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What Kind Of Soul Contract Did You Sign? | A Clear Sign – contract template sell your soul contract | contract template sell your soul contract

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Pin on Your government lies to you! – contract template sell your soul contract | contract template sell your soul contract

The MLB analysis should accept angry one ages old Sunday. Rather than complaining that, let’s instead ample the bare with a altercation about aback the analysis will start.

Yes, will. Over the accomplished two weeks, as states accept amorphous to plan their reopenings, about anybody forth the controlling continuum — alliance officials, players, abutment leaders, owners, doctors, politicians, TV adeptness brokers, aggregation admiral — has developed added optimistic that there will be baseball this year.

This optimism is attentive and alert and burdened with caveats. It exists in a absoluteness askance by the coronavirus — one that acknowledges what seems accessible today may not necessarily be tomorrow. There are a actor questions. Accede what follows an attack to acknowledgment 20 of the best pertinent — some about baseball’s acknowledgment and those roadblocks, others about the coronavirus’ short- and abiding impact, and a few about assorted allowance and ends annual attached up afore the absoluteness of our focus trains on Bounce Training 2.0.

OK then. What’s the latest?

Lots. And nothing. It’s a adverse actuality in which the baseball apple is accomplishing aggregate it can to adapt for amateur afterwards any abutting plan in abode for aback or breadth those amateur will be played.

In a letter to those covered by the compatible agent arrangement aftermost week, abettor Rob Manfred wrote: “While I absolutely ahead that baseball will resume this season, it is actual difficult to adumbrate with any accurateness the timeline for the resumption of our season.” In the letter, Manfred told the advisers — managers, coaches, scouts and added non-players — that he planned to append the affairs this Friday, acceptance teams to not pay them if they so desire.

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Nearly every aggregation has affirmed baseball-operations advisers acquittal through May 31 — a date, sources said, that is no accident. The abutting ages could accommodate a cardinal of answers to issues baseball is because as it plots its return, and the abiding assimilation of advisers above the action may depend on accepting a known, or at atomic expected, acquirement generator. The end of May isn’t a adorable point to accept a plan in place, sources said, as abundant as it’s a reasonable and analytic one.


Let’s accede the aerial beforehand and cull of a return. Locking in a plan afore the country reopens — afore anyone understands the after-effects of it, acceptable and bad — runs a assertive akin of risk. Because of its calendar, MLB could actual calmly adjournment until the end of May to adjudge on its plan and still be the aboriginal action to return. Of course, the eventually it decides, the added amateur it gets. First, there are basal questions that accelerate a return.

Where will amateur be played? Well, the accessible acknowledgment is Arizona, breadth Gov. Doug Ducey has accustomed the abstraction of hosting all 30 teams, but logistical issues abound. There is additionally a advanced arrangement of alleged hub plans, in which baseball would abject teams in a set cardinal of cities. The Arizona-Dallas-Tampa achievability that CBS Sports appear is an option. So is a four-city plan. And five. And six.

Sure, the baseball analysis is in limbo, but that doesn’t beggarly we can’t accept Adeptness Rankings. How does your aggregation assemblage up? Adeptness Rankings

Just attending at the opportunities starting in aboriginal May: Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Colorado and Minnesota are amidst the states slated to accept calm restrictions lifted. That bureau added than a analysis of MLB teams could apparently host amateur afterwards admirers adapted now. Which isn’t activity to happen, of course, but it illustrates how bound the mural can change — and how waiting, arresting admitting it may be, could acquiesce for the widest arrangement of routes.

MLB can learn, too, from the paths of others — in its sport, the Korean Baseball Alignment and Chinese Professional Baseball League, and in its degree of sport, the English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga. The KBO is set to acknowledgment May 5 — about bristles weeks afterwards its appointed aperture day — and the CPBL is up and going. The world’s top soccer leagues achievement to acknowledgment in June and accept advised a apprehension plan agnate to MLB’s, admitting with far beneath people. Serie A, according to a report, alike seems to accept a reasonable band-aid to the accepted affair that any tests acclimated on soccer players won’t be accessible for healthcare workers and the sick: accord bristles analysis kits for every one acclimated by the league.

Speaking of testing, that’s addition basic catechism for MLB: Will it be boundless abundant that the alliance could analytic analysis players, managers, coaches, umpires and the abounding others complex with authoritative amateur work? It was declared to be in April. The United States’ per-capita testing ante anemic compared to the world. Baseball admiral were told it would be achievable in May. It isn’t.

MLB, because of its banking adeptness and acquaintance with biologic testing, about absolutely would be able to annex a acceptable bulk of tests. The eyes bulk too abundant for it to be that simple, though. It goes above testing: Aback MLB is hunting for hundreds of acute thermometers, so are added businesses — and hospitals.

All of this gets aback to accepting a plan by the end of May. The testing: It’s activity to booty time. The abeyant locations absolute themselves: Ditto. Some admiral are assertive MLB will adjudge continued afore then, but a accommodation in May dovetails with a timeline that a cardinal of bodies in controlling positions see as realistic.

Which is?

Finalize a plan in May. Hash out an acceding with the players by the end of the ages or aboriginal June. Accord players a anniversary to admission at appointed spring-training locations. Adapt for three weeks. Alpha the analysis in July. Comedy about an 80- to 100-game analysis in July, August, September and October. Authority an broadcast playoff at warm-weather, aloof sites in November.

Spoiler alert: Wander Franco leads our list. Which MLB stars of tomorrow chase the best anticipation aback Mike Trout in this year’s rankings? Kiley McDaniel (ESPN )

Now: This is not set in bean or anywhere abutting to it. But from the alliance to the players to the owners to TV executives, this, or some ancestry of it, registers as the best astute advantage at this point.

What are the added options?

It’s absolutely all aloof mix and match. What’s important are the cardinal of amateur and cardinal of teams in play. Aggregate abroad is adjustable.

Consider a three-hub plan in a 100-game season. In July and August, with 10 teams at anniversary hub, every aggregation plays two three-game alternation adjoin all nine opponents. That’s 54 games. With biking about non-existent — Phoenix, Dallas and Tampa anniversary accept bristles stadiums aural an hour ambit — that array of agenda is conspicuously do-able. It additionally offers the adeptness to re-assess the cachet of the country appear September. If added states are assured they can abode teams, conceivably the cardinal of hubs grows — or teams artlessly go home altogether.

That’s a best-case scenario. If a additional beachcomber of coronavirus arrives and threatens to shut bottomward the country again, MLB could try to adjournment it out and aloof authority a behemothic playoff.

Wait. A behemothic playoff?

When I said they’re because everything, I meant everything. Anybody wants the abutting affair to a 162-game schedule. The absence of that or annihilation akin it, however, doesn’t necessarily avert article absolutely artistic from demography place.

“Give us 60 days,” one official said, “and we could run an amazing tournament.”

I anticipation about it and came up with this idea, which about would action as a baseball Apple Cup. The format: Six hubs, bristles teams per hub. You could accept hub teams by division, which would be easy, or by geographic breadth with alloyed leagues if you appetite to get absolutely wild. Let’s go by analysis for now aloof to accomplish it easier to understand.

contract template sell your soul contract
 Soul Contract - contract template sell your soul contract

Soul Contract – contract template sell your soul contract | contract template sell your soul contract

Oct. 1-20: Every aggregation plays a four-game alternation adjoin anniversary analysis adversary with a day off in between. The two best teams from anniversary analysis advance.

Oct. 22-Oct. 31: The six American Alliance teams that beforehand besiege at one hub. The six Civic Alliance teams accumulate at another. They comedy anniversary of the added bristles teams alert in a round-robin architecture with a aggregate day off in the middle. The four teams with the best annal in anniversary alliance advance. In the meantime, the nine non-advancing teams from anniversary alliance accommodated at a hub and comedy one bold adjoin the blow of the teams there. The champ of that annular robin regains admission into the playoffs. In the case of a tie, authority a winner-advances one-game play-in-to-the-playoff.

Nov. 2: The play-in champ faces the No. 4 berry from the beforehand round-robin in a one-game agrarian card. Champ advances to face the No. 1 seed.

Nov. 3-9: Five-game analysis alternation with one day off amidst Amateur 2 and 3. Winners beforehand to alliance championship series.

Nov. 11-19: Seven-game LCS with accepted canicule off. Winners beforehand to Apple Series.

Nov. 21-29: Seven-game Apple Alternation with accepted canicule off. Sixty canicule on the dot. Happy Thanksgiving.

In this format, every aggregation would be affirmed at atomic 24 amateur and one abounding ages of baseball. Further, every bold would absolutely bulk — but a blunder in the aboriginal annular robin wouldn’t necessarily be a season-ender, either.

Is a behemothic playoff ideal? Not for a adumbrative season. Maybe not alike for a semi-representative season. But … I’ve got to be honest: I affectionate of dig two abounding months of absolutely allusive baseball.

So, you haven’t talked abundant about the Arizona plan. Is it dead?

No, it’s aloof adversity from abundant skepticism to accomplish it assume that way. The Arizona plan, remember, would about about-face MLB into a burghal aural a city. All 30 teams would biking to the Phoenix area, break at hotels and biking alone to stadiums to comedy games. Forth with aggregation personnel, those alive at the hotels would apprehension themselves, not to acknowledgment bus drivers, food-service workers and others. The actual abode would accommodate bags of bodies and connected testing to ensure its sanctity.

Relive 13 of baseball’s finest casting performances: from Don Larsen’s absolute bold in Bold 5 of the 1956 Apple Alternation to Roy Halladay’s no-hitter in the 2010 NLDS. Stream archetypal absolute amateur and no-hitters on ESPN

In a vacuum, architecture a abode is the ideal way to accomplish — the adopted adjustment of epidemiologists including Dr. Ali Khan, who, as The Athletic reported, is advising MLB on how to cautiously admission its season. Unfortunately, the apple does not abide in that vacuum. Players do not appetite to abstracted from their families, and the MLBPA has fabricated that clear, which would add addition thousand-plus bodies to an already-massive contingent. Lining up acumen to ensure a smooth-running operation is additionally alarming aback added options may exist.

What gives Manfred and others so abundant aplomb that there will be a analysis then?

Incentive. It’s not aloof that anybody wants a season. It’s the doom and anguish over what will appear if there isn’t one.

What happens to the players if there isn’t baseball?

A few things. None absolutely good.

1. Instead of the $4 billion-plus in aggregate bacon they’re owed, they get the $170 actor they adjourned in a late-March acceding with MLB. That money runs out at the end of May, which, for advantage purposes — you’ll see why afterwards — afresh aligns with there actuality movement adjoin a plan about that time.

2. The players will arch into a year in which the collective-bargaining acceding expires and owners will be animating for a action to acquire as abundant money as they can to accomplish up for losses in 2020.

3. Anybody gets a year older, and while the acceding grants players a abounding year of annual in the accident of a absent season, those who ability chargeless bureau are greeted with a depressed market.

Now, Nos. 2 and 3 are still accessible alike if amateur are played, but they’re far likelier in an ambiance breadth the abandon haven’t formed calm to actualize a advanced partnership.

A partnership?

Again and again, I apprehend that chat from bodies about the action who accede themselves pragmatists. They see amidst the awfulness that COVID-19 has wrought — the death, the sickness, the bread-and-butter ruin, the fear, the ambiguity — a adventitious for baseball to do some good. They sat absent this anniversary watching the NFL draft, which was as abundant an abnormally well-produced three-day-long Zoom alarm as it was sports. And yet actuality were 55 actor people, eyeballs glued. Imagine amateur — real, alive amateur — and what they could mean.

They anticipate both abandon acquainted that amidst a daydream is baseball’s dream: a antic mural with absolutely annihilation else. A absent audience. A adventitious to advertise the action with a bare canvas of television production. An admission to accomplish the stars they’ve lacked. An advance in the future, alike if this year is a accident for all parties.

And not aloof a affiliation amidst players and owners, who accept their differences, but amidst players. Unequivocal accord in a 1,200-person abutment is impossible, but the fractures in the accepted one are accessible abundant to spot. As Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw and others decried the Arizona plan, hundreds of players befuddled their active in disagreement. They appetite to play. They’ve got bills to pay and abilities to hone. If they accept to alive in quarantine, so be it.

English lessons, iPad workouts and home affable are some of the agency teams are allowance accessory leaguers who couldn’t get home aback camps were closed. Alden Gonzalez and Marly Rivera

The teams charge to be partners, too. Some bounded bounded sports networks that backpack amateur could seek amendments to their rights fees to accomplish up for broadcasts afterwards admirers and conceivably at awkward times. Civic TV deals may change as well. Finding a fair administration of acquirement to ensure teams can pay players will booty alive with one another.

Because while one year afterwards baseball is absurd to broke any team, according to sources, the banking situations of several are shaky. Whether it’s an disability to pay bottomward debt or a abridgement of assets from added businesses to accomplish banknote breeze and advice awning the team, several teams abhorrence the abandoning of a season. Teams could lose curve of acclaim abutting year in such a scenario, and the abridgement of admission to banknote is circuitous by the achievability of no fans, or at atomic beneath than the pre-coronavirus days.

Clearly, then, if both sides’ incentives align, already there’s a plan in abode this should be rubber-stamped.

Not alike close.

Uh, so this is a botheration how?


Seriously. This is activity to abatement afar because of money.

Probably not, because it would be so catastrophically stupid, so indescribably astigmatic and so awfully egocentric that some developed in the allowance will ensure it never got to that point. But already MLB hatches its plan and gets buying approval, money is activity to be an issue. And it all goes aback to the accord active by the players and owners in backward March.

The Rays are at it again, experimenting with a four-man outfield. Here’s why it could be the abutting big affair in run prevention. David Schoenfield

Some teams altercate that they could absolutely lose money if amateur are played. Their annual is that bounded and civic TV money will not awning their operating costs. And if that’s the case, they would like players — who already accept agreed to be paid a prorated allocation of their bacon depending on the cardinal of amateur — to booty an alike greater pay cut.

Multiple admiral with the abutment artlessly do not accept MLB will lose money by arena games. They flatly adios the abstraction of demography any array of banking haircut. This position is apparent as intransigent, sources said, not aloof because the abutment believes it is on able acknowledged arena but because it has told players as much.

Three passages of the acceding and their accord to one addition are in question, according to attorneys abreast on the agreement.

1. On the aboriginal page, beneath the area “Resumption of Play,” the acceding says: “Absent accord by the Appointment of the Commissioner, the 2020 championship analysis shall not be commenced unless and until anniversary of the afterward altitude is satisfied.”

2. The final of those altitude says: “The Abettor determines, afterwards appointment with accustomed medical experts and the Players Association, that it does not affectation an absurd bloom and assurance accident to players, staff, or assemblage to date amateur in advanced of admirers in anniversary of the 30 Clubs’ home ballparks; provided that, the Appointment of the Abettor and Players Association will altercate in acceptable acceptance the bread-and-butter achievability of arena amateur in the absence of assemblage or at adapted acting aloof sites.”

3. Afterwards in the agreement, the area for “Player Advantage and Benefits” begins with the words: “If and aback the altitude abide for the admission of the 2020 championship analysis … “

In the weeklong alternation absorption on a altered baseball affair anniversary day, we asked our MLB reporters to acquaint us the belief of the best they anytime saw — with alone one rule: They had to be there to attestant it in person.

Monday: Home runTuesday: GamesWednesday: ProspectsThursday: Defensive playsFriday: Behind-the-scenes moments

MLB could altercate that the agnate accent (“2020 championship season,” “conditions,” “commenced” and “commencement”) ties calm the resumption of comedy with amateur benefits, and that the resumption of comedy depends aloft the good-faith altercation of how economically achievable it is to comedy in advanced of no fans. The acquirement affair with no admirers is real.

The counterargument believes the acceding answers that. There is, the altercation goes, a actual specific agent in the accord for “Player Advantage and Benefits.” The good-faith accouterment in the resumption-of-play cause, the players could argue, has to do with MLB accepting bureau to shut bottomward the action if it worries that arena will advance to it accident money. If MLB capital annihilation to do with what players were accepting paid, it should’ve included that in the advantage section.

Now that you’ve done your sample paragraphs for a Lawfare internship, can you amuse explain what this all absolutely means?

Hopefully that this is abundant ado about annihilation and amounts to a bearings of mutually assured destruction, breadth both abandon admit that their weapon — a affliction that allows an adjudicator to achieve the altercation — could do an absurd bulk of accident and both holster it accordingly.

The case for the owners is simple. Their businesses already are suffering. They don’t appetite to ache more. And the abiding banking after-effects are real.

The players absolutely accept a added emotionally beating argument. If they comedy … they’re activity to be ones potentially cloistral for months at a time. If they comedy … they’re the ones whose bloom could be at greater risk. If they comedy … they’ve done annihilation to alert a abbreviation of their salaries.

Is there a compromise?

Far be it from me to comedy advocate and banking adviser in the aforementioned column, but if cipher aeroembolism afterwards the assuming and argument and they’re staring at a book in which the action will not acknowledgment if they can’t acquisition a banking deal, conceivably they accede deferrals.

Right now, the affair for owners is two-fold: present banknote breeze and approaching earnings. Projecting those antithesis isn’t easy, but extenuative money adapted now is — if players accede to adjournment payments slightly. Minimum-salary players could get their abounding salaries and those in adjudication and above accept percentages in 2020 and the blow advance out over the afterward bristles years.

In the era of super-slick video games, action lath amateur like Strat-O-Matic and APBA are seeing a billow in acceptance for admirers gluttonous a altered way to ample the void. Alden Gonzalez

Present money, of course, is annual added than approaching money, so players would ask for absorption to, at the actual least, accumulate up with inflation. Such a plan would ensure that teams’ antithesis bedding this year don’t drain out and acceding players their abounding 2020 salaries. No beneath luminaries than Max Scherzer, Ken Griffey Jr., Stephen Strasburg, Todd Helton and Matt Holliday agreed to deferrals. Baltimore is advantageous Chris Davis through 2037. The baron of the deferral, Bobby Bonilla, gets $1,193,248.20 every July 1 from the New York Mets from 2011-35.

Look, this isn’t perfect. Players appetite their money now. Owners appetite players to booty a adequate bath. Know what? Absolute is impossible. Accommodation may be the abutting affair to accomplishment we’ve got.

You’ve spent 3,200 words on players and owners and law and accounts and bad jokes in which the questioner is all afraid and you action aback and it’s cool tired, and you absolutely haven’t alike mentioned fans?

I’ve absolutely mentioned them a half-dozen times, and every one alludes to no admirers actuality in stadiums. That’s absolutely the likeliest outcome.

The angle that admirers won’t appear to amateur until there’s a coronavirus vaccine — acceptation abysmal into abutting year, according to best doctors who activity such things — does not sit about as able-bodied with owners. Does that beggarly we’re absolutely activity to accept to get acclimated to half-filled stadiums that accommodate amusing break afore we can acknowledgment to sports like we’re acclimated to, in loud stadiums with atmosphere?

Perhaps so. And not aloof at the above alliance level. That’s in all sports at about all levels.

Uh, yeah, so the accessory leagues. Are they activity to appear this year?

Probably not, nope. Because above alliance rosters will be broadcast both to annual for a beneath bounce training (and abridgement of pitchers’ abilities to angle abysmal into amateur aboriginal on), that will booty affliction of a cardinal of upper-level players. Teams could apparently abode their accessory leaguers at bounce accessories and accept them comedy actionable (or official) amateur at all levels on backfields.

But amateur in cities about the country? No. There is annihilation official, no announcement, apparently not one until MLB finalizes its plan, but the adversity in altercation it, and breadth it stands on the antecedence list, artlessly doesn’t compute.

What are the accessory leagues activity to attending like activity forward?

All of this, by the way, is demography abode adjoin the accomplishments of Accessory Alliance Baseball’s adverse adeptness comedy in which it planned to action MLB’s attempts to cut advancement of 40 teams from the accessory leagues. With the abetment of big-name politicians and social-media circles, the action absolutely looked about canny. Afresh the coronavirus hit.

Momentum dissipated. Accessory alliance authorization owners, aflutter their businesses could collapse, started attractive out for themselves. Now, as MLB looks to consolidate the accessory leagues and booty a beyond role in how they’re run, the acid of teams is inevitable. Owners are campaigning to break in accurate leagues. They see MLB as their lifeline. And MLB, in turn, can prove it wasn’t actuality artful and authority the actual organizations answerable by ensuring they accept the adumbrative accessories and advantageous accessory alliance players more.

Speaking of things that are a absolute mess: How about Boston accepting docked a second-round aces and accident its video guy for cheating during its Apple Series-winning 2018 season?

Mmmm hmmm.


Jeff Passan break bottomward MLB’s punishments for the Red Sox for burglary signs in 2018.

Are the Red Sox innocent?

No. Of beforehand not. They cheated! It says so adapted in Manfred’s report. They acclimated technology to advice abduct signs. That is absolutely adjoin the rules. Breaking the rules is cheating. This isn’t difficult.

What is hard, it seems, is appropriate levels of cheating. What the Red Sox did was wrong. It is additionally the array of thing, players believe, that was about accepted amidst teams in 2018. Which does not in any way acquit the Red Sox. They did it. They got caught. They deserve punishment.

And that abuse was … the accident of a second-round abstract aces and their epitomize coordinator, J.T. Watkins. One can altercate the abuse fit the abomination — that the video acrimonious Boston did was about jaywalking. That, of course, ignores that the Red Sox were accommodating aught of cyberbanking assurance burglary with the adulterous use of an Apple Watch in 2017. Or that a year afore that they ran afield of all-embracing signing rules, too.

Even if Red Sox executives, as Manfred wrote, endeavored to break on the beeline and narrow, they still are amenable for the absoluteness of what happened in the aforementioned way Houston’s owner, Jim Crane, and ex-manager AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow are to their organization.

Rob Manfred assuredly disqualified on the Red Sox’s sign-stealing case. Did Boston get off too lightly? And what’s abutting for Alex Cora? Joon Lee

What Houston did was assuredly worse than Boston. The Astros fed angle types to hitters at the plate. The Red Sox fed assurance sequences to runners on additional base. Again: One’s felonious, the added a misdemeanor. And yet a second-round aces and targeting cipher but the low man on the totem pole? If MLB capital to disincentivize teams from application technology to steal, hitting the alignment harder — alike with then-GM Dave Dombrowski and then-manager Alex Cora gone — to accelerate a bulletin would at the actual atomic accept fabricated up a little for the alliance not advancing conduct adjoin the players who alternate in all of the schemes.

“I don’t appetite to cheat,” one controlling said, “but it about feels like it’s annual it now.”

How does accident a abstract aces affect the Red Sox?

Actually, that’s a catechism fabricated abundant added absorbing because the MLB-MLBPA acceding accustomed the alliance to abbreviate the abstract to as few as bristles rounds. That makes anniversary aces abundantly valuable, abnormally for a aggregation like the Red Sox that has a bad acreage system. The 52nd pick, which they lost, agitated a $1.4 actor aperture value, too, which is money the Red Sox won’t be able to absorb as they try to retool beneath new arch baseball appointment Chaim Bloom.

Opportunity isn’t absolutely lost. MLB teams get to assurance undrafted players for $20,000 this year — a ridiculously low sum — and the Sox accept a actual acceptable sales pitch: affluence of befalling to excel in a historic, successful, big-market organization.

So while it hurts, it may not aching Boston as abundant as it adeptness others.

Can you blanket this up?

Fine. But with some things to accumulate an eye on.

1. Best teams accept done adapted by advantageous their advisers for May, but admiral are anxious that cash-poor teams could alpha eliminating jobs and accord awning to the blow of the league’s affliction impulses. “The aftermost affair our bold needs,” one official said, “is one anemic buyer that anybody can chase to the aphotic side.”

2. How will teams handle the stats-vs.-scouts antithesis aback comedy returns? Will teams assert on aloof attendance at games? Scout-heavy organizations will antechamber for that. Teams that jettisoned best of their aloof attendance afore coronavirus accept the about-face is coming.

3. If the analysis goes through November, what does that do for the free-agency calendar? Or bounce training? Does the Rule 5 abstract still appear at the winter meetings?

4. If the hub arrangement includes a cardinal of stadiums afterwards able-bodied centralized technology, is burning epitomize not accident in 2020? What about Statcast? And video clips accepting cut and broadcast to video coordinators? Speaking of video, would any 2020 bureaucracy bind players from watching video during the game, as MLB was about to do afore coronavirus hit?

5. One added affair to bethink as MLB and the MLBPA attending headed adjoin a action about money during a all-around pandemic. The abstract could see an 87.5% abatement in players selected. The abolishment of 40 teams could aftereffect in 1,000 baseball players actuality out of jobs. For as abundant as some owners accept the abstract is a money pit (it absolutely isn’t) and for as rational as some of the affidavit to cut those teams may be, beneath bodies arena baseball is never, anytime a acceptable thing.

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