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UPDATE (3:04 p.m.): The board bedevilled Patrick Frazee of all the counts he faced, including first-degree annihilation afterwards deliberation. Apprehend added here.

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CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — Did Patrick Frazee carefully annihilation his fiancee and mother of his child, Kelsey Berreth, on Thanksgiving Day 2018? That’s the basic catechism the board will advised Monday morning afterwards closing arguments in Frazee’s annihilation trial.

The case bent civic absorption aback Berreth was appear missing in December 2018 and afterwards Frazee became a annihilation suspect. Back the balloon clearly began on Nov. 1, 2019, bodies about the nation accept kept tabs on the affairs central the Teller County attorneys in the baby burghal of Cripple Creek. Afore this trial, Cripple Creek was best accepted for accommodation the aftermost mining bang in Colorado. It has additionally been declared arguably the best apparitional abode in the accompaniment — and this balloon will acceptable abode the burghal able-bodied afterwards it’s over.

Frazee, 33, of Florissant, is on balloon for allegedly murdering Berreth, 29, with a bat on Thanksgiving Day 2018 in her Woodland Park townhome. He is additionally accused of soliciting Krystal Lee Kenney, an Idaho citizen whom he had dated, to admonition him backpack out the murder, apple-pie up the scene, bake Berreth’s anatomy on his acreage and bandy board off their scent.

Frazee faces eight charges, including first-degree murder, analytical with a asleep anatomy and solicitation. While he pleaded not accusable to the charges, Kenney took a appeal deal, argumentation accusable to a analytical allegation and accordant to affirm at Frazee’s trial. You can apprehend about her affidavit actuality and here.

As of Monday morning, Frazee had not taken a appeal deal. In addition, Berreth’s anatomy has never been found.

READ MORE: Timeline of contest arch up to, afterwards Kelsey Berreth’s afterlife

Prosecutors absitively in July to not book a motion in afterwards of basic punishment, acceptation Frazee will not face the afterlife amends in this case if he is activate accusable of first-degree murder. Instead, he’d face activity in prison.

Here is Denver7’s advantage from antecedent canicule of the trial:

Day 1 (Nov. 1, 2019): Prosecutor calls Patrick Frazee ‘calculated manipulator,’ but aegis says ‘facts don’t accomplish sense’
Day 2 (Nov. 4, 2019): Patrick Frazee annihilation trial: Family, badge call suspicions afterwards Kelsey Berreth’s dematerialization
Day 3 (Nov. 5, 2019): Patrick Frazee trial: Aegis questions timeline, abridgement of atramentous tote in surveillance photos
Day 4 (Nov. 6, 2019): Patrick Frazee annihilation trial: Krystal Kenney recounts cleanup of Kelsey Berreth annihilation arena
Day 5 (Nov. 7, 2019): Patrick Frazee annihilation trial: Aegis questions why Kenney never alerted anyone to annihilation artifice
Day 6 (Nov. 8, 2019): Patrick Frazee annihilation trial: ‘I ample out a way to annihilate her,’ acquaintance testifies Frazee told him
Day 7 (Nov. 12, 2019): Patrick Frazee annihilation trial: Frazee’s acquaintance testified he said Berreth was ‘never advancing back’
Day 8 (Nov. 13, 2019): Patrick Frazee annihilation trial: Berreth’s coworkers call her as quiet, sweet, admiring to her bairn
Day 9 (Nov. 14, 2019): Frazee trial: CBI abettor says he doesn’t apperceive breadth analysis would be afterwards Kenney’s affidavit
Day 10 (Nov. 15, 2019): Patrick Frazee annihilation trial: Ex-inmate says Frazee asked him to annihilate witnesses, including Kenney
Day 11 (Nov. 18, 2019): Did Patrick Frazee annihilation Kelsey Berreth? Board apperception afterwards closing arguments
Day 11 (Nov. 18, 2019): Board finds Patrick Frazee accusable of murdering fiancée Kelsey Berreth aftermost Thanksgiving

What is accepted for Monday

On Friday afternoon, Fourth Judicial Commune Adjudicator Scott Sells pushed closing arguments to Monday because the cloister had not accomplished a accommodation on acknowledged affairs apropos board instructions. That connected aboriginal affair Monday morning.

At the end of the day Friday, the adjudicator additionally bent that if the board doesn’t acquisition Frazee accusable of first-degree murder, they could afresh acquisition him accusable of second-degree annihilation or manslaughter. Here’s what those three accuse mean:

Closing arguments began afterwards board instructions were ironed out Monday morning. The case and aegis anniversary had 90 minutes. Anniversary ancillary attempted, for the final time, to argue the board that Frazee is accusable or not accusable of the accuse adjoin him.

Once closing arguments concluded, the 12 jurors went to the board allowance to activate deliberations. They will adjudge if he is accusable of:

They will accept admission to the affirmation during this time. It’s alien how connected they plan to advised the case.

Judge tells board their instructions for deliberations

The attorneys was about abounding Monday morning as prosecutors and aegis attorneys able to bear their closing statements in the case. The Berreth ancestors – abreast from Kelsey’s parents – took up two rows in court, and Frazee’s mother, Sheila Frazee, was present as well.

Fourth Judicial Commune Adjudicator Scott Sells started the day by account the board instructions to jurors. He reminded them of the counts that Frazee faces and that they should acquisition him accusable on anniversary calculation if they believe, above a reasonable doubt, that he is accusable of that crime.

He reminded the board that they are to adjudicator how aboveboard the assemblage who testified were and how abundant weight to accord their affidavit aback authoritative decisions on the assorted counts. Sells additionally explained to the jurors how they may acquisition Frazee accusable of accuse that are beneath astringent than first-degree annihilation or abomination annihilation if they so accept – including second-degree annihilation and manslaughter.

Frazee faces eight counts in the case: First-degree annihilation afterwards deliberation, three counts of address to accomplish first-degree annihilation afterwards application for three abstracted incidents, abomination murder, analytical with a asleep animal body, and two book enhancers for committing a agitated abomination causing afterlife and committing a agitated abomination application a weapon.

Prosecutors acquaint jurors Frazee is accusable of first-degree annihilation afterwards deliberation

Prosecutor Beth Reed started closing arguments for the accompaniment by assuming a photo of Berreth to the cloister that included her bearing and afterlife dates.

“We all ambition Kelsey Berreth had absolved through that aperture appropriate now,” she told the court.

She said aback it was appropriate that Berreth could appear back, Frazee said, “that’s never activity to happen.”

She absolved the jurors aback through the accomplished two weeks of testimony, in which assemblage categorical months of declared acute by Frazee to annihilate Berreth, her declared murder, and how Frazee allegedly approved to get his mistress, Krystal Lee Kenney, to annihilate Berreth on several occasions. Reed additionally discussed how Frazee allegedly had Kenney apple-pie up the annihilation arena at Berreth’s townhome in Woodland Park on Nov. 24, 2018.

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Reed told the cloister that Frazee knew that Berreth was asleep aback he said assorted times in December 2018 that Berreth was not advancing back. She said that he knew she was asleep aback he went to a acclaim abutment and Verizon abundance to try and authorize alibis, as some of the assemblage accept testified. Three canicule afore law administration alike knew about Kenney, Frazee was at the Verizon abundance allurement an employee, “What happens to a destroyed, damaged or absent phone? Can you balance information?” Reed said.

She said that Frazee knew Berreth was asleep because he never approved to acquaintance her afterwards Nov. 25. There was “zero communication,” according to his buzz and buzz records.

Reed formed to argue the board that Berreth had no ambition of disappearing, nor was she suicidal, and cited her cruise to get Frazee medication in the early-morning hours of Thanksgiving 2018, as able-bodied as her cruise to a gas base the day before.

“While Kelsey Berreth is planning a future, this man (Frazee) is planning to annihilate her for months,” Reed told the court.

She said the aftermost time Berreth was apparent on camera – at a Safeway with her babe on Thanksgiving morning – she was planning on authoritative a aliment dip she would never get to eat. A cancellation showed the bulk of advantage she bought.

“This is not constant that someone’s about to airing up and leave her child,” Reed told the court. “This is not constant with accession who’s suicidal. It’s constant with accession who believes she has a future.”

Reed said that the items activate at Berreth’s home additionally showed that Berreth did not leave on her own, and that the buzz annal and video of Frazee’s movements afterwards Berreth went missing showed he was alive to authorize an account for a annihilation that prosecutors said he planned for months.

Reed said that video affirmation showed that Frazee was not blockage beasts on the afternoon of Thanksgiving 2018 but rather was at Berreth’s condo, killing her. She acicular out that his buzz was utilizing the Woodland Park corpuscle buzz belfry admitting him claiming he was blockage beasts abroad and that the abandoned acumen he was in Woodland Park was because he was killing Berreth.

Reed acclaimed that afterwards that afternoon, aloof afore 5 p.m., Frazee’s barter was apparent on a camera and that atramentous tote in the aback of his barter had afflicted positions.

“Because Kelsey Berreth is in that box,” Reed said. “Her baffled and aged anatomy is in that box, and he’s activity to booty it to his house, breadth he keeps it while he eats Thanksgiving dinner.”

Reed afresh absolved the cloister aback through the movements of Frazee’s and Berreth’s phones over the abutting two canicule and said that Frazee was “fabricating and manipulating” the calls “to serve his own interest.” She pulled up the hay array and the bedimmed atom – cogent the cloister it is “remarkable” the ambit of the atom akin the admeasurement of the atramentous tote.

Reed said that in his aboriginal altercation with Woodland Park police, Frazee’s adventure was not consistent, and acclaimed that Kenney’s affidavit lined up with the timeline apropos the cleanup to which added assemblage had testified.

“Is Patrick Frazee’s adventure credible? No,” she told the court.

Reed said that Frazee was the abandoned actuality with the means, motive and affirmation pointing adjoin him killing Berreth, and accepted to the board that the annihilation was premeditated.

Reed said that affidavit from Frazee’s friend, Joseph Moore, from Kenney and from agronomical easily showed that Frazee was apperception about killing Berreth and charwoman up the annihilation for months.

“He accomplished her off because she was a botheration to him,” Reed said.

She went aback through the able affidavit from CBI and added investigators, account the claret bespatter and ample bulk of bloods that assemblage testified they activate at Berreth’s home.

Reed added said, in alive to argue the board that Frazee was accusable of first-degree murder, that second-degree annihilation does not administer because “everything was advised and deliberated,” she said. She additionally said that assassination did not administer in the case.

She said the board should acquisition Frazee accusable of address because of Kenney’s affidavit that he asked her to appear to Colorado to annihilate Berreth on three abstracted occasions – the Sept. 23 coffee incident, the Oct. 15 aqueduct incident, and aback Frazee allegedly told Kenney to accompany a bat on Oct. 21 – so he wouldn’t be responsible.

“Krystal Kenney didn’t accept to appear forward. She could’ve backward silent. But aback she did appear forward, she told us everything, including the things that answerable her to bent prosecution,” Reed said, abacus that “everything” Kenney testified about during the balloon was corroborated by concrete affirmation and that annihilation about Frazee’s adventure was backed up by such evidence.

Reed additionally told jurors that they should captive Frazee on the analytical with a asleep animal anatomy calculation because he austere Berreth’s body, she said, and afresh disposed of it so no one could acquisition the remains. Reed acicular to Kenney’s affidavit that Frazee told her he was activity to put the ashes in a landfill or river and that Teller County was a all-inclusive area.

She additionally accepted that Kenney’s affidavit was backed up by concrete affirmation from the buzz records, receipts, and affirmation recovered in Idaho, and said that “none” of what Frazee claimed about Berreth’s declared corruption adjoin their babe had been corroborated.

“You accept to accede that Patrick Frazee affected this adventure about absorption the innocent so he could awning his story,” Reed said.

She went aback to the bastille belletrist exchanged amid Frazee and accession inmate, which were apparent in cloister aftermost Friday, and said that the point of that affirmation was that Frazee “knows he’s guilty.”

Reed told the board they don’t accept to adjudge why Frazee allegedly dead Berreth – it could be for assorted affidavit in assorted jurors’ minds, she said.

“We all appetite to accept it, but that’s not what you’re actuality declared aloft to acknowledgment in this case,” Reed said.

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She afresh categorical the analogue of reasonable agnosticism and asked if Frazee didn’t accomplish this crime, why was there a coverup, an alibi-obtaining trip, the buzz scheme, and more.

She additionally asked why Berreth’s gun was activate in the easily of one of Kenney’s accompany and why Frazee asked a Verizon agent on Dec. 11, 2018 if somebody could get admonition from a destroyed phone.

“No body, no crime,” Reed said, commendation a witness’s affidavit of what Frazee told him. “That’s what the actor has been cyberbanking on for several months. …The botheration for him is the evidence.”

It was a “cruel murder,” no amount what way you attending at it, Reed said, abacus the affirmation adjoin Frazee was “compelling” and that “it’s cutting that the actor is guilty.”

She afresh told the jurors not to analysis the boxes for second-degree annihilation or assassination – adage the anticipation was clear.

“The attorneys is breadth the accuracy is revealed, and the accuracy is laid bare,” she said. “In the attorneys is breadth the coverup, clandestineness and ambidexterity appear to light. Ladies and gentlemen, the affirmation compels you to one adjudication and one adjudication abandoned — and that is that the actor is accusable of first-degree annihilation afterwards deliberation. He is accusable of soliciting Krystal Kenney. And he is accusable of analytical with a asleep animal body.”

The cloister afresh went on a 20-minute breach advanced of Frazee’s defense’s closing arguments.

Defense closes by advertisement changing questions, holes in witnesses’ testimonies

Attorney Adam Stiegerwald handled the closing arguments for Frazee’s aegis team. He formed throughout his closings to acquaint the board why Kenney was an capricious witness, calling her adventure a artifact to assure herself, and told the board why Frazee did not annihilate Berreth. He said the case based their absolute case on an capricious timeline and Kenney’s testimony.

“You are actuality asked to avoid your accepted faculty and the absolute affirmation that has been presented to you the aftermost two-plus weeks, and to accept to the amplified affirmation that supports a adventure fabricated up by Krystal Kenney afterwards she had the commune attorneys assurance on the dotted line,” Stiegerwald said, afresh advancing her over the appeal accord she accomplished with prosecutors afore she had to accord a academic account in the case.

Stiegerwald said some of the timeline that assemblage testified about was “made up” and that it was “created … to fit Krystal Kenney’s story.”

“It’s OK to accomplish mistakes, but you cannot anatomy an absolute case on it and debris to accede them,” Stiegerwald said. “This is breadth it all starts, and it’s fabricated up.”

He told jurors that if the timeline was wrong, the case should appear crumbling down. And he connected beating at video affirmation from alfresco Berreth’s townhome, acquainted that none of the videos showed Frazee entering the townhome with a bat or with the atramentous tote, nor was there any video of him abrogation with the tote that allegedly independent Berreth’s body.

Stiegerwald told the cloister that there was no claret affirmation activate on Frazee’s accouterment nor central Berreth’s abrasion apparatus and formed to discredit affidavit from Kenney and from a claret analyst.

He said that the board would accept to accept Kenney in adjustment to accept the blow of the affirmation and said that “there is annihilation that she talked about that is believable.”

He afresh – as he did during his assay of Kenney – formed to authorize the assorted times that Kenney could accept declared badge about Frazee’s declared artifice but didn’t, and about the times that she could accept told others about the declared cleanup afterwards but did not – alike originally lying to the FBI afore she agreed to appear to Colorado and allege to board afterwards the appeal deal.

“Is there anybody that believes that? It is absurd. This is the foundation aloft which the case has congenital their case, and it cannot await on those two things: The timeline and Krystal Kenney’s story,” Stiegerwald told the court.

“Why does she appear to Colorado alike already to accomplish annihilation – let abandoned twice? Let abandoned a third time? Let abandoned a fourth time to allegedly apple-pie up a abomination scene,” Stiegerwald continued. “No one believes that.”

He said that Kenney’s affirmation that Frazee dead Berreth on Thanksgiving didn’t accomplish faculty – adage it was “the affliction plan” because there are few others canicule aback a actuality would be beneath acceptable to be abandoned than on a above holiday, and others active abreast Berreth would accept acceptable been home that afternoon and could accept heard or witnessed the declared murder. He additionally acclaimed that her kitchen window blinds were accessible for 48 hours afterwards the declared annihilation and cipher saw anything.

Stiegerwald said if Frazee absolutely capital to annihilate Berreth, he could accept done so aback they were in the “middle of nowhere” in Florissant the above-mentioned evening.

He additionally acclaimed to the board that prosecutors did not try afire the identical atramentous tote that was brought to cloister to see how it reacted and if it broiled in the aforementioned appearance the one Frazee allegedly austere did.

“They didn’t appetite to apperceive that answer,” Stiegerwald told the court.

Stiegerwald afresh asked about the K-9s that were acclimated in the investigation. They had a absolute hit on abandoned three items — Berreth’s underwear in her townhome, the aback of her Corolla and the top of a hay array in Nash Ranch. He acclaimed that board brought a K-9 to Nash Agronomical and affected the dog to go up on top of the 12-foot hay bale. They claimed the dog had smelled animal atomization and sat down. Stiegerwald argued the K-9 was acceptable aloof abashed and sat.

“There’s no way to apperceive if these dogs are 100% reliable,” he said.

In addition, Kenney’s DNA was not activate anywhere. The case claimed she’s a assistant and accordingly knew how to awning herself arch to toe, but Stiegerwald said the board accession DNA in this case are additionally experts. Agents with the CBI and FBI alike larboard abaft DNA, he said. Sue Gorney’s DNA was activate in the townhome as well, and she hadn’t lived there for seven months .

Frazee’s DNA wasn’t anywhere central of the townhome either, Stiegerwald said.

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“His DNA is not activate in this abode like it would be if this abomination was committed,” he said.

Lastly, he asked why Frazee would acquaint so abounding bodies he knew about how he capital to annihilate Berreth.

Stiegerwald said if somebody is planning a murder, they about don’t acquaint lots of bodies about it. But adage those comments additionally doesn’t accomplish him guilty, Stiegerwald said. There has been too abundant absorption on the “stupid things” he allegedly told his friends, he added. He was alluding to a brace testimonies, including that of John Moore , a longtime acquaintance of Frazee, who said Frazee told him ‘I ample out a way to annihilate her’ on April 26, 2018. Moore additionally testified that on Dec. 20, 2018, Frazee told him, “If I had accepted it would accept absolute up this big, I never would accept —” and didn’t accomplishment sentence.

Frazee was ambidextrous with the accident of his ancestor and a action with his ancestors and doesn’t accept anybody to accord him trusted advice, Stiegerwald said.

He additionally addressed Frazee’s declared plan with a above bedfellow of the Teller County Jail. He said Frazee started to “freak out” in the 11 months arch up to the balloon and started talking to the bedfellow , who is a bedevilled felon.

“That is not affidavit of anything,” Stiegerwald said. “That is abandoned affidavit of actuality an idiot. Not affidavit of him accomplishing anything.”

The Commune Attorney’s Office has congenital the absolute case on the foundation, Stiegerwald said.

“When you apprehend how all-a-quiver the foundation is, the accomplished things appear down,” he said.

Stiegerwald said this case is important to abounding bodies in the courtroom, as able-bodied as the jurors themselves.

He said the board will charge to casting their vote afterwards any hesitation.

“If you accept hesitation, it’s because Frazee is not guilty,” he said.

He said he accept how bad this absolute case looks but accepted that he was allurement the board to attending accomplished aloof how it looks, and instead, appraise the affirmation that “has been congenital on a foundation that cannot abutment it.”

Prosecution rebuttal: ’Find him accusable on all charges’

During a rebuttal, Fourth Judicial Commune Attorney Dan May said the aegis doesn’t appetite to explain what happened to Berreth. He declared the circadian buzz calls Berreth would accept with her mother, how her coworkers declared her as kind, candied and reliable — it doesn’t complete like somebody who would aloof abandon on their own, May said.

Berreth can’t airing through that door, he said, pointing to the courtroom’s accepted doors, but the board can accommodate amends by captivation Frazee accountable.

He said the case does not appetite the jurors to administer speculation, but to attending at the facts. He said Frazee had besmirched Berreth’s acceptability able-bodied afore she went missing.

May afresh listed out pieces of absolute evidence, including Kenney’s testimony. He said her adventure on charwoman the townhouse, demography to the tote to Nash Agronomical and afire it is all absolute evidence, not circumstantial. She led them to the bake blister breadth on Frazee’s agronomical on her own, and acicular at the exact atom breadth they would afterwards bare austere artificial and a ample wet spot. That’s additionally breadth they activate the fractional animal tooth, May said.

He reintroduced the timeline of Frazee’s, Berreth’s and Kenney’s phones traveling about the area.

“That timeline doesn’t bout Frazee’s adventure at all — it matches aggregate that Kenney said,” May said.

Kenney’s appeal arrangement is congenital on her cogent the truth, May said.

May additionally addressed some of Stiegerwald’s arguments, including that the kitchen window blinds were larboard accessible for two canicule afterwards the declared murder. May said the window looked out to a clandestine aisle and Berreth’s neighbors were gone on Thanksgiving, which is why they didn’t see or apprehend anything. He said Stiegerwald acicular out that Kenney’s DNA was missing from the townhome, but the DNA able said on the angle that she wasn’t afraid by this, based on what Kenney said she been wearing.

As far as the neighbor’s surveillance footage, May said the aegis wants the board to brainstorm on the camera, which abandoned picks up movement about 50 percent of the time.

“What were Frazee’s actions? He took a bat into Berreth’s accommodation and he exhausted her, and he exhausted her, and he exhausted her, and he exhausted her. And in some point in that, the victim said, ‘Will you amuse stop?’” May said.

We appetite to authority him accountable, he said.

“We are allurement you to amuse stop this actor from accepting abroad with murder, and acquisition him accusable on all charges,” May said.

Closing statements concluded at 11:08 a.m. and the board was escorted out of the room. Cloister went into alcove at 11:18 a.m.

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READ MORE: All Denver7 advantage on the killing of Kelsey Berreth, balloon of Patrick Frazee

Live tweeting and alive advertisement has not accustomed in the courtroom, per a cloister decorum, back the alpha of the trial.

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