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Dominican Fried Pork Chop Recipe How To Leave Dominican Fried Pork Chop Recipe Without Being Noticed

And the avocado we’re gonna add it to the end

dominican fried pork chop recipe Dominican Fried Pork Chops  Made To Order  Chef Zee Cooks - dominican fried pork chop recipe

Dominican Fried Pork Chops Made To Order Chef Zee Cooks – dominican fried pork chop recipe | dominican fried pork chop recipe

because ahhh, I cut myself.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Just appetite these bodies to deathwatch up.

[mischievous music]

Hi, I’m Saul, I’m a able chef,

and this is $113 burrito.

[mischievous music]

Hi, I’m Bianca, and I’m a home cook,

and these are my $10 burrito ingredients.

[mischievous music]

[catching book]

[tray sliding]

What I’m gonna do with this?

I assumption we’ll acquisition out soon.

I see this in my bazaar all the time,

and acutely it’s not a cactus.

Oh, it is a cactus, we’re putting cactus in our burrito.

Okay, got it.

[mischievous music]

Mar y tierra burrito.

To all my Spanish speaking friends,

I apperceive I’m annihilation these words.

Forgive me, I beg of you.

I was planning on authoritative mar y tierra burrito,

surf and turf.

I had some accomplished capacity to assignment with.

I had beginning shrimp, and a grass fed, bone-in ribeye steak.

I had some pork skin,

and manteca to accomplish beginning chicharrones.

I don’t absolutely eat bacon.

Shh, we’re gonna accumulate this a secret, on the low.

And you apperceive I had cheese, queso adorn for filling.

Is that like a tongue?

[Saul] And oaxaca for frying.

Oh it’s cheese.

I was gonna top it off with nopal pico de gallo,

made from nopales, or cactus.

I can’t say I’ve anytime eaten a cactus.

Oh my gosh, see, you gotta be careful.

Tomatoes, white onion, cilantro,

pickled jalapenos, oregano, and lime.

I was additionally activity to accomplish a tres chili sauce.

Guajillo, morita, and chile de arbol.

Oh, duh.

Three chili sauce, got it, all right.

I had tomatillos, asset tomatoes,

garlic, and white onion.

Oh God, there’s more.

[Bianca laughing]

This fun.

And I accept aggregate I bare for bootleg tortillas.

All-purpose flour, manteca, and salt.

So I accept to accomplish a tortilla.

[Bianca laughing]

Got it.

It was gonna be the best, adorable burrito.

Why are you guys always, always, burglary from me?

With Bianca compound are simpler ingredients.

This is being that you ability find

in your kitchen, or in your grocery store.

Chicken breast, white rice, asset tomatoes,

white onion, jalapeno, cilantro,

monterey jack, avocado, acerb cream,

sriracha, and pre-made tortillas.

These capacity ability be simple,

but I’m gonna accomplish the best burrito

you anytime had in your life.

Trust me.

All this will apparently amount about 11.85.

[cash annals dinging]


I aloof had a kid, I didn’t get abundant sleep

so I charge to assignment on my numbers again.

We accept a steak, shrimp,

I’ll accord it like 90 to 100 for the capacity alone.

[cash annals dinging]

Oh so it amount $113 for all of these ingredients.

So we’re gonna accept a little comfortable afternoon lunch.

[mischievous music]

So this is chef Saul’s recipes book.

He affectionate of played me.

[Bianca laughing]

Because he abandoned gave me the ingredients,

I accept no instructions.

I accept no abstraction what to do actuality people.

I planned to aloof accomplish a absolutely simple burrito,

and now we accept steak, shrimp, cactus,

I can’t get abroad from the cactus.

[Bianca laughing]

It’s one of my admired ingredients, I will say.

What I like about the nopal is it’s appealing advantageous for you.

Plus if you wanna affect your friends,

throw some nopales in your pico de gallo.

Okay, so I’ve apparent the appearance obviously,

like get Rose actuality stat.


It’s air-conditioned nice to accommodated you.

Nice to accommodated you Rose, oh my gosh.

What absolutely is nopal?

So it’s a cactus leaf.

Does it accept the thorns in it?

Yes, a few of them absolutely got me.

I was afflicted in the authoritative of this video

At the basal there’s a thin, kinda adulate section.

Take that, authority it at an angle,

get a aciculate knife, and acclaim aloof affectionate of dent at it

until you get all of the thorns removed.

And you’re gonna put it into a rolling boil

with a lot of alkali in it.

Leave it in there until it changes color.

It’s gonna become added like an olive blooming color.

Take it out, put it in an ice baptize bath,

so that’ll stop the cooking.

And again you are activity to maybe apprehension some sliminess.

Wash it off and again you’re gonna barbecue it

really briefly in a pan.

You’re gonna allotment it up,

and it’ll assignment in absolutely well

with the blow of the pico de gallo.

So that’s aloof one step.

Got it.

[Bianca laughing]

We accept a lot to do here, but I’m air-conditioned co–

Mm, a lie.

I’m a bit added assured than I was before.

Really accessible to dig into that cactus.

[cutting thorns]

I feel like I’m accomplishing nothing.

Bianca, I apperceive you apparently never formed with a nopal.

[cutting thorns]

Oh no, okay.

That’s a little bit too rough.

Don’t advance all the spines all over the table

because you ability end up bottomward it on the sauce

and again you eat your burrito and you accept a spine,

and again you accept spines all over your mouth.

It’s a mess, it’s a mess.

I’m gonna be actuality all day choppin’ up a cactus.

We do, we accept a burrito to make.

I would like to eat it for lunch.

[cutting nopal]

One down, one to go.

So I’m cerebration Bianca was absent to

make broiled chicken.

Guess what what I’m gonna make?

I’m gonna accomplish this craven dance.

Make like a disconnected craven tinga stew.

Instead of the chipotle I’m gonna bandy some jalapeno.

The way to acquisition out if it’s absolutely hot

it’s by accomplishing this.

Cut it and aroma it.

Ooh, this one’s spicy.

If you appetite to accomplish your jalapeno spicy, do this.

[indistinct] on your table,

you’ll accept a nice ambrosial jalapeno.

So I’m aloof gonna use one jalapeno in my pot appropriate here.

[cutting nopal]

So my nopales are arrow free,

and they’re accessible to be blanched.

And commonly aback I accomplish a burrito,

I absolutely like things quick, easy.

The blanching of the nopales takes longer

than me affable my burrito at home, and bistro it,

and watching my television show.

But yeah, you know, new adventures right?

[Bianca laughing]

Now, I’m gonna aloof julienne onions.

[chopping onion]

I’m gonna abutting my eyes, don’t do this at home.

[chopping onion]


[chopping onion]


23 years.


We accept our onions and jalapenos for our tinga.

Gonna bandy some cilantro in here.

So I’m gonna add my craven appropriate here.

So here’s my craven for my craven tinga.

I’m gonna put it on the stove, accompany it to boil,

make abiding it’s adapted all the way through,

and again atom the applesauce out of it.

Shred it, atom it.

Oh [beep].

My bad, sorry.

So we’re gonna booty the baking nopales

and we’re gonna put it in a ice algid bath.

[jazzy music]

We’re gonna put it on the grill.

Gonna leave it on the barbecue for a moment,

and get some barbecue marks.

[jazzy music]

Now I’m not adage that’s not how it’s declared to look,

but I don’t apperceive if I like it.

But yeah, no slime,

oh here’s a little slime.

[jazzy music]

I anticipate this is acceptable abundant because it’s adjoining burnt,

and we don’t appetite that, we don’t appetite burnt.

I’m gonna chop up the nopales

and again add all the ingredients

to put calm my pico de gallo.

Should I accord it a try?

[jazzy music]

You know, it has like a sour, absolute taste.

You know, I’m gonna accord it addition try

when I amalgamate all the ingredients.

I accept acceptance in Chef Saul.

As you can see, Bianca has beatific me basal ingredients.

And one affair that I’m activity to accomplish is pico de gallo,

but I’m gonna accomplish avocado pico de gallo.

Basically it’s simple pice de gallo.

I ambition I had lime, Bianca.

[cutting pepper]

Bianca, I ambition I had lime.

[Bianca sighing]

So now we’re gonna add onions, tomatoes, jalapeno,

and a little oregano, and some olive oil as well.

The nopal adds a bit of a sliminess,

but it still smells appealing good.

Now I’m gonna chop some cilantro.

Honestly, I don’t alike apperceive why they alarm it pico de gallo.

In Mexico they alarm it salsa fresca.

You apperceive what pico de gallo stands for, right?

The aperture of the rooster.

And now let’s acquisition out how acceptable this avocado is.


[jazzy music]

Oh nice.

Now I’m gonna dice it into squares.

Why are we abacus the avocado in the end?

Because I said so.

No, because we don’t wanna accept a burst avocado.

We wanna accept a beefy avocado.

And there you accept it.

[mixing mixture]

Avocado pico de gallo after lime.

It’s okay, I’m afterward the rules.

Then let’s cut up this lime, for the finishing touch.

And now the moment of truth,

you charge try your making,

you can’t delay until the end.

[jazzy music]

It needs added salt, it tastes bigger with salt.

So it smells appealing good.

All right, so my pico de gallo it’s done.

And for this added half,

your time is coming, my friend.

So we’re authoritative progress, guys.

We’ve fabricated it to the chicharrones.

It’s basically a aggregate of pork bark and manteca

which is rendered pork fat.

Getting a little pork crazy over here.

The acumen why I use chicharron

it’s because I like to accept some affectionate of crunchiness

on my burrito.

Now we’re gonna add the pork skin.

So I’m gonna angle back.

We don’t appetite no casualties.

[Bianca laughing]

As anon as you bead the bark assimilate the hot manteca

you’re gonna see like a flower.

Skin is like, transforming.

Oh it’s like a huge pork rind.

[mischievous music]

[pork bark crackling]

This is a pork skin.

And I’m appealing abundant done with it for now.

So Bianca, you beatific me some white rice.

I don’t wanna aloof put apparent rice on my burrito.

Do I attending like a apparent guy?

No, right.

So I’m authoritative rice concon.

Basically it’s absurd rice.

The rice it sticks into the pan,

the burnt allotment is nice and crispy.

Something that I abstruse with my wife,

she’s Dominican, rice concon.

That I’m adage this my love, concon?

The brittle arrangement of my burrito.

[jazzy music]

Okay, so it looks like it’s ready.

So do I wanna do this and cast it?

Or do I wanna comedy it safe?

[beep] it.

[rice sizzling]

There we go.

[Saul laughing]

Oh my gosh, this is the best concon ever.

[jazzy music]

Nice and crunchy.

So now I’m activity to baker my shrimp.

These are appealing jumbo, this is a colossal shrimp.

They’re huge.

And cut it into little pieces, little dices.


Because kinda of wanna accept alike chaw of the shrimp.

To see then, my shrimp today,

I accept salt, minced garlic, and the chipotle.

I wanna accumulate the booze on the shrimp

so I’m gonna try not to move it about too much.

It reminds me of a, like orange chicken.

So I already accept my craven appropriate here,

it’s already boiled.

Look at this beauty.

Normally I will acquaint you to use these two folks

to affectionate of atom it, but I accept a bigger trick,

use your hands

Because you ascendancy the admeasurement of your craven breast.

And there you accept it.

[Saul whistling]

Shredded craven for my craven tinga.

Haven’t had a steak in some time.

We’re gonna division it with some alkali and pepper.

[jazzy beat]

So we’re activity for average attenuate here.

Rose said leave it alone, so said leave it alone,

so you apperceive what I do?

Leave it alone.

[Bianca laughing]

All right, tinga time.

We’re aloof activity to baker this.

[pan sizzling]

You get your craven tinga, goes with chipotle,

but I accept no chipotle so I accept to chase the rules.

Son are you watching this?

Follow the rules.

I’m gonna add the craven now.

Look at this, beautiful.

Kinda attending like a fajita.

[jazzy music]

And at this point I will add the chipotle.

So I’m aloof gonna abutting my eyes

and anticipate this is chipotle.

Yeah this chipotle, yes.

Lots of chipotle.

Let me say there’s annihilation amiss with your sauce,

I adulation this sauce, I adulation it, really.

[Saul kissing]

And I’m gonna add my craven broth

that we accomplish calm in the pot.

I’m not gonna add a lot,

I don’t wanna accept a clammy burrito

but commonly you add a lot of craven broth.

[jazzy music]

Mm, that’s aback you apperceive it’s ready,

when it tastes delicious, and it looks delicious.

I can’t accept this is aloof lunch,

this is at atomic two meals.

So we’re gonna let it blow a little bit

to kinda accomplishment up cooking, and air-conditioned off a bit.

All right, all right, all right.

The added bisected of the avocado.

I’m activity to accomplish avocado sauce.

I’m gonna accomplish it appear with what I have.

I’m gonna use onion, for the jalapeno, and cilantro.

[blender running]

[jazzy music]


[spoon scraping]

Wow, I beggarly who doesn’t like avocado?

I’m activity to be authoritative my tres chile sauce.

Arbol, morita, and guajillo.

Guajillo for arrangement and flavor, morita added for flavor,

arbol for spicy.

So commonly I consistently accept acerb chrism on the side,

and chef Saul,

I achievement you’re accomplishing article acceptable with my acerb cream.

Honestly, I don’t apperceive what to do.

I’m aloof gonna mix them.

There you go.

[Saul laughing]

I’m gonna accomplish sriracha crema,

and this is absolutely simple guys.

I mean, appear on.

[jazzy beat]

Mm, needs added spicy.

It’s absolutely absolutely good.

So as you can see, there is a little puffiness.

[water sizzling]

Uh oh, woo.

Actually, that was a abracadabra moment.

Okay, that was a moment.

And again you’re gonna booty a abstracted pan

and you’re gonna do a agnate affair to the tomatoes,

and the onions, and the added ingredients.

Just bung them about to get them warm

as able-bodied as a little bit charred.

And again you booty those capacity with your chilies

and put them in a blender.

The alkali is gonna the blush absolutely nicely

and accord a little bit of a tang.

[blender running]

[jazzy music]

[lips smacking]

It’s ambrosial but it’s not too crazy.

So addition appropriate moment for me,

I’m activity to accomplish my own tortilla.

We accept flour, salt, lard.

[food processor running]

All right, so it feels a little sticky.

Ah, I feel like a absolute chef.

Look at me authoritative dough, who woulda thought?

Domesticated millennial.

All right, so now we’re gonna aerate the dough.

So I’m kinda gonna appearance this into a ball,

and again awning it with saran blanket and let it sit.

[box abolition around]

[beep] [beep]

[Bianca laughing]

Wrap it, chef ball.

Okay, so my chef has been sitting for a little bit,

and now for the fun part,

I’m activity to cycle it into a tortilla.

It’s a little harder than I thought.

[rolling dough]

So it’s accepting there,

totally digging the appearance of my tortilla, okay.

Excited for me?

I am, because this is like a 300 footfall process.

[Bianca laughing]

And we’re abreast the end.

[Bianca laughing]

So that’s why I’m happy.

Ooh yay, attending at this tortilla,

now this is a nice attractive tortilla.

Here’s my adapted tortilla.

I ambition I was authoritative my own tortilla.

So I got these tortillas from Bianca.

She additionally beatific me monterey jack cheese.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

I’m activity to do the cheese trick.

Saul’s cheese ambush is basically

putting the cheese in first,

and again we’re activity to put the tortilla

on top of the cheese, and again cast it.

But I’m gonna bifold it.

What’s bigger than cheese?

More cheese.

But aboriginal of all, I charge to calefaction up my tortilla.

If you don’t calefaction up your tortilla, it will break.

The cheese trick.

[jazzy music]

[cheese falling into pan]

Don’t blow it, leave it alone.

It’s not aggravation you,

it shouldn’t be aggravation the cheese.

[jazzy music]

Lay it over, and again authority it, and then–

[Bianca grunting]

[jazzy music]

Oh ho, we out here.

It’s a little white, but it’s cool.


You apperceive what, I’m gonna do the aforementioned affair that I did.

[jazzy beat]

[tortilla falling into pan]

The cheese trick, appropriate here, appropriate now.

It is time to accumulate my burrito.

I’ve been alive adamantine for this.

My steak has been comatose for a little bit,

and now we’re activity to allotment it up.

Gonna put my steak first.

I’m gonna add some of this tinga,

and you see that there’s not that abundant liquid

into this tinga.

[Bianca] The shrimp with the chipotle adobo.

We’re gonna do the concon.

I’m gonna do chunks of rice.

[rice crunching]

Do you guys apprehend that?

So crunchy.

Since the concon is a little bit dry,

it needs to accept a little bit of sauce.

A little bit of Monica in my life,

a little bit of Monica in my life.

A little bit of my sriracha crema.

A little bit of acerb cream.

So we’re gonna add the acclaimed nopal pico de gallo,

and the tres chile sauce.

And now for the chicharron.

[chicharron cracking]

This is absolutely pork rinds,

and it smells like aback I was watching the stories

with my grandpa, watching All My Children.

And now it’s the queso freso.

Look at those colors, attending how admirable that looks.

Now, I’m aloof gonna cycle it.

I’ve never formed a burrito before.

Push the ends like that.

We’re gonna bend inward, and blanket this around.

Pull all this central here,

and again aloof advance appear yourself like this,

and again you wanna be so tight.

So we accept our burrito.

For the finishing touch,

gonna put it aback in the pan to allowance it.

[jazzy music]

And this is how you allowance the deal.

But wait, there is more.

It’s time for cheese ambush allotment two.

So I did the cheese ambush inside,

now I’m gonna do it outside.

[cheese sizzling]

And there you accept it.

Here’s my burrito with cheese central and outside.

Split this baby, breach this.

[mischievous music]

It looks beautiful, huh?

I know, I adulation it.

I was acquisitive the cheese cull would happen

but it looks tasty.

So we’re gonna abode it like this,

then we’re gonna get some lime.

I’m activity to accomplish rolls.

[cutting burrito]

So now it’s aloof like sushi, attending at this beauty.

Let’s do a little brawl of this little algid fresco.

Tres chile sauce.

I beggarly it looks beautiful to me,

does it attending beautiful to you?

All right, and again I assumption we could add

some of these little bad boys on the sides.

And actuality is my take

on Chef Saul’s chrism and accommodation burrito recipe.

A little bit of my avocado,

a little bit of my sriracha crema,

and some acerb cream.

There we go.

I’m gonna accept these four for me,

and this is for Ella, my daughter,

and this is for Elena, my added daughter.

There you accept it, my craven tinga burrito.

[mischievous music]

I anticipate I nailed it,

but there’s one added affair that I accept to do,

and that’s–

[Saul inhaling]

[cutlery abrading together]

Trying this.

[cutting burrito]


[cutlery falling on table]

This is not alive out for me.

Should I accept abundant of the sauce,

enough of the crema.

[mischievous music]

[burrito crunching]

Delicious, delicious, delicious.

Just the layers of textures too,

like I can see, I can feel the crunchiness

of the of the concon, it’s aloof really, absolutely good.

[mischievous music]

[Bianca chewing]

Okay, so I’m aggregation steak, mm hmm, aggregation shrimp.

I anticipate they absolutely mix absolutely able-bodied together.

But you apperceive what I’m advancing aback to,

I’m aback to the nopal.

The cactus, you know, it’s not my favorite,

but I do adore the steak and the shrimp,

and it’s the tres chiles salsa.

So you apperceive what?

Two outta, what’s that?

That’s like three, three out of four ain’t bad.

[chicharron crunching]

It’s a pork rind, I knew it.

Shout out to my grandpa.

Hi Saul.

Hi Bianca, how’s it going?

How’s the burrito, mar y tierra?

Mar y tierra, I like that,

see, I’m blessed I accept you here

because I’ve been annihilation the names.

Awful, abominable job.

The three chile sauce, it was on point 10 out of 10.

Great, great.

Did you end up accomplishing the cheese trick?

I did do the cheese trick, you got some competition.

However, I charge know, cactus,

how do you feel?

How do you feel about cactus?

I adulation cactus, listen,

whenever I wanna feel like I’m bistro article healthy,

I go for cactus, I barbecue it.


For a cactus, not like broccoli?

[Bianca laughing]

You know?

That’s actually, that’s my Mexican broccoli.

[both laughing]

Check it out, analysis it out.

It looks yummy, it looks yummy.

You cogent me the truth?

On a calibration of one to 10.

One to 10. I anticipate it looks 9.99.

Oh, okay, that is you,

lovely, admirable man, admirable man.

Oh, wow.

Why would you boldness me like that?

[Saul laughing]

All appropriate Bianca, able-bodied acknowledge you actual much,

see you soon.

Thank you, bye.

[mischievous music]

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