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Keke Palmer isn’t acclimated to not actuality busy. As the newest co-host of Strahan, Sara and Keke (the afternoon addendum of ABC’s Acceptable Morning America), the multi-hyphenate actor-turned-singer-turned-daytime-host balances a accurate television gig bristles canicule a anniversary with acting projects, music and, you know, sparking the casual viral meme over not alive above carnality admiral Dick Cheney.

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Like so many, however, Palmer’s ambitious agenda has slowed appreciably in contempo months, with assembly currently abeyant on SSK due to the advancing coronavirus pandemic. And rather than go stir-crazy out of apathy as she shelters in place, the brilliant has angry her abounding absorption aback to one of her aboriginal loves: authoritative music.

In the aboriginal few months of 2020 alone, she’s steadily appear a cord of singles including mid-tempo jam “Virgo Tendencies,” the TK Kravitz-assisted “Got Em Mad” and temptation-fueled canticle “FYG.” Her latest alms is “Sticky,” a sassy, animal accord with ascent rapper Coi Leray on which she swaggeringly declares “Lip appearance sticky, attitude b–chy/ How I taste? Peachy/ He wanna lick my keke.”

On Friday (May 15), the brilliant is premiering the bright video for her latest distinct abandoned to¬†Billboard. Speaking over the buzz from her home in L.A., Palmer dished on aggregate from the afflatus abaft the visual’s baking looks to how TikTok is allowance her approach her adroitness in quarantine.

How are you accomplishing in quarantine?

I’m accomplishing good! You know, apprehension is so awe-inspiring because I’m not acclimated to accepting all this time at home, or not, like, absolutely activity out to work. So accomplishing a lot of my assignment from home is very, actual weird, but it’s accustomed me to put my activity in added areas of my adroitness than I would usually get as abundant time to do. You know, sometimes I accept so abundant actuality that I do that the schedules end up angry anniversary added and abandoning one out. So now, one is canceled out for added affidavit so…

Let’s allocution about “Sticky.” How did the song came together?

I’d been alive in Atlanta with this ambassador Tasha Catour and this guy A-Lex, who’s additionally a ambassador and artisan and writer. We had created a agglomeration of music, and so I’ve been putting out a lot of stuff…a song alleged “FYG,” a song alleged “Virgo Tendencies” and afresh “Sticky.” The added two annal were a little bit added cogitating and a little bit added emotional, admitting “Sticky” is aloof an attitude.

With aggregate that I was starting to feel, that song gave me the activity of area I appetite to be and how I appetite to be doing. You apperceive what I mean? Like, it gave me the, like, “Once this over, I’m out actuality and gettin’ it goin’.” So it affectionate of gave me that attitude that I need, I think, that’s allowance me cull through some of these awe-inspiring times.

Where did the abstraction for the video appear from?

I was absolutely absorbed in aggravating the altered lighting that you see in the dejected room. I absolutely capital to try to accord article that was playful, appearance amorous and absolutely be about the look, honestly. I’ve been accomplishing some altered beard actuality lately, I’ve been accepting a lot of fun with alteration my beard blush up and aggravating on altered wigs.

So I absolutely capital to accept fun with the sticky, with the honey, but absolutely accord you looks and accord you a affection aback it came to some of the lighting choices. And of course, with Coi advancing in the video, Coi Leray who’s a cool blockhead artist, I capital us to accept fun. It was absolutely about a affection and giving aloof visually article that was activity to be adorable to see. That’s area I was advancing from with it.

Did you accept a admired attending from the video?

Yes! The red one is my admired attending by far. I mean, I adulation the added ones as well, but I anticipate I aloof acquainted like a little avant-garde Jessica Rabbit in the red look. And afresh the makeup! I admired it so much, because it was like arena off the red, but it wasn’t red, it was pink. So to me, I was accepting so abundant fun with the attending — with the accomplished glam, I think.

In this apprehension time, I’ve been experimenting a lot with the altered architecture looks and beard looks, and that’s absolutely brought out added of a…It brings out a altered activity in you aback you change up your look. So that was aggregate I was accepting with it, ’cause that’s how I feel aback I comedy the song.

Did you shoot the video in apprehension or was it done afore all of this went down?

I attempt the video in quarantine, which is additionally why it is a bit simple. Aloof for the simple actuality that, you know, I was like, “I wanna accumulate it light, I wanna accumulate it beneath bristles [people] on set,” you apperceive what I mean? So it was absolutely article I was actuality accurate with and why I anticipate additionally played a allotment in me aloof befitting it abandoned and authoritative it aloof about my looks and confined you attitude and accordance with some of the art direction.

Were there any accurate challenges that came forth with filming it in quarantine?

Man, I anticipate the claiming is, abnormally appropriate now for everyone…obviously the capital workers, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this afterwards them. But bodies that are chief to breach artistic or do article in some capacity, you’re aloof cerebration to yourself like, “OK, I don’t appetite to be crazy or put myself in jeopardy,” but I anticipate at the aforementioned time, it’s like two things: you don’t appetite to put your spirit in accident either.

You appetite to try to be artistic and try to somehow accumulate yourself alive and engaged, and so I anticipate I was a little bit afraid about that. But the capital affair for me is I’m accepting so abundant fun to be able to analyze music with this time that I accept now that a lot of time could be taken up for added aspects of my career.

What was it like alive with Coi?

I adulation alive with Coi! I’ve been absent to do article with her for a continued time — she had a almanac and did a video a few months aback that I was aggravating to do, but I was in New York alive on [Strahan, Sara and Keke] and I couldn’t accomplish it, so we’ve been aggravating to articulation for a while. She admired the record, she hit me up and I was like, ‘Yo, would you be absorbed in accepting on it?” and she anon recorded it at her abode and beatific it aback to me.

The song has additionally launched this accomplished TikTok abnormality with the #StickyChallenge.

TikTok loves a acceptable dance, honey! My sister and I, all we were accomplishing was authoritative up dances all night, to my music, some added music that we were alert to on TikTok, aloof altered little [clips], ’cause you apperceive TikTok additionally creates their own mixed, baffled beats and actuality like that.

And so I was like, “Let’s do one to ‘Sticky,'” and afresh my sister and I choreographed it calm and put it up and bodies absolutely admired it. We did, like, a allotment one and allotment two. But absolutely it’s aloof fun, you apperceive what I mean? The timing of those TikTok videos, you can absolutely get absent in for hours. [Laughs]

You were already appealing big on TikTok afore you launched the challenge. So is it article you adore otherwise?

I admired TikTok alike afore it was TikTok, aback it was aloof So aback it afflicted to TikTok, it added all the things I admired afore with the alteration furnishings — I adulation alteration and I additionally aloof adulation actuality able to add aftereffect or just…The way the app films things, it makes it, to me, absolutely fun to be creative, abnormally with dances and actuality like that. So I consistently admired the app, so it was blockhead aback bodies started accomplishing the challenge, for sure.

Any highlights that accept stood out as you’ve apparent bodies do the claiming so far?

I anticipate absolutely aloof the advanced array of people! I anticipate that’s the best allotment for me, is that I see guys accomplishing it, I see girls accomplishing it, I see queens accomplishing it, you know? Anybody is accomplishing it. So, I anticipate that’s the best allotment for me is aloof to see so abounding altered faces and altered accordance and what they bring. Alike some little kids! The little kids was killin’ it. [Laughs]

You mentioned how added genitalia of your activity accept slowed down, but you’re still bamboozlement music with so abounding added genitalia of your career. How do you antithesis everything?

I anticipate it can get absolutely difficult and I anticipate music is so generally like a self-pursuit. Alike admitting you accept a aggregation that does it with you, aback it comes to the artistic action abaft everything, it’s gotta be you. And that takes a lot of time and activity and effort, and for me, a lot of times my added bisected of my career — which is a actual ambitious agenda aback you anticipate about SSK or alike aback you anticipate about movies and television. I do movies and TV, it’s like we’ve got a cutting agenda and it becomes difficult to put annihilation abroad about it.

So the actuality that we’re in this awe-inspiring place, which of advance I’m not blessed about ’cause I adulation acting and I adulation hosting aloof as abundant as music, but because we’re in the amplitude area now, what is it gonna attending like alive in a flat again? And what is it gonna attending like activity to a appearance area there’s no audience? Or is there audience? It puts me in a amplitude area I accept all the time to dive in creatively and absolutely in my new music. And so that’s been awesome. ‘Cause a lot of time’s generally taken from it, and I feel kinda sometimes accusable for that but I’m really, absolutely aflame now about all the actuality that I accept coming.

Is there any music you’ve been alert to in apprehension that you’ve been admiring lately?

I’ve been absolutely alert to Drake’s new album. But best of all I’ve been binge-watching added than anything. ‘Cause aback I anticipate about music and alert to music, I generally see myself in the car. And I haven’t had that abounding places to go. [Laughs] So I’ve absolutely added so been in the house, and aback I’m in the house, I’m watching TV.

Money Heist, adulation that. Finished that. I’ve been affair watching Adulation Island U.K., which you never accept to accomplishment ’cause there’s like a billion seasons. It goes on forever. Also, I aloof started Little Fires Everywhere, so don’t acquaint me annihilation if you’ve apparent it!

“Sticky” is your fourth distinct in aloof the aboriginal few months of 2020 alone. Is this all architecture up to a new album?

It’s absolutely architecture up to, umm, a project. But best of all it’s gearing up to aloof added music, it’s gonna be added to come. I’m so excited, like I said, because I’ve been in such a abundant amplitude of actuality able to do the artistic assignment that goes abaft putting a activity calm that takes a lot of time. Abnormally aback you appetite to be right, and I’m absolutely a perfectionist. I’ve absolutely got Virgo tendencies, so I’m aloof blessed that I’ve been in the amplitude and had the time to create. And that it’s not forced! That’s the added affair about it. It’s ’cause sometimes aback you accept all this time on your hands, you’re like, “Oh, now I feel like I can’t appear up with anything.”

But I anticipate how I accustomed at this abode was acceptable because I feel inspired. I anticipate advancing in to quarantine, aback it aboriginal began, I was actual like, “OK, I’m gonna booty a break.” And afresh it went from the demography a breach to affectionate of activity stir-crazy and apprehensive how I’m activity to accurate myself creatively. I can’t do it in the way I usually would in agreement of SSK, but I can still advance projects and I still can bead my music and put my all into that. Afresh I begin myself like, “OK, you apperceive what? I’m aflame and I’m engaged.” So aboriginal it was the breach and afresh it was the hustle again.

Since “Sticky” is so altered than the added songs that you’ve already released, is there annihilation you can aggravate about what the blow of the activity ability complete like?

Yes! And I anticipate it’s absolutely that; that was the accomplished thing. Aback I alone “Sticky,” I was like, “OK, I’m gonna about-face up the fun.” Because I anticipate it was accepting so clammy for me, and for everybody else! At home, I was aloof affectionate of absent to accumulate myself upbeat, and so that is what the [project] is developed around, the abstraction of absorption on, “Where do you appetite to be afterwards it’s over?” Like, what’s my energy? What’s my attitude? And affectionate of active in that amplitude while you’re in all of it, and absorption after already you’re out of it all. Already the storm is over, I can reflect on it. But during the storm, this is area I wanna be.

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