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Our VERIFY aggregation fact-checked what the candidates said during the Democratic agitation in South Carolina.

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With Super Tuesday aloof one anniversary away, seven Democrats active for admiral faced off on the agitation date Tuesday night in Charleston, South Carolina.

It was the tenth agitation for Democrats and came aloof four canicule afore South Carolina association vote and get their say for who should booty on Admiral Donald Trump this fall. 

Our VERIFY advisers fact-checked what all the candidates had to say during Tuesday’s debate. 

CLAIM: Above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden claimed that Agent Bernie Sanders voted adjoin the Brady gun ascendancy bill at atomic bristles times. 

This affirmation is VERIFIED, but needs context. The Brady Bill appropriate -to-be blaster buyers to delay bristles business canicule for authorities to conduct a accomplishments check. 

According to voting annal on, afore the Brady Blaster Violence Prevention Act became a law on November 30, 1993, Congress voted on several iterations of the bill in 1991 and 1993. 

Sanders voted adjoin an abundance of the Brady bill in 1991, and an album bill on abomination ascendancy that included the Brady bill in 1991. Sanders voted no on the Brady bill afresh in 1993–he voted no on three abstracted motions on the bill including amendments on the bill  

CLAIM: Bernie Sanders claimed absolute accomplishment went up beneath than 1% aftermost year and bisected of Americans are active pay assay to paycheck.

Both claims are true. From January 2019 to January 2020, absolute boilerplate alternate balance – accomplishment adapted for aggrandizement –increased by 0.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Two contempo surveys, including one appear aftermost anniversary appearance amid 49% and 59% of Americans alive paycheck to pay check.

CLAIM: Above ambassador Pete Buttigieg said, “When I was born, there was no aberration in your activity assumption if you were built-in in a rural breadth or built-in in a city. Now the gap is the better we’ve apparent in a generation…”

This affirmation is exaggerated, but does carefully reflect contempo studies on the topic.

A 2017 abstraction in the Account of the American Medical Association, blue-blooded “Inequalities in Activity Assumption Among US Counties,” compared the activity assumption ante in the U.S. from 1980 through 2014. They bankrupt the abstracts bottomward added application canton activity assumption ante to get estimates of the activity assumption in rural communities vs. those in burghal communities.

The abstraction did acquisition a abiding admission in asperity amid rural and burghal activity assumption ante starting appropriate about 1982, the year Buttigieg was born. By 2014, the abstraction begin a aerial asperity amount of about 11 years aberration amid the regions. In 1982, the aberration was about 8 years. 

So, Buttigieg was amiss that “there was no difference” back he was born, but he is actual that the gap is the better it’s been.

CLAIM: Agent Bernie Sanders and above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden argued about whether or not above Admiral Barack Obama accepted Fidel Castro.

Sanders has afresh appear beneath blaze for comments he fabricated to “60 Minutes,” praising Fidel Castro’s articulacy affairs in Cuba while additionally accusatory the absolute leader. 

When above Carnality Admiral Joe Biden brought up those comments during Tuesday’s debate, the two argued over whether above Admiral Obama fabricated agnate remarks.    

The comments in catechism were fabricated by Obama in 2016 to the Adolescent Leaders of the Americas Activity Town Hall in Argentina. At one point in the speech, he talked about the capacity amid commercialism and communism.

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“You don’t accept to anguish about whether it neatly fits into left-wing approach or backer approach — you should aloof adjudge what works. And I said this to Admiral Castro in Cuba. I said, look, you’ve fabricated abundant advance in educating adolescent people. Every adolescent in Cuba gets a basal apprenticeship — that’s a huge advance from area it was. Medical affliction — the activity assumption of Cubans is agnate to the United States, admitting it actuality a actual poor country, because they accept admission to bloom care. That’s a huge achievement. They should be congratulated. But you drive about Havana and you say this abridgement is not working.  It looks like it did in the 1950s.  And so you accept to be applied in allurement yourself how can you accomplish the goals of adequation and inclusion, but additionally admit that the bazaar arrangement produces a lot of abundance and appurtenances and services. And it additionally gives individuals abandon because they accept initiative.”

Now we can’t verify someone’s absorbed and it’s not bright if Obama advised to acclaim Fidel Castro or not. But he did allege about the increases to the countries articulacy ante during his rule.

CLAIM: Tom Steyer said he’s formed to end the use of clandestine prisons in his home accompaniment of California and they’ve “ended it.” 

After Carnality Admiral Joe Biden criticized Tom Steyer’s investments in clandestine genitalia while active a barrier begin he founded, Steyer, said he’s formed and concluded the use of clandestine prisons in California. 

This affirmation is misleading. California Gov. Gavin Newsom active Assembly Bill No. 32 into law, which prohibits the state’s administration of corrections from entering “a arrangement with a private, for-profit bastille ability amid in or alfresco the accompaniment to accommodate apartment for accompaniment bastille inmates” afterwards Jan. 1, 2020. 

However, the law addendum that accepted for-profit prisons are accustomed to abide apartment accompaniment prisoners until Jan. 1, 2028. It would additionally prohibit the use of clandestine apprehension facilities, with assertive exceptions.

The law doesn’t prohibit the administration of corrections from renewing or extending a arrangement with a for-profit bastille to abode accompaniment prisoners “in adjustment to accede with any court-ordered citizenry cap.”

CLAIM: Did Biden address the Boyfriend loophole?

No, Biden did not address the legislation to abutting the alleged “boyfriend loophole.” It was alien by Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

During a back-and-forth amid the two candidates, Joe Biden seemed to booty acclaim for legislation closing the “boyfriend loophole.” He eventually conceded the point, again accurately acicular out that the artifice has not been alone in law.

Biden wrote the aboriginal legislation that became the Violence Adjoin Women Act, which prohibits assertive bedevilled calm abusers from purchasing guns. These accommodate spouses of victims, parents or guardians of victims or those who accept a adolescent with the victim. 

Those covered by Biden’s legislation do not accommodate boyfriends, stalkers or dating partners. Sen. Amy Klobuchar sponsored the Protecting Calm Violence and Stalking Victims Act, which proposed closing that loophole. It anesthetized in the Abode but is adjoin by the Civic Rifle Association and has been afraid up in the Senate. 

CLAIM: While talking about Russian arrest in the 2016 election, Biden said that the U.S. had affluence of affirmation and that “17 intelligence agencies said he (Putin) did it.” 

The affirmation that 17 intelligence agencies appear Russian arrest is true. However, those 17 agencies did not all alone name Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. Intelligence Community is fabricated up of 17 agencies. The Appointment of the Director of Civic Intelligence speaks on account of the group. In 2016, DNI James Clapper appear a certificate adage that they were “confident that the Russian Government directed the contempo compromises of e-mails from US bodies and institutions, including from US political organizations.”

The antecedent address has been removed. We’ve acquaint the archived adaptation below.

CLAIM: Joe Biden said that “150 actor bodies accept been dead back 2007 back Bernie voted to absolved the gun manufacturers from liability.”

There are several big aspects to this affirmation that Biden got wrong. 

First, it is accurate that Sanders voted while in the Abode of Representatives for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prohibits civilian accountability activity adjoin gun manufacturers. But that vote happened in 2005, not 2007 as Biden claimed. 

Biden, who was in the Senate at the time, voted adjoin it.

The above carnality admiral additionally grossly abstract the cardinal of gun deaths back 2007. From 2007 to 2018, the cardinal of firearm deaths in the U.S. was 413,403, according to an assay of CDC data. 

– Eliana Block, Evan Koslof, Tina Macias

CLAIM: Agent Bernie Sanders claims the United States has added bodies in bastille than any added country on Earth including China.

According to the abstracts accessible to the Institute for Abomination and Justice Policy Research, this affirmation is true. However, the ICPR addendum that there is an alien cardinal of bodies in pre-trial apprehension and added forms of apprehension in China.

The ICPR letters the U.S. has 2.1 actor prisoners, added than any added nation. 

The countries abutting on the account are China at 1.7 million, Brazil at 770,000, Russia at 520,000 and India at 460,000. In the 2018 adaptation of the group’s abundant report, they said the United States additionally had the accomplished bastille citizenry amount at 655 per 100,000. The abutting accomplished country was El Salvador with 604 per 100,000.

CLAIM: Above Ambassador Pete Buttigieg said: “What is a abolitionist abstraction is absolutely eliminating clandestine insurance….no automated country has gone that far…even in Denmark, they accept not abolished the achievability of clandestine insurance.”

The affirmation that no automated country has alone clandestine allowance is true.

The Commonwealth Fund aggregate a abundant account of healthcare systems by country. Their abstracts shows that while best added countries accept some anatomy of “universal healthcare,” they all still accept some array of clandestine healthcare as well.

Some countries crave citizens to accept in clandestine allowance programs. The Netherlands and Israel both do this. They accept austere laws administering the appropriate allowances and costs.

Other countries like Canada and France accept systems area clandestine insurers can be acclimated to supplement accessible bloom programs. Non-covered allowances like eyes and decree allowances can be covered beneath alone purchased clandestine systems.

Other countries like England accept abounding advantage for all, but still acquiesce clandestine allowance and healthcare options. Bodies who appetite to skip assertive wait-lines or appetite added ascendancy to see assertive specialists can accept these affairs as accessory options.

Bottom line, Buttigieg is actual that Medicare-for-all affairs that would absolutely annihilate clandestine bloom options would be accomplishing commodity no added country has done.

CLAIM: Above Ambassador Mike Bloomberg claimed that 20 states now accept accepted accomplishments checks.

According to Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit alignment advocating for stricter gun ascendancy laws, 21 states additional the District of Columbia crave bent accomplishments checks for gun sales by actionable sellers. 

Bloomberg helped begin the accumulation in 2014 and has alone apprenticed $50 actor to abutment its efforts. 

Everytown says six of these states alone crave accepted accomplishments checks for handguns rather than all firearms.

CLAIM: Agent Bernie Sanders claimed 87 actor Americans accept no bloom allowance or are under-insured and said 500,000 bodies tonight are sleeping out on the street, including veterans. 

These are two claims Agent Sanders generally brings up during Democratic debates and both are VERIFIED. 

When it comes to insurance, a biennial analysis by the Commonwealth Fund begin in 2019 that while the cardinal of uninsured Americans had beneath back the access of the Affordable Affliction Act in 2010, added bodies were acceptable “underinsured.” The address declared 45% of U.S. adults amid the ages of 18 to 64, an estimated 87 actor Americans, are clumsily insured.  

When apropos to the absolute abandoned citizenry of the United States, this affirmation is VERIFIED. The numbers are abate for abandoned bodies afterwards shelter.

There were over 553,000 abandoned Americans on a distinct night in January of 2018, which was back the U.S. Administration of Apartment and Burghal Development fabricated their best contempo estimates. The HUD estimates abandoned populations based on an boilerplate of distinct night snapshots in January of anniversary year. 

Among those 552,000 individuals, 358,000 of them spent the night in cloistral locations and 194,000 were unsheltered.

Additionally, the VA begin there were 37,085 veterans experiencing homelessness in January 2019. The abutting abstracts set for January 2020 has yet to be released.

Sources: U.S. Administration of Apartment and Burghal Development, Commonwealth Fund’s Biennial Bloom Allowance Survey, VA abstracts  

CLAIM: Mike Bloomberg claimed that during his time as mayor, stop and bounce stops decreased by 95%.

That affirmation is misleading. Numbers did abatement beneath Bloomberg, but alone afterwards a acceleration of stops during his term.

NYPD arrest abstracts appearance that during Bloomberg’s aboriginal 10 years as mayor, stop and bounce numbers added by about 600% to a aiguille of 686,000 in 2011.By the time Bloomberg larboard appointment in 2013, that cardinal alone badly to 192,000. The 95% cardinal can alone be fabricated by comparing the annual aerial point in aboriginal 2012 (203,500) with the aftermost division of 2013 (12,485). The basal band actuality is that there were added stop and bounce incidents every year beneath Bloomberg than there were in the year afore he took appointment as mayor.

CLAIM: Sen. Elizabeth Warren questioned Ambassador Bloomberg by asking: “Who adjourned Lindsay Graham’s attack for re-election aftermost time? It was Ambassador Bloomberg.”

Mayor Bloomberg did accord to a Super PAC that spent 100’s of bags of dollars acknowledging Agent LIndsey Graham. But we cannot verify if he alone donated to Sen. Graham

In 2014, Bloomberg Inc. donated $250,000 to “West Main Artery Values,” a Super PAC that accurate Republican candidates during the 2014 acclamation cycle.

Data kept by shows that Bloomberg fabricated that $250,000 addition to “West Main Artery Values.” The Super PAC again spent a absolute of $272,381 in abutment of Agent Lindsey Graham. 

It’s account acquainted that by definition, a Super PAC is advised an absolute political activity board that can accession absolute amounts of money, but is not accustomed to anon alike with a candidate.

CLAIM: Bernie Sanders said that “every abstraction out there — bourgeois or accelerating — says, ‘Medicare for All’ will save money.”

This affirmation is false. Some studies say that, some don’t.

Sanders, a Vermont senator, cites a contempo medical account commodity in The Lancet, which estimated “Medicare for All” would save added than $450 billion annually, or about 13%.

But added studies accept begin a Sanders-like single-payer plan would amount more, partly because chargeless bloom affliction would admission the appeal for services.

A abstraction aftermost abatement from the Commonwealth Fund and the Burghal Institute estimated that such a plan would admission civic bloom spending by about $720 billion.

A Rand abstraction estimated spending would admission 1.8% beneath a civic single-payer plan. 

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