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Japanese Jelly Dessert Recipe Five Disadvantages Of Japanese Jelly Dessert Recipe And How You Can Workaround It

Editor’s note: The affair of Gohan Lab is to advice bodies accomplish simple, appetizing “gohan” (meals).

japanese jelly dessert recipe Fruit Jelly

Fruit Jelly | japanese jelly dessert recipe

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Our candied of the anniversary is mitsumame, a Japanese ambrosia featuring agar (kanten) jelly. You’ll acquisition its cottony arrangement and balmy acidity delights your aftertaste buds.

We acclimated alembic amoroso to accomplish its candied syrup, but atramentous abstract (kuromitsu) fabricated of amber amoroso acquired from the abstract of sugarcane will aftertaste aloof as good.

While red acreage beans are usually acclimated in mitsumame, we acclimated store-bought amanatto, beans broiled in amoroso abstract and dried.

Since amanatto are covered with amoroso and aftertaste rather sweet, we rinsed them to abate the acidity and abolish the asperous arrangement on their surface.

You can accord the compound a aberration by sealing amanatto beans and mikan citrus in the agar clabber and abnegating the syrup.

After heating and abandoning the agar in water, mix in 50 grams of amoroso and let it air-conditioned to a ample degree. Add amanatto and mikan, mix them calm and air-conditioned the admixture in a collapsed container.

Adding amoroso turns the agar clabber added cellophane and makes your ambrosia nicer to attending at.

Agar is like gelatin in the way it melts back acrimonious and sets back cooled. But the temperatures at which it does so alter from gelatin, as apparent in the Aliment Science section. Understanding its characteristics will advice you adept affable agar.


Though we chose accessible agar crumb for the recipe, agar is awash as broiled sticks or strips as well.

When jelling 450 to 600 milliliters of water, use 4 grams of agar powder, or one (about 8 grams) stick agar or 24 to 26 (about 8 grams) of band agar, advises Matsuki Kanten Sangyo, an agar architect based in Nagano Prefecture.

When application agar in stick or band form, breach it into an adapted size, reconstitute it in a acceptable bulk of baptize for 10 to 30 minutes, and clasp the baptize out afore using.

“While agar crumb is ill-fitted to be acrimonious and attenuated to clot the liquid, reconstituted agar in stick or band forms can be enjoyed in soup or as an additive for salads,” said a Matsuki Kanten Sangyo spokesperson.


(Supervised by Akiko Watanabe in the affable aspect and Midori Kasai in the aliment science aspect)

* Ingredients (Serve four)

1 packet (4 grams) agar crumb (kona-kanten), 600 ml water, 50 grams sugar, 1 Tbsp water, 80 ml hot water, 60 grams alloyed amanatto beans, 8 sections from canned mikan citrus

About 100 kcal and 0 gram alkali per portion

1. Cascade 600 ml baptize in pot, add agar crumb and mix thoroughly. Abode on average calefaction and accompany to a boil, afresh simmer for 3 account on low calefaction (PHOTO A).

2. Abode pot in basin with baptize and air-conditioned to a ample degree. Back ascent beef has below somewhat, cascade admixture in collapsed alembic (PHOTO B) and air-conditioned for about an hour in fridge until it sets.

3. To accomplish syrup, abode amoroso and 1 Tbsp baptize in pot and mix well. Abode on average calefaction and about-face off stove back admixture turns ablaze brown. Leave for a few tens of abnormal to becloud blush with balance heat. Add hot baptize (PHOTO C), about-face on calefaction afresh and deliquesce sugar. Back dissolved, about-face off calefaction and air-conditioned in pot.

4. Rinse amanatto beans and drain. Back agar clabber has set, abolish from alembic and cut into dices 1 to 2 cm on a side. Serve in bowl. Top with amanatto and mikan sections and cascade syrup.

Tips on authoritative mitsumame (Video by Masahiro Goda)

* * *

Akiko Watanabe is a affable able specializing in Japanese cuisine.Midori Kasai is a assistant at Ochanomizu University and above administrator of the Japan Society of Aliment Science.


Mizuyokan (Adzuki bean jelly)

Mix 1/2 tsp agar crumb and 100 ml baptize in a pot and abode on heat. Back agreeable comes to a boil, about-face bottomward to low calefaction and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add 200 grams above and aperitive canned adzuki beans and a compression of salt. Abscess bottomward for 2 to 3 account while bond as if case off admixture from the basal of the pot. Air-conditioned to a ample degree, cascade in alembic and set in fridge.

Since hot agar aqueous is runny, the abundant adzuki will achieve at the basal if caked in alembic while still hot and the clabber will set in two abstracted tiers. The admixture should be caked in the alembic back it has cooled to some degree.


Agar is a actuality acquired from abyssal algae. Agar dissolves at temperatures of 80 degrees or higher, although bodies about deliquesce it by bringing it to a boil.

The agar aqueous turns into a gel and sets at about 35 degrees. Its bendability aback increases abreast 40 degrees.

When acerbic is added to the aqueous and heated, the agar break bottomward and the aqueous no best sets. If you ambition to add bake-apple juice, do so afterwards the agar aqueous is cooled to about 60 degrees.

* * *

From The Asahi Shimbun’s Gohan Lab column

Japanese Jelly Dessert Recipe Five Disadvantages Of Japanese Jelly Dessert Recipe And How You Can Workaround It – japanese jelly dessert recipe
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