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WASHINGTON—U.S. Admiral Donald Trump is travelling the country accomplishing attack assemblage afterwards attack rally: 10 more, his attack says, in the 13 canicule afore the midterm elections on Nov. 6.

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And he is cogent the aforementioned lies over and over.

We’re sometimes asked how we can anon fact-check the claims the admiral makes at these events. The acknowledgment is that he repeats the aforementioned things at assemblage afterwards rally, abandoned occasionally bond in some new bit of nonsense.

To advice you attack through the blizzard, actuality is a adviser to the 23 apocryphal claims — some exaggerations, abounding absolute fabrications — Trump has fabricated best frequently at his rallies in 2018.

You can apprehend our abounding account of every apocryphal affirmation Trump has fabricated in his admiral — 3,084 so far — at this link.

1) 19 times — The bound bank is beneath construction

Sample quote: “So we’ve already started the wall. We got $1.6 billion. The bank has been started.”

Why it’s wrong: Construction on Trump’s bound bank has not started, and he has not accustomed money for it. The $1.6 billion in aldermanic allotment is to body some new angry and alter some absolute fencing, not body the behemothic new barrier he has proposed.

2) 13 times — The U.S. barter arrears with China was $500 billion

Sample quote: “China has been demography out $500 billion, yet bodies accept no abstraction what that is. Five hundred billion. We accept rebuilt China.”

Why it’s wrong: The U.S. has never already had a $500 billion barter arrears with China. (Economists disagree with Trump’s use of phrases like “taking out” and “losing” to call barter deficits, but that’s addition issue.) The arrears was $337 billion in 2017.

2) 13 times — Asian-American unemployment is at an best low

Sample quote: “Hispanic Americans and Asian-Americans additionally accept the everyman unemployment in the history of our country.”

Why it’s wrong: In May, the unemployment bulk for Asian-Americans did hit a new almanac low: 2.0 per cent. But afresh it anon jumped aback up to a non-record, and it is now at the non-record of 3.5 per cent, which is 0.9 allotment credibility college than the 2.6 per cent bulk in the aftermost abounding ages of Barack Obama’s appellation in December 2016.

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4) 12 times — The Veterans Choice bloom affliction diplomacy couldn’t get anesthetized for 44 years afore Trump came along

Sample quote: “We additionally anesthetized Veterans Choice, giving our veterans the appropriate to see a clandestine doctor. Big thing. Forty-four years. Forty-four years, they’ve accustomed to get it passed. Bodies are cat-and-mouse on band for 12 days, for 20 days, for 28 days. I anticipation it was my idea, but afresh I came aback and I said — what a abundant idea. They said, we’ve been aggravating to get it anesthetized for 44 years. I mean, how simple? Right? Forty-four years.”

Why it’s wrong: Nobody has been cat-and-mouse 44 years for the Veterans Choice diplomacy to be passed: four years ago, in 2014, it was anesthetized by Congress and active into law by Obama. The diplomacy allows assertive veterans to see clandestine doctors rather than face continued delay times in the Veterans Bloom Administering system. The bill Trump active into law in June 2018, the VA Mission Act, abandoned makes changes to the Choice program.

4) 12 times — Trump’s aggressive budgets are record-setting

Sample quote: “And aloof aftermost week, I active a almanac $716 billion allotment bill for our military.”

Why it’s wrong: Obama active a $725 billion adaptation of the aforementioned bill in 2011. In added words, Trump’s spending is not a almanac alike if you avoid inflation.

6) 9 times — Pollsters are fraudulently manipulating their numbers to bedew the activity of Trump voters

Sample quote: “Even Gallup, Gallup, who treats me horribly, acclamation are affected account also. What they do is alleged suppression. They put out these abhorrent acclamation and afresh they achievement that everyone’s activity to say, ‘Hey, look, I like Trump, but he’s got no adventitious of winning.’ Suppression, it should be actionable actually.”

Why it’s wrong: There is artlessly no affirmation pollsters accept done this.

6) 9 times — The Trump administering has created about 600,000 accomplishment jobs

Sample quote: “We’ve added about 600,000 accomplishment jobs.”

Why it’s wrong: The abridgement added 378,000 accomplishment jobs amid January 2017, aback Trump took office, and September 2018, the aftermost ages for which there is official data. Alike if you alpha counting from the ages he got elected, November 2016, it’s abandoned 408,000 accomplishment jobs. (Note: Including in these nine apocryphal claims are some in which Trump acclimated altered inaccurate abstracts about the cardinal of accomplishment jobs added, not abandoned ones in which he claimed it was “nearly 600,000.”)

6) 9 times — The Obama administering gave Iran $150 billion as allotment of their nuclear deal

Sample quote: “It’s like the Iran Deal, we’re so bad, we paid $150 billion to assurance a abhorrent agreement…”

Why it’s wrong: The nuclear accord did not absorb a $150 billion acquittal from the U.S. government to Iran. Rather, the accord unfroze a assertive abundance of Iran’s own assets – and alike that wasn’t $150 billion. Experts said Iran had about $100 billion in common assets at the time, and that the accord accustomed Iran to admission a assertive allotment of it, not all of it. PolitiFact reported: “The absolute bulk accessible to Iran is about $60 billion, estimates Garbis Iradian, arch economist at the Institute of International Finance. U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew affianced it at $56 billion, while Iranian admiral say $35 billion, according to Richard Nephew, an able on bread-and-butter sanctions at Columbia University’s Center on Global Activity Policy.”

9) 8 times — U.S. Animate is aperture six, seven, eight or nine new plants

Sample quote: “But you accept to see what’s accident with the animate industry. You don’t get it. I mean, they don’t acquaint you about it. Jobs are actuality produced. Plants are opening. U.S. Animate is aperture up at atomic eight new plants.”

Why it’s wrong: U.S. Animate has appear above investments in abandoned two plants – absolute accessories in Granite City, Illinois and Gary, Indiana, not new ones – aback Trump appear his animate tariffs. While the aggregation has banned to absolutely abjure Trump’s claim, it has told the Washington Post: “We column all of our above operational announcements to our website and address them on balance calls.” That website and those calls accept not included annihilation about aperture six, seven, eight or nine plants, as Trump has claimed at assorted times.

9) 8 times — Obama said there would be no added accomplishment jobs

Sample quote: “We’ve created added than 400,000 — that’s actual anon activity to be 600,000 accomplishment jobs aback my election. Well, Admiral Obama said you won’t accept accomplishment jobs anymore…”

Why it’s wrong: Obama never said that; Trump is agee his words. At a televised PBS boondocks anteroom in Elkhart, Indiana in 2016, Obama said that assertive accomplishment jobs — “some of those jobs of the past” — “are aloof not activity to appear back,” and mocked Trump for claiming he would accompany “all these jobs back.” But Obama did not say all accomplishment jobs would vanish, nor that none could be created. In fact, he boasted about the conception of accomplishment jobs during his own presidency: he said “we’ve credible added accomplishment jobs created aback I’ve been admiral than any time aback the 1990s,” and that “we absolutely accomplish added stuff, accept a bigger accomplishment abject today, than we’ve had in best of our history.”

9) 8 times — The Democrats accept a belvedere of abandoning Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Sample quote: “The new belvedere of the Democrat Party is to abate ICE and let’s not anguish about crime.”

Why it’s wrong: Not abandoned is abandoning ICE not allotment of the party’s official platform, that action is not accurate by the party’s administration and has not been accustomed by best of its associates of Congress. Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters: “Look, ICE does some functions that are actual abundant needed. “Reform ICE? Yes. That’s what I anticipate we should do. It needs reform.” Trump could accurately say that some arresting Democrats accept alleged for abolition, including accessible 2020 presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

9) 8 times — This is the aboriginal time accomplishment accept added in 18, 19, 20, 21 or 22 years

Sample quote: “And now, for the aboriginal time in 22 years, accomplishment are ascent again.”

Why it’s wrong: Depending on how you measure, accomplishment accept been ascent steadily aback at atomic 2014.

9) 8 times — Nobody would accept believed this abounding jobs could be created

Sample quote: “Four actor jobs created aback the election. That’s exceptional of. Nobody anticipation that was possible.”

Why it’s wrong: Added jobs were created during the agnate aeon beneath Obama (though, of course, at a altered point of the bread-and-butter cycle). Aback Trump accurate this accurate adduce in August, for example, 20 months had anesthetized aback the election; 4.3 actor jobs were added beneath the antecedent 20-month aeon beneath Obama.

14) 7 times — Afore Trump’s new Appropriate to Try law, terminally ill patients could get no admission to beginning medications

Sample quote: “You apperceive what Appropriate to Try is? Actual appreciative of it. Appropriate to Try. These are bodies that are terminally ill. It’s sad. They biking all over the apple if they accept the money. If they don’t, they don’t apperceive what to do. If we accept drugs that haven’t been accustomed yet but are assuming amazing promise, it didn’t matter. It didn’t bulk how ailing you were, area you were. You couldn’t get it. And the acumen was, they didn’t appetite to do annihilation that’s activity to aching you.”

Why it’s wrong: According to Trump’s own Food and Drug Administering commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, 99 per cent of patients who requested admission to beginning medications afore the new Appropriate to Try law were accepted admission by the FDA. The Government Accountability Appointment accepted in a 2017 report: “Of the about 5,800 broadcast admission requests that were submitted to FDA from budgetary year 2012 through 2015, FDA accustomed 99 per cent to proceed. FDA about responded to emergency single-patient requests aural hours and added types of requests aural the allotted 30 days.” The new law allows patients to ask companies for the drugs after accepting to additionally seek FDA approval, but it is acutely not accurate that the FDA was consistently continuing in the way.

14) 7 times — Atramentous is “clean”

Sample quote: “And we are unleashing the ability of Pennsylvania shale and clean, admirable Pennsylvania coal, beautiful, beautiful, apple-pie coal.”

Why it’s wrong: By any cold standard, atramentous is not clean. Some atramentous advocates controversially use the byword “clean coal” to accredit to high-tech techniques for abbreviation the bulk of carbon emissions from the use of atramentous power. But it cool to affirmation that all of a state’s atramentous is apple-pie coal.

16) 6 times — The U.S. barter arrears with the European Union was $151 billion

Sample quote: “I say, ‘Jean-Claude, we’d like to accommodate a new barter acceding with the European Union. We absent $151 billion over the aftermost cardinal of years per year.’ Does anyone apperceive what a $151 billion per year is?”

Why it’s wrong: This amount counts abandoned barter in appurtenances and excludes barter in services. In appurtenances barter alone, the U.S. did absolutely accept a 2017 arrears of $151 billion with the European Union. But aback you calculation all kinds of trade, the arrears was abundant smaller, $102 billion.

16) 6 times — Foreign governments access their unsavoury citizens into a action to arrive to the U.S.

Sample quote: “Who the hell are they? Who is he? Aces them out of a hat. We’re absolution bodies appear in on merit, area they can advice you, area they can advice these companies grow. Appropriate now, we accept a system, lottery, a lottery. Anticipate of it, lottery. Oh, aces ‘em, I wonder? What bodies do you anticipate these countries are putting in? Do you anticipate they’re putting in their finest? I don’t anticipate so. I don’t anticipate so. So we’re activity to end it.”

Why it’s wrong: Governments do not adjudge who enters the Accompaniment Department’s acceptance lottery. Individuals access on their own, of their own chargeless will, because they appetite to immigrate. And they are subjected to a accomplishments analysis if their name is drawn.

18) 5 times — San Diego is allurement for a bound wall

Sample quote: “And, in San Diego, they came to us — they capital the bank in California. And you heard the story. I said, ‘Don’t accord it them, because we lose a lot of energy.’ They capital it so badly. They got annoyed of actionable immigrants walking above their advanced lawn. Can you accept that? Isn’t that abhorrent that they got tired? Why shouldn’t they accept bodies walking in their active room? Why? So they capital the wall.”

Why it’s wrong: There is no credible base for this claim. San Diego’s burghal board has formally voted, 5-3, to argue the wall, and alike the city’s Republican mayor, Kevin Faulconer, is opposed.

18) 5 times — Obama said he was abutting to activity to war with North Korea

Sample quote: “And we won’t alike acknowledgment how able-bodied we’re accomplishing with North Korea. But aback I came in there, too, they were activity to go to war with North Korea. Admiral Obama said it was his better problem. We sat afore I took office. ‘What’s your better problem?’ ‘Biggest botheration is North Korea. We were activity to go with North Korea.’”

Why it’s wrong: Obama did acquaint Trump at their post-election affair that North Korea was the better or best burning botheration he would face. But there is no affirmation he anytime told Trump he was abutting to activity to war with North Korea, and bodies abutting to Obama say he has never said annihilation like this at all, let abandoned to Trump. Obama’s appointment beneath to comment, but it referred us to Ned Price, a above appropriate abettor to Obama and agent for the National Security Council, who alleged Trump’s acknowledgment “absolute advocate history,” saying, “I’ve never heard annihilation alike accidentally like that advancing up during that session.” Obama’s action of “containment and deterrence” was “predicated in allotment on the compassionate that a aggressive battle on the (Korean) Peninsula would be annihilation abbreviate of catastrophic,” Price said.

18) 5 times — There were 32,000 bodies in Trump’s election-eve army in Michigan

Sample quote: “We said, ‘Let’s go to Michigan, right? Grand Rapids.’ I got there at 12 o’clock in the evening, bethink that? And I said, ‘How’s the crowd?’ We couldn’t alike get abreast the arena. There were 32,000 people.”

Why it’s wrong: The accommodation of the Grand Rapids anteroom was 4,200. Local newspapers appear that the allowance was over capacity, and that there was a ample army outside, but the absolute was boilerplate abreast 32,000. Nick LaFave, a account ballast for WZZM 13 television in Grand Rapids, wrote on Twitter: “I covered that rally. The abode was absolutely above capacity. I anticipate we estimated 8k. Abounding added alfresco who never got in. But, no way that got to 32k. None. No way.”

18) 5 times — Democrats are activity to end the Medicare bloom allowance diplomacy for seniors

Sample quote: “Also at pale in this acclamation is Medicare. Democrats abutment a left-wing takeover of bloom affliction that would absolutely obliterate Medicare.”

Why it’s wrong: Some Democrats accept accustomed the abstraction of a single-payer bloom affliction arrangement affectionate of like Canada’s. Their favoured appellation for that abstraction is “Medicare for all.” While abounding of the Democrats are ambiguous about what absolutely they beggarly by “Medicare for all,” their single-payer proposals — what Trump calls a “socialist takeover” – would not “obliterate Medicare.” They would extend Medicare to added people, added accord added coverage, for things like dental and eyes care, to absolute Medicare recipients.

18) 5 times — Trump has alone the acreage tax for baby farmers and baby businesspeople

Sample quote: “And our tax cut saves ancestors farms and ranchers and baby businesses from arbitrary acreage tax, additionally accepted as the afterlife tax…You’d like your kids to booty over the farm. But you couldn’t do it, because they had to borrow a affluence in adjustment to assignment it out. We got rid of that tax.”

Why it’s wrong: Trump’s tax cut did not annihilate the acreage tax; it abandoned angled the beginning at which the tax charge be paid, adopting it to $11 million. And a tiny allotment of farmers and baby businesspeople were advantageous the tax alike afore Trump active the cut into law in backward 2017: according to the Tax Action Center, a bald 80 farms and baby businesses were amid the 5,460 estates acceptable to pay the acreage tax in 2017.

18) 5 times — It will amount abandoned $400,000 to move the U.S. admiral from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Sample quote: “And the admiral — which was activity to amount over a billion dollars. We congenital it for about $400,000, right. You apperceive that.”

Why it’s wrong: The renovations appropriate to move the admiral to an absolute U.S. adept architecture in Jerusalem will amount at atomic $21 million, according to abstracts acquired by ABC News.

Daniel Dale is the Star’s Washington agency chief. He covers U.S. backroom and accepted affairs. Follow him on Twitter: @ddale8

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