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4.1 Aerobic Processes

4.1.1 Activated Carrion Systems 4.1.2 Aerated lagoons 4.1.3 Aeration 4.1.4 Trickling filters 4.1.5 Alternating biological contractors 4.1.6 Selection of aerobic treatments

4.2 Anaerobic Treatment

4.2.1 Assimilation systems 4.2.2 Imhoff tanks

The ambition of all biological wastewater analysis systems is to abolish the non-settling debris and the attenuated amoebic load from the effluents by application microbial populations. Biological treatments are about allotment of accessory analysis systems. The microorganisms acclimated are amenable for the abasement of the amoebic bulk and the stabilization of amoebic wastes. With attention to the way in which they advance oxygen, they can be classified into aerobic (require oxygen for their metabolism), anaerobic (grow in absence of oxygen) and arbitrary (can breed either in absence or attendance of oxygen although application altered metabolic processes). Best of the micro-organisms present in wastewater analysis systems use the amoebic content of the wastewater as an action antecedent to grow, and are thus classified as heterotrophes from a comestible point of view. The citizenry alive in a biological wastewater analysis is mixed, circuitous and interrelated. By example, in a distinct aerobic system, associates of the genera Pseudomonas, Nocardia, Flavobacterium, Achromobacter and Zooglea may be present, calm with filamentous bacilli (Beggioata and Spaerotilus among others). In a well-functioning system, protozoas and rotifers are usually present and are advantageous in arresting broadcast bacilli or non-settling particles. Added all-encompassing description and treatment of the microbiology of wastewater analysis systems are given abroad (Stanier, 1976).

The amoebic bulk present is congenital in allotment as biomass by the microbial populations, and about all the blow is liberated as gas (carbon dioxide (CO2) if the analysis is aerobic, or carbon dioxide additional methane (CH4) if the action is anaerobic) and water. In fisheries wastewaters the non- biodegradable allocation is absolute low.

Unless the corpuscle accession formed during the biological analysis is removed from the wastewater (e.g., by sedimentation or other analysis declared in the antecedent section), the analysis is abundantly incomplete, because the biomass itself will arise as amoebic bulk in the arising and the alone abuse reduction able is that atom absolved as gases.

The biological analysis processes acclimated for wastewater analysis are broadly classified as aerobic (in which aerobic and arbitrary micro-organisms predominate) or anaerobic (which use anaerobic micro-organism.

If the micro-organisms are abeyant in the wastewater during biological operation, the operations are “called suspended advance processes”, while the micro-organisms that are captivated to a apparent over which they abound are alleged “attached advance processes”.

This breadth explains the attempt and capital characteristics of the best accepted processes in anniversary case.

In these, the reactions occurring can be abbreviated as:

organic bulk oxygen added beef CO2 H2O

In fisheries wastewaters, the charge for accession of nutrients (the best accepted actuality nitrogen and phosphorus) hardly appears, but an able accouterment of oxygen is capital for successful operation of the systems. The best accepted aerobic processes are: activated carrion systems, lagoons, trickling filters and rotating deejay contactors. These aerobic processes are described, together with the accessories acclimated for aeration.

These systems originated in England in the aboriginal 1900’s and acceptable their name because a carrion (mass of microbes) is produced which aerobically degrades and stabilizes the amoebic bulk of a wastewater. Figure 4.1 shows the blueprint of a archetypal activated carrion system.

Figure 4.1. Diagram of a simple activated carrion system

For beyond systems, abnormally aback aerial airheadedness is expected, the architecture involves the use of assorted aeration tanks and assorted clearing tanks. The cardinal of units alive depends on the breeze of wastewater actuality generated.

The amoebic bulk (generally advancing from primary treatment operations such as settling, screening or flotation) enters the reactor breadth the alive microbial citizenry (activated sludge) is present. The reactor charge be continuously aerated. The mixture again passes to a accessory clearing catchbasin breadth the beef are settled. The advised wastewater is about absolved after ablution while the acclimatized biomass is recycled in allotment to the aeration basin. The beef charge be recycled in adjustment to maintain acceptable biomass to abase the amoebic bulk as bound as possible. The bulk that is recirculated depends on the charge to access a aerial abasement bulk and on the charge for the bacteria to flocculate appropriately so that the accessory clearing separates the beef satisfactorily. As the beef are retained best in the system, the flocculating characteristics of the beef improve aback they alpha to aftermath added cellular fungus which favours flocculating.

The best accepted types of activated carrion are the conventional and the connected breeze stiffed catchbasin (Figure 4.1), in which the accommodation are absolutely mixed. In the accepted process, the wastewater is broadcast forth the aeration tank, with the flow actuality abiding by baffles in bung breeze approach (Figure 4.2). The oxygen appeal for this adjustment is best at the basin as is the amoebic bulk concentration.

Figure 4.2: Diagram of a conventional activated carrion process

In the absolutely alloyed action the arrival streams are usually alien at several credibility to facilitate the accord of the mixing; if the bond is complete, the backdrop are constant throughout the reactor. This agreement is inherently more abiding to perturbations because bond causes the concoction of the admission beck into the tank. In fisheries wastewaters the perturbations that may arise are peaks of absorption of amoebic bulk or breeze peaks. The breeze peaks can be damped in the primary analysis tanks. The accepted configurations would crave beneath reactor aggregate if bland bung breeze could be assured, which usually does not occur.

Other versions of activated carrion systems (e.g., extended aeration, acquaintance stabilization, footfall aeration and authentic oxygen processes) are acclimated in added kinds of wastewaters but are not accepted to be activated to amusement fisheries wastewaters. They are discussed abroad (Metcalf and Eddy Inc., 1979; Eckenfelder, 1980).

In all activated carrion systems, the beef are afar from the aqueous and partially alternate to the adjustment to accept a almost aerial absorption of beef that abase the organic bulk in a almost abbreviate time. Therefore two altered resident times are characteristic: the hydraulic abode time (H) accustomed by the arrangement of reactor aggregate (V) to breeze of wastewater (Q):

H = V/Q

and the corpuscle abode time (c) accustomed by the arrangement of beef present in the reactor to the accession of beef ashen per day. Archetypal H ethics are in the adjustment of 3-6 hours, while c fluctuates amid 3 and 15 days. Such aberration in citizen times is acquired by absolution the antiseptic arising but crumbling alone a baby atom of the sludge. This in about-face can be able by auctioning a portion of the carrion from the clearing catchbasin or by crumbling a atom of the aperture of the reactor afore entering the clearing tank.

In activated carrion systems, amoebic bulk removals of 85-95% are the best common. A key agency in the success of these systems is its able operation, which requires accomplished manpower. Although acclimated by some abounding fisheries which accomplish on a year-round basis, activated carrion may not prove to be economical or achievable for baby seafood processors who accomplish seasonally because of the charge to accept a adequately connected accession of wastewater to advance the micro-organisms.

Problems may arise during the operation of activated sludge systems, including:

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The aerated lagoons are basins, commonly biconcave in earth and operated afterwards debris recycling into the system. This is the aloft aberration with account to activated carrion systems. Two types are the best common: the absolutely alloyed lagoon (also alleged absolutely suspended) in which the absorption of solids and attenuated oxygen are maintained adequately compatible and neither the admission debris nor the biomass of microorganisms settle, and the arbitrary (aerobic-anaerobic or partially suspended) lagoons. In the arbitrary lagoons, the adeptness ascribe is reduced causing accession of debris in the basal which undergo anaerobic decomposition, while the aerial portions are maintained aerobic (Figure 4.3 gives an example). The capital operational aberration amid these lagoons is the adeptness input, which is in the adjustment of 2.5-6 Watts per cubic accent (W/m3) for aerobic lagoons while the requirements for arbitrary lagoons are of 0.8-1 W/m3 . Actuality accessible to the atmosphere, the lagoons are apparent to low temperatures which can account reduced biological action and eventually the accumulation of ice. This can be partially alleviated by accretion the abyss of the basin. These units crave a accessory sedimentation unit, which in some cases can be a bank basin biconcave in earth, or onventional clearing tanks can be used.

Figure 4.3. Diagram of aerobic (top) and arbitrary (bottom) aerated lagoons

If biconcave basins are acclimated for settling, affliction should be taken to board a abode time continued abundant for the debris to settle, and there should additionally be accouterment for the accumulation of sludge. There is a absolute aerial achievability of abhorrent odour development due to the atomization of the acclimatized sludge, and algae adeptness advance in the aerial layers accidental to an added agreeable of abeyant debris in the effluent. Odours can be minimized by application minimum base of up to 2 m, while algae assembly is bargain with aqueous assimilation time of beneath than two days.

The debris will additionally accumulate, all forth the aeration basins in the arbitrary lagoons and alike in comers, or between aeration units in the absolutely alloyed lagoon. These accumulated debris will, on the whole, decompose in the bottom, but since there is consistently a non-biodegradable fraction, a abiding deposit will body up. Therefore, alternate abatement of these accumulated debris becomes necessary. 

The aerated systems declared aloft charge an oxygen supply. Depending on the characteristics of the process, different designs may be used. The oxygen can be supplied to the activated carrion by either diffused aeration, by agent agitation, by changeless aerators, or by apparent base or abounding balloon diffusers. The aftermost two are acclimated additionally in the lagoon systems.

The diffused aeration systems (Figure 4.4) are additionally divided into accomplished bubble, average and base or abounding balloon diffusers. The accomplished balloon diffusers are congenital of absorptive abstracts (grains of authentic silica or aluminum oxide are affirmed ceramically or by resins) which board absolute baby bubbles of aerial apparent area that favour the oxygen alteration from the air to the wastewater. The average balloon diffusers are perforated pipes or tubes wrapped with artificial or alloyed fabric. The base or abounding bubble diffusers can be breach accessories of assorted types, some of which are advised to be non-clogging (Figure 4.5).

Figure 4.4. Accomplished and average balloon diffusers

Figure 4.5. Base or abounding balloon diffusers

With the baby or accomplished balloon diffusers, it is important to use air chargeless of particles that would contrarily clog them. Although somewhat beneath able for oxygen transfer, the coarse balloon diffusers are sometimes adopted because the attendance of particles in the air is not a analytical problem, and additionally for their lower amount and aliment requirements. The diffusers are placed forth air manifolds, abutting to the basal of the aeration tanks.

The changeless aerators (Figure 4.6) are vertical tubes placed at the basal of the aeration tank, with packing absolute forth its length. The aeroembolism air is supplied from the basal of the tubes, banishment a admixture of air and baptize through the packing, breadth best of the oxygen alteration to the wastewater takes place. They accept been acclimated mainly in aerated lagoons.

Figure 4.6. Sketch of a changeless aeration system

The agent aerators are one of the best accepted and simple aeration accessories and abide of an electric motor-driven turbine impeller alternating at aerial acceleration aloft a aqueduct or a sparging ring which discharges the aeroembolism air (Figure 4.7). The air bubbles absolved from the pipes are broadcast by the circling of the turbine. Depending on the abyss of the aeration basin, added than one impeller may be acclimated in the aforementioned arbor . The adeptness fatigued by the agent systems is acclimated for advancement the micro- organisms in abeyance and to breach bottomward and banish the air bubbles, the closing ambitious best of the power.

Figure 4.7. Agent aeration system

The best accepted apparent aeration units (Figure 4.8) are army on a float and abide of a ballista installed central a ascent tube and apprenticed by a non-immersed motor. The propeller draws the aqueous from beneath the assemblage and sprays it aloft the apparent of the tank. The oxygen alteration takes abode from the air to the aerosol sprayed and to the agitated apparent of the aqueous surrounding these units. Added apparent aeration units are the alleged “brush” aerators which are basically blades army on a butt which rotates through the aqueous (Figure 4.9). Usually, these units crave baffles to absolute the breeze and assure agitated velocity.

Figure 4.8. Diagram of a amphibian surface aerator

Figure 4.9. Sketch of a apparent besom aerator

The oxygen alteration bulk of the altered accessories fluctuate amid 0.7 and 1.4 kg of oxygen per kiloWatt-hour aback acclimated in absolute wastewaters. Best catalogues accord abundant college transfer capacities, because these ethics are based on analysis beneath standard altitude (typically clean, tap baptize at 20°C and no dissolved oxygen at the alpha of the test). Aback selecting aeration equipment, affliction should be taken in interpreting these ethics and alteration ante in absolute wastewater should be requested for able evaluation.

The trickling clarify is one of the best accepted captivated growth processes. Rather than actuality abeyant as in activated carrion or aerated lagoons, best of the biomass is captivated to some support media over which they abound (Figure 4.10).

Figure 4.10. Cross-section of an attached advance biomass film

The amoebic accommodation of the effluents are base by the captivated advance citizenry which absorbs these amoebic contents from the surrounding baptize film. Oxygen from the air diffuses through this aqueous blur and enters the biomass. As this organic bulk grows, the biomass band becomes thicker and eventually some of the close portions of the biomass will be beggared of oxygen or nutrients and will abstracted from the abutment media over which a new band will alpha to grow. The break of biomass occurs in almost abounding flocs which accomplish almost quickly compared with abeyant cells. Air circulates amid the interstitial spaces of the acknowledging material. The media that can be acclimated are beds of rocks (ranging in admeasurement from 5 to 10 cm) about packed, although approved packings of artificial absolute (Figure 4.11) are acceptable added accepted afresh in appearance of its much lighter weight, bigger breeze distribution, beyond abandoned amplitude and specific area.

Figure 4. 11. Archetypal packing for trickling filters

The trickling clarify units abide of a annular catchbasin filled with the packing media in base from 1 to 2.5 m, or 10 m if complete packing is used. The basal of the catchbasin charge be complete adamant abundant to abutment the packing and additionally designed to aggregate the advised wastewater which is either sprayed by regularly-spaced nozzles or (more common) by rotating administration accoutrements (Figure 4.12). The aqueous percolates through the packing and the amoebic bulk is captivated and base by the biomass while the aqueous drains to the basal breadth it is collected.

Figure 4.12. Sketch of a trickling filter assemblage

With attention to the packing over which the biomass grows, the abandoned atom and the specific apparent breadth are important features; the aboriginal is all-important to ensure a acceptable apportionment of air and the additional to board as abundant biomass as accessible to abase the amoebic bulk of the wastewaters. Although initially added costly, the complete packings accept beyond abandoned space, beyond specific breadth and are lighter. Usually, the air circulates naturally, but in some high-strength wastewaters forced blast is used. They can be acclimated with or without recirculation of the aqueous afterwards the clearing tank. The charge for recirculation is dictated by the backbone of the wastewater and the bulk of oxygen alteration to the biomass. Typically, recirculation is acclimated aback the BOD5 of the wastewater to be advised exceeds 500 mg/litre.

As with all biological systems, low temperatures abate the aspersing accommodation of trickling filters. In algid areas trickling filters may be covered.

The BOD5 abatement adeptness varies with the organic bulk imposed but usually fluctuates amid 45 and 70% for a single-stage filter. Abatement efficiencies of up to 90% can be accomplished in two stages.

Rotating biological contractors (RBC) units are another anatomy of captivated advance processes. In RBC units the biomass is captivated to disks (up to 3.5 m in diameter) which circle at 1 to 3 rpm while absorbed up to 40% in the wastewater (Figure 4.13). The disks are fabricated of corrugated, ablaze artificial material.

Figure 4.13. Diagram of alternating biological architect (RBC) assemblage

When apparent to air the captivated biomass absorbs air and when absorbed the microorganisms blot the amoebic load. A biomass of 1-4 mm grows on the apparent and its balance is teared off the disks by shearing armament and is afar from the aqueous in the accessory clearing tank. A baby allocation of the biomass remains abeyant in the aqueous aural the basin and is additionally responsible in accessory allotment for the amoebic bulk removal. Circling speeds of added than 3 rpm are hardly acclimated because this increases electric adeptness burning while the oxygen alteration does not increase sufficiently. The arrangement of apparent breadth of disks to aqueous volume is about 5 l/m2. For high-strength wastewaters, added than one assemblage in alternation (staging) is used. The aftereffect of lower temperatures is partially mitigated by the use of housing for the deejay units. These systems are commonly operated without recycling the liquid. The adeptness burning is in the adjustment of 2 kW/1 000 m3/day of capacity. They accept been acclimated to advancement activated carrion absolute plants, agreement the deejay units in the aeration basins (Antonie, 1978).

Several factors (apart from the economics) access the best of a accurate aerobic analysis system. There is no accepted band-aid and the accommodation of which adjustment to use (or alike if application an aerated adjustment or not) depends on abounding aspects. Key factors are: the breadth available, which sometimes is the chief aspect; the adeptness to accomplish intermittently is analytical for several fishing industries which do not accomplish in a connected appearance or assignment alone seasonally; the accomplishment bare for operation of a accurate analysis cannot be neglected; and assuredly the costs (both operating and antecedent investment) are additionally sometimes decisive. The afterward table summarizes these factors aback activated to aerobic analysis processes:

Table 4.1. Factors affecting the best of aerobic processes










Land bare

Initial costs

Operating costs










Adapted from Rich, 1980.

The considerations for the RBC systems are agnate to those of trickling filters.

The anaerobic analysis of wastewater gain with abasement of the amoebic bulk to aerial articles (mainly methane and carbon dioxide) which aggregate best of the reaction articles and biomass. Anaerobic analysis is the aftereffect of several reactions: the amoebic bulk present in the wastewater is aboriginal adapted to acrid amoebic absolute which in about-face is captivated by acerbic bearing bacilli to accord airy blubbery acids, additional carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The methane bearing bacteria absorb these to aftermath methane and carbon dioxide. This is abbreviated in Figure 4.14.

Figure 4.14. Scheme of reactions produced during anaerobic treatment

These processes are appear to be bigger activated to high-strength wastewaters (e.g., claret baptize or stickwater).

A archetypal diagram is apparent in Figure 4.15, which presents an anaerobic system.

Figure 4.15. Diagram of an anaerobic assimilation process

The breeze resembles that of an activated carrion action except that anaerobic assimilation occurs due to absence of oxygen. Good sealing of the digesting tanks is capital aback oxygen kills some of the anaerobic bacilli present and air attendance may calmly agitate the process. From the anaerobic digester the arising gain to a degasifier and to a face from which the wastewater is absolved and the debris are recycled. The need for recycling appears from the actuality that anaerobic digestion gain at a abundant slower bulk than aerobic processes, thereby acute added time and added biomass to accomplish aerial removal efficiencies.

The anaerobic processes accept been activated in fisheries wastewaters, accepting aerial abatement efficiencies (75-80%) with endless of 3 or 4 kg of COD/day/m3 of digester (Balslev-Olesen et al., 1990; and Mendez et al, 1990).

An another action employs a analysis catchbasin abounding with packing on which the wastewater is circulated. The bacteria amenable for the anaerobic assimilation advance attach on the apparent of the packing.

The gas produced by a counterbalanced and well-functioning system contains 60-70% of methane, the blow actuality mostly carbon dioxide and accessory amounts of nitrogen and hydrogen.

Anaerobic processes are additionally acute to temperature. This is why in some cases heating is provided to the digester to reach temperatures of 30°-35°C. In best cases this can be done in allotment with the methane gas basic from the digester.

The Imhoff catchbasin is a almost simple adjustment acclimated originally instead of acrimonious digesters. It is still acclimated for plants of small capacities. It consists basically of a two-chamber rectangular tank, usually congenital partially underground (Figure 4.16).

Figure 4.16: Breadth of an Imhoff tank

The wastewater enters in the aerial alcove which acts as a clearing basin while in the lower allotment the acclimatized debris are. counterbalanced anaerobically.

Short-circuiting of the wastewater can be prevented by application a addle at the access calm with added than one anchorage for discharge.

The lower alcove is about unheated. The stabilized carrion is about removed from the basal about alert a year to accord abounding time for the carrion to stabilize, although the abatement abundance is sometimes dictated by the accessibility of carrion disposal. In some cases, these tanks are advised with inlets and outlets at both ends, and the breeze of wastewater is antipodal periodically so that the carrion in the bottom accumulates evenly. Although they are simple installations, they are not afterwards inconveniences: foaming, odour and algae formation. These about aftereffect aback temperature avalanche beneath 15°C, when the bacilli that aftermath airy acids (see Figure 4.14) predominate and methane assembly is bargain causing a process imbalance. This is why in some cases captivation heaters are used during algid weather. The algae forms because the gases that arise during the anaerobic assimilation are entrapped by the debris and accept no time to escape from the debris causing them to float. This is usually affected by accretion the abyss in the lower (digestion) chamber. At lower depths, bubbles anatomy at a college pressure, aggrandize added aback ascent and are added acceptable to escape from the solids. The odour problems are basal aback the two stages of the action (acid accumulation and gas formation) are balanced.

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