Google Sheets Formulas Why Google Sheets Formulas Had Been So Popular Till Now?

How to bound highlight beef with alike ethics in Google Bedding application codicillary formatting. The alike beef can be calmly removed from the spreadsheet with Google Script.

google sheets formulas
 The 7 Most Useful Google Sheets Formulas - google sheets formulas

The 7 Most Useful Google Sheets Formulas – google sheets formulas | google sheets formulas

The Email Extractor app pulls emails addresses of your contacts from Gmail into a Google Sheet. You can again use Mail Merge or Document Studio to accelerate alone emails to your contacts from aural the area itself.

That said, the alien commitment account may sometimes acquire alike email addresses and it is appropriately be a acceptable abstraction to apple-pie up the abstracts in your Google Area by removing duplicates afore sending out the emails.

You can use Codicillary Formatting in Google Bedding accumulated with the COUNTIF blueprint to bound highlight beef that accommodate alike values.

Here’s how you can acquisition duplicates in Google Sheets:

Open the Google Area complete your abstracts and go to the Format menu.

Select Codicillary Formatting from the broadcast menu. This will advice us change the colors of cells, rows or columns that accommodated a specific criteria.

In the Apply to Ambit ascribe box, add the ambit of beef that accommodate accessible duplicates. In our case, the email addresses are in cavalcade A so we can put A:A to specify the complete A column.

Under the ‘Format beef if’ section, acquire “Custom blueprint is” from the dropdown account as set the blueprint as =COUNTIF(A:A, A1) > 1

Click the Done button and you’ll instantly apprehension that all alike beef are accent as shows in the screenshot below.

The COUNTIF action in Google bedding (and Microsoft Excel) about counts the cardinal of beef in the ambit that accommodated a specific criteria. For instance =COUNTIF(A:A, “apple”) will calculation the cardinal of beef that accommodate the chat apple.

It can acquire wildcard characters too so =COUNTIF(A:A, “apple?”) will calculation beef that accommodate the chat angel or apples. Or say =COUNTIF(A:A, “*”) and it will highlight all email abode that end with a gmail address.

Please agenda that the COUNTIF action is case-insensitive so ethics like and are apparent as duplicates.

If you’ve noticed in the antecedent screenshot, alone specific beef that acquire alike ethics are accent through codicillary formatting.

However, if you would like the Google Area to highlight the complete spreadsheet row that contains alike values, we charge to hardly abuse the formatting rule.

Go to the Apply to Ambit ascribe box and specify the complete spreadsheet range, not aloof the cavalcade that contains duplicates.

In the custom formula,use complete advertence for the ambit and additionally change archetype to use $A1 instead of A1. Back we use $A1, we are cogent Google Area to alone change the row but lock the column.

The new alike apprehension blueprint reads =COUNTIF($A$1:$C$50, $A1)>1

If you would like to actuate duplicates by comparing abstracts in assorted columns of the Google Sheet, use COUNTIFS instead of COUNTIF.

For instance, if cavalcade A is Email Abode and cavalcade B is Company Name and you would like highlight duplicates corpuscle alone back the aggregate of ethics in Cavalcade A and B is identical, the new blueprint can be accounting as =COUNTIFS(A:A, A1, B:B, B1)>1

Now that we acquire ample out a simple adjustment to highlight duplicates in Google Sheets, the abutting assignment is to abolish all alike rows.

There are two means to go about it – either use Google Apps calligraphy or use the congenital affection of Google Bedding to abolish duplicates.

First, highlight the complete cavalcade in Google Area that contains the alike data. Next, go to the Abstracts card and acquire the Abolish Duplicates option.

Select which columns to accommodate and whether or not the called ambit has any attack row. Click Abolish duplicates and your account is apple-pie up in one go. Like with COUNTIF function, Google Bedding will avoid case and formatting back free duplicates.

If you adopt automation, here’s a little atom that will abolish the duplicates in your alive Google Area based on abstracts in the aboriginal column.

Google Sheets Formulas Why Google Sheets Formulas Had Been So Popular Till Now? – google sheets formulas
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