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Grundschule 2. Klasse Deutsch Bildergeschichte 2 Advantages Of Grundschule 2. Klasse Deutsch Bildergeschichte And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

A cardinal of schools in Germany is adorable for accomplice schools in Ireland, in adjustment to organise an exchange: 

Bildergeschichte Grundschule 4 Klasse Einzigartig Deutsch … – grundschule 4 | grundschule 4. klasse deutsch bildergeschichte

For added information, amuse acquaintance Sabrina Bickert:[email protected]

Albert-Schweitzer-SchuleSchillerstr.136304 AlsfeldPhone: 49 6631 

We are absolutely absorbed in establishing a academy affiliation with a academy in Ireland. Are you absorbed in active a apprentice barter and/or academy projects, too?

Here are some basal $.25 of advice about our school:The Albrecht-Ernst-Gymnasium in Oettingen/Germany. Our school, the Albrecht-Ernst-Gymnasium, is a actual old and humanistic grammar school. It was founded by a Count of Oettingen as aboriginal as in 1563 in the admirable boondocks of Oettingen in axial Bavaria/Germany. This boondocks (population: about 5000) consists of abounding nice old buildings, too, because it already was (and in actuality still is) the aristocratic bench of the Earls of Oettingen. By the way, Oettingen is not far abroad from Bavaria´s big cities: Augsburg and Munich to the south, Nuremberg to the north.

Nowadays, about 900 acceptance (year 5-12; age: 10-19) and about 70 agents assignment calm in the new barrio of our school, not far from the boondocks centre. About one third of our pupils are from Oettingen, two thirds alive in the surrounding towns and villages.

We anticipate that contacts to schools abroad comedy an basic role in enabling our acceptance to become “mature and responsible” Europeans and cosmopolitans. That´s why we accept consistently been active academy projects and apprentice exchanges with our accomplice schools in Portugal and Greece. Nevertheless, we would like to alpha apprentice exchanges and/or projects with an English-speaking academy in Ireland, too. We would like to accord our pupils the adventitious to administer their accent abilities and to participate in the European abstraction anon by affair (and maybe alive calm with) accepted Europeans of their age group. We accept a lot to action as well.

For added information, aloof feel chargeless to accept a attending at pictures, abstracts and details: Actuality is our website:

If you are absorbed in the abstraction of establishing a academy affiliation with us, consisting of apprentice exchanges and/or projects (or assignment experience?), amuse do acquaintance us. We are absolutely adorable avant-garde to audition from you.

Claudia Langer (headmistress)Marco HüttingerAnita HönleKristin Schneider (tutors for all-embracing barter programmes) 

Goethestraße 3686732 Oettingen i. Bay.Deutschland/GermanTel. 49 9082 96900Fax 49 9082 [email protected] 

Contact:Arnold-Janssen-Gymnasiumc/o Willy KnauppEmsdettener Str. 24248485 NeuenkirchenTel: 49 5973 60803 0Fax: 49 5973 [email protected]

If you are absorbed amuse acquaintance Kerstin Weber-Böhning [email protected]

Augusta-Bender-SchuleSchillerstraße 274821 Mosbachtel.: 49 6261

The schoolThe Berchtesgaden Jugenddorf-Christophorusschule is amid aerial aloft the adventurous Königssee (King’s Lake) at an distance of about 1200 m (4000 ft) in the Bavarian Alps at the southeastern tip of Bavaria, Germany. THE SCHOOL Our academy offers all abilities of the Bavarian academy adjustment including the university access authority “Abitur”. The academy consists of several departments with an accent on either accustomed sciences or on languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Latin). What makes our academy altered is that winter sports athletes can amalgamate their apprenticeship with sports training (downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, bobsledging, luge, etc.). Moreover the academy provides accessories for the medical analysis of acceptance adversity from respiratory diseases, neurodermatitis, diabetes and a cardinal of allergies. Our allergen-free Alpine altitude and the advantageous abundance air abundantly accord to the therapy. We additionally action appropriate training for dyslexic pupils.

The boarding academy – The “Jugenddorf”Our arcadian houses are broadcast all over the academy campus. Ceremony abode is aggregate by about 15 youngsters and their billet counselors, accommodated in distinct and bifold rooms. Commons are served in a axial dining anteroom alms both accepted and vegetarian food. The agents and the billet attorneys carefully abet during the after-class abstraction periods.

Extracurricular activitiesThe school’s outstanding breadth aerial in the mountains accredit acceptance to appoint in advantageous alfresco activities like hiking and mountaineering. Winter action accessories including a bobsled run, cross-country ski trails, ski lifts, ski all-overs and half-pipes are accessible nearby. In summer, white baptize rafting, canoeing and aggressive are accessible in the vicinity. The accomplished arts affairs includes courses in photography, pottery, choir singing and agreeable instruments as able-bodied as ball groups. In addition, the adjacent cultural metropolises of Salzburg, Vienna, Verona and Munich action an advancing alternative of agreeable contest and accomplished best of museums.

grundschule 4. klasse deutsch bildergeschichte
 bildergeschichte 4 klasse - grundschule 4

Our pedagogical principlesOur apprenticeship is based on Christian account and values. Furthermore we aim at a absolute development of body, apperception and body in accord with nature, sports, the arts and education. Appropriate accent is put on teamwork and amusing adequacy in the anatomy of honesty, account for others, alertness to abet and tolerance. Our educational efforts additionally aim at abstemiousness and the account for our accustomed environment.

Contact:ChristophorusschuleMax [email protected]

Am Dürreck83471 Schönau a. Kö

Our hometown Kassel is amid at the affection of Germany and has a affluent history. This is breadth the Brothers Grimm calm their stories; you can still chase their trails at abounding places. In addition, our boondocks appearance a apple ancestry mural esplanade and the world’s bigger account of avant-garde art.

Kontakt:David Frenzel, StR, z.A.Rittberg 156767 SassenTel.: 49 2692 [email protected]

Approximately 1,000 acceptance are accomplished by 100 agents at the Europaschule Troisdorf. We action our acceptance a best of accomplished art or bilingual profile. English is the aboriginal additional accent taught, followed by French, Spanish and/or Latin. As a Europaschule we are committed to the European aesthetics and admit several European projects for altered age groups as able-bodied as animate our acceptance to booty allotment in European Competitions.

Our grammar academy is amid in Troisdorf, the Cologne/Bonn Metropolitan Region. This is a awful adorable and accepted day-tripper area, not alone because of Cologne as a region’s cultural hub with a battleground of Aerial Gothic architecture, the twin-spired Colgne Cathedral and the admirable Rhine River or the burghal of Bonn actuality the above basic of Germany. The arena additionally offers a breathtaking mural with the Attributes Esplanade Siebengebirge and Castle Drachenfels. The Cologne/Bonn airport is alone a few account abroad from Troisdorf.

For added information, amuse do not alternate to acquaintance Sarah Köster, [email protected] or browse our homepage,

Unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler lernen Englisch als erste Fremdsprache von Klasse 5 bis Klasse 13 und sind sehr an Kontakten zu jungen Menschen in englischsprachigen Ländern, besonders Irland, interessiert. Über Kontakte zu einer Schule in Irland würden wir uns sehr freuen. Kontakt:Delia Starbaty (Englischlehrerin)[email protected] Ev. Gesamtschule Gelsenkirchen-BismarckLaarstr. 4145889

Wir suchen eine oder mehrere Schulen einer Stadt / einer Arena in Irland als Partnerschule(n), um im Abstand von 2 Jahren Besuche und Gegenbesuche im jährlichen Wechsel zu organisieren. Zusätzlich könnten sich auch gemeinsame Projekte in unterschiedlichen Fächern und Bereichen ergeben.

Kontakt:Fritz-Reuter-GymnasiumPeter BlöckerRiemannstr. 329451 DannenbergTel.: 49 5861 987980Fax: 49 5861

Kontakte:Dietlind SuckowHead of Adopted LanguagesGeorg-Buechner-GymnasiumPaulinenstr. 29-3171364 [email protected]

Kontakt:Gesamtschule BahrenfeldZolltan FarkasRegerstraβe 2122761 HamburgTel. 49 89 7188 – 0Fax: 49 89 7188 – [email protected]

Wir haben teilgenommen an einem Modellversuch mit dem Titel „Wissensmanagement an Schulen“ und „Schulentwicklung“. Wir haben dabei die Arbeit mit dem Activboard begonnen und unsere Ausstattung mit modernen Medien abrupt intensiviert. Wir haben ein Schulentwicklungsprogramm mit dem Namen GRISE initiiert (Gymnasium-Roethenbach-Innere-Schul-Entwicklung). Wir bieten 45-Plus-Tage an (Projekttage in grösseren Themeneinheiten). Wir unterstuetzen eigenverantwortliche und selbstgesteuerte Lernformen.

Wir haben bisher vier sehr lebendige Schulpartnerschaften mit Gillingham/Dorset (England), Les-Clayes-sous-Bois (Frankreich), Alba/Piemont (Italien) und Wroclaw (Polen).

Wir ermutigen unsere Schueler zur Teilnahme an Wettbewerben wie „Jugend forscht“, dem Europaeischen Wettbewerb oder dem Landeswettbewerb Mathematik. Wir haben ausgezeichnete Sportanlagen, darunter ein Hallenbad. Wir legen auch einen Schwerpunkt auf den musischen Bereich mit Kunstausstellungen und Musiktheater-Produktionen.

In unserem Schulprogramm haben wir festgelegt, dass fuer uns Wissensvermittlung und Persoenlichkeitsbildung von gleichwertiger Bedeutung sind. Durch die Identifikation durch den Namen unserer Schule mit den Geschwistern Hans und Sophie Scholl, Widerstandskaempfern im Dritten Reich, die im Jahr 1943 mit 21 bzw. 24 Jahren hingerichtet wurden, ermutigen wir unsere Schueler zum Eintreten fuer Freiheit und Demokratie, Menschenrechte und Toleranz. Schueler engagieren sich in einem Arbeitskreis Menschenrechte, als Tutoren und Streitschlichter, Schulsanitaeter und in einem Gottesdienstkreis.

Es besteht eine starke Nachfrage nach einem Schueleraustausch mit einem englischsprachigen Land. Wir wuerden uns freuen, mit einer weiteren Schule, vorzugsweise in Irland, Kontakt aufnehmen zu koennen.

Kontakt:Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Roethenbach a.d.PegnitzPeter Scharrer, OberstudiendirektorGeschwister-Scholl-Platz 190552 Roethenbach a.d.PegnitzDeutschland / Bundesland BayernTel. 49 911 [email protected]

The English Department thinks it would be a abundant account to advise a academy in Ireland in adjustment to animate these trips by visiting the academy and hopefully acclimation an barter or a collective activity (Literature, History, Politics, Economics). Our agents includes agents that advise both English as able-bodied as Business and Politics, History, Geography, Sports and German. So a avant-garde ambit of accessible projects seems advantageous and realistic.We would like to accord our pupils the adventitious to administer and augment their accent abilities and to participate in the European abstraction anon by affair and alive calm wit accepted Europeans of their age group. YOUR CHANCEThe Accent Chic Year 11 (students age-old 16 /17) will be advancing to Ireland (Dublin, and West coast) May 21s to 27th 2016. Maybe you would like to get to apperceive our acceptance and two of our teachers?!

ContactGymnasium AltenholzDanziger Straße 18 a24161 AltenholzTelefon: 0431 540286 – 0Fax: 0431 540286 – [email protected]

Bondenwald 14b22453 [email protected]

Gymnasium Rheinkamp Europaschule MoersKopernikusstr. 847445 [email protected]

Kontakt:Justus-von Liebig-GymnasiumLandrat-Dr.-Frey-Str. 486356 Neusäß / Augsburg

Der Austausch mit Schulen in Europa und den USA ist schon lange aggravate Bestandteil unseres regen Schullebens. Leider ist es uns noch nicht gelungen, in Irland oder Großbritannien eine Partnerschule für gemeinsame Aktivitäten zu finden. Wir würden uns sehr gerne einen regelmäßigen Austausch mit Schülerinnen und Schülern von den Britischen Inseln wünschen und sind auch an gemeinsamen Projekten mit Besuchen interessiert.

Kontakt:Sabine GrasmückBrandsbornstraße 1163069 Offenbach am [email protected]

We would additionally be the absolute barter accomplice because Höchberg belongs to the burghal of Würzburg, which is one of the best arctic cities in Bavaria and accordingly lies at the affection of Germany on the river “Main”. It has got a continued history and lots of culture. Its highlights are the residence, an UNESCO Apple Ancestry Site, the breastwork “Marienberg”, the dome, the old arch “Alte Mainbrücke” or the chic breadth Röntgen apparent x-rays. Würzburg is additionally acclaimed for its wine that not alone Goethe and Kleist enjoyed.

You ability get an consequence if you accept a attending at this video:

We would adulation to apprehend from you soon:Julia BreuningerLeopold-Sonnemann-Realschule Höchbergwww.realschule-hoechberg.deRudolf-Harbig-Platz 797204 HöchbergGermany

Blücherstr. 1568623 [email protected]

Luisen-GymnasiumReinbeker Weg 7621029 HamburgTel.: 49 40

The all-embracing acclimatization of the academy is characterised by added than aloof an accent on adopted languages, but rather will additionally be an inherent aspect of the agreeable accomplished in added capacity and will be bidding in the chic interweave as able-bodied as defining the school’s cultural profile.

Hence we are agog on acclimation an barter affairs for acceptance of the age of 13 and are absorbed in establishing any added links (e.g. topic-related projects, letter writing, e-mail messages, alone exchanges during break etc.).

SchulsteckbriefForschergeist wecken, Entdeckungen ermöglichen und Begabungen fördern: dafür steht die Neue Schule Wolfsburg. Als gemeinsame Ganztagsschule (Grundschule und Integrierte Gesamtschule) bieten wir in kleinen Klassenverbänden alle Abschlüsse bis zum Abitur an.

Im Schuljahr 2009/2010 sind wir mit zwei ersten und vier fünften Klassen gestartet. Seither kommen alljährlich neue Erstklässler und Fünftklässler hinzu, bis die Schule alle Jahrgänge umfasst.

Fünf Schwerpunkte zeichnen uns aus.

Kinder und Jugendliche für vielfältiges Lernen zu begeistern und dabei die individuellen Begabungen jedes Einzelnen zu fördern und zu entwickeln, ist unser Ziel. Ein wissenschaftliches Konzept zur Begabungsförderung, kleine Lerngruppen und eine accelerated Betreuung durch Lehrer und pädagogische Mitarbeiter ermöglichen dies.

Ebenfalls im Fokus stehen Technik und Naturwissenschaften: Hier nutzt die Schule die besonderen Möglichkeiten des Standorts Wolfsburg, um bei ihren Schülerinnen und Schülern Forschergeist zu wecken. Weitere Schwerpunkte sind Wirtschaft sowie Kunst und Kultur.

Die Neue Schule Wolfsburg ist all-embracing ausgerichtet. Ihre Internationalität liegt in der Betonung von Fremdsprachen, aber auch in curricularen Verflechtungen, der Schulkultur und der Zusammensetzung der Lehrerschaft.

Allgemeine Informationen zur SchuleSchulname: Neue Schule Wolfsburg (IGS)Land: GermanySchulanschrift: 38440 Wolfsburg, Heinrich-Heine-Str. 36Website:www.neue-schule-wolfsburg.deAnzahl der Schüler: 352 Sekundar, 160 PrimarAnzahl der Lehrer: 61Abschluss: AbiturAnsprechperson:[email protected]

Most actual architect of Munich can be accomplished on bottom from the school, which itself is a listed Art Nouveau architecture in Schwabing in the centre of the city. Besides sightseeing and spending time with the host families, we would like to acquiesce the acceptance to booty a glimpse into our approved classes as well. Day trips to destinations like Neuschwanstein, Salzburg, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, Nuremberg would annular off the activities.

Oskar-von-Miller-Gymnasium was founded by King Ludwig II. in 1864 and is one of the few grammar schools of the burghal which has a accepted tradition. It is abounding by almost a thousand 10 to 19-year-olds. We are specialized in languages, whereby the aboriginal adopted accent is Latin, followed by English in the additional year, and again Italian or French, as able-bodied as optionally Spanish. We accept had annual exchanges with Italy and France for abounding years. Our acceptance are affianced in a avant-garde ambit of extracurricular activities, abnormally in music and theatre, and accordingly abounding are complex in our ball groups.

Contact:Oskar-von-Miller-GymnasiumDorottya RuiszSiegfriedstr. 2280803 MünchenPhone: 49 89 [email protected]

Kontakt:Birgit WeinholdOtto-Hahn-GymnasiumDanziger Str. 1071034 BöblingenFon: 49 7031 669332Fax: 49 7031 [email protected]

Interested schools should contact:[email protected] 49 (0)69 / 97946622

Otto-Hahn-SchuleUrseler Weg 2760437 Frankfurt am Main

The Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Göttingen is adorable for a accomplice academy in Ireland. We would like to authorize a abiding twinning with an Irish accessory academy to abutment our students’  acquaintance of all-embracing assortment and intercultural communication, in the anatomy of letters, emails and visits, hopefully. Why Ireland? Because we feel the European abstraction should be lived and because several of our agents accept a able affection appear the country.Our academy is ample (ca. 1200 acceptance and 120 teachers), co-ed, with a continued attitude of exchanges to European, American and Asian countries, which are actual accepted (especially with our girls, so we would be blessed about an Irish all girls’ school, too).OHG’s focus is on music (special classes and several apparel and choirs) and maths/science (national competitions), additional languages are English, French, Spanish, Latin. Our constituent capacity and extracurricular activities awning a avant-garde ambit amid sports, drama, bilingual courses, history, added science, business, debating (national competition) and amusing causes. We strive to action our acceptance abounding affairs to abound and excel, calm and individually, e.g. in a “challenge” activity or the staging of a musical. All-embracing contacts comedy a above part, too, in the anatomy of exchanges and projects.The academy is anchored in Göttingen, a middle-sized boondocks in axial Germany, with a arresting boondocks centre and an old university of globally aerial baronial (Georg-August-Universität), in affable scenery, actual able-bodied affiliated with all genitalia of the country (e.g. Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg).We would be blessed to apprehend from you and acknowledgment any questions you ability have.Please browse our website and contact Angelika GoldmannEmail: [email protected] Otto-Hahn-GymnasiumCarl-Zeiss-Str. 637081 GöttingenTel: 49 – 551- 4005380

Grundschule 2. Klasse Deutsch Bildergeschichte 2 Advantages Of Grundschule 2. Klasse Deutsch Bildergeschichte And How You Can Make Full Use Of It – grundschule 4. klasse deutsch bildergeschichte
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