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Andy Leisher didn’t like what he was seeing on the aegis cameras from his column at the advanced board of the Ramada Inn in Janesville, Wisconsin. On the closed-circuit television in advanced of him, Leisher watched as a man in his 30s kissed what appeared to be a jailbait in the cabin hot tub.

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It put him on alert. “It aloof acquainted awkward,” Leisher said of the scene. “She aloof seemed absolutely young, and he seemed absolutely old. Or too old to be with her.”

When Leisher, a part-time pastor, accepted that the babe was 16, he declared the police. A few hours later, badge arrested 31-year-old Bryan Kind, and he was answerable with accepting sex with a adolescent and ascendancy of adolescent pornography. He’s pleaded not guilty.

After accession Kind’s cellphones, Janesville badge additionally begin naked photos of a babe from Maryland, and they beatific the advice to authorities there.

It wasn’t account to the Baltimore County Badge Department. About a ages afore the May 2017 arrest, the administration bankrupt its assay into Affectionate on allegations that he had sex with a 13-year-old girl.

It went on Baltimore County’s books as a success, accession abduction case cleared.

But Affectionate had absolved free. He wasn’t answerable with any crime. The Badge Administration hadn’t arrested him, alike admitting it had a blubbery analytic book on him.

Across the country, dozens of law administration agencies are authoritative it arise as admitting they accept credible a cogent allotment of their abduction cases aback they artlessly accept bankrupt them, according to an assay by Newsy, Reveal from The Center for Analytic Advertisement and ProPublica based on abstracts from added than 60 badge agencies nationwide.

They are able to acknowledge cases bound through what’s accepted as aberrant clearance. Federal guidelines allow badge to use the allocation aback they accept abundant affirmation to accomplish an arrest and apperceive who and area the doubtable is, but can’t accomplish an arrest for affidavit alfresco their control.

Although bent amends experts say the appellation is declared to be acclimated sparingly, our abstracts assay shows that abounding departments await heavily on aberrant clearance, which can accomplish it arise that they are bigger at analytic abduction cases than they absolutely are.

Because aberrant approval abstracts is not readily attainable to the public, we apprehend through hundreds of badge belletrist and beatific added than 100 accessible annal requests to the bigger law administration agencies in the country. We analyzed abstracts for added than 70,000 abduction cases, accouterment an aberrant attending at how America’s badge abutting them.

Nearly bisected of the law administration agencies that provided annal austere added rapes through aberrant agency than by absolutely arresting a doubtable in 2016, the abstracts assay shows.

The Baltimore County Badge Department, for example, appear to the accessible that it austere 70 percent of its abduction cases in 2016, about alert the civic average. In reality, the administration fabricated arrests about 30 percent of the time, according to its centralized data. The blow were awfully cleared.

About a dozen departments that provided abstracts had alert as abounding aberrant clearances as arrests in 2016. To the public, this finer fabricated it assume as admitting they had credible three times the cardinal of rapes that they absolutely had.

For example, the Oakland Badge Administration in California austere 60 percent of rapes appear in 2016, according to agency data. For every case they bound through arrest, Oakland badge austere added than three by aberrant means, abstracts provided by the administration shows.

In Hillsborough County, Florida, home to Tampa, the Sheriff’s Appointment austere 12 percent of rapes in 2016 by arrest. It austere added than three times as abounding by aberrant means.

In Austin, Texas, area 2 out of 3 austere abduction investigations were bankrupt by aberrant agency in 2016, Badge Arch Brian Manley said the aerial numbers are apprenticed by the actuality that so few victims adjudge to abet with police.

“It’s the adverse absoluteness of animal advance in this country,” he said.

Officials from Baltimore County, Oakland and Hillsborough County beneath to animadversion about their aberrant approval rates.

Cassia Spohn is the administrator of Arizona State University’s Academy of Criminology and Bent Amends and a co-author of seminal research on aberrant clearance. She said agencies’ overuse of aberrant approval is “misleading at best and adroit at worst.”

“The accessible is anxious about the amount to which the badge are able to arrest individuals who accomplish austere agitated crimes,” Spohn said. “And if the all-inclusive majority of those clearances do not absorb the arrest of a suspect, what does that say about that law administration agency?”


In November 2015, the stepfather of a 13-year-old babe from the suburbs of Baltimore went to the bounded Adolescent Advocacy Center, run by the badge department, to address that Bryan Kind, a 29-year-old man, was application a adaptable app to babble with his stepdaughter in a way that he begin alarming and inappropriate.

The case that emerged would become an archetype of how badge departments abutting investigations by aberrant approval afterwards accepting absolutely beat all accessible avenues. It additionally represents a case in which the allocation was acclimated improperly.

The stepfather’s address originally was fabricated to Cpl. Stacey McDaniel of the Howard County Badge Department, who took on the investigation. Over the advance of about a year, she calm affirmation and hours of videotaped interviews in an accomplishment to abutment the affirmation that Affectionate was accepting sex with the teen.

A assay of the badge book shows that although the babe initially denied accepting sex with Kind, McDaniel was accommodating in developing a accord with the babe over time. Afterwards three conversations over about seven months, the boyhood eventually acquainted adequate administration capacity about their accord with the detective.

McDaniel abstruse that in the summer of 2014, aback the babe was 12, she started application a adaptable app declared Kik to bulletin Kind, whom she’d met online. Their online affair flourished based on what she says were aggregate interests, such as affable and car shows, which the babe watched on YouTube.

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They both additionally admired Shakespeare. “We would consistently chronicle ourselves to Romeo and Juliet. It’s like, ‘When you’re here, oh everything’s accomplished and I would die afterwards you,’ ” the boyhood told McDaniel.

When the teen’s parents begin out about her online chatting with Kind, they took abroad her buzz and messaged Affectionate to acquaint him to stop talking to their daughter. But Affectionate began sending her handwritten letters, she told police. For a while, the babe adopted her friends’ phones at academy to babble with Affectionate until he beatific her a new one, which she kept beneath her mattress.

In June 2015, Affectionate offered to drive 10 hours from Gladwin, Michigan, to see the girl. About a ages later, the boyhood said he visited afresh and they went to Wendy’s for cafeteria and afresh to a motel, area they had sex, according to the badge report. Afterward, they went to a pizza abode adjacent and he alone her off at her house. They met up afresh at the cabin the abutting day and had sex again, she said.

Almost two months later, Affectionate alternate to see the girl, who cut boilerplate academy to accommodated him. They had cafeteria at Applebee’s and played mini golf. Afresh they went to the aforementioned cabin as before.

In accession to earning the teen’s trust, McDaniel additionally calm emails that Affectionate and the boyhood had beatific anniversary added and begin the cabin area they allegedly had sex. The detective subpoenaed the bedfellow anthology for the cabin to appearance that Affectionate paid for a allowance in banknote on the three canicule the babe recalled him demography her there.

But it angry out that the cabin area the declared crimes had taken abode was alfresco McDaniel’s jurisdiction. About a year into the investigation, she was affected to about-face it over to the adjoining law administration agency, the Baltimore County Badge Department. Howard County badge beneath to animadversion or accomplish McDaniel accessible for an interview.

Despite accepting a absolute and authentic investigation, Baltimore County badge let the case falter. The case book went to Detective Dana Kaczynski, who did not account the doubtable or attack to arrest him.

His efforts were focused on extensive the girl’s family. The detective declared her mother, who told him that her babe was accomplishing well, and she would allege with her ancestors about affective advanced with the investigation.

Over the abutting six months, Kaczynski approved calling the teen’s mother several added times. He never heard back, so he beatific a letter.

“As I accept advised these types of cases for abounding years, I accept the appulse and accent on the family,” the detective wrote in April 2017. “Since I accept not heard from you, my ambition is to append my assay for now. It can, however, be reopened in the future, if desired.”

About two weeks afterwards sending the letter, the detective bankrupt the case, and on the final folio of the badge report, it says the case was austere by aberrant means.

In accomplishing so, the administration was able to present the case to the accessible as solved.

In acceptance that abomination assay is complicated, law administration is able to abandon authoritative arrests – alike aback admiral accept abundant affirmation to do so and apperceive who the doubtable is – if there are specific affairs out of their control.

These aberrant affairs accommodate situations in which the doubtable dies or already has been arrested elsewhere. In abduction cases, the best accepted affidavit badge bright cases this way are because a victim won’t abet or a prosecutor declines to booty the case forward, experts say. Badge additionally are declared to accept credible account to accomplish an arrest.

In the Affectionate case, there was a accepted doubtable and evidence, but a victim who did not appetite to abet with police. Aback Baltimore County advised the case at our request, agent Shawn Vinson said the administration in actuality didn’t accept credible account to accomplish an arrest. This would accomplish the case an abnormal use of aberrant clearance.

Instead, the administration could accept abeyant the case or larboard it accessible for added investigation. In either scenario, it wouldn’t accept been able to present it as cleared.

The Baltimore County Badge Administration did not accomplish Kaczynski accessible for comment.

Ultimately, the doubtable went on to be accused of accepting sex with accession arrears babe in Wisconsin.

Tom McDevitt is a retired abettor with the Philadelphia Badge Administration who helped advance a civic archetypal for administration sex crimes. He advised the Affectionate analytic book generated by both badge departments in Maryland.

He said added could accept been done afore closing the case by aberrant means. For example, either administration could accept interviewed the doubtable to see whether they could arm-twist a acknowledgment or gotten a chase accreditation to adapted his buzz and computer.

“You’ve got to attending at these cases, that every distinct one of them has a abeyant to be a consecutive rapist,” he said.

Vinson accustomed that the Baltimore County Badge Administration “could accept taken added accomplish in this case,” admitting he would not say what those specific accomplish should accept been.

He said the agency reopened the assay afterward our queries into how it was handled. However, the victim still has not bidding a alertness to participate in the assay or prosecution, Vinson said, so the case has been suspended.

Kind did not acknowledge to requests for animadversion directed to him or his advocate about the allegations fabricated adjoin him in Wisconsin or Maryland. He told a detective in Wisconsin that he didn’t accept sex with the babe there.

Beyond the Affectionate case, there are added apropos about the way the Baltimore County Badge Administration is administration abduction cases. A lawsuit filed in September by two women alleges that the administration has approved to put an ever absolute circuit on its approval ante by misclassifying abduction cases as either a “suspicious circumstance” or closing too abounding cases by aberrant means.

The Badge Administration has not yet filed a accustomed acknowledgment to the allegations accompanying to how it closes cases and beneath to altercate its use of aberrant clearance, citation the awaiting lawsuit.

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In Austin, the Badge Administration touts its aerial approval ante to allegorize to the accessible and bounded politicians that it is able in analytic crimes.

In June 2016, Brian Manley went afore the Burghal Council to ask for added money for his department. Application slides and statistics, he showed how the department’s case clearances for agitated crimes, including rape, “far exceed” the civic average. He additionally acclaimed that approval ante are a “very analytical and adapted admeasurement of our performance.”

At a February 2017 meeting, a burghal administrator asked Manley – afresh the acting badge arch – how he should adapt badge approval rates.

“Clearance ante appearance the capability of the assignment we’re doing,” Manley said. “So if we had a lower approval amount than the civic average, or if we saw a drop, afresh maybe we don’t accept abundant assets committed to a assertive unit.”

“We appetite a aerial approval rate,” he said.

But Sgt. Elizabeth Donegan said the department’s use of aberrant approval provides a apocryphal consequence to the public. She had a immediate appearance of how the administration operated as a administrator of its Sex Crimes Assemblage for nine years.

Her superiors pressured her to abutting added abduction cases by aberrant means, she said in an interview.

“I had been told on two altered occasions from the aforementioned administrator beneath two altered lieutenants that I bare to go aback in and attending at these cases that were abeyant and change the approval cipher because we were not up to the civic boilerplate of aberrant approval in Austin,” she said.

Donegan says she never afflicted the approval numbers as she was asked.

“It gives a apocryphal faculty to the association that this case has been thoroughly advised and it’s closed,” said Donegan, who retired aftermost year as a baker in the Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit. “It’s not truthful.”

In 2011, Donegan was transferred out of the Sex Crimes Unit. The abutting year, the allotment of rapes austere by aberrant agency jumped added than 50 percent, our abstracts assay shows.

Donegan says there’s a ability aural policing that overemphasizes closing cases because these numbers are presented to the public, and they’re the metric by which the administration and badge arch generally are judged.

A nationally accustomed trainer on animal advance investigations, Donegan said approval ante are the amiss admeasurement for anticipation acceptable badge work. “All of these numbers at the end absolutely beggarly annihilation if we haven’t done a absolute investigation,” she said.

The Austin Badge Administration accustomed that our analysis, which begin the access in aberrant clearances amid 2011 and 2012, is accurate. The administration said the ante jumped afterwards it credible some cases were actuality misclassified as abeyant instead of awfully austere because victims didn’t abet with the investigation.

“We are amenable for advertisement appropriately, so it was the adapted affair to do to accomplish that change,” Manley said.

Manley said that aloof above-mentioned to our interview, he accepted with the Texas Administration of Accessible Safety that his administration is application the actual belief to bright cases.

State officials, however, said they had not advised the Austin Badge Department’s cases and alone provided the administration with a analogue of aberrant clearance.

As for Donegan’s claims that she was asked to reclassify cases, Manley said he believes she is trustworthy, but there was a “difference of opinions on what the adapted way to bright cases were,” Manley said.

In the accomplished six years, the Austin Badge Administration has awfully austere added than 1,400 abduction cases, according to our analysis. Manley accepted the findings.

Austin’s administration of animal advance cases is currently beneath analysis after a class-action lawsuit called into catechism the operations of both the Badge Administration and commune attorney’s office.

Marina Conner, a apprentice at the University of Texas at Austin, is one of the women who brought the case. She says she was raped in 2015 in a parking barn by a man who approved to advertise her drugs afterwards a night out with friends. She was drunk, and he airtight her arch adjoin a bank afore raping her, she said.

“I bethink crying,” she said. “I bethink saying, ‘Stop,’ and ‘No,’ and I bethink the affliction mostly.”

She had a animal advance argumentative assay done. On the form, beneath “Impressions from the exam,” the examiner wrote “sexual assault,” amid added findings.

Conner appear the abomination to the police. Law administration admiral begin her declared assailant, and he told them that he’d had consensual sex with Conner.

Her case eventually was alone by the commune attorney.

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The Travis County commune attorney’s appointment told Conner that it angry bottomward her case because there was no DNA affirmation begin in the abduction kit, she said. She said prosecutors were anxious about the “CSI effect,” or the apprehension by a board that DNA affirmation is all-important to get a conviction.

Margaret Moore, the commune advocate in Travis County, beneath to altercate Conner’s case, citation awaiting litigation. In a statement, Moore said: “Probable account to arrest does not agree with acceptable affirmation to go advanced with case in any blazon of complaint.”

When prosecutors abatement cases in which badge accept articular a doubtable and accept credible account to accomplish an arrest, the badge can awfully bright the case. That’s how the Austin Badge Administration classified Conner’s case in 2017. In accomplishing so, it was able to put advanced to the accessible that her case had been solved.

When we told Conner how her case was closed, she was outraged.

“It sounds like a acceptable affair if you acquaint addition a case was austere – it doesn’t complete like I was berserk raped and my defacer is still out there,” she said. “Makes me feel like I am actuality silenced, makes me feel like they’re aggravating to ambit rapes beneath the rug.”


For decades, the federal government has been aggravating to alteration to a added adult abomination tracking arrangement that advocates say will accord policymakers a bigger compassionate of civic trends. It additionally will accompany greater accuracy to how abduction cases are austere and why.

But the added aesthetic arrangement creates accession way for departments to accomplish abduction cases disappear.

The Civic Incident-Based Advertisement Arrangement now is in use by about 40 percent of law administration agencies, abounding of them baby to midsize. It collects added diminutive abstracts that allows users to analyze aberrant clearances from arrests, and it requires agencies to explain why they are closing cases that way.

But this added able-bodied arrangement doesn’t clue cases classified as unfounded, which agency badge accept accounted belletrist apocryphal or baseless. Law administration agencies accept been criticized for misusing this appellation for decades, arch to scandals in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleansand elsewhere.

The government assignment force that created the new arrangement of abomination abstracts collection specifically recommended in 1985 that the Agency of Amends Statistics abide to clue unfounded cases. Neither the agency nor the FBI could explain why the advocacy was not followed.

Erica Smith oversees the assemblage at the Agency of Amends Statistics committed to implementing the added adult abomination statistics system. She said bottomward unfounded cases from the abstracts accumulating is unacceptable and she will assignment to get the federal government to actual the problem.

“This was not on my alarm at all,” Smith said. “If we’re accident a absolutely analytical allotment of advice in that process, I will not accept done my job appropriately.”

Our assay begin that the adapted arrangement commonly belletrist aught unfounded belletrist for the badge agencies that use it.

When we acquired annal anon from 19 law administration agencies, aloft what they address to the new system, we begin that seven had unfounded case ante aloft 10 percent. That’s college than what antecedent analysis has credible to be the civic average.

The Prince William County Badge Administration in Virginia, for example, showed no unfounded cases in the government’s adapted arrangement in 2016. However, centralized administration annal appearance that it classified about 40 percent of all abduction cases as unfounded, the accomplished amount of any of the 19 departments from which we accustomed records.

In an interview, Prince William County Badge Arch Barry M. Barnard accustomed his administration had an almighty aerial amount of unfounded cases. As a aftereffect of our queries, he has asked for a academic assay of 39 cases appointed as unfounded in 2017.

More than 10 percent of abduction cases had been misclassified as unfounded, the assay found. However, he said he is assured that the cases were advised properly.

“I anticipate we accept some assignment to do,” he said. “When should a case be fabricated unfounded? Aback should it not? Aback should it be austere this way? Aback should it be kept active? I anticipate we charge to put those definitions into our animal advance acknowledgment policies. And we charge to alternation our staff, and afresh we’re activity to accept approved reviews of our unfounded cases.”

The FBI has not responded to assorted requests for animadversion on the credible blemish in its abstracts accumulating arrangement for unfounded cases.

Experts say they’re anxious that the way abstracts is calm is distorting how badge access rapes and added crimes.

“The act of abstracts accumulating is abstraction behavior,” said David Jaros, a law assistant at the University of Baltimore and a above bent aegis attorney. “So abundant of how sex breach cases are handled is based on the incentives of the actors ambidextrous with them.”

Jaros said there are authoritative pressures for law administration agencies to accomplish their abomination and approval ante attending good, accretion the address of aberrant clearances and labeling cases as unfounded. Prosecutors’ offices are appropriately beneath burden to accumulate their confidence ante high, alike if it agency casual on added cases than they should, he said.

Corey Rayburn Yung, a law assistant at the University of Kansas who studies bent law action and sex crimes, said “statistics-driven policing” has created aspersion afterwards aspersion aback it’s credible that law administration agencies accept gamed their numbers accompanying to how they action abduction cases.

Yung said abduction is decidedly affected to abetment because it is underreported and doesn’t accept the aforementioned affectionate of alien checks that added above crimes do. Murder can be arrested adjoin basic bloom statistics, for example, and robbery can be tracked apart application allowance data.

The overuse of aberrant approval is aloof the latest archetype of how law administration can accomplish abduction cases go away, he said.

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“This arrangement has happened over and over,” Yung said of abduction abomination statistics subterfuge. “Usually, the administration cleans house, brings in new people, and it happens again.”

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