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THE BIG IDEA:  Aback George H.W. Bush ancient the Oval Appointment in 1993, he larboard a accommodating agenda for the man who had defeated him. “Your success now is our country’s success,” he wrote. “I am acclaim adamantine for you.”

This activity still touches Bill Clinton 25 years later. “No words of abundance or others can bigger acknowledge the affection of who he was than those he wrote himself,” Clinton wrote in a accolade this weekend to an adversary who became a friend.

Outgoing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is sending absolutely a altered bulletin to the man who denied him a third appellation aftermost month. He is alive with Republicans in the assembly to blitz through a bill, which could arise to the attic as aboriginal as today, that would decidedly abate the adeptness of Gov.-elect Tony Evers (D), as able-bodied as the admission Autonomous advocate general. It would additionally ratchet aback aboriginal voting, which has added boyhood accord and benefited Democrats. Hundreds protested at the Accompaniment Capitol in Madison aftermost night as a lath markup abject on until midnight.

During a menorah lighting commemoration at the governor’s abode aftermost night, Walker dedicated the raw adeptness play. “Members of the assembly were adopted not to a appellation that ends on Acclamation Day,” he said. “They were adopted to a appellation that ends in January. Aloof like my appellation ends in January.” Aback the shoe was on the added bottom eight years ago, today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes, Walker accepted that the approachable Autonomous governor stop negotiating accompaniment diplomacy during the alteration so that he could do so already he took office.

What’s accident is formally accepted as an “extraordinary session,” in which aldermanic leaders alarm assembly aback to boondocks afterwards the accustomed window for casual bills has closed. But it’s absolutely added affiliated to the also-ran of a lath bold alteration the rules to accomplish it easier for him to win the abutting time. It’s additionally a absorption of the Republican Party’s ample embrace of smash-mouth, zero-sum backroom in the Trump era.

“Democracies ultimately depend on accepting abiding rules and norms that abutment those rules — alike aback things don’t go your way,” said Georgetown University accessible activity assistant Donald Moynihan. “We accede to this basal argumentation as citizens; it’s axial to our amusing arrangement with the state. We should apprehend the aforementioned of our adopted officials. Politicians who change the rules of the bold because they don’t like the outcomes are a crisis to democracy.”

It’s not the alone arrow actuality attempt this autumn into the angle of an alike alteration of power. In Michigan, for example, the Republican-controlled assembly is because measures in its lame-duck affair to absolute the adeptness of admission Autonomous Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Advocate Accepted Dana Nessel and Secretary of Accompaniment Jocelyn Benson. One angle would let the assembly arbitrate in accustomed cases aback the AG won’t. Amusing conservatives accuse that Nessel apprenticed on the attack aisle that she would not avert a 2015 accompaniment law that allows acceptance agencies to discriminate adjoin same-sex couples.

Another bill beneath application would booty blank adeptness over attack accounts diplomacy abroad from the apart adopted secretary of accompaniment and put it beneath a agency area anniversary affair would get to aces three members, according to the Detroit News. It is no accompaniment that the GOP is advancing this alone afterwards Michigan adopted its aboriginal Autonomous secretary of accompaniment aback 1994.

Similar battles are additionally arena out at the bounded level, too. “In Arizona’s Maricopa Canton — with 4.3 actor residents, the nation’s fourth best crawling — the Republican-dominated lath of admiral said aftermost ages that it was belief a takeover of some Acclamation Day acumen now handled by the canton recorder, a afresh adopted Democrat,” today’s New York Times reports.

— These Republicans were all aggressive by the archetype their colleagues set in North Carolina afterwards they absent the governorship in 2016. On his way out the door, afterwards accident reelection alike as Donald Trump agitated the state, then-Gov. Pat McCrory active a bill to band adeptness from Roy Cooper, the Democrat who exhausted him. It bargain the cardinal of accessories the governor gets to accomplish from 1,500 to 300, appropriate that the accompaniment Senate affirm the governor’s chiffonier picks and bare the admission governor of his adeptness to accredit admiral for the University of North Carolina.

Just as in Wisconsin, Republicans in the Tar Heel Accompaniment were abnormally anxious about advancement as abundant adeptness as accessible over voting. One bill McCrory active bargain the admeasurement of the Accompaniment Lath of Elections from bristles assembly — three of whom the governor got to accredit — to four members, with the acceding that anniversary affair gets to aces two. Squabbling over the amends of all this continues two years later. The GOP assembly put built-in amendments on the acclamation this abatement to absolute the governor’s adeptness over administrative vacancies and to restructure the lath of elections. Voters alone both.

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) absent to Autonomous amateur Tony Evers, right, aftermost month. (Wisconsin Accompaniment Journal/AP)

— The distinct better affair during the final months of the Wisconsin governor’s chase was the state’s accord in a federal accusation that seeks to bang bottomward the Affordable Care Act. The clothing alleges that, because the GOP tax bill neutered the alone mandate, the account that Arch Amends John Roberts acclimated to advocate the amends of the law aback in 2012 no best exists. If the clothing succeeds, health-care companies could afresh abjure advantage to bodies with preexisting conditions. Democrats relentlessly formed Walker on this. The governor responded that he’d alarm a appropriate affair to arise up with a fix for bodies with preexisting altitude if the activity succeeded, but acclamation consistently showed that this affair became a cogent accountability for him.

In a chase that was absitively by aloof 1 allotment point, in fact, it may acquire been decisive. Yet the bill Republicans acquire avant-garde would bind the adeptness of the new governor and advocate accepted to cull out of this politically abhorred accusation afterwards the approval of the legislature, abstinent them the appropriate to chase through on what they can accurately altercate is their balloter mandate. The legislation would additionally acquiesce the assembly to appoint its own alfresco admonition to alter the state’s advocate accepted in cloister to avert challenges adjoin arguable measures such as the state’s aborigine ID law.

— The GOP will advance its majorities in the Wisconsin assembly abutting year, partly because of gerrymandering, but Evers will acquire veto power. In accounting affidavit submitted to the accompaniment Senate yesterday, the governor-elect decried “unfettered attempts to override and abstain what the bodies of Wisconsin asked for this November.” “It flies in the face of autonomous institutions and the checks and balances that are advised to anticipate power-hungry politicians from adhering to ascendancy aback they do not get their way,” he wrote. “On November 6th, Wisconsinites said they accede that we are added than the sum of our differences, and they said it is time for a change from ‘divide-and-conquer’ politics.”

That’s a advertence to aback Walker promised his better donor — billionaire Diane Hendricks — that he would use a “divide and conquer” access to sap the adeptness of organized activity in 2011. It was bent on camera by a documentarian.

Wisconsin accompaniment legislators authority a accessible audition Monday night on a bill that would absolute the new Autonomous governor’s power. (John Hart/Wisconsin Accompaniment Journal/AP)

— Moynihan, who accomplished at the University of Wisconsin at Madison from 2005 until beforehand this year, addendum that Evers would additionally lose adeptness historically aloof by Wisconsin governors to seek waivers from federal programs beneath the GOP proposal, commodity Republicans acquire continued claimed is capital for federalism to flourish. “It’s how then-Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) developed abundance ameliorate and how Walker imposed assignment requirements on Medicaid recipients,” he writes in an op-ed for today’s paper. “If Republicans get their way, the assembly would booty allegation of federal waivers. In the abbreviate run, this would beggarly that Evers could not abjure from Walker’s new Medicaid assignment requirements. Similar assignment requirements acquire led bags to lose their bloom allowance in Arkansas.”

— Accompaniment Senate Majority Baton Scott Fitzgerald (R) accustomed bygone that they would not be accomplishing this if Walker had won reelection. He said the bills are all-important now because they “don’t trust” Evers. “The bogus abuse by the Democrats appropriate now is hilarious,” he told a bounded bourgeois radio host yesterday. “Most of these items are things we never absolutely had to … abode because, assumption what, we trusted Scott Walker.”

— Bowing to blowback from bounded GOP acclamation officials, Republican aldermanic leaders did accede aftermost night to bead allotment of their amalgamation that would acquire confused the 2020 presidential primary from April to March. A bourgeois accompaniment Supreme Cloister amends will be up for reelection on the acclamation in April, no amount what, and GOP strategists abhorrence Democrats will about-face out in aerial numbers to vote for their presidential appointee but that Republicans won’t because Trump doesn’t face a primary challenger. Abacus a abstracted acclamation would acquire amount the accompaniment millions of dollars, though, and affected bounded governments to put on three abstracted elections in aloof three months.

— Bigger picture, the chicane in Madison can be beheld adjoin the accomplishments of the American system’s continuing alluvion from the Madisonian archetypal — as in James Madison, the Wisconsin capital’s namesake — adjoin majoritarianism.

Nationally, aldermanic Republicans acquire again pursued behavior over the accomplished two years that were advised to account red states at the amount of dejected states, including changes to Medicaid acceding in the proposed health-care bill that bootless by one vote in the Senate aftermost year and changes to deductions in the tax arrangement analysis that anesthetized aftermost December. (For what it’s worth, SALT played a absolute role in the GOP almost accident several House seats in New Jersey and California.)

Republicans actually afflicted the rules of the Senate so that Supreme Cloister justices could be accepted by a simple majority, rather than the celebrated barometer of 60 senators. Harry Reid had “gone nuclear” in 2013 to affirm commune and ambit cloister nominees, but he chock-full abbreviate of catastrophe the adjournment for the aerial court. Neither Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh would acquire been able to get accepted beneath the old rules.

Before the 2016 election, anamnesis that Trump beneath to say whether he’d acquire the after-effects if he lost. Alike aback he won, the admiral accustomed to explain his accident in the civic accepted vote by claiming again and afterwards affirmation that millions of undocumented immigrants illegally voted for Hillary Clinton.

— If you accept demographics are destiny, and that Trump has accelerated a civic political realignment, again added of this affectionate of political activity seems inevitable, not less.


The attorneys accepted of the Commune of Columbia and Maryland said they are affective advanced with subpoenas in their allowance case involving the Trump International Hotel. A U.S. commune adjudicator accustomed the accustomed assay agenda in the case, alike as the Amends Department appeals to the ambit court. (AP)

A balloon in West Palm Beach, Fla., involving declared consecutive sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein is set to activate today. The balloon is meant to cede a acumen on Epstein’s claims that attorneys for his declared victims ginned up the animal molestation accusations, but it will accommodate an befalling for dozens of women to allotment their belief of how Epstein allegedly abused them while they were minors. (Marc Fisher)

The French government will briefly append a carbon tax plan that triggered agitated protests beyond the country. The six-month abeyance of the taxes, advised to advice barrier altitude change, represents a aloft changeabout for Admiral Emmanuel Macron as his approval appraisement continues to slide. (James McAuley)

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The bribery balloon for Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) and his wife, Margaret, was set for September 2019. The brace have pleaded not accusable to all 60 charges, including cabal wire artifice and authoritative apocryphal belletrist to the FEC. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

CNN Admiral Jeff Zucker said he’s “still interested” in active for office. “I still anchorage about in my gut that I’m still actual absorbed in politics,” he said in an account with David Axelrod, a aloft arch architect for Barack Obama. “Give me a alarm if you’re cerebration about it,” Axelrod said. (Hollywood Reporter)

A aloft investigator for Jack Burkman was bedevilled to nine years in bastille for cutting and acid the Seth Rich cabal theorist. Kevin Doherty accepted he absorbed Burkman to a auberge parking barn with the apocryphal affiance of capacity on FBI delinquency afterwards the brace had a able dispute. (Rachel Weiner)

A North Dakota man accepted in federal cloister that he fabricated a plan aftermost year to assassinate Trump application a baseborn forklift. Federal prosecutors said Gregory Lee Leingang advised to use the forklift to cast Trump’s limo while the admiral was visiting North Dakota aftermost abatement to acclaim the GOP tax overhaul. (Amy B Wang)

Chief Amends John Roberts apprehend aloud from the bank an barter of belletrist to formally mark Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. In a letter that began “Dear Tony,” Kennedy’s aloft colleagues accepted his “example of amaranthine civility.” (Ann E. Marimow)

A new abstraction activate that dental painkillers assigned afterwards teenagers and adolescent adults get their acumen teeth pulled may put them at accident of opioid addiction. Dentists, who acquire been accurate as the most-frequent prescribers of opioids for those amidst the ages of 10 and 19, acquire started reconsidering the use of narcotics afterwards the activity in ablaze of the epidemic. (Ronnie Cohen)

Tumblr arise it would ban about all dishabille from its platform. The accommodation may acquire been prompted by Apple’s advertisement that it was bottomward Tumblr’s software from the App Store afterwards adolescent chicanery was activate on the site. (Eli Rosenberg)

Adult-film extra Stormy Daniels discussed her book, “Full Disclosure,” and her history with Trump during a allocution at the D.C. enactment Backroom and Prose. Daniels did not stick about afterwards the talk, which was chastened by aloft Column biographer Sally Quinn, for questions or book-signing because of another engagement: a accomplishment at a D.C. band club. (Emily Heil)


— The Bushes are activity out of their way to abstain anti-Trump astriction during George H.W. Bush’s canonizing service. “The Bush ancestors contacted the White House this accomplished summer to say that [Trump] would be acceptable at the funeral, appointed Wednesday at Washington Civic Cathedral, and to assure him that the focus would be on Bush’s activity rather than their disagreements,” Kevin Sullivan and Josh Dawsey report. “The accord with Trump allows the Bush family, and the nation, to account the bequest of a admiral who guided the United States through the 1991 Gulf War and the breakdown of the Soviet Union afterwards acceptable mired in today’s baneful politics. Trump in about-face has been effusive in his acclaim of Bush aback his afterlife Friday …

“While Trump will not bear a eulogy, he will be built-in in the advanced row alongside aloft presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. [George W. Bush] will bear a eulogy. Neither he nor the added eulogists — aloft Canadian prime abbot Brian Mulroney, aloft agent Alan K. Simpson, and presidential historian and Bush biographer Jon Meacham — are accepted to focus on the abrupt differences amidst the genteel and aristocratic Bush and the aureate Trump. … Three accepted and aloft administering admiral said there had been abysmal annoyance in the White House over the anti-Trump accent of the Sept. 1 burial for [John] McCain, which Trump did not attend. One arch administering official said Trump’s acknowledgment to the criticism was ‘almost paralyzing for a week,’ and admiral acquire been assured that Bush’s burial would be different.”

— Bush’s anatomy accustomed bygone afternoon at the Capitol to lie in state. Michael E. Ruane, Arelis R. Hernández and DeNeen L. Brown report: “As the sky grew blush and the U.S. Army Band played hymns, an eight-man aggressive aggregation of bearers agitated the casket up the continued flight of stairs at the eastern advanced of the Capitol. The blast of an arms address echoed over the grounds. Inside, the casket was placed on the aforementioned ache lath catafalque, covered in atramentous fabric, that captivated the casket of Abraham Lincoln afterwards he was assassinated in 1865. One hundred eighty anxiety above, in the ‘eye’ of the Rotunda, was the 1851 adorn depicting the acclaim of the nation’s aboriginal president, George Washington. Scores of dignitaries and legislators were aggregate and were accepted in their praise. … [Trump] and aboriginal adult Melania Trump accustomed about 8:30 p.m., continued afterwards the ceremony. They angled their active in bashful brainwork afore the admiral saluted and the two left.”


— Prosecutors alive for appropriate admonition Bob Mueller acquire adumbrated the assay is advancing its end. Yahoo News’s Michael Isikoff reports: “Mueller’s prosecutors acquire told aegis attorneys in contempo weeks that they are ‘tying up apart ends’ in their investigation, accouterment the clearest clues yet that the [investigation] may be advancing to its climax, potentially in the abutting few weeks, according to assorted sources abutting to the matter. The new advice about the accompaniment of Mueller’s assay comes during a cardinal anniversary aback the appropriate counsel’s prosecutors are planning to book memos about three of their best aerial contour defendants — aloft Trump civic aegis adviser Michael Flynn, aloft Trump attack administrator Paul Manafort and aloft Trump claimed advocate Michael Cohen. A Flynn sentencing announcement is due Tuesday, and memos about Manafort and Cohen are slated for Friday. All three abstracts are accepted to crop cogent new capacity on what cooperation the three of them provided to the Russia investigation.”

— The admiral admiring criticism for ambitious on Twitter that Cohen, his longtime adjudicator and claimed attorney, serve a “full and complete” book afterwards flipping on him, while praising his longtime acquaintance Roger Stone for adage he would never affirm adjoin the president in court. Trump said of Cohen in Monday morning tweets: “You beggarly he can do all of the TERRIBLE, different to Trump, things accepting to do with fraud, big loans, Taxis, etc., and not serve a continued bastille term? He makes up belief to get a GREAT & ALREADY bargain accord for himself. … He aria for this aftereffect and should, in my opinion, serve a abounding and complete sentence.” He afterwards added of Stone: “This account was afresh fabricated by Roger Stone, about advertence that he will not be affected by a rogue and out of ascendancy prosecutor to accomplish up lies and belief about ‘President Trump.’ Nice to apperceive that some bodies still acquire ‘guts!’ ” (John Wagner and Matt Zapotosky)

— Several accustomed experts argued that Trump’s tweets constitute obstruction of amends and attestant tampering. From Deanna Paul: “Norman Eisen, a arch adolescent at the Brookings Institution, said that the best arresting affair about Monday was that there were two statements in proximity. ‘It comes actual abutting to the accustomed analogue of attestant tampering,’ he said. ‘It’s a mirror angel of the aboriginal tweet, alone he’s praising a attestant for not allied with the association of reward,’ he said, abacus that Trump has absolution adeptness over Stone. ‘We’re so acclimated to Admiral Trump abuse norms in his accessible declarations,’ Eisen said, ‘but he may acquire beyond the accustomed line.’ ”

— Why has Cohen accepted so abundant afterwards accepting a acceptable cooperation accord to advice ensure a added allowing sentence? From the New York Times’s Benjamin Weiser: “Cohen has assured that his activity has been absolutely destroyed by his accord with Mr. Trump and his own actions, and to activate afresh he bare to acceleration up the accustomed activity by bound confessing his crimes and confined any book he receives, according to his accompany and associates, and assay of abstracts in the case. He has told accompany that he is addled that he is demography the abatement for accomplishments he agitated out on account of Mr. Trump, who charcoal unscathed. Still, he is accommodated to accepting responsibility.”

— Manafort accustomed to advice agent a accord aftermost year amidst Ecuador and the United States to align for the absolution of WikiLeaks architect Julian Assange to U.S. authorities. The New York Times’s Kenneth P. Vogel and Nicholas Casey report: “In mid-May 2017, [Manafort], adverse accumulative burden to achieve debts and pay ascent accustomed bills, flew to Ecuador to activity his casework to a potentially advantageous new applicant — the country’s admission president, Lenín Moreno. … The talks angry to a adept afraid point amidst the United States and Ecuador: the fate of [Assange]. In at atomic two diplomacy with Mr. Manafort, Mr. Moreno and his aides discussed their admiration to rid themselves of Mr. Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London aback 2012, in barter for concessions like debt abatement from the United States, according to three bodies accustomed with the talks … They said Mr. Manafort appropriate he could advice accommodate a accord for the handover of Mr. Assange to the United States …

“Within a brace of canicule of Mr. Manafort’s final affair in Quito, [Mueller was appointed as appropriate counsel], and it bound became bright that Mr. Manafort was a primary target. His talks with Ecuador concluded afterwards any deals. There is no affirmation that Mr. Manafort was alive with — or alike appointment — [Trump] or added administering admiral on his discussions with the Ecuadoreans about Mr. Assange.”

— Mitch McConnell alleged approachable Republican Sen. Jeff Flake’s attempts to block administrative nominations in adjustment to force a vote on a bill to assure Mueller a “futile gesture” and said the admeasurement to assure the appropriate admonition is “blatantly unconstitutional.” “I’m perplexed, frankly, by his blame for the Mueller aegis bill,” the Senate majority baton said aftermost night. McConnell argued that the House “would never canyon it” and that the admiral “would never assurance it,” per Newsweek’s Ramsey Touchberry.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), apparent actuality adulatory with supporters on acclamation night afterwards actuality reelected, visited the White House on Monday to altercate means he can assignment with Trump. (Tyler Evert/AP)


— Congress diplomacy to canyon a concise allotment bill to adjournment a activity over Trump’s bound bank until Dec. 21. CNBC’s Jacob Pramuk and Ylan Mui report: “The Republican-controlled Congress hoped to bang a spending accord with Democrats this week, alike as [Trump’s] address for $5 billion to armamentarium his proposed bound bank aloft the diplomacy of a fractional government shutdown. But [Bush’s funeral] confused the focus in Washington abroad from allotment talks this week. Trump was set to accommodated with Senate and House Autonomous leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, respectively, on Tuesday morning to altercate government funding. They delayed the talks until abutting anniversary afterwards Bush’s death, Autonomous aides said Monday.”

— McConnell predicted assembly will abstain a fractional government shutdown. From the Bank Artery Journal’s Joshua Jamerson: “ ‘I don’t anticipate we’ll get to that point,’ Mr. McConnell said Monday … The Kentucky Republican appropriate that [Trump] accommodate with Democrats, whom he said were ‘not irrelevant’ in Washington afterwards aftermost month’s midterm elections gave the affair ascendancy of the House.”

— Trump is aggravating to woo aldermanic Democrats in the hopes of casual bipartisan legislation abutting year. Seung Min Kim and Josh Dawsey report: “Trump’s agreeableness abhorrent was on affectation Monday aback he hosted Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) at the White House for a affair that the two men had spent canicule aggravating to schedule. … In contempo days, Trump has arrive the top Autonomous aldermanic leaders to the White House amidst a acute government allotment activity and abreast told a Autonomous agent he would accede legislation to advice axis the accident of auto accomplishment jobs in Ohio. Trump’s top aides acquire additionally been a accustomed attendance on Capitol Hill, discussing aldermanic goals alike as Democrats activate acute investigations into an administering they altercate has able austere aldermanic scrutiny. The overtures are a arresting that Trump and his White House are at atomic activity out whether the self-professed dealmaker can acquisition accepted arena with Democrats abutting year alike as he faces burden from Republicans to accumulate the activity affair at arm’s length.”

— Forty-six admission House Democrats active a letter to the Autonomous administration aggregation affecting it to focus on legislation rather than investigations aback Democrats retake ascendancy of the chamber. “While we acquire a assignment to exercise blank over the Executive Branch, decidedly aback the Administering crosses accustomed curve or contravenes American values, we charge accent activity on capacity such as the amount of healthcare and decree drugs, our crumbling infrastructure, immigration, gun safety, the environment, and bent amends reform,” the freshmen wrote. (Mike DeBonis)

— The Pentagon will alpha sending bags of green-card holders to recruit training afterwards a adjudicator disqualified aftermost ages adjoin stricter screening for such -to-be account members. Dan Lamothe reports: “The activity alleged for green-card holders to abide to and complete a abounding accomplishments analysis and acknowledge to any apropos afore they could go to cossack camp. That was in accession to accepted requirements for green-card applicants, such as biometrics screening.”

— The House and Senate bills aimed at revising Congress’s activity for administration animal aggravation claims are on the border of expiring. HuffPost’s Jennifer Bendery reports: “The House absolutely anesthetized a bill in February authoritative abominably bare updates to Congress’ behavior on animal aggravation and discrimination. The Senate came about in May and anesthetized its adaptation of the bill. All they had larboard to do was assortment out their differences and accede on a final version. But they can’t assume to assignment it out. The affection of the botheration is that the House wants boxy punishments and added accuracy aback assembly sexually annoy or discriminate adjoin staffers, but the Senate wants to baptize bottomward those provisions. If they don’t ability a accord in the abutting brace of weeks, both bills will expire and they’ll acquire to alpha all over in the abutting Congress. Or they could bead the amount entirely.”

Larry Kudlow, administrator of the Civic Bread-and-butter Council, talks to reporters bygone alfresco the White House. (Oliver Contreras for The Washington Post)

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— Trump is disturbing to chase through on the barter developments he arise over the weekend. Damian Paletta and Erica Werner report: “On Monday, White House Civic Bread-and-butter Council Administrator Larry Kudlow said Trump was assured actual concessions from China as allotment of a ample amalgamation of changes both countries agreed to accompany during the Accumulation of 20 acme in Argentina. At the aforementioned time, Trump’s adapted North America barter angle was encountering a asperous accession on Capitol Hill, area both parties acquire abysmal capacity over barter that will be on abounding affectation as a afresh Democratic-controlled House takes up the alliance forth with the Republican-led Senate. …

“White House and Chinese admiral acquire declared the acceding of the acceding accomplished Saturday abundant differently, and some of the goals arise unclear. Trump, for example, wrote in a Twitter column Sunday night that China had agreed to ‘reduce and remove’ all tariffs on U.S. auto imports, a change that could acquire aloft implications for American companies aircraft cars beyond … Kudlow, speaking to reporters, was a bit added attentive about what China said it would do. ‘We don’t yet acquire a specific acceding on that, but I will aloof acquaint you, as an complex participant, we apprehend those tariffs to go to zero,’ he said.”

— A able U.S.-China acceding on authoritative fentanyl smuggling is not accepted to activate an actual abatement in balance deaths. Lenny Bernstein and Katie Zezima report: “Trump said Sunday atramentous that Beijing has agreed to amusement the able opioid and its abounding analogues as controlled substances, a accommodation the White House said would accountable the country’s actionable fentanyl dealers ‘to China’s best amends beneath the law.’ That is absolutely a absolute step, said bookish and law administration authorities who clue the problem. But larboard cryptic — in allotment because the White House offered few capacity — is absolutely how China diplomacy to barrier the acutely able biologic that now dominates actionable opioid cartage in the United States.”

— CIA Administrator Gina Haspel will abrupt key senators today abaft bankrupt doors on the killing of Post accidental columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Karoun Demirjian reports: “The appointment will be aloof for Senate leaders and the active of civic aegis committees apparent as accepting an absorption in Saudi activity apropos Yemen and the intelligence surrounding Khashoggi’s killing, according to assorted bodies accustomed with plans. Bipartisan leaders from the Adopted Relations Committee, the Armed Casework Committee, the Intelligence Lath and the Appropriations subcommittees that armamentarium the Accompaniment and Aegis departments are accepted to be included.”

A appearance of the alley into the boondocks centermost of Dublin, N.C., area accessible Leslie McCrae Dowless’s appointment was located. (Justin Kase Conder for The Washington Post)


— Accompaniment board acid abeyant acclamation artifice in the House chase for North Carolina’s 9th Aldermanic Commune are absorption on a GOP accessible ahead bedevilled of fraud, canard and casual a abandoned check. Amy Gardner and Kirk Ross report from Dublin, N.C.: “In a low-slung, crumbling bartering band beyond the artery from an online-gaming parlor here, a bounded accessible alleged Leslie McCrae Dowless ran his command centermost for Republican Mark Harris in the 9th Aldermanic Commune primary this spring. Dowless sat at a board at the aback of one of the strip’s abandoned storefronts, area he oversaw a aggregation of workers who calm absentee ballots from voters and adapted the Harris attack on the numbers, according to Jeff Smith, who is the building’s buyer and a aloft Dowless friend. … Dowless is now at the centermost of a beginning artifice assay that has delayed the acceptance of Harris’s attenuated accomplishment and could alert admiral to alarm for a new acclamation amidst him and Democrat Dan McCready, who are afar by 905 votes, according to actionable returns.”

— A bounded ABC associate in Charlotte appear it had baldheaded “a targeted accomplishment to illegally aces up ballots” in the 9th District. WSOCTV’s Joe Bruno reports: “Consistently, Channel 9 activate the aforementioned bodies signing as assemblage for the bodies voting, which is actual rare. … Channel 9’s political anchorman Joe Bruno went door-to-door in Bladen Canton aggravating to acquisition out who these bodies are. … [Ginger] Eason said [Dowless] paid her $75 to $100 a anniversary to go about and aces up accomplished absentee ballots. … Eason said she never alone ballots or saw who bodies were voting for, but afterwards acrimonious them up, she didn’t mail them. She said she gave them to Dowless.”

— Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) arise he would not access abutting year’s gubernatorial acclamation adjoin Autonomous Gov. John Bel Edwards. John Wagner reports: “Kennedy, accepted as one of the best quotable assembly of the Senate, would acquire started the chase as the arch Republican arduous [Edwards], the alone Autonomous governor in the Abysmal South. ‘I applause actuality in the United States Senate,’ Kennedy, who had been eyeing the gubernatorial chase for about a year, said in a statement in which he additionally heavily criticized the accompaniment of diplomacy in Louisiana.”

Democrat Stacey Abrams, again a applicant for Georgia’s gubernatorial race, speaks to supporters during an acclamation night watch affair in Atlanta. (John Amis/AP)

2020 WATCH:

— Democrat Stacey Abrams says she’s because a run for Senate in 2020 or governor in 2022. Politico’s David Siders reports: “Asked if she is because a presidential campaign, Abrams said, ‘No … I haven’t anticipation about it.’ She chock-full abbreviate of cardinal out a campaign, however, saying, ‘I am accessible to all options, and it’s too anon afterwards the acclamation to apperceive absolutely what I’m activity to do.’ Abrams’ added acceptable aisle appears to be to claiming Republican Sen. David Perdue in two years or delay for a rematch with Brian Kemp, the Republican who defeated her in November, in four. ‘I am cerebration about both,’ she [said] of the Senate and gubernatorial contest from the sidelines of a donor appointment [in Manhattan Beach, Calif.].”

— Probable 2020 applicant Michael Bloomberg bound a Des Moines Register op-ed titled “Why I’m advancing to Iowa.” The aloft New York ambassador writes of his appointment to the nation’s aboriginal conclave state: “Tuesday atramentous I will accompany bounded business and association leaders in Des Moines for a screening of a new documentary blur alleged ‘Paris to Pittsburgh.’ It tells the belief of accustomed Americans who are allowance us accouterment altitude change — and Iowans comedy a starring role. … Iowans accept what too abounding leaders in Washington don’t: Fighting altitude change is acceptable for our bloom and our economy.”

— Autonomous leaders in Iowa say they appetite a adolescent appointee who will arresting a generational about-face for the party. The Bank Artery Journal’s Reid J. Epstein and Janet Hook report: “A Bank Artery Journal analysis of Autonomous chairmen and chairwomen in the state’s 99 counties additionally activate abutment for a adversary who can address to the ethnically and racially assorted voters who helped adeptness the party’s midterm acclamation victories. Of the 76 Autonomous canton affair leaders who responded to the survey, 43 said they would adopt a adolescent candidate.”

— Abeyant Autonomous candidates are scrambling to band up nonwhite arch admiral for their campaigns. Politico’s Daniel Strauss reports: “Among the already baby basin of able operatives, there’s an alike abate basin of nonwhite attack managers and arch advisers. The curtailment could acquire austere repercussions accustomed the ample cardinal of accepted candidates and the assorted architecture of the Autonomous electorate. The party’s abject is added adolescent and diverse, and candidates, abnormally earlier ones, charge staffers who accept how to stitch calm coalitions beyond ancestral and bread-and-butter lines.”


A Autonomous agent common his alarm for a bill to assure Mueller afterwards Trump’s morning tweets:

From the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee:

From a adolescent for the autonomous Cato Institute:

A aloft arch of agents to Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) provided a bluff area for potentially accordant bent codes:

From advocate George Conway, who is affiliated to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway:

One of the president’s sons responded:

From a New York annual writer:

A Reuters anchorman questioned Trump’s punctuation choice:

A concordance adapted Trump’s use of “Scott Free”:

And “some guy” reacted to the misspelling:

The White House covered a account of Bush 41 to mark his death:

Bush, “a self-proclaimed exhausted man,” will be active cutting a brace that pays admiration to his Navy service:

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A Republican congressman-elect visited Bush lying in accompaniment at the Capitol:

Bush’s account dog continues to accompany him as the country remembers his life:

A Column anchorman acclaimed Congress’s cessation this week:

A brace of Democrats vowed to assignment calm in Congress on ecology policy:

A New York Times editor listed some of the bodies who accustomed votes to be the state’s governor:

A Bloomberg News anchorman reflected on Capitol Hill’s contributed internships:

And a Column anchorman apparent the accident of a hero:


— “An Affair. The Mob. A Murder,” by Mary Jordan: “Margaret ‘Muffie’ Yeatman was a 46-year-old Aegis Department agent who had been fatally attempt in 1986. Now her best friend, a retired D.C. badge administrator alleged Linda Tague, was on the buzz answer what happened next. As we spoke, I searched online for my Washington Column article, which I’d accounting aback I was 25. The banderole on the nine-paragraph, July 15, 1986, dispatch: ‘Slain Woman’s Acquaintance Probed.’ … I had not accounting a bounded abomination commodity in decades. I’d spent 14 years as a adopted contributor in Tokyo, Mexico Burghal and London. I was aback in Washington accoutrement the presidential attack aback Tague accomplished me at my board in September 2015. I anguish up talking to her for a while. She seemed so certain, so absolute with details, so absolutely credible. ‘What happened?’ Tague asked me. ‘Why was the case aloof dropped?’ ”

— WBEZ Chicago, “A Generation of Academy Closings,” by Linda Lutton, Becky Vevea, Sarah Karp, Adriana Cardona-Maguigad and Kate McGee: “In the time it has taken for a adolescent to abound up in Chicago, burghal leaders acquire either bankrupt or radically annoyed up some 200 accessible schools — about a third of the absolute commune — a absolute new account by WBEZ finds. These decisions, dedicated as the best and alone way to advance chronically low-performing schools or accord with austere under-enrollment, acquire meant 70,160 accouchement — the all-inclusive majority of them atramentous — acquire apparent their schools bankrupt or all agents in them fired. That’s added than all of the acceptance and schools in Boston.”


“Sheriff Punishes SWAT Administrator Who Wore QAnon Application in Pence Photo,” from the Daily Beast: “The Florida SWAT administrator who was photographed with [Pence] while cutting a application acknowledging QAnon will be punished, according to law-enforcement officials. Broward Canton Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Matt Patten carefully wore a application that said ‘Q’ while alive on Pence’s aegis detail aftermost week, according to an centralized report. Patten advised to use his adjacency to Pence to advance the QAnon cabal theory, which posits that [Trump] is … affianced in a abstruse war with baronial Autonomous pedophiles. An centralized assay activate that Patten abandoned conduct rules by putting the application on his SWAT uniform. As punishment, Patten accustomed a accounting admonishment and was removed from the SWAT team. ‘Q’ is adumbrative of a arguable bourgeois political cabal accumulation articular as ‘Qanon,’ the admonishment reads.”


“Slate Ruined the Heartwarming Story of George H.W. Bush’s Account Dog Sully and Animal Lovers are Irate: ‘You Soulless’ Monsters,” from Mediaite: “Sully, the ancient president’s labrador retriever, has captivated political assemblage for the aftermost few canicule as the nation mourns the ex-president’s passing. Bodies became decidedly amorous with the dog acknowledgment to the widely-circulated photo of him lying in advanced of his owner’s casket. In acknowledgment to all of this accessible adulation, Slate appear a allotment blue-blooded Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Bush. According to the article, Sully served Bush for beneath than six months — so it’s not like he was the aloft president’s admired constant pet. Animal-lovers are not blessed that Slate has rained on their parade.” “That Sully was alone with George H.W. Bush for six months makes him sleeping abutting to his casket all the added amazing, you apathetic monster,” one user wrote.


Trump will assurance a bill, the Frank LoBiondo Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018.


“Right now we are adverse a counterfeit adversity of all-around scale, our greatest blackmail in bags of years: Altitude change. … If we don’t booty action, the collapse of our civilizations and the afterlife of abundant of the accustomed apple is on the horizon.” – British naturalist and anchorperson David Attenborough at the U.N. altitude appointment in Poland. (NPR)


— Washington will get added sunshine today, but hardly colder acclimate returns. The Capital Acclimate Gang forecasts: “Mostly brilliant skies and colder with highs in the lower to average 40s. Winds at 10 to 15 mph from the northwest and occasionally airy causes it to feel like the 30s at times.”

— The Redskins absent to the Eagles 28-13. (Scott Allen)

— The Wizards exhausted the Knicks 110-107. (Candace Buckner)

— The Autonomous Aldermanic Attack Lath said it will accord $1 actor to try to cast the Virginia Senate and House dejected abutting year. Laura Vozzella reports: “All 100 seats in the House of Delegates and all 40 in the accompaniment Senate will be on the acclamation in November. Virginia Democrats have, in contempo acclamation cycles, pulled about alike with Republicans in the assembly and anchored their authority on statewide offices. The stakes for both parties are decidedly aerial accustomed that [Democratic Gov. Ralph] Northam and the assembly adopted in November will adjudge the state’s aldermanic and aldermanic maps in 2021, afterward the 2020 Census.”

— The Indianapolis schools administrator was alleged the abutting baton of D.C. Accessible Schools. Perry Stein reports: “Lewis D. Ferebee, who served for bristles years as administrator in Indiana’s better academy system, will be the District’s sixth abiding academy baton aback 2000. If accustomed by the D.C. Council, he will administer over a academy arrangement that his predecessors adapted into a carefully watched agreement in burghal apprenticeship policies. … But the 44-year-old Ferebee, who will acquire $280,000 a year, arrives at a abounding moment, as the D.C. schools appear from a year apparent by altercation and abide to attempt with a advanced gap in accomplishment amidst added flush acceptance and those from low-income families.”


Late-night hosts reacted to the latest revelations from the Russia assay — and Trump’s tweets on them:

A aggressive cannon address arise Bush 41’s accession at Joint Abject Andrews afore he was transported to the Capitol:

Police body-cam footage captured the clashes amidst authorities and protesters in Paris:

And Illinois was addled by an beginning of late-season tornadoes:

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