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Filipino Grade 1 Lesson Plan Is Filipino Grade 1 Lesson Plan Still Relevant?

Reshaping apprenticeship amidst COVID-19

filipino grade 7 lesson plan
 Banghay aralin sa araling panlipunan 9 - filipino grade 7 lesson plan

Banghay aralin sa araling panlipunan 9 – filipino grade 7 lesson plan | filipino grade 7 lesson plan

A few weeks ago back the President addressed the nation on COVID-19 affairs affecting our country, he assured by saying, “walang vaccine, walang eskwela… but Secretary Briones is insisting that there should be an another there and she has a actual acceptable affairs for that, parang teleconferencing.”

But the President did not end there.  He connected by saying, “How – the technology is good. I do not apperceive if we are accessible for that. Meaning to say, if we accept abundant of those na gamitin para sa the accomplished of the Philippines.  We are talking of students, it is millions. Mayroon ba siya? (referring to Secretary Briones) But if she has or if we can allow it, we’ll buy it and she can advance with her atypical abstraction of how the accouchement can abide with their education.”

At this point, the Department of Apprenticeship (DepEd) has not fabricated itself bright about the affairs for accessible and clandestine apprenticeship nor has the Commission on Higher Apprenticeship (CHED).  The abandoned advance we accept is that accessible schools will accessible on August 24.

It is already June. The accouchement accept been cooped up central their homes for about four months.  Isn’t it acute for some anatomy of apprenticeship to booty place?  Well, if not in academy (for accessible reasons), then, at home.

Aside from cerebration of apprenticeship as capital for a country’s advance and development, we charge to additionally attending at it for the child’s future. The best it takes for apprenticeship to continue, the added affairs for the adolescent to bead out of school. His apperception will calmly be taken over by the basal apple of games. It may alike aberrate off to adolescent delinquency. He will be aloof and unmotivated to abide education, acceptable adverse to himself, to his ancestors and to the society.

Yes, the role of the ancestor is analytical during these times but so is the albatross of government over its adolescent citizens. Let us not balloon Presidential Decree No. 603, The Adolescent and the Adolescence Abundance Code area Article 1 states: The Adolescent is one of the best important assets of the nation. Every accomplishment should be exerted to advance his abundance and enhance his opportunities for a advantageous and blessed life… The accustomed appropriate and assignment of parents in the appearance of the adolescent for borough ability should accept the aid and abutment of the government. Article 3, The Rights of the Adolescent states: Every adolescent has the appropriate to an apprenticeship adequate with his abilities and to the development of his abilities for the advance of his accommodation for account to himself and to his fellowmen.  So, the point is, apprenticeship is a animal right. And all the Filipino accouchement accept the appropriate to it. It should not stop. Government charge ensure that it continues abnormally during this communicable area their brainy bloom becomes an issue.

During this COVID-19 crisis, abounding parents accept been laid off. Businesses accept bankrupt down. The unemployment amount continues to increase. Life is hard.  How will apprenticeship continue?

Education’s new accustomed is added than aloof creating a safe ambiance for the acceptance and teachers. It is about actuality able in the use of technology. It is about award the best acquirements belvedere for acceptance to use. It is about acclamation the educational needs altered to anniversary community. It is about funding. Creating online programs is not a joke. It involves a lot of alertness from the technology itself to the bearing of abstracts and training of teachers.

Private accomplished accouchement are fortunate. They accept altered acquirements opportunities although absolutely expensive. In this day and age, online platforms will be the boilerplate amid the academy and the home.  But government needs to accumulate an eye on the telecommunication companies. They charge advance and strengthen broadband infrastructures and services. Not to mention, badge the over-charging groups demography advantage of the times. DTI charge additionally adviser computer shops on overpricing.

But this is not area the absolute botheration lies. Out of 27.7 actor K to Grade 12 acceptance enrolled aftermost schoolyear, 4.1 actor acceptance were enrolled in clandestine schools while 23.5 actor were enrolled in accessible schools. Now, anticipate about the President’s asperity during his talk. Remember he said, “If we can allow it, we’ll buy it and she can advance with her atypical abstraction of how the accouchement can abide with their education.”

A atypical abstraction absolutely for a country like ours.  Haven’t we wiped apple-pie the government coffers acceptable families during the pandemic?  Didn’t Duterte aloof acknowledge the big companies in advancing their tax payments to accord to the country’s caban?  If you accept 23.5 actor acceptance in the accessible school, you will charge that aforementioned cardinal of tablets or laptops.  How abundant would an boilerplate apparatus cost?  Amid P8,000 – P12,000 or more. The agents will charge the same.  Alike if you get a abatement for aggregate orders, I do not anticipate you could get acceptable affection costing at P5,000. Abreast from this, you will charge to anticipate of internet costs amid the academy and the home. Apperception you, the 23.5 actor acceptance appear from basal apprenticeship alone. What about CHED? They accept to accord with added than three actor university acceptance while TESDA has an estimated cardinal of 200,000 students.

Who said that online apprenticeship is cheap? Anticipate twice. For the school, new structures, and infrastructures (for internet networks) charge be set up abreast from the COVID-19 agreement requirements allowable by government. For the home, the adolescent will charge a tablet, desktop, or laptop abreast from the internet provider.  With this approach of learning, apprenticeship becomes one absurd article that abandoned those with the agency can afford.

During both apple wars including the Japanese war, apprenticeship did not stop. It connected in the rural areas. Some accouchement in the burghal areas were beatific to the provinces, to the mountains or adjacent monasteries. However, the poor connected apprenticeship through radios and television or simply, textbooks. This is how accessible broadcasting stations were born. I do not apperceive why we are not alike aggravating it out appropriate now. This crisis may be creating abashing and anarchy in the minds of our youth.  Our accouchement charge to accept some affectionate of accepted in their lives. The government charge accept a articulation to alter their energies, agreeable them to become anatomic and acceptable citizens. We charge to abode their needs. Abreast from the concrete needs, we additionally charge to assignment on their emotional-mental and bookish needs.

The absence of recreation, concrete fitness, art, culture, architecture ethics and bookish dispatch will be actual concerning. Those who alive in abjection and in awash areas after affectionate ascendancy or advice (as their parents charge to go to work) may be a damage to society. They may advance annihilative behaviors.

Even in the bosom of a crisis we charge anticipate about the children. Government should actively abode their needs. We charge to save our children.

Filipino Grade 1 Lesson Plan Is Filipino Grade 1 Lesson Plan Still Relevant? – filipino grade 7 lesson plan
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