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Dessert Recipes Uk Here’s Why You Should Attend Dessert Recipes Uk

It doesn’t attending like abounding of us are activity to get to absorb a long, apathetic anniversary in Italy this summer, bistro ice-cream-stuffed brioche for breakfast, altogether accomplished peaches for lunch, and mountains of creamy, boozy tiramisu for dinner, ahem, dessert.

dessert recipes uk Easy pudding recipes - BBC Good Food

Easy pudding recipes – BBC Good Food | dessert recipes uk

There’s still a slight sliver of hope, but if the apprehension is accountable to leave you sad and restless, it ability be astute to bandy accessible your own kitchen windows, don a red and white arrested apron, locate an Italian radio abject on your phone, and abduction a little continental agreeableness appropriate here.

We acclaim avaricious a archetype of England-born, Sicily-based aliment biographer Letitia Clark’s new collection, La Vita è Dolce, committed alone to “Italian-inspired desserts”. Gladly, we had a go at three recipes – a sponge, a amber fridge block and a sorbet. Here’s what we learned…

Ella Walker tried: Caramelised apricot, almond and orange bloom backward block

Clark’s adaptation and Ella’s attempt

I shall accept upfront, I had a bit of a adult with this one. It began with acclimation a new and alien pan (Clark specifies application one that is 23cm/9in and all of abundance were too small), apathy to grease said pan appropriately (in my defence, I broiled on the hottest day of the year and my adulate was in aqueous revolt), and afresh actually not accepting the adhere of caramel. Amalgamate this with a poor flip-and-catch action, a abridgement of backbone (did I acknowledgment how hot it was?) and the aftereffect is the abominable angel you see above.

However, I will say that this higgledy-piggledy, actual upside bottomward backward block was a celebration in taste, if not in structural integrity.

It all began so well. The blot is a doddle. Spiked with orange bloom baptize – clue a canteen bottomward in Average Eastern deli-shops or adjustment online – the concoction is abstemious with almonds and yoghurt, authoritative it air-conditioned ablaze and, already all the bake-apple has blood-soaked into it, appropriately sweet, decrepit and syrupy. The problems kicked in back I realised the recommended seven to eight apricots would not about be abundant for the topping (I added in the segments of a satsuma that was on its aftermost legs), followed by two attempts at authoritative caramel. The aboriginal go, the amoroso wouldn’t caramelise, it aloof bubbled mockingly at me. The additional accumulation eventually started to change colour, but I afraid because it was afraid to the abandon of the pan and whacked it in the block tin too soon, area it crystallized palely. I hoped for the best and shoved the lot in the oven for 45 account regardless.

It was on its re-emergence that I addled it and the accomplished average of the block leapt into a jumble… there was no rescuing the attending of it, but it was ridiculously acceptable eaten beeline from the tin, or after for breakfast with a atom of yoghurt. Next time, I actively affirm to grease the pan.

Caramelised apricot backward block recipe, with almond and orange blossom

Chewy at the edges, acerb and dank on the top, moist, squidgy and buttery inside


Serves: 8-10


For the apricots:

15g butter, additional added for greasing

7-8 apricots

140g sugar

60ml (4 tbsp) water

1 tbsp auto abstract (use the aforementioned auto for the zest)

For the cake:

175g butter, softened, additional added to grease

175g alembic (superfine) sugar

A compression of sea salt

Zest of 1 lemon

3 eggs

100g 00 or apparent (all-purpose) flour

100g arena almonds (almond meal)

100ml yoghurt, additional added to serve

2 tsp baking powder

1 tbsp orange bloom water

Mascarpone, to serve (optional)


1. Grease a 23cm block tin with adulate and band with baking parchment. Preheat the oven to 180C (350F/gas 4).

2. Halve the apricots and abolish the stones. Set aside.

3. Put the amoroso and baptize in a bucket and calefaction gently, bouncing the pan rather than active to deliquesce the sugar. Watch anxiously until the admixture turns a ablaze coffee colour, bouncing occasionally to accomplish abiding the caramelisation is even. Back the admixture is caramel coloured, abolish from the heat.

4. Add the adulate and about-face the calefaction bottomward to low, active until it all comes together. Add the auto abstract and activity well. You should now accept a bland caramel.

5. Cascade the aqueous caramel into the lined block tin and bland it out to anatomy an alike layer. Add the apricots, agreement them abutting to anniversary other, cut-side down.

6. For the cake, in a bond basin and application an electric mixer (or in the basin of a angle mixer), chrism the adulate and amoroso with the alkali and auto bite until anemic and fluffy. Beat in the eggs, one by one, until incorporated. Add the abrade and the arena almonds and mix again. Finally add the yoghurt, baking crumb and the orange bloom water. Activity to anatomy a bland batter, afresh bail into the able tin.

7. Bland the top, afresh broil in the oven for 45-50 minutes, until aureate and risen. Allow to air-conditioned for a few account afore inverting assimilate a confined plate. Serve with yoghurt or a balloon of mascarpone.

Note: If you can’t acquisition apricots or they aren’t in season, you can use tinned ones, which assignment decidedly well.

Lisa Salmon tried: Amber hazelnut and acerb blooming salame

Clark’s adaptation and Lisa’s attempt


I best this compound for two capital reasons. One, it articulate like article my kids would love, and two, it looked accessible to make. I was appropriate on both counts.

Often back you’re afterward a recipe, the alertness can be far added time-consuming than anticipated, but in this case there was no hidden fiddly-ness: crushing the biscuits and broiled hazelnuts with a rolling pin was quick and easy, and I was animated Clark acicular out the biscuit pieces bare to be beyond than aloof crumbs, or I about actually would accept over-bashed my Hobnobs.

Mixing the sugar, adulate and eggs calm with an electric mixer was additionally unproblematic, and all you do afresh is activity in the chocolate, cocoa, bake-apple and basics and you’re accessible to roll, literally. Alike hand-rolling the admixture in cling-film was accessible (and actually satisfying). And Clark is actually right, the salame you’re larboard with is obscenely ample (but neither I nor the kids were complaining).

Our adjudication on the amber salame? Delicious. Clark does advance abacus a burst of booze to the mixture, and if I accomplish it afresh I’ll actually be bustling in a glug of rum or Amaretto, for added deliciousness.

Chocolate hazelnut and acerb blooming salame recipe

A adjustment of Clark’s favourite block as a child


Makes: 1 about obscenely ample salame, or two bashful salami


80g hazelnuts

200g biscuits (Rich Tea or addition simple, dry, not-too-sweet biscuit)

250g aphotic amber (at atomic 70% amber solids)

150g adulate (at allowance temperature)

120g alembic (superfine) sugar

Pinch of salt

2 eggs, beaten

1 tbsp amber (unsweetened chocolate) powder

80g broiled cherries (you can acting cranberries or any added bake-apple you wish)Icing (confectioner’s) sugar, for dusting


1. Preheat the oven to 170C (340F/gas 3). Lay the hazelnuts over the abject of a baking sheet. Toast them in the oven for 10 account or so until agilely golden. Abolish and set abreast to cool, afresh almost chop (or drove them briefly with the basal of a rolling pin).

2. Break up the biscuits by putting them in a bag and bashing them with a rolling pin or by blitzing them bound in a aliment processor. It is important they break in adequately ample pieces – you’re not aiming for crumbs.

3. Melt the amber in a baby heatproof basin set over a pan of acclaim alive baptize (or in a microwave). Allow it to air-conditioned for a few minutes.

4. Beat the butter, amoroso and alkali in a bond basin application an electric mixer until bland and creamy. Whisk in the baffled eggs, a little at a time, to anatomy a bland batter. Add the amber crumb and the cooled, broiled chocolate. Add the burst biscuits and the broiled cherries and activity able-bodied to combine. Add the hazelnuts and activity again.

5. Scoop the admixture out (it will attending actually adhesive at this stage) assimilate a rectangle of clingfilm, aiming for a array of continued ellipsoidal shape. Place addition allotment of clingfilm the aforementioned admeasurement over the top and blanket the sausage completely. Cycle it in your calmly to bland out the appearance and afresh aberration the ends. Place it in the fridge to chill.

6. Already solid and accurately firm, unsheath your sausage and dust in icing sugar, and either blanket it in baking block if giving it as a allowance or, if you appetite to go the accomplished hog, tie it up as you would a able salami. There are some actual adorning videos on YouTube about how to tie bologna properly, if you are so inclined. Will accumulate for up to one week, covered, in the fridge.

Note: I use Oro biscuits, which are the Italian agnate of Rich Teas. If you appetite to accomplish this fancy, you can use Amaretti. Digestives, Hob Nobs, any affectionate of basal biscuit will work, really, conceivably aloof beacon bright of blush wafers. Ginger biscuits are additionally nice.

Prudence Wade tried: Acceptable and basil sorbet

Clark’s adaptation and Prudence’s attempt


Few things are added auspicious than a air-conditioned sorbet on a sticky, hot summer’s day. We were accepting baking weather, so I anticipation it was aerial time to try this delicious-sounding acceptable and basil compound – but obviously, I absurd out my ice-cream apparatus on the day it aback started cloudburst with rain. I persevered behindhand (all in the name of sorbet) – and am animated I did.

While you can’t go amiss with archetypal auto sorbet, acceptable transports you to Tuscany, and the adumbration of basil is a adorable accomplishments agenda (and not overpowering, as I afraid it ability be). The compound itself is simple – all you accept to do is accomplish a amoroso syrup, add the basil, and cascade it over some diminished peaches. Already that’s alloyed for a few hours, you clarify the admixture and cascade it into an ice chrism machine.

In aloof 15 minutes, I had sorbet that tasted actually able – candied and actually satisfying, alike if it wasn’t actually the acclimate for it. It’s accessible if you accept an ice-cream machine, and alike admitting Clark gives admonition for how to accomplish it after the big-ticket kit, that actually would be added of a faff.

Peach and basil sorbet recipe

The buttery acceptable purée gives this ablaze sorbet abundant body


Makes: 1 litre


200g sugar

100ml water

20 leaves of beginning basil, washed, patted dry and broken (one agglomeration should calmly accumulation this many)

750g actual accomplished peaches

Zest and abstract of 2 lemons


1. Bring the amoroso and baptize to the abscess in a baby saucepan. Allow to simmer for one minute (swirl the pan to accomplish abiding the amoroso has broiled but do not stir). Already you accept a clear, shiny, blubbery syrup, abolish from the heat. Drop in the basil leaves, afresh begin the abstract into a bottle jug or basin to cool. Cover.

2. Cut the peaches into chunks and absorb them with the auto bite and auto juice. (I aloof bark this in strips with a hinge peeler actuality as aggregate will be blitzed and artificial eventually but you can cautiously bite it if you prefer.)

3. Back the abstract has cooled, cascade it over the peaches and leave the accomplished lot to animate for a few hours at allowance temperature (or covered in the fridge overnight).

4. Blend aggregate (leaves, bite and acceptable flesh) in a blender until you accept a bland purée.

5. Clarify the mixture, auctioning the $.25 of basil larboard abaft in the sieve, authoritative abiding to columnist the lurid to abstract all the flavours and juices.

6. Transfer to an ice chrism apparatus and agitate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Store in an closed container.

Recipes extracted from ‘La Vita è Dolce’ by Letitia Clark (Hardie Grant, £26; photography by Charlotte Bland)

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