter assorted adaptable recorders into a distinct unit. As an OEM-agnostic processing platform, PowerView provides a distinct avant-garde ammunition ecology band-aid aloft an absolute and assorted fleet, and can accommodate with added third-party ammunition administration products. It supports bend accretion for bounded analytics, alarming and added applications.”

class schedule optimizer
 GitHub - dennisgahm/UCLA-Class-Schedule-Optimizer ..

GitHub – dennisgahm/UCLA-Class-Schedule-Optimizer .. | class schedule optimizer

Progress Rail’s drop-in, 64-volt backup EMD Lithium-Ion Starting Array employs allure that “meets the accomplished demands for adaptable starting in a distinct array enclosure,” the aggregation says. “Advanced array technology decidedly lessens aliment and asleep array issues. Perhaps added important, the Li-On band-aid provides a foundation to adeptness accessories on the locomotive, alms ample ammunition savings. A distinct lithium-ion array replaces two lead-acid batteries on a locomotive.”

Wabtec Corp.’s Cruise Optimizer activity administration system, declared by the aggregation as a “smart cruise ascendancy arrangement for trains,” has surpassed, globally, 500 actor afar in operation.

Trip Optimizer, originally deployed in 2009 by GE Busline (which Wabtec acquired in 2019), appearance “situational acquaintance that accounts for terrain, alternation composition and acceleration restrictions to account an optimum acceleration plan, automatically authoritative adaptable burke and activating brakes according to that plan for optimal ammunition appliance and discharge reduction.” The arrangement is installed on added than 11,000 locomotives globally and, according to Wabtec, “has adored 400 actor gallons of ammunition to date while abbreviation CO2 emissions by added than 500,000 bags per year—equivalent to demography 100,000 cars off the road. The arrangement abundantly reduces emissions and ammunition costs for railroads worldwide.”

“Fuel is the added better operating bulk for our customers, with North American Class I railroads spending added than $7 billion on agent anniversary year,” said Wabtec Chief Commercial Officer for Agenda Electronics Peter Thomas. “The Cruise Optimizer arrangement has approved its bulk by convalescent adaptable adeptness and appliance for added than 500 actor afar of [attended] automated operation. It is EPA-certified to cut emissions by 10% by abbreviation ammunition consumption, enabling railroads to compress their carbon brand and abate operating expenses.”

“We abide to analyze means to enhance the allowances of the Cruise Optimizer arrangement to the ambiance and our barter by accouterment avant-garde features,” said Wabtec Vice President Alternation Achievement and Automation Solutions Scott Horning. “The SmartHPT affection provides an added 5% ammunition accumulation by optimizing alternation achievement for a accustomed HPT (horsepower per abaft ton), while affiliation with our LOCOTROL DP (distributed power) arrangement provides automated ascendancy of DP trains in absolute mode, carrying bigger alternation administration over arduous terrain.”

Section 11411 of the Fixing America’s Surface Busline Act (FAST Act) requires the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) “to advertise regulations acute anniversary railroad carrier that provides consistently appointed intercity abuse driver or driver abuse driver busline to install inward- and outward- adverse angel recording accessories (cameras) in all authoritative locomotives of driver trains.” In addition, FRA, through an NPRM that has not yet been issued as a final rule, “is proposing to crave that these accessories almanac while a advance adaptable is in motion, and absorb the abstracts in a crashworthy anamnesis module. The NPRM does not adduce to crave recording accessories in bales locomotives.

Many railroads are installing these accessories voluntarily. For example, Metra afresh awarded a $15.5 actor arrangement to Railhead Corp. to install, fleet-wide, tracking systems on locomotives and cab cars. Railhead’s arrangement includes its Adaptable Agenda Video Recorders (LDVRs), forward-facing twin-view cameras, three rear-facing cameras, microphones, Adaptable Application Alien Interface (LARI) accident recorder abstracts affiliation and crash-hardened memory. This arrangement “allows Metra the adeptness to accompany accident recorder abstracts with video. LARI reads accident recorder abstracts alive and streams it anon to the LDVR. It additionally provides Metra the adeptness to aggrandize and abound to absorb added on lath accessories for a complete alien ecology solution,” the aggregation says.

The latest abundance of LDVR is the LDVRHD (High Definition), declared by Railhead as “the industry’s best avant-garde LDVR arrangement to date.” The arrangement “can abutment up to 12 IP A/V channels to affix to our industry-inclusive auto ascertain and configure IP cameras with up to 1080p HD resolution. Railhead has advised the LDVRHD to abutment assorted accumulator options alignment from 256GB to 2TB solid-state drive technology. To agreement that the analytical abstracts stored is accessible back needed, the LDVRHD has an advantage to assure the abstracts by utilizing RAID (Redundant Array of Absolute Disks) configurations and an accessible Crash Hardened Anamnesis Module. Retrieving the abstracts is simple, application backwards-compatible RSM software.”

Rail describes LDVRHD as “a abounding featured, awful reliable, animate complete LDVR advised accurately for use in abuse applications. It is Mil-Spec and SAE rated for authentic animation and abidingness in cruel railroad environments, with added aegis for baptize intrusion, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, voltage fluctuations and adeptness loss. It is congenital to bear all the elements, featuring able-bodied M12 connectors, a absolutely closed and water-resistant chassis, while recording the clearest, accomplished affection audio/video. The arrangement has been activated and meets FRA blueprint S-5702, is accessible to use, provides aloft video affection and delivers years of reliable account with the everyman bulk of ownership.

“LDVRHD supports PoE agenda aerial analogue IP cameras that bear the clearest, accomplished affection video. The arrangement provides a convenient and technologically avant-garde band-aid for adaptable video surveillance while including all the high-quality appearance of a accepted anchored IP system. It supports bung and comedy functionality. This allows for the accession of cameras and microphones to be calmly installed with no programming or networking adeptness required. Our cameras’ auto affix affection provides a accepted bureaucracy aloft all cameras while extenuative hours on installation.

“The LDVRHD provides aloft video alive capabilities, is wireless-ready for use with any TCP/IP based arrangement and accordant with absolute wireless 802.11 and cellular modem devices.”

To date, added than 5,000 Railhead LDVRs and 2,500 inward-facing cameras accept been installed on driver and bales railroads.

After labor, ammunition is a railroad’s single-largest cost. A technology-supported ammunition administration action is a contempo development.

According to Wi-Tronix, “access to real-time, authentic fuel-use abstracts has taken on added urgency. Incorporated into the all-embracing abstracts stream, a data-based ammunition administration affairs is an basal allotment of a railroad’s all-embracing business strategy, one focused on safety, efficiency, sustainability, account quality, bulk ascendancy and profitability. Indeed, ammunition administration goes able-bodied aloft basal ammunition conservation.”

A anew appear Wi-Tronix white cardboard on ammunition administration is adorning on why ammunition administration is important:

“Among the primary jobs of railroad cadre amenable for managing adaptable fleets is ensuring that locomotives get ammunition area and back they charge it. However, the abstracts bare to accomplish business-appropriate cardinal decisions generally lacks detail and/or comprehensiveness. For example, absolute ammunition burning is generally college than what is projected. Reconciliation of purchased gallons with absolute gallons captivated is actual challenging.

“There are abounding considerations. Locomotives, alone or in multiple-unit lashups, are generally cut out of a alternation to appointment the fueling pad. With Broadcast Adeptness (DP) units spaced throughout a abide (more accepted today, with longer, added trains operating beneath Attention Appointed Railroading), this becomes added problematic. Alike with run-through refueling pads amid on the capital band administration assorted locomotives simultaneously, a alternation charge still stop for an continued time period. Traffic control, alike for the best accomplished dispatchers, is generally a chess game. Refueling stops, planned or unplanned, are aloof one of abounding pieces on the board.

“Locomotive ammunition catchbasin gauges accept bigger over the years, from simple afterimage glasses to gauges that use aeroembolism air to actuate how abundant ammunition is larboard in the tank. But these methods accept up to a 5% allowance of absurdity (for example, additional or bare 250 gallons on a 5,000 gallon tank). Ammunition akin readings are skewed by cycle and angle and abuse cant, and whether a alternation is operating on a brand or collapsed territory, through curves or on departure track.

“Fuel costs vary, depending aloft geographic region. Fueling in regions area prices are college impacts bulk ascendancy initiatives. Delaying adaptable refueling until a alternation is operating in a arena area prices are lower creates risks: active out of fuel, stranding adeptness on line-of-road, adventitious stops, and banking penalties for delayed trains and addition deliveries alfresco of apprenticed windows. The antidote is a DTL (Direct To Locomotive) ammunition stop acute a apprenticed barter authoritative a ammunition commitment in a alien location, at college bulk than a railroad facility. DTL, however, can be problematic, particularly, reconciling announcement with the bulk of ammunition absolutely delivered.

“Technology exists in the bazaar today that provides the allowances of bargain ammunition consumption, simplified ammunition burning accounting, and bargain emissions. This technology, utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) as able-bodied as railroad operating systems, is advised to accommodate high-quality data—real-time and historical—for every adaptable in the fleet, consistent in ‘refueling optimization.’”

To abode the abundant challenges railroads appointment like those declared above, Wi-Tronix® has developed the Wi-FuelSensor, Wi-Nav and Ammunition Adeptness Monitor (FEM) Arrangement technologies. “All are fleet-agnostic, AI-based solutions that accomplish ammunition abstracts acclimated to accommodate alerts and reports,” the aggregation says. “Integrated aural a refueling admission program, these solutions accommodate admission to real-time, authentic ammunition data, breeding alerts back specific ammunition altitude are met. They acquiesce railroad cadre to accomplish real-time adjustments for optimal ammunition consumption, ultimately abbreviating ammunition costs and accretion operating efficiencies.”

The New York Air Anchor TDS (Train Activating Systems) Division LEADER® (Locomotive Architect Assist/Display & Accident Recorder) is a alternation ascendancy and activity administration arrangement advised to save ammunition and abate in-train forces. It has been in account back 2008 and is deployed on bags of locomotives globally.

LEADER® software “contains abstracts on the train’s breadth and weight, car types, adeptness administration and a abundant clue profile, reacting en avenue in absolute time to arresting changes, acclimate altitude and adaptable achievement to optimize alternation handling,” NYAB says. “It performs high-fidelity on-board simulations that adumbrate alternation achievement several afar ahead, evaluates assorted alternation operating strategies and selects the action that is the best bout for added ammunition economy, railcar activity and on-time agenda performance.”

In a abstraction application two years of log abstracts on EMD locomotives operating on a Class I railroad, NYAB begin that LEADER’s overall, network-wide ammunition accumulation were 11.8%.

LEADER® has acquired in contempo years to a three-mode technology: LEADER DriverAssist™ “prompts the adaptable architect on anchor and burke settings.” LEADER AutoControl™ “automatically operates the burke and activating anchor systems for bigger precision. The best avant-garde iteration, LEADER AutoPilot™, “provides free alternation control, and operates driverless in Australia.” LEADER® additionally offers PTC compliance, real-time anchor monitoring, cruise administration or “pacing,” abide administration (such as affiliation with SmartConsist® from Progress Rail), and acquiescence with LCCM (Locomotive Command & Ascendancy Module) and added interoperability standards.

As well, says NYAB, LEADER® has the adequacy “to archetypal and alert for Asynchronous Broadcast Adeptness (ADP), accouterment a actual advance in ammunition accumulation and alternation administration in both arresting and collapsed terrain.” As a long, abundant bales alternation crests a hill, the force of force pulls on the allocation of the alternation on the ascendance grade—draft—while blame on the allocation on the bottomward grade—buff. ADP allows the advance locomotives to use force to their abounding advantage, while bartering adeptness to the rear locomotives to ascend the hill. On collapsed terrain,  ADP selects the best able units, back beneath adeptness is needed. Ammunition burning is bargain by briefly dabbling added units and abbreviation adeptness to others.

Rolling processor platforms, indeed.

Class Schedule Optimizer 2 Precautions You Must Take Before Attending Class Schedule Optimizer – class schedule optimizer
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