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Hotel Construction Budget Template What Will Hotel Construction Budget Template Be Like In The Next 1 Years?

Hurricane Harvey, which pummeled Texas in backward august, and Blow Irma, which blew through the Caribbean and Florida two weeks later, both took a abundant toll. Harvey acquired added than 80 deaths and about $100 billion in losses. Irma claimed added than 60 victims and acquired added than $50 billion in losses. But in some means Florida affiliation got off easier because best of the acreage accident there was acquired by wind and was covered by insurance. In Houston and adjacent areas hit by Harvey, best of the accident was acquired by calamity from up to 50 inches of rain that caked bottomward on the arena for bristles days—and alone about 20% of the abounding homes were covered by flood insurance. (In Puerto Rico, huge numbers of Blow Maria victims had neither homeowners nor flood insurance.)

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Hotel Construction Budget Spreadsheet Google Spreadshee .. | hotel construction budget template

Damage acquired by wind, wind-driven rain and baptize that comes into your home through the roof, windows, doors or holes in the walls is usually covered by homeowners insurance. But accident from calamity or baptize that rises from the basal up—from the overflow of a anatomy of water, for example, or a storm surge—isn’t covered. For that, you charge a abstracted flood allowance policy.

Millions of homeowners about the country alive in neighborhoods that are accessible to calamity from hurricanes, abutting storms and abundant downpours. And as bags of Houston affiliation accept learned, if you don’t accept flood insurance, you may not be covered for your losses.

In abounding Houston neighborhoods, the flood allowance haves and have-nots alive (or lived) abutting aperture to one another. We visited one quiet cul-de-sac in Conroe, Texas, breadth Mike and Nichole Bartlow had purchased a home on Baronial 1; their flood allowance action kicked in on Baronial 16. Their next-door neighbors, Douglas Gana and Diane Gallo, bought their abode in 2013—before the area’s flood maps were redrawn in 2014 and put their abode aloof almost in the flood zone. They didn’t buy a action because they didn’t anticipate they were at risk.

On Baronial 28, the day afterwards the Bartlows and their two daughters abandoned to Mike’s parents’ home, he alternate to his abode to retrieve some valuables. Baptize had aloof blood-soaked into the yard. But by the abutting day, “our backyard was a big lake,” he says, and the baptize central his home came up to his waist. Best of the Bartlows’ accessories were destroyed or attenuated with bacteria-laden floodwaters, although the toilet still formed and one TV was army aerial abundant to survive unscathed. Back the baptize receded, the Bartlows had to act bound to rip out the basal 4 anxiety of drywall and insulation in their single-story home. Back they were finished, alone the board beams remained.

Before they accustomed an beforehand of $50,000 from the aggregation that underwrote their flood allowance policy, the Bartlows paid for antecedent aliment appliance their emergency armamentarium and a ancient benefit from Mike’s employer that equaled two weeks’ pay. Their mortgage lender accustomed them to adjourn three mortgage payments afterwards harming their credit, which helped chargeless up banknote for antecedent fixes.

The Bartlows apprehend to move aback in by the end of the year. Their insurer assured them they would get abundant money to accommodate their home, as continued as they provided affidavit of costs. “This gave us the aplomb to accomplish a bottomward acquittal to the accepted architect afterwards alive what we will ultimately get,” says Mike.

Next door, Douglas Gana, who owns a architecture business, is administering the aliment himself. He estimates that he and Diane will accept to absorb at atomic $90,000, which they’ll be able to awning with their savings. Back the aliment are finished, they plan to hire out their home and move to an breadth that’s beneath acceptable to flood in the future.

After a hurricane, it’s important to acquaintance your allowance abettor or aggregation appropriate away—even if you can’t accretion admission to your home yet—to alpha the claims action and get in band to accommodated with an adjuster. Depending on your coverage, you could end up affair with several adjusters—one for your homeowners insurance, addition for flood advantage and maybe a third if you had to buy a abstracted windstorm action (see the box on folio 31).

In a adversity the admeasurement of Harvey or Irma, adjusters are not alone beforehand attenuate but may accept agitation alike accepting to homes because of calamity and downed trees. Back cell-phone and internet account became bare afterwards Blow Harvey, insurers set up adaptable claims units to accommodated with homeowners throughout the damaged areas of Texas.

Some insurers alike acclimated drones to do an antecedent analysis of homes that were inaccessible. For example, one homeowner alleged Chubb and said he knew there was 1 to 4 anxiety of baptize in his area, but he couldn’t get to his abode to verify the damage. “Within a few days, we were able to fly a bombinate in there, and appliance the camera we could see the acme of the baptize on the aperture and how aerial the baptize was in the house,” says Tim Blake, an adjuster who is carnality admiral and claims baton for Chubb. The adjuster and homeowner couldn’t accommodated at the acreage until September 16, but because the airing was done in advance, Chubb was able to pay the affirmation aloof two canicule later.

When the Bartlows were able to get aback to their home, they accustomed adverse admonition about whether they bare to adhere on to their accouterments continued abundant for the adjuster to audit them or whether photos would suffice. Here’s what allowance experts recommend: Walk through the abode with your smartphone and booty a video of anniversary allowance with a active annotation about the amercement afore you do annihilation to the house. Open closets and drawers to appearance the accident to your possessions, too.

Next, booty accomplish to anticipate the bearings from accepting worse. Homeowners should accomplish acting repairs, such as accoutrement burst windows or holes in the roof, to anticipate added damage, says Jerry Hagins, of the Texas Administration of Insurance. “But don’t accomplish abiding aliment until an adjuster has apparent the accident and accustomed them,” he says. Accumulate receipts for the acting repairs, which may be reimbursed by your insurer. Ask your insurer if you can actuate of any destroyed backing afore the adjuster arrives; the requirements can vary.

While you adjournment for the adjuster, alpha to accumulate receipts for admired items, either from any salvaged files or online. “We don’t apprehend a abundant spreadsheet,” Blake says. He suggests allurement ancestors for pictures of ancestors gatherings at your home in case you see items in the accomplishments that you forgot about.

Try to be at the abode back the adjuster arrives; it can advice if your architect comes, too. Booty accurate addendum of your affairs with anniversary adjuster. You’ll charge them if you accept any claims problems later, says Robert Hunter, administrator of allowance for the Consumer Federation of America and a above Texas abettor of insurance. He recommends documenting all contacts with your allowance companies, starting as anon as you book a claim.

When claims are paid. Depending on the blazon of allowance you have, you could ultimately get three types of payouts: one for active expenses, one for architecture accident and one for possessions. The aboriginal analysis you’ll accept is usually for active expenses, bold that’s covered by your policy. If the accident is extensive, the insurer may accord you an beforehand acquittal to awning the bulk of a auberge or rental while you’re out of your house. As you abide receipts, added payouts should follow. Some insurers accommodate debit cards for these expenses, and they may abide to awning such costs for a accustomed time aeon while you’re out of your house—often up to a year, or until the costs ability 20% of your absolute abode limit.

In the deathwatch of Harvey, the National Flood Allowance Program (NFIP) fabricated beforehand payments of $5,000 to $20,000, sometimes alike afore allowance adjusters arrived, with college payments to bodies who provided annal of a cogent loss. Those beforehand payments will be subtracted from the final payout.

NFIP behavior don’t awning active costs while your home is actuality repaired. There are added limitations as well: The behavior awning backing at their attenuated bulk rather than their backup value, and they accommodate bound advantage for finishing and acreage in a basement. (For added details, chase for the “Summary of Coverage” at

After the adjuster submits the address assessing the admeasurement of the damage, you’ll eventually get a payout for the accident to the architecture (minus any beforehand payments), based on bounded building-cost estimates. Those costs may billow afterwards a storm, but not all insurers booty that fasten into appliance back ambience the price.

You’ll usually get a abstracted payout for claimed property. “That’s the best difficult allotment to blanket up with the affirmation because you accept to acquaint the adjuster what was lost,” says Mark Hanna, abettor for the Allowance Council of Texas, an affiliation of insurers. Depending on your coverage, the insurer may pay you to alter the items with new ones, or the payout may be for the attenuated bulk of the items based on their age and condition.

The Bartlows kept acceptable annal of their backing but ran into some snags. A board drawer absolute receipts for big purchases floated abroad in the flood. Nichole concluded up hunting bottomward old receipts online and by calling Apple, Best Buy and added companies she begin on acclaim agenda statements. In the future, the Bartlows plan to photograph receipts and consecutive numbers for every above acquirement and save them in the cloud—which may be the alone safe abode in a flood. They will additionally accumulate a spreadsheet recording the date of acquirement and cost.

It takes best for insurers to pay claims afterwards a above adversity because anybody is continued so thin. Afterwards Harvey, bodies with abate claims weren’t accepted to apperceive whether they would accept claims problems until mid October, says Hunter. Those with beyond claims can apprehend best waits.

If your insurer offers abundant beneath than you accepted or denies your claim, ask why. If the blazon of accident was afar from advantage (for example, it was acutely acquired by calamity but you didn’t accept flood coverage), there may be little you can do. But if the insurer seems to be lowballing a covered affirmation payout or boring its feet, accuse to a administrator in the insurer’s chump relations department, says Hunter.

If that doesn’t help, go to your accompaniment allowance administration (see for acquaintance information). The allowance administration can acquaintance the insurer with questions, which could advice move the claims action along. Abounding allowance departments additionally set up appropriate arbitration programs afterwards disasters. The Texas Administration of Allowance hasn’t done so yet for Blow Harvey, but, says Hagins, “We’ll be abatement any complaints accompanying to Harvey as acute cases.”

Many homeowners in Houston didn’t anticipate they bare flood insurance—and mortgage lenders didn’t crave them to buy it because the flood maps were out of date. “The majority of bodies in Houston were in zones that weren’t accepted to flood for 100 years,” says Teressa Adrian, an absolute allowance abettor in Spring, Texas.

Cher and Ron Hayes, who alive in Katy, a western suburb of Houston, were told not to bother with flood allowance back they bought their home 18 years ago. “This breadth is not declared to flood,” says Ron. Afterwards stanching the crawl of baptize seeping into their home with towels and admirers on Baronial 27, they anticipation they had dodged the worst. But afterwards authorities appear the Barker Reservoir, about 2 anxiety of baptize surged into their home and they bare to be evacuated.

Hurricane victims who don’t accept flood allowance may charge to accession money from a array of sources to awning the bulk of acclimation their homes and replacing their possessions. And alike homeowners who accept allowance will acceptable accept abroad costs for active costs (which aren’t covered by the NFIP), deductibles and costs that beat allowance payouts, such as for timberline removal. Alarm your mortgage lender and any added banking institutions breadth you accept loans to acquisition out whether you can adjournment payments or accept any added help.

Where to start. Register with FEMA for adversity abetment at, or alarm 800-621-3362, or appointment a FEMA adversity accretion centermost (

You may authorize for a admission of up to $33,000 to adjustment accident to your home that wasn’t covered by insurance. Alike if you had insurance, you may authorize for some assistance, such as a baby admission to advice with acting lodging. For added advice about the action for accepting FEMA assistance, see

You may acquisition added sources of advice at a FEMA adversity accretion center—from the Red Cross or Salvation Army, say. The Red Cross, for example, provided emergency-assistance grants of up to $400 for applicants in 39 counties afflicted by Blow Harvey. You can get added advice from your state’s emergency-management bureau (see for links).

The Hayeses activated for FEMA abetment on Baronial 28. The ambassador didn’t appear until September 19, but two canicule later, they accustomed a drop of $9,000 for home repairs.

Low-cost loans. Afterwards applying for FEMA aid, you’ll acceptable be directed to administer for a adversity accommodation from the Baby Business Administration. (Taking a accommodation doesn’t exclude you from FEMA admission money.) You can administer online at, or you can appointment a adversity accretion center. If the abstraction of demography on debt during a time of banking accident seems unwise, agenda there are no appliance fees, and you can abolish the accommodation at any time afterwards penalty.

After you apply, a bulk estimator or “loss verifier” will alarm you to altercate accident and absent property, allowance by room. SBA lends homeowners a best of $200,000 to restore a primary residence, added addition $40,000 to homeowners (and renters) to adjustment or alter claimed property. The accommodation appellation is about 15 or 30 years, with the aboriginal acquittal deferred for 11 months. “We try to accomplish the acquittal fit the borrower’s budget,” says Richard Jenkins, of the SBA’s accessible advice office. There are no fees to originate, abutting or prepay the loan. Interest ante are anchored at 1.75%, or 3.5% for applicants with college incomes or cogent assets. About 90% of applicants accept the lower rate, says Jenkins.

After the accommodation is approved, you’ll accept an antecedent disbursement, about $25,000, to get started on repairs. As your architect completes assignment and sends you the bills, you’ll accept the money to pay them. (Save receipts of any assignment you had done afore your accommodation was accustomed to get that reimbursed, too.) The accommodation is flexible. You can draw bottomward as little as you charge to, or ask your case administrator to accession your bulk if you acquisition the antecedent appraisal avalanche short.

Carolyn Cooper (we afflicted her aftermost name at her request) and her husband, three accouchement and dog floated out of their adjacency in Katy on the morning of Baronial 29—and begin themselves with no agent and no abode to live. She submitted her online appliance for FEMA abetment and an SBA accommodation the abutting day. It took two and a bisected weeks to be clearly accustomed for the SBA loan. The accident to their home was adjourned at $320,000, so they were accustomed for the best accommodation of $240,000. They additionally had to acquirement flood insurance.

If you go the SBA route, accumulate all receipts documenting your aliment because the bureau audits some borrowers. Also, agenda that the SBA never accuse for its services, including home inspections.

Tapping your retirement accounts is addition option, but that should be a aftermost resort. The IRS has briefly airy rules apropos accident withdrawals from 401(k)s and added retirement plans. For now, affiliation of acceptable counties (and assertive ancestors who alive elsewhere) can skip the accepted red band all-important to abjure funds (assuming the plan allows it). You can attending up acceptable counties at Withdrawals will still be taxed, but Congress has waived the 10% early-withdrawal amends for blow victims adolescent than 59½. The amends has additionally been waived for withdrawals from acceptable IRAs, but they’re still accountable to taxes. You can abjure contributions to a Roth IRA at any time, tax- and penalty-free.

Taking a accommodation from your 401(k) or added employer-sponsored retirement plan is bigger than a withdrawal, bold you can accord it on schedule. A 401(k) accommodation will acceptable additionally be quicker and easier to access than a adversity loan. You accomplish account payments to yourself, about at a bulk of prime (recently 4.25%) added one or two allotment points.

Carolyn and her bedmate advised borrowing from his 401(k), but they absitively to use the SBA accommodation instead. Their accident was all-encompassing abundant to arete a claim aeon of 30 years at a 1.75% rate.

Other sources of help. Some forms of abetment may not accept to be repaid. The Greater Houston Association Foundation accustomed added than $78 actor for the Blow Harvey Abatement Fund, which will be broadcast to bounded nonprofits that are anon allowance blow victims. See for a account of abatement resources. Go to for links to bounded association foundations. The United Way of Greater Houston’s 211 Texas/United Way Helpline (call 2-1-1 in Texas) and Afterwards the Storm adversity ability adviser ( advice affix bodies not alone with emergency abatement aid but additionally with assets acceptable to be in appeal for a while, such as legal, counseling and banking services. Military families may authorize for emergency adversity grants through their armed armament emergency abatement alignment for their annex of the service.

In mid September, Cher Hayes, who is a appropriate apprenticeship abecedary in Katy, activated for two grants through the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation. She accustomed one admission of $1,000 at the end of the month. She additionally accustomed $400 from the Red Cross. Michael Wadler, his wife and his two daughters, whose home in Willow Meadows (a adjacency in southwest Houston) was flooded, accustomed abetment from the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and Jewish Ancestors Service, including charwoman and packing supplies, as able-bodied as a $1,000 admission Wadler could use against charge for one of his daughters.

Don’t belittle the affection of strangers, either. Wadler’s adolescent daughter, Maya, absent a admired architecture collection. Afterwards he alleged an controlling of Estée Lauder and batten with her secretary, the aggregation beatific over a box of cosmetics. Back Cher and Ron Hayes shopped for new accessories at Lowe’s, Cher asked about added discounts for flood victims. The staffer at Lowe’s offered her an added 10% off.

Damage to your car acquired by calamity is covered by your allowance action if you accept absolute coverage. Abounding cars with flood accident are declared a absolute accident by the insurer because of wet electrical systems and computers. The Allowance Council of Texas estimates that about 250,000 insured cartage were damaged by Blow Harvey, and about 80% of them were totaled, says the council’s Mark Hanna.If your car is declared a absolute loss, you’ll usually get the “actual banknote value” for the vehicle, which is the bulk of a car of the aforementioned age and condition, bare the deductible. (See 5 Signs You’re Buying a Flood-Damaged Car.)

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