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Portugal-born, US-raised André Allen Anjos is a Grammy-winning ambassador and songwriter, with no beneath than 250 remixes to his name, from Kings Of Leon to Lady Gaga, additional TV/film credits.

curriculum vitae old format
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He afresh appear his new LP, Boy, through Counter/Ninja Tune.

1. That’s absolutely a CV you accept there…

“I’ve been alive professionally back 2007 and originally got my alpha accomplishing remixes, but I’ve done aggregate including blur and TV, and I did a ballet afresh as well. I anticipate I’ve done over 250 remixes at this point.

“In 2017, I won a Grammy Award for Best Remix and I’ve additionally appear aboriginal work, which has taken over my activity for the accomplished bristles or six years. I’ve put out annal on Interscope and Ninja Tune. Music is an affecting aperture for me.”

2. Do you accept an all-embracing musical  or assembly philosophy?

“Generally speaking, I anticipate the key to constancy in this industry is actuality yourself and accomplishing your own affair and actuality unique. If you can do that and acquisition an audience, afresh cipher can blow you. It doesn’t bulk what’s accident in the blow of the apple or the blow of the music ecosystem, if you acquisition that bulk audience, they will adulation what you do forever, and you’re aloof actuality yourself too.

“I acquisition that to be cool important and that’s my appearance and barometer, about you appetite to put it, that’s how I adjudicator aggregate I do. Does this accomplish me alone happy? Is this absorbing to me? Is this accurate to who I am? And usually, aggregate abroad avalanche into place.”

3. Back and how did you ascertain computer music production?

“This was all pre-YouTube, pre-internet. I was consistently adequate with computers, and I’ve been tinkering with PCs and breaking them back I was 10 or 11 years old. Naturally, music-making and computer music-making came duke in hand.

Computer music-making is the alone way to accomplish music as far as I’m concerned, and that’s advancing from somebody who has way too abundant hardware!

“I grew up in Portugal and they had this knock-off atom that my parents got, and these atom boxes would appear with CDs. One happened to appear with a recording affairs which I anticipate was alleged Hip Hop eJay or article like that. It was a allotment of software I was arena about with; you could actualize loops, and it was bound to 120bpm. It would accord you four beats or four clicks and it wouldn’t comedy the clicks so you had to internalise the accent of it and so it affected me to actualize these absolutely abbreviate loops and absolutely advance a faculty of accent aboriginal on. It was helpful.

“Later on, I confused assimilate Cubase, and now I’ve been application Ableton for added than ten years – back adaptation 6, I believe.

“Computer music-making is the alone way to accomplish music as far as I’m concerned, and that’s advancing from somebody who has way too abundant hardware! I acquisition it to be cool important and cool liberating.”

4. So how has it afflicted the way you work?

“It’s affectionate of been the alone way I’ve anytime worked, so it’s been cool important. I did alpha in the box; I was accomplishing a lot of VSTs and stuff, I’m talking aboriginal 2001/2002, with aboriginal basic instruments and samplers and things like that. Maybe about 2005/2006, that’s back I got added into alternation synths and best synths in general.

“I bought my aboriginal Juno-60 for aloof $400 which is batty now. I additionally happened to get it with the MIDI adapter, so I never had to comedy anything, I aloof had to affairs it – it was awesome. I anticipate I’ve acclimated that synth on appealing abundant every clue in my absolute career.”

5. Tell us a little about the blow of the accessory in your studio

“It’s a bit of a barbarian – I accept a lot of equipment. I accept a accomplished Apollo System, so two Apollo 16s, Apollo X8 and afresh a accomplished agglomeration of altered preamps, annihilation from API, DVX, Neve 1073s, to the TG2s from Chandler. I like to aggregate preamps and best stuff.

“I accept a Rhodes 54, a Wurlitzer, a Yamaha CP-70, and a accomplished accumulating of guitar amps/amp heads, like a Fender Deluxe reverb, Roland JC-120, Vox AC15, Fender Princeton.

“For boom machines, I accept the Roland TR-808, Arturia DrumBrute and afresh a accomplished modular rig abounding of boom being as well, additional a accomplished agglomeration of added toys. I accept a agglomeration of FM synths, and I additionally accept a accomplished agglomeration of the new Roland boxes which I absolutely like, abnormally the Jupiter-8. I’d rather accept a little box than the behemothic $10,000 beasts, you know? It’s a little added affordable and the trade-offs in complete aren’t that big. The aboriginal Jupiter is amazing but I can get it abutting abundant with this thing.”

6. What are your favourite bristles plugins?

“The UAD Galaxy Band Space Echo emulator. I adulation the Space Echo so accepting that in plugin anatomy is amazing. I absolutely use it added for the reverb catchbasin emulation, not so abundant for the delay. The adjournment is amazing but I use it added for the spring.”

“The UAD EP-34 Band Adjournment is amazing, cool continued band delays which I love. I’ve acclimated it on every track.” 

“The Lexicon 224 emulation, additionally by Universal Audio. There’s this one ambience that I use for everything, I anticipate it’s alleged Vocal Play, and I aloof set the mids to 50-second decay. You can accelerate annihilation to it and it opens up like it’s this massive stereo affair – an amazing plugin.” 

“Goodhertz Vulf compressor and Wow Control. I anticipate they’re in the aforementioned worlds, so I’ll agglomeration those together. Goodhertz in general, accomplish amazing stuff. It’s aloof the appropriate bulk of vibe that I’m attractive for, and it makes things complete worse but intentionally. Arguably better, really, but the allegiance goes bottomward carefully – it’s meant to accomplish it complete retro.” 

“Retro Color by XLN, which I’ve acclimated on absolutely everything. I use the tube baloney emulation: I adulation abacus that on vocals and distorting everything. It’s appealing accustomed on my new anthology BOY.”

7. How does a clue about start?

“It’s affectionate of all over the place. I accept my flat absolutely active up, aggregate is consistently acquainted in, already set, already absorbed up to a preamp. I never accept to do anything; all I accept to do is about-face it on and it should work.

“Sometimes being happens, but for the best part, aggregate is accessible to go so I’m chargeless to jump about the flat and comedy whatever and afresh whatever inspires, whatever gets the abstraction going, that’s what I’ll use and I’ll alpha the song there. I’m application a beeline autograph method, basically, so I’ll bend a breadth appropriate afar and move on to the abutting breadth and alpha to body a anatomy and afresh from there alpha abacus detail if that makes sense.”

8. Do you accept any accurate assembly tricks that you employ?

“I sidechain everything, I use accumulation advance and I use a template. It’s a actual dialled-in arrangement that I’ve been architecture for six or seven years and I anticipate it’s the base of my sound.

“Again, it’s in the spirit of befitting things cool quick, as everything’s consistently acquainted in, everything’s consistently routed. I already accept a approach accessible for it in Ableton so as anon as I accessible up Ableton, I already accept a affair accessible to go. I don’t accept to actualize a new track, it’s already there, already accessible to record. All I accept to do is almanac and it’s there, it’s done.

“With that said, I accept things aggregate by type. Obviously, synths are activity to be in the aforementioned group, but afresh I’ll accept sub-groups aural those, so I’ll accept synths that are maybe added pad-y or continued addendum that crave added ancillary tuning. I’ll accept a abstracted accumulation for that. Or sometimes back I’m application added adventurous synths, I’ll accept a accumulation for that. And that’s already pre-mixed in a way, I already accept my compression settings, all the antic amounts of plugins on aggregate all accessible to go, with a lot of band appetite and I aloof action everything.

“That’s not to acknowledgment the processing advancing on the way in, so about I’ll add some compression, abnormally if I’m recording through the 1073, I’ll absolutely use the EQ to addition some of the highs. I accept Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph that I use for drums on the way in. That affair is aloof a admirable boom compressor.

“So I’d say it’s aloof workflow being – accomplish it as fast as possible. I don’t appetite to be ambidextrous with MIDI acquisition back I accept an idea.”

9. What’s on your wishlist flat wise?

“I’ve consistently been on the anchor for an ARP 2600, but afresh again I don’t absolutely charge synths, I accept so many. In actuality I accept too abounding synths, which is abuse I know! 

I accept too abounding synths, which is abuse I know!

“The added one I accept is the Korg MS10. I adulation that thing, I use it in everything. There’s consistently being I want; I’ll go with the ARP 2600 as it’s array of a classic, actual altered synth. I’d additionally absolutely adulation to analysis out Deckard’s Dream. It looks amazing.”

10. What would you like to see developed in agreement of flat technology and why?

“The accomplished apprehension affair has brought up the abridgement of real-time accord options. You can’t alike livestream with anybody after latency. Nobody’s absolutely apparent that yet.

“That’s a catchy issue, I don’t affirmation to alike know. I don’t beggarly to say it’s an accessible botheration break – aloof article I’ve noticed. You can allotment affair files but you can’t absolutely comedy in absolute time together.

“But this is the aureate age for alternation synthesis. For subtractive synthesis, it’s amazing. Alike in the plugin world, there are about too abounding options. ”

11. You’ve been accommodating with a lot of bodies for the album…

“There’s a lot – appealing abundant aggregate on BOY is a collaboration, and that’s accurate for all of my albums. This anthology is altered in that faculty because a lot of the artists, except for one or two, are adolescent than me, so it was absorbing alive with adolescent energy. [Younger] bodies are added accommodating to booty risks and try altered things and they aren’t abashed of failing, because they’re not so accustomed that they alone anytime do one thing.”

12. What admonition accept you best up from alive in the studio?

“That’s a acceptable question. I assumption one of the allowances of accomplishing remixes is that I get admission to everybody’s files. Like accepting Paul Epworth’s bang boom from Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm album, being like that, or accepting some of the aboriginal Bob Marley being or U2 or New Order. I accept had admission to some amazing flat sessions and I feel like that has been such a abundant acquirements acquaintance for me.”

13. What about admonition from alive in the music industry that you can canyon on?

“This isn’t absolutely admonition advancing from the industry, but I’d say don’t accept to the music industry! Ignore them. About speaking, be alert about demography admonition from industry bodies because they’re focused on the abbreviate appellation and you should absolutely be focused on continued term. There are acutely bodies who absolutely attending at the continued term, but about speaking best bodies are actual near-sighted. ”

14. Tell us about your latest absolution and why bodies should get it… 

“The new anthology BOY came out in May and I’m cool appreciative of it. I should say this about every anthology of abundance but I anticipate this anthology is my best assignment so far. I’m absolutely aflame about it. It feels like a bit of a abandonment – or maybe I beggarly a accustomed progression. It’s about my adolescence and I’ve formed with a lot of amazing artists, a lot of new people, and I’m absolutely aflame to get it out in the world. ”

15. Finally, what abroad accept you got planned for the abreast future?

“We’re still cat-and-mouse to see if the bout for the anthology will happen. I’m apparently activity to absolution an EP or article after this year, maybe aboriginal abutting year, I accept a lot of actual so I’m exploring that option.”

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