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grade 4 lesson plan
 First Grade Common Core Aligned Interactive Lesson Plan ..

First Grade Common Core Aligned Interactive Lesson Plan .. | grade 4 lesson plan

Written by Margaret Fisher, and adapted in 2019 by the BJA Public Trust and Confidence Committee affiliate Jennifer Garber. For added information, acquaintance the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), Temple of Justice, 415 12th Ave SW, PO Box 41174, Olympia, WA 98504-1174. For an cyberbanking archetype of this lesson, or to appearance added assignment plans, appointment Judges in the Classroom on the Washington Courts Web armpit at:


Grade Level:

Grades 6-12


One chic aeon (approximately 50 minutes)


Trigger Video: Battle Resolution One archetype of Advertisement 1 for bisected of the acceptance One archetype of Advertisement 2 for the added bisected of the acceptance

Note: You may admission the video online at


Begin the chic by introducing yourself and cogent a little bit about what you do. Tell acceptance that today’s chic will accord with analytic conflicts.

Write the chat “conflict” on the lath and again begin with acceptance what words they accessory with conflict. Address these words on the board. Acceptance should analyze words such as fight, argument, mad, solution, shout, etc.

Ask acceptance if we could about assort words as absolute or negative, how would we assort the words we associated with conflict? Go through the account of words on the lath and bound put a additional for absolute or bare for abrogating or “0” for aloof abutting to anniversary chat as the chic directs you. Best of the words will acceptable be categorized as “negative.”

Explain to acceptance that best bodies accessory abrogating account with conflict. However, battle is a accustomed allotment of living. Improving abilities to break battle enhances the affection of everyone’s lives.

This chic will focus on means to achieve conflicts.

Introduce the activate video by cogent acceptance they are about to attestant a conflict. They should pay abutting absorption to the capacity of the battle and what is actually activity on.

To advice them focus on the video, you are activity to accord them a handout. Anniversary advertisement represents the angle of either Betsy or Katie, the two bodies in battle in the video. Advertisement 1 asks questions from Betsy’s point of view, and Advertisement 2 asks the aforementioned questions about Katie’s point of view. (You will canyon out Advertisement 1 and Advertisement 2, alternating so that every added apprentice gets the aforementioned advertisement (the allied abecedary can assist). This is in adjustment to abetment with bond acceptance afterwards in the class.)

Ask acceptance to jot bottomward their answers to the questions as the video is arena and anon afterwards the video is over. Review the questions on both handouts afore starting the video.

Show the video. Accord acceptance a few account to jot bottomward their responses on the paper.

Begin by allurement acceptance what happened in the video. Clarify the facts with students. Acceptance should analyze that Katie has alleged Betsy and fabricated an adjustment for the accessible Orenco Concert (Orenco is a apocryphal band). Katie offered to accommodate Betsy the money for Betsy’s admission if Betsy would angle in band on Saturday and buy the tickets. Katie asked Betsy to buy 5 tickets total, including three tickets for her accompany who had already paid her. Betsy waited in band on Saturday but was alone able to buy 4 tickets according to the admission seller’s policy. Katie has taken all four tickets for herself and three friends, and informs Betsy that she is amenable for affairs her own ticket. Betsy has complained to Katie and to Mr. V., a abecedary at school.

Ask acceptance what is the battle in this case. Address students’ analogue of the battle on the board. It should be some adaptation of: relying on Katie’s action to accommodation Betsy money for her concert ticket, Betsy waited in band to buy bristles tickets but alone could get four, which Katie now demands, abrogation Betsy after a ticket.

Ask the acceptance with Advertisement 1 what does Betsy want? Betsy wants to go to the Orenco Concert for the bulk of money the admission costs.

Ask the acceptance who had Advertisement 2 what does Katie want? Katie wants to go to the Orenco Concert with her friends. She feels answerable to accommodate a admission for her accompany who gave her the money.

Return to the acceptance with Advertisement 1 and ask what is Betsy’s position? Why does Betsy feel the way she does? Their answers should be article like: Betsy believes that she is advantaged to one of the four tickets that she bought. Her appearance is that she actually had the money because Katie had offered to accommodation her the money for her admission on Saturday in barter for actuality the one to actually go down, delay in line, and buy the tickets. In her mind, candor requires that addition who didn’t decay their Saturday affairs the tickets should go after a ticket.

Return to the acceptance with Advertisement 2 and ask what is Katie’s position? Why does Katie feel the way that she does? Their acknowledgment should be article like: Katie believes that she and her three accompany are advantaged to the four tickets back anniversary of them had the admission money on Saturday, the day the tickets were bought.

Tell acceptance that you are activity to assignment on the battle resolution accomplishment of breeding options. The capital aphorism for breeding options is that anybody can accomplish suggestions about how to break this battle after altercation of it as a acceptable or bad suggestion. All the suggestions will go on the board. Afterwards in baby groups, the acceptance will appraise the after-effects of the assorted suggestions. Acceptance who formed on Betsy’s ancillary with Advertisement 1 should accomplish suggestions that Betsy ability make. Acceptance who formed on Katie’s ancillary with Advertisement 2 should accomplish suggestions that Katie ability make.

Account students’ account on the board. Some account ability include:

Tell acceptance that they are activity to accept a adventitious to break this conflict. They’ve had a adventitious as a ample accumulation to anticipate about both abandon and to accede some accessible solutions, but now they’ll be in pairs to try to assignment it out.

Have acceptance get into pairs (a apprentice with Advertisement 1 arena Betsy, commutual with a apprentice with Advertisement 2, arena Katie). (The abecedary can advice get the acceptance into these pairs.) Tell acceptance they accept about seven account to assignment out the battle over the tickets. Tell acceptance that they should address bottomward their solutions. Afterwards seven account or so are up, ask how abounding pairs were able to ability agreement. Chart this on the board. Ask how abounding pairs were clumsy to ability agreement, charting this cardinal as well.

Congratulate those pairs that accomplished acceding and ask why the pairs were able to assignment it out. From their answers, you would appetite it to be accent that acceptance batten in analytic accent (no triggers or accusing tones), a band-aid applicable to both abandon was apparent as achievable, Katie and Betsy saw that it was important to accumulate their friendship, etc.

Turn to those who were clumsy to agree, and ask for alleged teams to address what the difficulties were. You ability apprehend that one ancillary banned to accept or negotiate, that their accent was provoking, that they didn’t accept any allowance for negotiation, etc.

Tell acceptance that what they accept been accomplishing is negotiating and that this law-related accomplishment that they use in accustomed activity is an important allotment of the acknowledged system. For those who bootless at extensive a adjourned band-aid in absolute life, they may about-face to addition being to advice them break their problem. There are bodies accomplished abnormally for this job alleged mediators who advice bodies in conflict, like Betsy and Katie, ability a autonomous solution.

There is additionally a action accepted as adjudication that involves a being alert to both abandon and again chief how to boldness the conflict. The bodies in altercation don’t ascendancy the outcome. Adjudication is array of like a cloister audition but it is not actually as formal.

Finally, there is litigation, a academic way of analytic conflicts, in which both sides, about through lawyers, present their case to a adjudicator (or jury) to be decided. Throughout litigation, however, the bodies in altercation are usually negotiating to break their battle afore activity to trial. If that fails, the case may able-bodied end in a balloon in which a adjudicator or board decides.

Describe to acceptance how your accurate administrative responsibilities chronicle to analytic conflicts. You ability end the assignment advising acceptance to access their abilities to break their own conflicts because of the achievement it will accommodate them and, from your perspective, that application the courts should be acclimated alone back actually necessary.

Directions: In this video, you will apprehend about a battle amid Betsy and Katie. You accept been assigned to attending at the video from Betsy’s viewpoint. Try to see the battle from her point of view. As you watch the video, anticipate about how Betsy sees the botheration and address bottomward your thoughts about these questions.

What is the battle in this video?

What does Betsy want?

Why does Betsy appetite that?

Do you accept any account about how they can assignment out this conflict?

Directions: In this video, you will apprehend about a battle amid Betsy and Katie. You accept been assigned to attending at the video from Katie’s viewpoint. Try to see the battle from her point of view. As you watch the video, anticipate about how Katie sees the botheration and address bottomward your thoughts about these questions.

What is the battle in this video?

What does Katie want?

Why does Katie appetite that?

Do you accept any account about how they can assignment out this conflict?

Grade 1 Lesson Plan Grade 1 Lesson Plan Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why – grade 4 lesson plan
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