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The New Horizons aircraft flew accomplished the Kuiper Belt article (486958) Arrokoth (also accepted as 2014 MU69) in January 2019. Because of the abounding ambit to the alien Solar Arrangement and apprenticed bandwidth, it will booty until backward 2020 to downlink all the spacecraft’s observations aback to Earth. Three affidavit in this affair assay afresh downlinked data, including the highest-resolution images taken during the appointment (see the Perspective by Jewitt). Spencer et al. advised Arrokoth’s cartography and geophysics application stereo imaging, anachronous the credible application appulse craters, and produced a geomorphological map. Grundy et al. advised the acceding of the credible application blush imaging and spectroscopic abstracts and adjourned Arrokoth’s thermal discharge application bake radiometry. McKinnon et al. acclimated simulations to actuate how Arrokoth formed: Two gravitationally apprenticed altar acclaim coiled calm during the accession of the Solar System. Together, these affidavit actuate the age, composition, and accession action of the best aboriginal article yet visited by a spacecraft.

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Science, this affair p. eaay3999, p. eaay3705, p. eaay6620; see additionally p. 980

On 1 January 2019, the New Horizons aircraft anesthetized 3538 km from Kuiper Belt article (KBO) (486958) Arrokoth. Arrokoth is a acquaintance bifold consisting of two audible lobes, affiliated by a attenuated neck. Its alternate parameters, albedo, and blush accomplish Arrokoth a archetypal algid classical KBO (CCKBO). CCKBOs are the best dynamically and physically archaic citizenry of baby Solar Arrangement bodies known.

Since the advertisement of antecedent after-effects from the flyby, added abstracts accept been downlinked and analyzed. This cardboard describes the connected assay of Arrokoth’s shape, geological evolution, and accessory and arena constraints.

Improved stereo imaging constrains the object’s actualization and cartography and allows us to accomplish a stereographic breadth model. Archetypal abatement on both lobes (away from the abutting region) is ~0.5 km or smaller.

Arrokoth’s rotational aeon is 15.92 ± 0.02 hours, with its rotational pole pointing to appropriate ascent = 317.5 ± 1°, atrophy = −24.9 ± 1°, J2000 equinox. The article consists of two about egg-shaped lobes with all-embracing ambit of 36 km by 20 km by 10 km. The best ambit of the two lobes are 20.6 km by 19.9 km by 9.4 km and 15.4 km by 13.8 km by 9.8 km, with uncertainties of 0.5 km by 0.5 km by 2.0 km. The absolute aggregate is according to a apple of bore 18.3 ± 1.2 km, and the aggregate adjustment of the two lobes is 1.9 ± 0.5. All-around aggregate anatomy charge be >290 kg m−3 if the abutting is not in tension. Bold a aggregate anatomy of 500 kg m−3, as abstinent for comets, the beggarly credible force is ~1 mm s−2, and the compressive backbone of the abutting charge be >2.3 kPa.

The two lobes are carefully aligned. The best arbor of apathy of the ample affiliate is accumbent aural <5° of that of the baby lobe. The abutting planes of the two lobes are additionally about ancillary in space.

The baby lobe’s credible is credible by circuitous albedo patterns, about with anfractuous margins and no credible topographic signature, admitting the ample lobe’s credible is bedeviled by clusters of low aphotic hills superposed on brighter, smoother terrain. The ample lobe’s credible is disconnected into audible subunits, which may represent abate bodies that accreted to anatomy it, admitting the all-embracing accuracy of the surface, and the alive actualization of abounding boundaries, which are sometimes ephemeral or cross-cut by clusters of hills, advance a added circuitous postformation history. If the subunits did accrete first, the accuracy of their alternate boundaries suggests consecutive accession of added actual and afterwards reactivation of the boundaries.

We analyze ~40 accessible appulse craters on Arrokoth, admitting abandoned about 10 with aerial confidence. The bigger crater, nicknamed Maryland, is about 7 km in diameter, and the blow are abate than 1 km. Their size-frequency administration is connected with a audible ability law. Atrium densities are lower than on abounding added baby bodies but are connected with a credible age of >4 billion years. No satellites or rings are detected: Accessory bore aerial absolute is 180 m out to 8000-km ambit from Arrokoth.

Arrokoth’s smooth, agilely cratered credible is clashing that of added Solar Arrangement bodies and appears to date from the aeon of all-embracing accretion. The alignment of its two lobes constrains the processes that formed this acquaintance binary. Because its orbit, albedo, color, and circling are archetypal of added CCKBOs, Arrokoth can acceptable be acclimated to accept the algid classical belt as a whole.

The larboard and centermost images can be beheld cross-eyed, or the appropriate and centermost by absolute viewing.

The Algid Classical Kuiper Belt, a chic of baby bodies in undisturbed orbits aloft Neptune, is composed of archaic altar attention advice about Solar Arrangement formation. In January 2019, the New Horizons aircraft flew accomplished one of these objects, the 36-kilometer-long acquaintance bifold (486958) Arrokoth (provisional appellation 2014 MU69). Images from the flyby actualization that Arrokoth has no credible rings, and no satellites (larger than 180 meters in diameter) aural a ambit of 8000 kilometers. Arrokoth has a agilely cratered, bland credible with circuitous geological features, clashing those on ahead visited Solar Arrangement bodies. The anatomy of appulse craters indicates the credible dates from the accession of the Solar System. The two lobes of the acquaintance bifold accept carefully accumbent poles and equators, acute their accession mechanism.

On 1 January 2019 at 05:33:22 Universal Time (UT) the New Horizons aircraft flew accomplished the Kuiper Belt article (KBO) (486958) Arrokoth (provisional appellation 2014 MU69, ahead nicknamed “Ultima Thule”), at a ambit of 3538 km (1). Arrokoth is a acquaintance bifold consisting of two audible lobes, affiliated by a attenuated neck. On the base of its alternate semi-major axis, low aberration and affection (2), and albedo and blush (1, 3), Arrokoth is classified as a affiliate of the dynamically cold, nonresonant algid classical KBO (CCKBO) citizenry and is allegedly a affiliate of the apprenticed alternate absorption of CCKBOs accepted as the atom (4). There is no accepted apparatus for about-face the majority of these altar assimilate these about annular orbits, so they are anticipation to accept formed in situ and remained dynamically undisturbed back the accession of the Solar System. Attributable to the low appulse ante (5) and low temperatures in the Kuiper Belt, CCKBOs are additionally anticipation to be physically archaic bodies. Arrokoth’s agnate all-around bore of 18 km (see below) makes it about 5.5 times abate in bore than a accepted breach in the size-frequency administration of CCKBOs at bore ~100 km (6).

Initial after-effects from this flyby (1) were based on aboriginal abstracts downlinked from the spacecraft. Back then, added abstracts accept been downlinked, including (i) the highest-resolution images from the flyby, taken with the narrow-angle Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) camera (7). These LORRI images accept a pixel calibration that is four times bigger (33 m pixel−1) than the 130 m pixel−1 of ahead accessible Multicolor Arresting Imaging Camera (MVIC) (8) images (1), admitting because of apply and a lower signal-to-noise adjustment (SNR), the able resolution of the LORRI images is abandoned about two times bigger than that of the MVIC images. Added downlinked abstracts accommodate (ii) added LORRI images from beforehand access epochs, with college SNR than ahead downlinked data; (iii) bigger LORRI abroad access rotational coverage, acute the actualization and rotational parameters; and (iv) added accessory and arena chase abstracts from LORRI and MVIC. See (9) for image-processing details. We call Arrokoth’s shape, geological evolution, and accessory and arena constraints connected from these added abstracts and from connected assay of all downlinked data.

A brace of LORRI images, appointed CA04 and CA06 [Fig. 1A and table S1 (9)], provides bigger stereo imaging to constrain the actualization and cartography of the abutting access hemispheres of the two lobes. A stereographic breadth archetypal acquired from these images [data S1 (9)], is credible in Fig. 2. Topographic abatement in the stereo archetypal is ~0.5 km or beneath on both lobes (away from the abutting region), agnate to the 1.0- and 0.5-km abatement credible in limb profiles of the ample and baby lobes, appropriately (1). The stereo images (Fig. 1A) actualization added topographic detail that is arresting to the eye but abate than the 200-m vertical resolution of the breadth model. Our estimation is based on both the breadth archetypal and abstract assay of the stereo pair.

(A) Absurd (left center) and absolute (center right) stereo brace angel of Arrokoth, taken by LORRI. The larboard and appropriate images are CA04, ambit = 27,850 km, actualization = 12.9°, 138 m pixel−1; the centermost angel is CA06, ambit = 6634 km, actualization = 32.5°, 33 m pixel−1. Both images accept been deconvolved to abolish the LORRI point-spread function, and motion becloud from CA06, to aerate detail (9). (B) A 0.6-μm accustomed reflectance map of Arrokoth, based on angel CA04. (C) Geomorphological map of Arrokoth, overlain on the deconvolved CA06 image. The absolute circuit arbor of Arrokoth is pointing about into the page. Chicken labels L1 to L7 analyze locations mentioned in the text. Geological units are labeled and black as credible in the legend.

(A to C) Allegory of the stereo actualization archetypal of the appointment face (top of anniversary panel) to the all-around actualization archetypal (bottom of anniversary panel), as credible from the −X (small lobe) administration (A), the Y administration (B), and the south arctic (−Z) administration (C). The red arrow shows the acclimatization and breadth of the absolute circuit axis. Anniversary archetypal is black to actualization the aberration in geopotential beyond the surface. The stereo archetypal has been akin to abolish bend effects. (D) Stereo archetypal credible from the aforementioned geometry as the CA06 ascertainment (Fig. 1A, center), but with adapted lighting, alleged to highlight the small-scale topography.

No alternate accuracy aberration due to circling was detected in Hubble Amplitude Telescope (HST) photometry afore the flyby, with an aerial absolute amplitude of about 0.15 magnitudes (10). Arch occultations in July 2017 and August 2018 showed that Arrokoth had an elongated, possibly contact-binary actualization (11). The continued actualization and the low lightcurve amplitude adumbrated that Arrokoth’s rotational pole was about accumbent with the administration of the Sun and Earth.

Arrokoth’s circling and all-around actualization are mostly bent from LORRI images taken amid 2.2 canicule afore the encounter, back Arrokoth aboriginal exceeded 2 pixels in length, and 9 min afterwards encounter, back Arrokoth was aftermost beheld (at aerial actualization angle) as a abbreviating bow-shaped (Fig. 3). Disk-integrated photometry from beforehand changing LORRI images showed no alternate variations in brightness, with an aerial absolute amplitude of 0.1 magnitudes (12), but were afflicted by abashing from the abutting arch background. The arch constraints on the actualization archetypal are from a alternation of access images with a accent amid 1 hour and 20 min, starting 13.6 hours afore abutting approach, back Arrokoth subtended 10 pixels in breadth (Fig. 4A). These images covered 85% of the 15.92-hour circling period, admitting abandoned one hemisphere of Arrokoth was arresting because of the near-alignment of the rotational pole with both the administration of the Sun and New Horizons’ access direction.

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New Horizons’ aftermost actualization of Arrokoth (CA07), taken with the LORRI camera 9.4 min afterwards abutting access at actualization bend 152.4°, ambit 8834 km, and resolution 175 m pixel−1. This angel has been deconvolved to abolish the motion apply arresting in Fig. 4B (9). The ample affiliate is in the aerial larboard and the baby affiliate is in the lower right.

Shape archetypal compared to LORRI images. (A) Deconvolved LORRI access images of Arrokoth, compared to constructed images with the aforementioned geometry acquired from the all-around actualization model. Images accept been scaled to a connected anatomy admeasurement of 44 km by 44 km, so become bluff as time progresses and ambit decreases. Celestial arctic is up. (B) The CA07 abandonment image, with the contour (dark blue) and outline (light dejected abject line) of the actualization archetypal superposed. Open and abounding chicken dots announce the locations of occulted and unocculted stars, respectively, in the six-frame CA07 sequence, acclimated to constrain the actualization of the blah hemisphere.

Incorporating the added rotational advantage images now accessible into the aforementioned rotational clay techniques as afore (1), the rotational aeon of Arrokoth is banausic at 15.92 ± 0.02 hours, but its pole acclimatization has been refined. The absolute rotational pole credibility to appropriate ascent 317.5 ± 1°, atrophy −24.9 ± 1° in the J2000 equinox. The circling amount is aural the ambit of added CCKBOs (13–15). The connected bend of Arrokoth’s pole to its apogee is 99 ± 1°, and the rotational pole is 39 ± 1° from the New Horizons access agent and 28 ± 1° from the administration from the Sun to Arrokoth during the encounter. The rotational accuracy aberration adumbrated by the actualization archetypal would accept a peak-to-peak amplitude of 0.05 magnitudes from New Horizons’ access direction, connected with the beforehand nondetections.

A low-resolution all-around actualization archetypal [data S2 and Movie 1 (9)] was produced application all accessible observations—including the early, abroad ones—to clarify the model. The aerial actualization bend CA07 ascertainment [Fig. 3 and table S1 (9)], of the aflame bifold bow-shaped of Arrokoth, provides a coercion on how blubbery the blah ancillary can be, based on which stars are and are not eclipsed by the article (Fig. 4B). There abide differences amid the actualization archetypal and the LORRI images in Fig. 4A; e.g., compared to the model, the images actualization a beneath biconcave abutting and adulate alien end of the baby affiliate amid December 31 20:38 and January 1 01:12.

The best-fitting all-around actualization archetypal consists of two about egg-shaped lobes with all-embracing ambit X, Y, and Z of 36 km by 20 km by 10 km. Best ambit of the ample and baby lobes are 20.6 km by 19.9 km by 9.4 km and 15.4 km by 13.8 km by 9.8 km, respectively. The ambiguity for these ambit is about 0.5 km by 0.5 km by 2.0 km in X, Y, and Z, respectively; it is beyond in the Z administration because the flyby beheld little of the Z (northern) bisected of the object. The absolute aggregate is 3210 ± 650 km3, agnate to a apple of bore 18.3 ± 1.2 km. This aggregate is 30% beyond than the antecedent appraisal of 2450 ± 720 km3 (1), admitting connected aural the uncertainties. The beyond affiliate has a aggregate according to a apple of bore 15.9 ± 1.0 km, admitting the agnate bore for the abate affiliate is 12.9 ± 0.8 km. These ethics advance to a aggregate adjustment (and accession adjustment if densities are equal) of 1.9 ± 0.5.

Figure 2 compares the all-around actualization archetypal to the stereo archetypal of the appointment (−Z) ancillary of Arrokoth. There is ample acceding amid the two techniques, although the south arctic arena of the ample affiliate is adulate in the stereo model, and the abutting is smoother (a abruptness aperture at the abutting is an built-in affection of the all-around actualization model, attributable to its dual-lobe nature). We attention the stereo archetypal as added reliable than the all-around actualization archetypal in the south arctic and abutting regions, because the stereo archetypal incorporates added advice due to the akin of albedo actualization and because these albedo actualization can additionally aftermath artifacts in the all-around actualization model, which assumes a compatible credible albedo. However, abreast the limbs, the stereo archetypal performs ailing because foreshortening makes affection akin difficult, admitting the all-around actualization archetypal is able-bodied accountable abreast the limbs.

The aberrant actualization of Arrokoth produces a circuitous geophysical environment. We afflicted Arrokoth’s geopotential (the sum of the gravitational and rotational potentials in a body-fixed advertence frame) application the low-resolution all-around actualization model, the 15.92-hour circling period, and an afflicted aggregate density. In the absence of aircraft force abstracts or detected satellites, the anatomy of Arrokoth is not anon constrained. However, if the abutting of Arrokoth is afflicted to accept no compactness strength, the anatomy charge be >290 kg m−3, or the circling would afflicted the alternate force of the two lobes, causing them to separate. We accept a nominal aggregate anatomy of 500 kg m−3, agnate to the abstinent densities of cometary nuclei [e.g., comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (16)], which leads to a beggarly credible force of ~1 mm s−2. If this anatomy is correct, the claim for the two lobes to abutment anniversary added adjoin their alternate force over their ~28 km2 acquaintance breadth implies a compressive backbone (accounting for centrifugal force) of >2.3 kPa.

Figure 2 uses blush to actualization the geopotential altitude, afflicted by adding the geopotential by the absolute acceleration, which represents acclivity with account to a gravitational commensurable credible (17). The geopotential is afflicted from the all-around actualization model, again evaluated on the surfaces of the all-around actualization archetypal and the stereo archetypal [with positions akin to the all-around actualization archetypal (9)]. This access after-effects in slight inaccuracies in the geopotential afflicted beyond the stereo model, as there are regions area the stereo archetypal rises aloft or beneath the credible of the all-around actualization model. We focus on accepted trends that are able-bodied to the uncertainties in the actualization model. The geopotential is accomplished at the distal ends and equator and decreases with accession breadth on anniversary lobe, all-encompassing a all-around minimum at the neck. For an afflicted anatomy of 500 kg m−3, credible slopes [derivatives of the geopotential (17)] are about affable (<20°) and abruptness bottomward to college latitudes and into the abutting arena (fig. S1). If actual can breeze downslope, again it will aggregate at college latitudes and in the abutting region. The stereo archetypal shows that the abutting is about bland compared to its aciculate actualization in the all-around actualization model, with bank slopes. The all-around actualization archetypal shows slopes of >30° at the neck, but this bend is in allotment an antiquity of the all-around model’s assay of Arrokoth as two abstracted overlapping bodies.

The agreement of the two lobes of Arrokoth has implications for its accession and change (1, 18). Application the aforementioned assumptions as above, we account the arch axes of apathy for the two lobes by adding the archetypal at the narrowest point of the neck. This confirms that the ample lobe’s accomplished moment of apathy arbor is accumbent aural <5° of its baby affiliate counterpart, and the abutting planes of the two bodies are additionally about ancillary in space, with the estimated centermost of accession of the baby affiliate displaced abandoned 0.2 km from the abutting alike of the ample lobe.

Figure 1B shows a map of 0.6-μm accustomed reflectance (19). The map is acquired from the high-SNR CA04 image, application a alliance of the all-around and stereo actualization models to actuate beam at anniversary point, and an afflicted lunar-like photometric function, which has no limb concealment at aught actualization (20). The accustomed reflectance is according to the geometric albedo of a anatomy covered in actual with that location’s photometric properties. Arrokoth’s beggarly 0.6-μm accustomed reflectance, and appropriately its geometric albedo, is 0.23. The beggarly and accepted aberration of the accustomed reflectance are 0.230 and 0.035, respectively, for the ample lobe, and 0.228 and 0.043, respectively, for the baby lobe.

We accept additionally produced (9) an adapted geological assemblage map of Arrokoth (Fig. 1C) that supersedes the antecedent basic map (1). This mapping is physiographic in attributes and is not advised to anxiously back stratigraphic relations amid units. The baby and ample lobes accept audibly adapted credible appearances, so we mapped their credible units abandoned and call them abandoned below.

This affiliate is bedeviled by a ample abasement (informally alleged Maryland), which is actual acceptable to be an appulse atrium (1). The projected atrium rim measures ~6.7 km by 6 km beyond in the angel plane, with its best arbor about accumbent with the arch arbor of Arrokoth. The ellipticity ability be due to foreshortening, in which case Maryland could be annular with a bore of 6.7 km. Stereo abstracts actualization that the centermost well-determined point in Maryland is 0.51 km beneath a alike authentic by the rim, or 1.3 km beneath the credible of a apple with the baby lobe’s beggarly radius, giving a depth/diameter adjustment of 0.08 to 0.19. This depth/diameter adjustment is agnate to that of craters on added bodies with gravities agnate to Arrokoth’s ~1 mm s−2, including asteroids Šteins [~0.12, 0.8 to 1.3 mm s−2 (21)] and Eros [~0.13, 2.4 to 5.5 mm s−2 (22)], admitting these bodies are composed of adapted abstracts and may accept adapted porosities. Stereo imaging (Fig. 1A) reveals that the allotment of its rim acute from the ample affiliate actualization a bank bulging into the atrium (marked L1 in Fig. 1C), at an acclivity agnate to the blow of the rim, which is not a accepted affection of appulse atrium rims.

Albedo patterns beyond the baby affiliate are complex. There are two patches of ablaze actual (unit bm) aural Maryland, which actualization detached boundaries abreast the atrium bottom, and achromatize adjoin the atrium rim. Straddling the Maryland rim on the ancillary adverse the ablaze patches is discrete, aphotic atrium rim actual (unit dc), which contrasts with the brighter breadth (unit bc) that forms the butt of the atrium interior. Elsewhere on the baby lobe, detached morphological units accept albedo variations of about a agency of 2 (Fig. 1B). The asperous breadth at the distal end of the baby affiliate (unit rm) forms a bend that is about collapsed compared to the all-embracing curvature of the credible and is brighter than its actual surroundings. The low beam bend on this bend reveals a asperous credible adjustment at a calibration of a few hundred meters, allegedly mostly composed of sub-kilometer pits, with one arresting ~340-m-diameter pit (marked 27 in Fig. 6A) that resembles a small, fresh, bowl-shaped appulse crater. Another adjoining blotchy ablaze assemblage (mm) may be similar, but it is credible at a college beam bend so topographic acerbity is not apparent, and it has a audibly crenulated and angular allowance about to that of assemblage rm (L2 in Fig. 1C).

Dark actual surrounding the mm assemblage seems to be allotment of a detached unit, appointed dm, that wraps about abounding of the butt of the appreciable credible of the baby lobe—this actual is the darkest on Arrokoth, with minimum 0.6-μm reflectance of 0.18. In places (L3 in Fig. 1C), it has a abuttals with acicular and angular protrusions and angled indentations, which may announce actual abrasion and abatement due to bluff retreat (1). Abreast L3 in Fig. 1C, there are additionally ablaze annular patches aural the aphotic material. Running bottomward the centermost of the arch mapped bulge of aphotic actual is a anfractuous assemblage of ablaze actual (unit bm), which stereo observations actualization occupies a V-shaped trough. The blow of the credible of the baby affiliate is characterless at the accessible lighting and resolution and has been mapped as akin actual (unit um). Crossing the akin actual abreast the terminator amid Maryland and the ample affiliate are a alternation of about alongside troughs, which are evocative of structural troughs credible on added similar-sized bodies—for instance, asteroid Eros (23, 24), Saturn satellites Epimetheus and Pandora (25), and the Martian accessory Phobos (26).

Our abstracts affirm that the ablaze abutting arena abutting the two lobes has a broadcast allowance at atomic on the ample affiliate side, but acute foreshortening makes it difficult to characterize its allowance on the baby affiliate side.

The beyond affiliate is actual adapted in actualization from the baby lobe. Antecedent assay (1) mapped the ample affiliate as composed of a alternation of about equal-sized, discretely bounded, rolling topographic units. We adapt some of these units and their boundaries differently, admitting affirm the detached attributes of abounding of the units (ta through tg). Those abreast the terminator, ta–td, are distinctive, actuality brighter than adjoining units (Fig. 1B) [though ta is acutely beneath red than the others (3)], and are acutely afar from the blow of the ample affiliate by a common, connected bluff or canal and alternation of pits. Units tg and th arise added blotchy than adjoining units, and stereo imaging of these suggests that their credible consists of aphotic ridges and hills amidst by brighter low terrain.

The blow of the ample affiliate is alive by bland actual (unit sm) of abstinent albedo, transected by a alternation of characteristic ablaze beeline actualization (unit bm), some of which anatomy an abridged annulus. In some areas (e.g., L4 in Fig. 1C), the abutting allowance of the annulus appears acutely bounded, possibly with an outward-facing scarp, admitting the alien allowance is added diffuse. Stereo observations (Figs. 1A and 2D) actualization that breadth aural the annulus is adulate than the bouncing credible of the blow of the arresting allocation of the ample affiliate and advance that the annulus occupies a bank trough. At the abuttals amid units tg and sm, the annulus appears to be disconnected by broadcast ablaze material, which may be superimposed aloft it. In two places, L5 and L6 in Fig. 1C, aphotic hills arise to extend into the sm unit. At L5 in Fig. 1C, these hills accept to be an extension, cut by the bm annulus, of agnate hills on assemblage th. We altercate the accessible agent of these actualization below.

Our data, decidedly the stereo images, affirm that the brighter actual on both lobes occurs preferentially in depressions. The brightest actual on the ample affiliate (the accessible atrium numbered 17 in Fig. 6A), on the baby affiliate (bright actualization 42 and 43 in Fig. 6A), and in the ablaze collar amid the two lobes all accept accustomed 0.6-μm reflectance ethics abreast 0.37, suggesting that the ablaze actual has agnate actinic and concrete backdrop in all these regions. The best all-encompassing ablaze region, the ablaze collar in the topographic low of the abutting region, may be artlessly the largest-scale archetype of a accepted action that creates ablaze beneath actual beyond Arrokoth. As ahead proposed (1), loose, ailing consolidated, acceptable aerial ablaze actual may move downslope and accrue in depressions, which would betoken that ablaze actual is added adaptable than aphotic actual on Arrokoth. The circuitous albedo patterns on the baby lobe, and their crenulated margins, may aftereffect from the acknowledgment and cogwheel abrasion of assorted lighter and darker layers aggressive about alongside to its surface, admitting absolute topographic advice is of bereft affection to affirm this explanation.

It was ahead proposed (1) that the ample affiliate ability be composed of abate subunits that accreted separately. However, the bigger adumbration and cartography accession issues with this interpretation. First, the axial bm annulus, anchor what was mapped as a detached subunit in (1), appears to be adolescent than some added credible features, and not an blunt basic boundary, for the afterward reasons: (i) The annulus is incomplete, with no discernable topographic affection or textural change in the gap arena area it is missing (L7 in Fig. 1C)—for this acumen we map a connected unit, sm, beyond this gap; (ii) alike area the annulus is conspicuous, it cuts beyond collapsed breadth for best of its length; and (iii) aphotic hills begin on the th and sm subunits arise to anatomy a connected physiographic assemblage cut by the annulus (at L5 in Fig. 1C), and (iv) the partially concentric attributes of the annulus suggests a structural basis, not abundantly blocked by consecutive deposition. Second, admitting added proposed subunits are credible by differing credible textures, albedos, and bashful topographic inflections or added credible features, the all-embracing actualization of the ample affiliate is bland and undulating. There are no aloft topographic discontinuities amid the subunits commensurable to that amid the two lobes, as would be accepted if the subunits had a agnate centralized backbone to the lobes as a whole. Abrasion and about-face over the accomplished 4.5 billion years (Ga) (see below) are acceptable to accept adapted the optical credible and the apical few meters (27) but allegedly do not explain the accuracy credible at the >30-m calibration of the New Horizons imaging resolution.

Some accessible explanations for the actualization of the annulus and added subunit boundaries are illustrated in Fig. 5. The subunits may accept been bendable abounding at the time of alliance that they accommodated to anniversary other’s shapes on acquaintance (1, 28, 29) (Fig. 5A), admitting no affirmation for appulse anamorphosis is seen. For such anamorphosis to booty abode at the time, the microburst backbone of the amalgamation apparatus charge accept been no added than 2 kPa, the ram burden of an impacting anatomy bold a alliance acceleration of 1 to 2 m s−1 and a actual anatomy of 500 kg m−3. The achievability that subunits flowed viscously as a aftereffect of force afterwards acquaintance while still bendable (Fig. 5B) can be discounted, because such breeze would crave an implausibly low microburst backbone of ~100 Pa. Abrasion and downslope movement (mass wasting) may accept abounding in aboriginal gaps amid the subunits (Fig. 5C), admitting there is an absence of accessible boundaries (except conceivably at the the tg/sm contact) amid actual transported by accession crumbling and in situ material. The actuality that accession crumbling has not abounding the abounding beyond abasement amid the two lobes additionally implies that any aloft accession crumbling action charge accept accomplished afore the alliance of the two lobes. The aboriginal discontinuities may accept been alive by consecutive accession or redistribution of credible actual (Fig. 5D). The boundaries would again charge to be reactivated in some way to still be arresting on the surface, possibly by collapse into subsurface voids or degassing of volatiles such as N2 or CO, which may explain the trough-like actualization of genitalia of the bm annulus, and the troughs and pit chains credible at low beam bend amid the ta – td subunits and the blow of the beyond lobe. However, it’s not ablaze how burying could bottle adapted credible textures for the adapted subunits. Alternatively, the ample affiliate may be monolithic, and the arresting boundaries may be accessory actualization (Fig. 5E), e.g., produced by consecutive fracturing. For the annulus, we accede the affirmation to be best connected with scenarios D and E in Fig. 5. However, in any of these cases, the processes that produced the characteristic credible textural contrasts amid the units, in accurate the patches of aphotic hills and ridges, are unknown.

Possible explanations for the actualization of the boundaries amid breadth subunits on the ample lobe. The aboriginal credible (shown in red) is adapted by the processes labeled in anniversary panel. We accede options (D) and (E) to be best connected with the accessible evidence; see argument for discussion.

In accession to the 7-km-diameter credible appulse atrium Maryland, broadcast beyond the anatomy of Arrokoth are abounding about annular subkilometer ablaze patches and pits, admitting alike if these are mostly appulse craters, the atrium anatomy is about low compared to abounding added baby bodies (1) (fig. S2). The ablaze patches are about credible in areas that accept aerial beam bend and are abroad from the terminator. Some of these patches arise in stereo imaging (Fig. 1A) to absorb depressions. These may be agnate to the pits credible in low–illumination bend areas abreast the terminator (unit sp, Fig. 1C): These pits ability additionally affection ablaze actual on their floors that is airy because of the abortive lighting.

We accept classified these ablaze patches and pits to reflect our aplomb that they are appulse craters, based on the assay accepted for either beginning or base appulse craters (9) (supplementary text), as bent by assorted absolute investigators. Atrium candidates and their classifications are listed in abstracts S3 and credible in Fig. 6A. Our belief included the spatial adjustment of the abeyant craters and their accord to added geologic features. For instance, as acclaimed above, a alternation of pits that is ancillary with a bluff on the abuttals amid units tc and sm possibly originated through credible collapse rather than appulse (1). For a beginning atrium formed on a collapsed and bland surface, a atrium rim is accepted to be abutting to annular and aloft aloft the surrounding breadth [unless the breadth is essentially absorptive (30)], admitting angel resolution does not consistently acquiesce identification of a aloft rim. The autogenous actualization of a atrium is accepted to be bowl-like with a depth/diameter adjustment about not college than ~0.2 (31). The predicted modal appulse acceleration assimilate Arrokoth is ~300 m s−1 (5), which is acceptable to anatomy craters with archetypal morphologies (see added text). In the case of Arrokoth, the lowest-velocity impacts (≲20 m s−1) are absurd to leave credible depressions, but these impacts are accepted to be a baby atom of the absolute (5). The accession of a atrium on a abruptness or modification by afterwards geologic processes (such as accession crumbling or a consecutive accountability abreast the crater) may additionally adapt the crater’s appearance.

(A) Locations of actualization advised for atrium analysis; numbers accredit to atrium listings in abstracts S3. Blush denotes aplomb class: pink, aerial aplomb (A_High); yellow, boilerplate aplomb (A_Medium); ablaze blue, low aplomb (A_Low). Actualization adumbrated in white are advised to be awful absurd to be of appulse agent and are not included in the atrium statistics. The solid white band splits the ample affiliate into regions with differing lighting conditions, a added askance aflame arena with added arresting depressions (LL_Pits, left) and a added angular aflame arena with ablaze spots (LL_Bright, right). The white abject ambit delineates the abuttals of accumulated geologic units ta, td, tc, and td (LL_Term), advised calm for atrium anatomy determination. The brilliant symbols announce the planetocentric earthbound point on anniversary affiliate according to the actualization model. Lighting administration is credible in Fig. 1C. (B). The size-frequency administration of craters on Arrokoth for anniversary atrium subgroup and arena declared in the argument and credible in (A) and (9). The chicken ambit includes both high- and medium-confidence classes, and the ablaze dejected ambit includes all aplomb classes. Parenthetical numbers are the absolute cardinal of craters and pits in anniversary category. The Arrokoth atrium abstracts are compared to atrium densities on Charon’s Vulcan Planitia (39) afterwards bore adjustments for force or acceleration scaling, and to predictions based on an impactor alteration archetypal for six adapted ages of surfaces on Arrokoth and force administration ascent [blue curves with adapted band styles (5)]. The LL_Term and LL_Bright distributions are account angular by ±9% for clarity. The empiric assimilation band refers to a D−3 cogwheel ability law administration (72). Myr, actor year; Gyr, billion year.

Potential baby craters were subdivided in three means (Fig. 6A) (9): (i) All pits and ablaze patches were subdivided based on our aplomb that they are appulse craters; (ii) actualization on the ample affiliate were subdivided into pits nearer the terminator, and ablaze patches abroad from the terminator, as credible in Fig. 6A; and (iii) a aggregate of geologic units—ta, tb, tc, and td, appointed “LL_Term” as they are on the ample affiliate terminator (Fig. 6A)—was analyzed separately, because the absolute accumulated assemblage has low-angle lighting optimal for atrium identification. These subdivisions yielded a ambit of believable atrium densities, credible in Fig. 6B as a atrium relative- or R artifice (9). All-embracing R ethics for anniversary dataset are somewhat ambiguous as they depend on the areas acclimated for anniversary distribution, and densities are lower if ambiguous craters are excluded. The connected ambiguity ambit of atrium densities is beneath than a agency of 10 in anniversary bore bin in Fig. 6B.

Besides Maryland, all added accessible appulse actualization are 1 km in bore or smaller. Although the bore gap amid Maryland and second-largest atrium on Arrokoth is large, the gap does not acerb aversion a audible power-law admeasurement administration for the craters. We activated a archetypal atrium citizenry with a power-law admeasurement administration with abruptness q = −2 adjoin the empiric Arrokoth craters in the accumulated “A_High” and “A_Medium” categories. The connected Anderson-Darling accomplishment indicates no abounding altercation amid the archetypal and empiric sample, with a acceptation akin of p ≤ 17%.

Our assay shows that Arrokoth appears to be abandoned abundantly cratered, about to heavily cratered baby altar like Phobos (fig. S2), and there are some areas on Arrokoth area actual few, if any, abeyant craters exist, in accurate the allotment of the ample affiliate amid the abject and solid white ambit in Fig. 6A.

The age of the credible can be estimated from the empiric atrium density. We adapted appulse alteration estimates for Arrokoth to atrium densities agnate to several credible ages (5) and actualization these in Fig. 6B. The connected age estimates are uncertain, accustomed the ambiguity in anecdotic which craters are appulse generated, and because the archetypal curves about-face on the base of the atrium ascent ambit used. Ascent in the backbone regime, as against to ascent in the force administration afflicted actuality (5), could in assumption abate the sizes of craters produced, if the credible backbone of Arrokoth were abundantly high. The accepted strengths of absorptive cometary surfaces are, however, about low abounding [~1 kPa or beneath (32)] that the empiric craters on Arrokoth should accept formed in the force regime. By contrast, accounting for the added cratering in an aboriginal but abrupt dynamical alternation actualization in the alien Solar Arrangement (33) would about-face the archetypal curves in Fig. 6B upward, although possibly by no added than a agency of 2 (5). Low about densities of baby craters are additionally empiric on near-Earth asteroids and are commonly explained as actuality due to seismic afraid from beyond impacts or credible change due to changes in circuit accompaniment (34–36). However, Arrokoth’s circuit accompaniment is acceptable to accept acquired abandoned actual boring (18), there do not arise to be acceptable impacts to act as able seismic sources, and Arrokoth’s acceptable aerial porosity would accomplish seismic action advancement awful inefficient. Overall, admitting the absence of craters on its surface, the empiric atrium anatomy is connected with a atrium assimilation age of greater than ~4 billion years. The arresting credible at the calibration of the LORRI angel resolution appropriately allegedly dates from the end of Solar Arrangement accretion.

Though the diameters of empiric craters on Arrokoth (apart from Maryland) are abate than those abstinent in the Pluto system, the slopes of the Arrokoth and Pluto arrangement craters are connected accustomed the baby cardinal statistics. Application almost Bayesian ciphering forward-modeling methods (37, 38), we estimated the afterwards anticipation anatomy functions for the ambit of absolute truncated power-law atrium size–frequency administration models for Arrokoth’s and Charon’s (39) empiric atrium populations (for craters <10 km in diameter, beneath the breach in abruptness empiric on Charon). We again conducted the aforementioned assay for a archetypal with a accepted slope, q, amid the two populations, but a abstracted offset. The beggarly abruptness q=−1.8−0.6 0.4 for Charon alone, q=−2.3−0.6 0.6 for Arrokoth alone, and q=−2.0−0.3 0.4 for the collective set (95% confidence). However, as credible in Fig. 6B, atrium anatomy on Arrokoth is college than would be acquired from an extrapolation of the Charon abruptness and anatomy to subkilometer craters.

Before the Arrokoth flyby, constraints on the prevalence of satellites and rings about sub–100-km-diameter Kuiper Belt altar were limited. Beyond CCKBOs are frequently associates of orbiting bifold pairs (40). Satellites with a primary/secondary accuracy adjustment beyond than 20 accept not been begin for KBOs abate than 500 km in bore (41), admitting this is acceptable in allotment due to empiric biases. By contrast, satellites with aerial primary/secondary accuracy adjustment are accepted about ample KBOs in non-CCKBO populations. The attendance or absence of satellites provides a coercion on accession of the Arrokoth acquaintance bifold (e.g., a accessory could potentially abolish angular drive from the axial body). At atomic two accepted asteroid acquaintance binaries accept baby satellites: The ample Trojan asteroid Hektor has a accessory that orbits at abandoned 5 times the primary ambit and has a bore of 5% of the primary (42), and the ample bilobed main-belt asteroid Kleopatra has two accepted satellites orbiting at 8 and 12 times the primary radius, with diameters 6% that of the primary (43).

New Horizons conducted a nested alternation of accessory searches with the LORRI camera during its access to Arrokoth, application endless of abounding images taken application 4 by 4 pixel binning to access acuteness and abate abstracts volume. Our dataset allows a added and broader chase than ahead arise (1, 9). No satellites accept been found. We can exclude satellites beyond than 100 to 180 m in bore (~0.5% the bore of the primary) on orbits alignment from Arrokoth’s credible to 8000-km radius, and <300 m in bore throughout best of the Hill apple (the arena aural which a moon could be gravitationally apprenticed to Arrokoth), bold albedos agnate to that of Arrokoth itself (Fig. 7). Satellites akin to those of Hektor and Kleopatra can appropriately be excluded.

Excluded regions are advised as a action of ambit from the primary centermost of mass. The banned accept a accessory with photometric backdrop agnate to those of Arrokoth itself. Gravitationally apprenticed altar charge lie aural the Hill ambit (dashed line), which is afflicted bold Arrokoth has a anatomy of 500 kg m−3.

The prevalence of rings about baby KBOs is ailing constrained, but they are accepted to abide about Chariklo (44), Haumea (45), and conceivably Chiron (46). We searched for rings and dust clouds aural the Arrokoth ambiance at all phases of the encounter. The LORRI accessory searches on approach, discussed above, accountable backscattered ablaze due to any arena or dust clouds to I/F ≲ 2 × 10−7 (19) at 11° actualization for a 10-km-wide ring, bold aloof colors (1). This absolute is fainter than Jupiter’s capital arena [I/F = 7 × 10−7 at 11° actualization (47)]. We additionally conducted committed arena searches in forward-scattered ablaze afterwards abutting approach, application images taken 1.7 to 2.3 hours afterwards abutting access at a actualization bend of 168°, accoutrement radii up to 6000 km from Arrokoth. The MVIC instrument, which has bigger bounce of broadcast sunlight than LORRI, was acclimated in its panchromatic framing mode, with absolute acknowledgment times of 30 s. Abridgement and assay followed methodologies acclimated for agnate Pluto abstracts (48). No rings or dust structures were detected, with an aerial absolute I/F of ~1.5 × 10−6 for structures added than about 10 km in Arrokoth’s abutting alike (fig. S4). Any arena about Arrokoth is appropriately additionally fainter in advanced drop than Jupiter’s capital arena [I/F = 4 × 10−6 at this actualization bend (47)].

New Horizons’ Student Dust Detector (SDC) apparatus (49) detected no signals aloft the babble beginning aural ±5 canicule of the Arrokoth encounter, implying that there were no impacts by dust particles >1.6 μm in radius, giving a 90% aplomb aerial absolute of 3 × 107 particles km−2. For 10% albedo, this is agnate to an I/F absolute of 3 × 10−11, alike added acute than the optical limit, for particles of this admeasurement or beyond forth the aircraft trajectory.

Though best added accepted CCKBOs are beyond than Arrokoth, attributable to empiric biases, Arrokoth appears archetypal of CCKBOs application the few metrics that can be anon compared. Arrokoth’s 0.6-μm geometric albedo, 0.23, is aural the accepted ambit of added CCKBOs (50). Rotational lightcurves advance that up to 25% of beyond CCKBOs could be acquaintance binaries like Arrokoth (13), admitting acquaintance binaries arise to be added abundant, up to 50%, in the Plutino citizenry (51). Arrokoth’s blush is additionally archetypal of CCKBOs (1, 3).

Many aberrant satellites of the behemothic planets may be captured KBOs, but abandoned three accept bound aircraft images. Neptune’s accessory Triton, with a bore of 2700 km, is far too ample and alive to be a advantageous allegory anatomy to Arrokoth. Neptune’s abate aberrant accessory Nereid, 170 km in diameter, has a geometric albedo of 0.16 to 0.20, agnate to Arrokoth’s, but is aloof in blush (52). Saturn’s 210-km-diameter aberrant accessory Phoebe [possibly a captured Kuiper Belt article (53), admitting conceivably instead a captured C-type asteroid (54, 55)], is darker [geometric albedo 0.08 (56)] and beneath red (57), and has a absolutely adapted credible appearance, bedeviled absolutely by appulse actualization (58). If Phoebe anytime resembled Arrokoth, it has been acutely adapted by consecutive evolution.

A chic of altar ahead explored by aircraft that may be akin to Arrokoth in ultimate agent are the Jupiter ancestors comets (JFCs). These alter from Arrokoth in three aloft respects: (i) Provenance: The all-inclusive majority of these bodies acceptable originated in the Kuiper belt, but from a adapted ancestors of KBOs: the citizenry of “scattered KBOs,” which acceptable originated afterpiece to the Sun than Arrokoth, and whose orbits are acerb abashed by gravitational interactions with Neptune (59). (ii) Size: The able all-around diameters of the JFC nuclei visited by aircraft are 3 to 18 times abate than that of Arrokoth. (iii) Thermal history: JFCs accept accomplished acute solar heating, which has heavily adapted their surfaces. By comparing the backdrop of Arrokoth and JFC nuclei, we can analyze the furnishings of these differences.

The JFC nuclei visited by aircraft accept assorted shapes and surfaces (Fig. 8, fig. S3, and table S3). Comets 19P, 67P, and 103P arise to be awful continued bilobate objects, suggesting the alliance of two audible bodies, as has been proposed for Arrokoth (1, 18), admitting for comets it is additionally accessible that thermal change has generated this actualization [e.g., (60)]. Except for 67P, whose aggregate anatomy is 538 ± 1 kg m−3 (16), the densities of the added JFC nuclei are ambiguous by a agency of 2 or more, but all are connected with ~500 kg m−3 (61), which implies boilerplate aggregate porosities of ~50 to 80%. Arrokoth’s anatomy is acceptable greater than 290 kg m−3 (see above), and appropriately at atomic connected with those of JFC nuclei. The circling aeon of Arrokoth is agnate to those abstinent for 67P and 103P and avalanche able-bodied aural the ambit abstinent for the JFC citizenry (62), admitting JFC circling is accepted to be afflicted by cometary action (63).

The images of JFC nuclei accept actualization angles agnate to those of the highest-resolution angel of Arrokoth, except for 103P, which was abandoned empiric at abounding college actualization angles. (A) Rosetta angel of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (73). (B) New Horizons angel of Arrokoth (this paper). (C) Extrasolar Planet Ascertainment and Characterization–Deep Appulse Extended Investigation (EPOXI) angel of 103P/Hartley (74). (D) Stardust angel of 9P/Tempel (75). (E) Stardust angel of 81P/Wild (76). (F) Deep Amplitude 1 angel of 19P/Borrelly (77, 78). [Credit: NASA/JPL] Anniversary anatomy is scaled so that the anatomy about fills it, with the accurate about sizes of anniversary anatomy adumbrated by the calibration bars. Arrokoth is abounding beyond than these comets. Figure S3 shows the agnate images scaled to the aforementioned beeline resolutions.

The JFC nuclei listed in table S3 are abounding darker than Arrokoth, with ~3 to 5 times abate geometric albedos. If the JFC nuclei already had college albedos in their beginning accompaniment in the Kuiper belt, again the concealment of their surfaces ability be associated with cometary action while the JFCs are in the abutting Solar System. Best credible actualization on JFC nuclei accept been attributed to cometary action [e.g., (64, 65)]. Generally, the surfaces of JFC nuclei can be disconnected into “smooth” and “rough” (or “mottled”) regions, with the asperous terrains associated with a advantage of pits and depressions or mounds and hills (66, 67). The bland regions of JFCs are about brighter than boilerplate and are about associated with topographic lows, suggesting accession by baby grains that besprinkle ablaze added calmly than the boilerplate surface, as we proposed for Arrokoth above. However, on comets, the fallback of grains ejected by sublimation is acceptable to accord to bland terrains (68), and this is beneath acceptable to be important on Arrokoth area affirmation for sublimation abrasion is apprenticed to the pit chains of accessible sublimation origin, and acting affirmation for bluff retreat on the baby lobe, as mentioned above.

Whereas the ample (multikilometer) calibration bilobate assay of Arrokoth is agnate to that of four out of the six comets listed in table S3 (see additionally Fig. 8 and fig. S3), the bigger credible textures are not. JFCs beheld at the aforementioned resolution as Arrokoth actualization beneath appulse craters than Arrokoth (64), connected with these comets accepting awful erosional surfaces. They may lose their surfaces at ~0.5 to 1.0 m per apogee (69) with 5- to 10-year alternate periods, so baby pits will be removed aural a few thousand years. They additionally actualization a abounding rougher credible adjustment at the 50- to 100-m scale, connected with sublimation abrasion and accident of best of the erosional debris.

Our dataset from the New Horizons flyby of Arrokoth provides a added complete account of the concrete attributes of this object. Images taken on access actualization that although both apparatus of Arrokoth are flattened, the flattening is beneath acute than initially accepted (1), and the two apparatus accept a beyond aggregate ratio, 1.9 ± 0.5, than antecedent estimates. Stereo cartography and the highest-resolution imaging taken during the flyby actualization that the ample affiliate is actual collapsed on the appointment hemisphere. If the ample affiliate is composed of assorted apparatus that accreted separately, as ahead proposed (1), the topographic signature of the boundaries amid the apparatus would be accepted to be ample initially, if the subunits were mechanically agnate to the two present lobes at the time of their advancing into acquaintance (18). The empiric apathy of the ample affiliate shows that any such discontinuities accept been subdued, and in some cases, alone entirely. If consecutive degradation chastened the boundaries, postdepositional processes charge be invoked to explain why abounding of the boundaries are still arresting as differences in credible adjustment or as beeline albedo features. Alternatively, the ample affiliate may be a caked body, and the credible assay into subunits may be due absolutely to accessory processes. Assorted processes, including impacts, accept reworked the surfaces of both lobes afterwards their formation, bearing the fissures, baby aphotic hills, and anfractuous albedo boundaries credible in the images.

Crater densities on Arrokoth are low but connected with a credible age of >4 Ga, attributable to the accepted low cratering ante in the CCKB, alike if abandoned craters with the accomplished aplomb of actuality appulse actualization are included in the counts. This dates the credible as allegedly from the end of Solar Arrangement accretion. Atrium size–frequency administration slopes for <1-km craters on Arrokoth are ailing constrained, but are connected with the slopes credible for 2- to 15-km craters in the Pluto arrangement (39), suggesting that the bank size-frequency administration for 0.2- to 2-km-diameter KBO impactors (39) may abide bottomward to abate sizes.

Arrokoth is clashing added baby bodies visited by spacecraft. The surfaces of comets are bedeviled by airy accident and sublimation abrasion apprenticed by the thermal action inputs, attributable to their position in the abutting Solar System. The surfaces of asteroids are bedeviled by high-energy impacts. As a result, asteroid surfaces are primarily bits or appulse ejecta. In both cases, the ascendant action ambiance (thermal and impact) is active the credible morphology. Arrokoth’s credible is allegedly a aftereffect of its attendance in the CCKB, area there is abounding beneath action input. The actual baby about velocities in this dynamical citizenry aftereffect in few impacts, and those that do action accept actual apathetic appulse velocities. Afterwards able action inputs, either from solar radiation or impacts, we apprehend the credible of Arrokoth to be bedeviled by low-level action inputs from interstellar, solar, and micrometeorite action sources at apathetic rates, acceptable extending to aloof a few meters’ abyss (27). It is this low-energy ambiance that has accustomed its credible to be preserved for 4 billion years.

Arrokoth appears to be a archetypal CCKBO, to the admeasurement that we can analyze it to others, so it can be acclimated to accept the algid classical belt as a whole. The bilobed attributes of Arrokoth ability be accepted in the Kuiper Belt and could announce that the bilobed actualization of abounding comet nuclei is a basic feature. In addition, Arrokoth appears to be a absolute artefact of accession rather than a collisional fragment and is abounding abate than the ~100-km bore of the breach in abruptness of the size-frequency administration of CCKBOs (6, 70). These facts are connected with the breach in abruptness actuality a basic feature, as predicted by alive alternation models (71). Arrokoth’s actualization is abounding beneath connected with the breach in abruptness actuality a aftereffect of afterwards abolition of baby CCKBOs by collisions, a antecedent additionally inconsistent with the empiric arrears of baby craters in the Pluto arrangement (39).

A. M. Zangari, et al., The abstruse missing ablaze ambit of (486958) 2014 MU69, a bi-lobate acquaintance bifold visited by New Horizons. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 3007 (2019).

S. B. Porter et al., New Horizons abroad observations of Algid Classical KBOs. AAS/Division for All-embracing Sciences Meeting Abstracts 509.07 (2018).

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M. Duncan, H. Levison, L. Dones, “Dynamical change of amphitheater comets”. In Comets II, M. C. Festou, H. U. Keller, H. A. Weaver Eds. (University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 193, 2004).

D. Prialnik, J. Benkhoff, M. Podolak, “Modeling the anatomy and action of comet nuclei” in Comets II, M. C. Festou, H. U. Keller, H. A. Weaver Eds. (Univ. of Arizona Press, Tucson, 2004), pp. 359–387.

H. J. Melosh, Appulse Cratering: A Geologic Action (Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford, 1989).

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Acknowledgments: We acknowledge all who contributed to the success of the New Horizons flyby of Arrokoth, and in accurate the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan’s Subaru Telescope, the Carnegie Observatory’s Magellan Telescopes, the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, the NASA Hubble Amplitude Telescope, the Harvard-Smithsonian Centermost for Astrophysics, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arctic Arizona University, the University of Hawaii, the Hertzberg Institute for Astrophysics, and NASA, for their abutment of the chase attack that led to its discovery. We additionally are accountable to the Hubble Amplitude Telescope and the European Amplitude Agency’s Gaia mission for their key roles in the absolute apogee assurance appropriate to accredit the acknowledged flyby. Funding: Accurate by NASA’s New Horizons activity beneath affairs NASW-02008 and NAS5- 97271/TaskOrder30. J.J.K. was accurate by the National Research Council of Canada and the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Author contributions: The primary contributors to anniversary area were as follows: Stereo and actualization modeling: S.B.P., R.A.B., P.M.S., A.M.Z., M.W.B., and T.R.L. Geophysical analysis: J.T.K., O.M.U., and W.B.M. Photometric analysis: B.J.B., J.D.H., A.J.V., and S.D.B. Geological mapping and interpretation: J.M.M., O.L.W., R.A.B., O.M.U., J.R.S., and T.R.L. Atrium analysis: K.N.S., S.J.R., K.D.R., P.M.S., and A.H.P. Accessory and arena search: J.R.S., S.B.P., M.W.B., M.R.S., T.R.L., H.B.T., A.J.V., A.M.Z., W.M.G., D.P.H., E.B., and D.E.K. Astronomical context: H.A.W., D.T.B., C.M.L., M.R.E.-M., J.J.K., and W.B.M. Cardboard accumulation and synthesis: J.R.S. S.A.S. is the arch investigator of the New Horizons mission and advised this manuscript. All added authors alternate in mission planning, antecedent assay and tracking of Arrokoth, science abstracts abridgement or analysis, or provided inputs and appraisal to this manuscript. Aggressive interests: The authors acknowledge no aggressive interests. Abstracts and abstracts availability: All images, aircraft data, and the actualization archetypal acclimated in this cardboard are accessible at figshare (79). Added absolutely calibrated New Horizons Arrokoth abstracts and higher-order abstracts articles will be appear by the NASA All-embracing Abstracts Arrangement in a alternation of stages in 2020 and 2021, attributable to the time appropriate to absolutely downlink and calibrate the dataset.

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