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How To Edit Project Planner Template In Excel Do You Know How Many People Show Up At How To Edit Project Planner Template In Excel

What are your goals for 2021? 

how to edit project planner template in excel
 48 Professional Project Plan Templates [Excel, Word, PDF ..

48 Professional Project Plan Templates [Excel, Word, PDF .. | how to edit project planner template in excel

I plan to abound my Youtube admirers to added than 10,000 followers, address an adorning yet contemptuous book, barrage an absolute rap album, and amateur my company’s revenue, amid added aspirations.

As a  serial software entrepreneur, tech investor, writer, rapper, and appearance designer, I accept an acutely active schedule. Before the pandemic, I catholic internationally at atomic four times a year. People generally ask me: “How do you administer to do all these things?! Do you sleep?”

The accuracy is I abstruse a powerful, but simple, framework from some abundantly smart tech CEOs in Silicon Valley. This framework has helped entrepreneurs body billion-dollar companies from scratch. It’s accomplished me how to bootstrap a multi-million dollar business. It’s accustomed me the time, energy, and assets I bare to accompany my constant dreams and passions.

Aloof 3 simple steps: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate. 

This three-step framework is my abstruse to accomplishing everything.

It sounds corny, but aggravating to do beneath absolutely helps you get added done. 

The aboriginal footfall to accomplishing your goals is accent your agitation list. I absolutely attempt with this. Because my interests are so varying, it’s adamantine for me to accomplish to aloof one thing. But I’m best acknowledged (and atomic stressed) back I do no added than three above projects at once. 

This is an amaranthine action for me, so it’s accept if this feels difficult. Rest assured: you can consistently acclimate your goals and about-face priorities as needed.

Next, you charge to annihilate every assignment that doesn’t abatement beneath those priorities. 

Automation: software is your friend, I affiance

It’s a abundant abstraction to try to automate repetitive tasks that are arid or time-consuming. You can additionally use automation to rapidly access or calibration the aggregate of your work. 

For example, instead of manually sending 400 emails out, you can actualize an email arrangement and accelerate a “mail merge.” This mail absorb uses a spreadsheet with your contacts’ email addresses and claimed advice to accelerate a alone bulletin to 400 bodies in aloof a amount of seconds. 

Many of the best and best acknowledged software companies were founded by entrepreneurs who capital to automate commodity that bodies hated or had a adamantine time doing. 

All you accept to do is think: “Can I automate this? And if so, how? …Is there technology that can automate this for me? …If not, how adamantine would it be to ‘hack together’ a duct-tape band-aid to my problem?”

Unlocking the abracadabra of delegation 

As an architect and diehard nerd, I consistently try to anticipate about automation afore delegation, but this can be a mistake. 

Sometimes automation is overkill. Either because it’s too complicated to body a acceptable solution, or there are bodies that can do a acceptable abundant or bigger job for a reasonable price.

This is generally accurate for circuitous and artistic work, but it can additionally be accurate of simple, repetitive tasks that could be outsourced to addition on Upwork or Golance. 

Successfully delegating tasks isn’t easy. It generally takes added upfront work, and you ability abort with your aboriginal hiring attempts–I absolutely did. However, it’s awful advantageous if you’re able to chargeless up hours from your agenda every week.

Without delegation, I would accept never been able to body a million-dollar aggregation after absolutely antibacterial my health. I never would accept had time to biking all over Asia, Europe, and Africa. I would accept never fabricated a rap song or music video.  I’d be a lot beneath happy, wealthy, and way added fatigued out. 

And it’s so simple. You can agreement with appointment aloof by activity on Fiverr or Upwork and hiring addition for a little project. 

Do you accept added questions about productivity, management, or software entrepreneurship? Drop me a line, and I’ll try to acknowledgment in an accessible article.

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How To Edit Project Planner Template In Excel Do You Know How Many People Show Up At How To Edit Project Planner Template In Excel – how to edit project planner template in excel
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