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Limits on babble and adumbration beam would actuate how abutting a agent could be to a home — rather than set distances — in a abstract of proposed bartering wind activity regulations advised by the Reno Canton Planning Agency aftermost week.

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The complete and beam banned proposed are a accommodation amid added acrimonious requirements approved by homeowners who accept advised in on the agitation and those developers accept proposed.

Planning commissioners accepted the assignment of a subcommittee that drafted the regulations, suggesting alone several accessory changes during a about three-hour affair aback the certificate was advised a branch at a time.

The lath may booty up the regulations afresh for a quick analysis at its August affair if there is time, or set a adapted affair in August.

The admiration is to agenda a accessible audition on the angle by September.

Extensive review

“We spent abounding hours reviewing the comments and the abstracts received,” said Reno Canton Planner Mark Vonachen, who served on the subcommittee with Accessible Works Director Don Brittain and Planning Agency Chair Russ Goertzen.

“We advised ordinances country-wide,” he said. “Some states administer the adjustment of turbines. Some accord guidelines and samples. Some, like ours, leave it to bounded authority.”

Vonachen said the abstract is not based on a arrangement from any added accompaniment or canton because they capital article specific to fit Reno County.

“Our above ambition was to accommodate safeguards to the accessible and advice to developers, but best of all flexibility,” he said. “As you can see, it was a arduous assignment to appear up with a set of regulations that abode accessible interests but additionally developer interests. The alone acceding we begin is there is no absolute set of regulations to amuse anyone.”


The 15-page angle does accommodate a few specific minimum “setback” distances – from acreage lines, registered airports and accompaniment parks.

In the case of acreage curve and homes, its the acme of the turbine, as abstinent by its best brand tip height, additional 50 feet, which matches the adjustment acclimated in Marion County.

That’s in aciculate adverse to the proposed setback in a plan submitted to the planning lath by Reno Canton Citizens for Qualify of Life (RCCQL), a accumulation formed by landowners who against the Pretty Prairie Wind project.

The RCCQL approved a minimum setback of 10 ½ times the acme of the agent for non-participating landowner.

“We anticipation continued and adamantine on that,” Vonachen said. “There was a lot of debate. It came bottomward to attractive at what was appropriate, but still gave the achievability of accepting a agent on, say, a 40-acre allotment of land. If you actualize a setback greater than that, you get a bearings area a 40-acre bindle is not able to accept a turbine.”

The minimum setback from a house, which can’t be waived, Goertzen said, was to “protect a homeowner from themselves” aback some ability be tempted to abandon alike that minimum setback to defended a agent on their land.


“The three things we absolutely took abysmal dives on and took a lot of time with was clandestine airstrips, babble and adumbration flicker,” Goertzen said. “Those are the three things, if you ranked them that were numbers three, one and two in the comments we had. We’re still talking setbacks, but not a authentic specific amount.”

The lath set the best complete akin at 40 decibels, “based on an anniversary boilerplate complete pressure,” abstinent at the bank of a anatomy abutting the agent for both accommodating and non-participating homes.

Proponents of stricter regulations proposed an annualized 35 decibels, with babble levels never beyond 45 dB, while NextEra Activity in its appliance proposed 45 dBA.

Vonachen acclaimed the National Association of Authoritative Utility Commissioners (NARUC) recommended 40 decibels as the “ideal architecture goal, with 45 decibels as an adapted authoritative limit.”

“We chose to go with 40,” he said, and a accommodating backer can abandon this limit.

Planning Commissioner Steven Seltzer acclaimed that in abounding sample regulations submitted to the board, they included a best babble akin as able-bodied as an anniversary average, but Brittain said they acclimatized on a distinct cardinal to accumulate it simple.

The abstract includes a branch suggesting the developer “consider appliance wind agent blades that are able with Low Babble Trailing Edge (LNTE) technology and brand serration… to abetment in aspersing babble generation.”


Shadow beam is affective caliginosity created by agent blades as they circuit and canyon amid a acreage and the sun. They are alone produced aback the sun is at a assertive area in affiliation to the turbine, at assertive times of the year.

The best adumbration beam in the proposed action is set at 20 hours per year.

Again, the subcommittee looked at both circadian and anniversary maximums and acclimatized on aloof an anniversary number.

“They (NARUC) said no added than 30 hours a year or 30 account a day,” Vonanchen said. “We bargain it to 20 hours, which exceeded what NARUC recommended.”

The RCCQL plan accustomed no adumbration flicker, acute turbines that couldn’t be set aback far abundant to anticipate it be shut bottomward aback beam would occur.

In the planning proposal, the ambit a agent charge be abroad from a home to accommodated the best levels for both babble and adumbration beam actuate the setback for that specific turbine.

“They (RCCQL) capital a adamantine setback of so abounding feet,” Brittain said. “Two-thousand anxiety may fix the babble and it may not. With this, there is no hardcore setback. To accede with the maximum, it may booty a 3,000-foot setback or 1,700 feet. It’s whatever it takes. You get abroad from the guesswork.”

A backer can abandon the minimum requirements for both complete and adumbration flicker.


While the regulations crave sound, adumbration flicker, and ice bandy studies be done by an “independent third-party,” the abstract doesn’t crave that the developer defended testing afterwards accession or annually thereafter to ensure banned are met, as was proposed by homeowners.

Seltzer appropriate the action accommodate “verbiage for what’s appropriate to abate it by the agent company” if a agent is begin to breach the minimums.

Planning Commissioner Lisa French proposed those be allotment of a “complaint resolution” action included in the cipher for acclamation violations, which she additionally appropriate by renamed “dispute resolution.”

Vonachen, however, said a development acceding accounting by the canton agency could spell out measures to be taken to abate those problems.

Airstrips and added limits

Goertzen, who said he tasked with researching airports, begin “Kansas loves aviation,” acquainted clandestine airstrips dot the county.

“There could be one on any division (acre of land) and we don’t apperceive it,” he said.

So they acclimatized on acclimation about alone those airstrips which are registered with the accompaniment or Federal Aerodynamics Administration.

The regulations they begin recommended a 20-to-1 setback on aerodrome approaches and 7-to-1 on the abandon of the runway.

“We acquainted we bare to access that more,” Goertzen said, so the adjustment proposes 25-to-1 for approaches and 10-to-1 for sides.

That equates to 25 anxiety of setback for every bottom of the tower, so a 500-foot belfry would crave 12,500 anxiety from the end of the aerodrome and 5,000 anxiety from its sides.

The buyer of an aerodrome may admission a waiver.

Besides acreage curve and airports, added setbacks defined in the certificate accommodate a minimum of 3 afar from accompaniment esplanade backdrop and one mile from “corporate burghal limits.”

The burghal setback is to acquiesce the advance of the borough boundaries, while the esplanade adjustment is to assure tourism and wildlife.


Some changes appropriate during Thursday’s affair included abacus raptors and added “sensitive species” to the account of wildlife aural the proposed wind acreage brand developers would accept to arrangement to be studied.

Some appropriate accumulation the account of studies categorical at several places in the certificate to one affiliate or location, and that a appropriate anniversary abstraction of bird kills be fabricated about available.

Things associates appropriate eliminating included: a acceding that turbines could accept no added than three blades; that a wind acquirement acceding is active afore the admittance appliance is filed; and that belfry foundations be removed to a abyss of bristles anxiety if the wind acreage is decommissioned.

There was a accord on alteration the brand limit, advertisement the bird annihilate abstraction as allotment of the development agreement, and acute alone a four-foot abyss be removed.

Vonachen proposed the five-foot depth, acquainted he didn’t anticipate four-feet, which is standard, was abysmal enough. The lath acclaimed the backer could accommodate a greater depth.

On the ability acquirement acceding issue, Buchanan argued it was accidental aback the aggregation is demography the banking accident architecture the wind acreage and wouldn’t advance if it couldn’t advertise the power

“I don’t anticipate that’s our business,” Buchanan said. “They’re activity to absorb a lot of money to get through the process.

Vonachen arguable the acceding was bare afore the canton did all the assignment accompanying to the admittance application, and that it was a accepted claim for wind development. French agreed it was common.

Member Harlan Macklin proposed accepting the canton advisor attending at it, to see if there is a acknowledged acumen it should be included and, if not, again arresting the requirement.

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