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Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Word Document Five Important Life Lessons Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Word Document Taught Us

Farage, Nigel: Motormouth MEP. He’s advancing aback (to the admeasurement that he anytime shows up). | Ben Stansall/AFP via Getty Images

hogwarts acceptance letter word document
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Free Printable Harry Potter Party blank parchment (A4 size .. | hogwarts acceptance letter word document

POLITICO helps construe the EU jargon.

By Paul Dallison

7/8/19, 3:38 AM CET

Updated 9/18/19, 5:46 PM CET

This commodity is allotment of POLITICO’s MEP Survival Guide, an addition to the Brussels balloon and the European Parliament.

Welcome to the European Parliament, new MEP/staffer. It about absolutely seems a bit strange, so here’s a account of EU agreement you ability acquisition advantageous as you get to apperceive the place.

Acquis. Body of accepted rights and obligations that are bounden on all EU countries. Also, national bake-apple of Jamaica (delicious aback adapted with saltfish).

AFCO. Constitutional Affairs Committee. Sounds like a bargain supermarket.

AFET. Adopted Affairs Committee. Has two sub-committees: DROI (human rights) and SEDE (security and defense).

AGRI. Agriculture and Rural Development Committee.

Assistants. Accredited administering are your cadre in Brussels, Luxembourg or Strasbourg and are active anon by the Parliament. Local administering (or spouses) are your cadre in your own country but charge assignment on Parliament business (unless you are from a far right-party, but again you’ll apparently get fined).

Bars, Strasbourg. Flower, Swan, Press. Places to schmooze, booze and arrangement with colleagues.

Bono. He’s apprenticed to about-face up.

BUDG. Budgets Board (not to be abashed with CONT).

Bureau, the. The chief aggregation — president, carnality presidents and quaestors. Absurd to barter adopted bill for you, or assassinate people. Though they might.

CA. Compromise amendment, aka a fudge.

CAP. Accepted Agriculture Policy. The affair anybody is consistently able to reform. Allows Europe’s beasts to fly aboriginal class. Anywhere.

CFP. Accepted Fisheries Policy. A all-inclusive bulk of rules on throwing undersized herrings back.

COCOBU. This summer’s must-have coconut-based cocktail. Beach Boys hit. Also, acronym for the Budgetary Control Committee.

Codecision. The accustomed aldermanic action — aback the Parliament is on an according basement with the Council in the aldermanic process. (The special aldermanic action is aback the Parliament has a advising role.)

Conference of Presidents. The admiral of the Parliament additional the leaders of the political groups. Aback they accessible the acceptable biscuits.

Comitology. A bit like meteorology. Action by which EU law is adapted or adjusted.

CONT. Budgetary Control Committee (not to be abashed with BUDG). See additionally COCOBU.

Coreper I. Affairs of agent ambassadors to the EU.

Coreper II. Affairs of ambassadors to the EU. Somehow bigger than the original.

Coreper III. Weak third allotment of the Coreper franchise, starring Jason Statham.

Council of the European Union. Formerly accepted as the Council of Ministers. Gatherings of civic ministers. Not to be abashed with European Council or Council of Europe. Seriously, they couldn’t anticipate of article different?

Council of Europe. International (not EU) animal rights organization. Not to be abashed with European Council or Council of the European Union. (Unless you are British, in which case aloof go advanced and abash them all. Why breach the addiction of a lifetime?)

CULT. Culture and Education Board (not an absolute cult, as far as we know).

Delegations. Groups of MEPs ambidextrous with relations with extensive places. Membership involves travel. Places with sunshine/beaches unsurprisingly added accepted than places with warlords.

DEVE. Development Committee. Also, Albanian for “camel.”

ECON. A mission abaft adversary curve with the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

ECR: European Conservatives and Reformists (political accumulation founded by ex-British Prime Minister, now shed-dweller, David Cameron).

EMPL. Employment and Social Affairs Committee.

ENVI. Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. No one is appetent of it.

EPP. European People’s Party (conservatives).

Eurocrats. You and anybody you know.

European Commission. Proposes legislation, accouterments decisions and manages the circadian business of the EU. The civilian service, basically.

European Council. Affairs of EU active of accompaniment or government. Usually captivated in Brussels. Consistently go on far too late. Not to be abashed with Council of the European Union or Council of Europe.

Far right. There’ll be lots of them about (or not around), abounding beneath the administering of that nice Mr. Salvini.

Farage, Nigel: Motormouth MEP. He’s advancing aback (to the admeasurement that he anytime shows up).

FEMM. Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee.

Four-column document: Sets out the positions of the three basic EU institutions on legislation afore discussions begin. Often so continued it break printers.

Friday. Day off (see additionally Saturday, Sunday and Thursday afternoon).

General Amount Allowance: €4,513 per cat per month.

Green week: Annihilation to do with altitude change. It’s a anniversary aback MEPs are “working” aback in their constituencies.

Greens/EFA: Greens-European Free Accord (that’s Greens plus regionalist and left-wing nationalist political parties).

GUE/NGL: European United Left-Nordic Green Larboard (lefties).

Hemicycle. Easier to pedal than a unicycle. Additionally big allowance area MEPs vote (German MEPs alarm it the “hemisphere.”)

INTA. International Barter Committee. Not as acceptable at football as the Milan barter committee.

ITRE. Industry, Research and Energy Committee.

Identity and Democracy. New accumulation featuring Italy’s League and France’s Civic Rally. Name is 50 percent accurate.

IMCO. Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. Locked in a long-running, no-holds-barred classification action with the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario.

JURI. Legal Affairs Committee (not an absolute jury).

Kehl. German boondocks aloof over the bound from Strasbourg where gambling is legal and cigarettes are cheap. Pros: Seedy bars, drab architecture and roadside sex workers. Cons: Seedy bars, drab architecture and roadside sex workers.

Kork. A few kilometers abroad from Kehl. Abounding German MEPs break actuality during absolute sessions. Not to be abashed with Cork, Ireland, which would be a heck of a commute.

Languages (official). There are 24 of them. Frans Timmermans speaks them all. Luxembourgish is not one of the official languages. Nobody has accepted a chat Jean-Claude Juncker has said aback 2014.

LIBE. Civilian Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee.

Lobbyists. Anybody who wants to accept coffee with you.

Luxembourg. Home to abundant of the Parliament’s administration. Nice to appointment (for an hour).

Luxembourg, Abode du. Square in advanced of the Parliament architecture in Brussels. Best abode in the world/worst abode in the apple depending on your age/availability for sex/tolerance for Eurocrats.

Mickey Mouse bar. Bar on the third attic of the Parliament in Brussels. Called afterwards the characteristic appearance of its (now former) chairs. Definitely not because the Parliament is a Mickey Mouse institution.

MFF. If your best acquaintance is additionally your mother. Also, the Multiannual Banking Framework (the EU’s abiding budget, which lasts for seven years).

NI. Non-attached MEPs. Some do accept partners. Others authority such abominable angle that this is unlikely.

Non-paper. A non-binding certificate (almost consistently on absolute paper).

OLAF. Annoying snowman in Disney’s “Frozen.” Also, the EU’s anti-fraud watchdog.

Ombudsman. EU watchdog. Incumbent is Emily O’Reilly, so ombudswoman would be better.

Parlamentarium. Tourist allure at which you can pretend to be an MEP (see additionally Farage, Nigel).

PETI. Petitions Committee.

PECH. Fisheries Committee.

Plenary. Parliamentary affair at which you are declared to about-face up.

Plenary bell. Rings to arresting beginning/end of a sitting and accessible votes. Like at the theater, if the comedy was about copyright.

Plux(ing). See Luxembourg, Abode du.

Quaestors. In Ancient Rome, quaestors acclimated to investigate murders. The avant-garde agnate is amenable for authoritative and banking matters.

REGI. Regional Development Committee.

Renew Europe. New name for the accord amid Emmanuel Macron and what was alleged the Accord of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. Macron doesn’t like the chat “liberals” (or “slackers”).

Rules of procedure. How you are declared to behave.

S&D. Progressive Accord of Socialists and Democrats (center left).

Sakharov Prize. Annual animal rights award-winning called after Russian physicist and activist Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov.

Salary. €8,757.70 per ages afore tax (plus accepted amount allowance, additional biking expenses, additional circadian affluence allowance…)

Secretary-general. Top staffer.

Secretariat. Coordinates aldermanic assignment and organizes absolute sittings and affairs (also a acclaimed horse).

Standing committees. Regular committees (they do accept chairs).

Strasbourg. Official bench of the Parliament. The absolute basic of Europe/a absolute decay of everyone’s time and money (disregard that aftermost bit depending on whether or not you are French).

Subsistence allowance. Circadian cash.

Summits. The Parliament admiral gets a columnist appointment at a Council acme of EU leaders. All journalists: “That reminds me, I charge go to the toilet afore the absolute assignment starts.”

Tajani, Antonio. Italian acquaintance of Silvio Berlusconi who was admiral of the Parliament. Notable achievements … Nope, we’ve got nothing.

Train. It takes ages to get to Strasbourg by train. A little like the Hogwarts Express, except with booze and no magic.

TRAN. Transport and Tourism Committee.

Trilogue. Not trialogue. Three-way talks (Parliament, Council of the EU, Commission).

Verhofstadt, Guy. Shy, backward above Belgian PM and baton of the Liberal MEPs. (By the time you apprehend this, Emmanuel Macron may accept abandoned him to the aback of the chamber.)

Vice presidents. There were 14 (yes, you apprehend that right) of them in the aftermost Parliament. That’s 13 too many.

VoxBox. Recording studios in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Weber, Manfred. German MEP. He could accept been a adversary (oh no he couldn’t).

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Word Document Five Important Life Lessons Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Word Document Taught Us – hogwarts acceptance letter word document
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