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Opening Statement: Aboriginal of all, I appetite to accord a lot of acclaim to the Eagles. They’re a well-coached team, a actual atomic team. They’re a boxy aggregation to play, arena a aggregation like that alone a few weeks apart. There’s a lot of things you adapt for, and a lot of adjustments they make, about like an continued halftime, they absolutely do a acceptable job of that. They did a acceptable job in today’s bold authoritative adjustments, befitting us on our toes. I anticipation all three coordinators fabricated acceptable adjustments on our amusement to accumulate us in it. I’m appreciative of the way our guys fought; we knew it was activity to be a 60-minute bold adjoin Philadelphia. So we came out here, and that was the emphasis: accomplishment the game. We went into halftime in a agnate bearings to what it was the aftermost time we were in Philly, and we capital to accomplish abiding we had a altered result. Came out as a team, and that was absolutely the emphasis, to accomplishment the game. That actuality said, I’ll accessible up to any questions you have.

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Q: Could you allocution about the aplomb you guys had to not sit aback and let them do what they did the aboriginal time?

A: This is a aggregation area if you anticipate you’re activity to watch the alarm exhausted bottomward and it’s aloof activity to run out in your favor, you’re activity to be absolutely amiss adjoin the Eagles. They can account credibility at any point. Acutely in the aboriginal game, they denticulate a lot bottomward the stretch, in the aftermost bristles minutes. We couldn’t sit aback today and in any way, appearance or anatomy anticipate that we hadn’t denticulate abundant points. The accent was to accumulate scoring, accumulate playing, comedy the absolute bold on through. That’s consistently the emphasis, but with these guys, we knew it had to be actual apprenticed appear accepting credibility on as abounding drives as we can. Daniel (Jones) fabricated a lot of big time throws today, we had a lot of receivers accomplish big time catches, contested catches in traffic. We’ve got a lot of guys appropriate now authoritative boxy plays bottomward the field. We’re consistently apprenticeship and arena with an advancing mentality. In agreement of accepting a lead, the advance doesn’t absolutely beggarly annihilation to us to be honest with you, added than aloof alive how we could comedy article situationally. We knew it was activity to be a 60-minute game, so we were activity to breach advancing throughout the absolute thing. Daniel (Jones) fabricated some big time throws today.

Q: Accept you apparent the adapted standings in the analysis yet?

A: I accept not, and I’ll acquaint anybody appropriate now, it’s irrelevant. The alone affair that affairs is we accumulate convalescent as a aggregation and go 1-0 every week. The all-embracing standings, we’re not activity to attending at those, we’re not activity to focus on those; that’s not an accent in our organization. We’ve got to accumulate convalescent as a aggregation to accord ourselves a adventitious to be the best affairs we can be.

Q: That drive afterwards they cut it to three and you got two big strikes bottomward the field, how important was that to the team’s mentality?

A: I anticipate it’s important to assassinate like that activity bottomward the acreage and accept some big plays aback to aback to get us in position to accomplishment the drive off. With this team, we knew they were activity to account credibility continuously, and we had to be able to acknowledgment drives. Look, we came out in the additional half, I don’t anticipate we started out as fast as we capital to, they did a acceptable job on their part, but we responded the appropriate way. As a team, we responded the appropriate way. I’m appreciative of the way the players played it on through.

Q: What’s altered amid the aggregation you had on the acreage today and the aggregation you had on the acreage the aftermost time?

A: I anticipate we’ve bigger in a cardinal of areas. Third down, two-minute, these accept been a big accent for us throughout the season. I see that advance from our team. I anticipate the added time our players consistently absorb in our systems with Pat (Graham), Jason (Garrett), and TMac (Thomas McGaughey), the added they accept and the added we can body on what we can do aural a bold plan, aural multiples. And that makes the adjustments on the amusement a lot easier because you can advise the players, adage ‘we’re activity to comedy this aegis now’, it’s aloof like arena x, y, and z in addition defense, and they can associate that into what their new appointment is. I see the aforementioned activity in our aggregation we’ve had the absolute year; these guys haven’t blinked, they haven’t wavered. We accumulate the accent on improving, that’s absolutely the best important affair for us. I’ve apparent a lot of that continuously throughout the absolute year, absolutely no altered this week. I anticipate these guys had a heck of a anniversary of practice, and the way they convenance absolutely reflects how they comedy on Sundays. We were out there for two backing canicule this week. Apparently the alone black affair about this anniversary was that it didn’t rain, the players were apparently attractive at me like, ‘C’mon man’, but we’re activity to be outside, regardless.

Q: What did you apprentice from Daniel Jones from this game? He anesthetized so accurately, he fabricated advisable decisions, he was decisive, and he seemed to put it all calm in a bold you guys needed.

A: I didn’t apprentice annihilation new about Daniel today. I’ve accepted that the absolute time alive with him, and I anticipate we all accept internally, that’s why the aggregation has so abundant aplomb in Daniel, that’s why he’s our quarterback. We’re activity to comedy advancing with Daniel, and he’s done a heck of a job authoritative plays aback we charge it and authoritative bigger decisions throughout the season. This guy is a adolescent amateur who is developing, he’s acquirements a lot every week. You can see his advance anniversary to week. Sometimes there’s article you appetite to get off the tape, and he understands that, and we actual that in practice, alive hard. But there’s a lot of amateur he’s played area maybe there’s a birthmark that takes abroad from the 99% of the absolutely acceptable football he has played. But Daniel continues to be an convalescent player, he’s a boxy dude, mentally and physically, and that spreads throughout our absolute team. Aback he accomplish into that huddle, there’s 10 guys attractive at him alive he’s activity to be the one to accord them the acknowledgment to the botheration on the field.

Q: Could you acquaint in the architecture that bodies were actual afraid and ailing of accident to the Eagles?

A: I anticipate bodies are ailing of accident any game. Whoever we comedy on a accustomed Sunday, we appetite to beat. They all aching the aforementioned if you don’t appear out with the aftereffect you want. We cascade a lot into this profession as players and coaches on a account basis, so we consistently assignment to get the after-effects we want. But it’s a analysis game, so acutely it’s important to win for a lot of reasons. We capital to accomplish abiding we didn’t appear out and leave any meat on the bone, we had to accomplish abiding we accomplished as a aggregation and got the aftereffect we wanted.

Q: Aftermost anniversary you got two interceptions to abutting it, today you got two big stops to get off the field. Could you allocution about the advance of the aegis over the accomplished year and how that has translated to the accomplished two weeks?

A: I anticipate all of the arresting coaches accept done a amazing job in bringing these guys along. We allocution all the time about the advance from anniversary to week, and we’re consistently seeing that. To me, it’s aback the fundamentals ally up with the arrangement on the field. The fundamentals are 10 times added important than the scheme. I see these guys go advanced and accept a big account abstraction and move advanced with that. I see the players convalescent beyond the board. Pat (Graham) has absolutely acquired in what he’s calling based on what we accept to do aural the bold and who is available.

Q: What can you say about Wayne Gallman and his improvement? It seems like he’s absolutely angry a corner.

A: I anticipate Wayne is a boxy dude, and I anticipate that’s what is assuming up in how he plays. He’s active the brawl tough, he’s got a lot of brainy courage to him, we ask him to do a lot of things, and he’s responding absolutely well. This isn’t the arrangement he has played in throughout his absolute career, but he’s done a acceptable job of acquirements and adapting to it and actuality a actual advantageous amateur for us. He does a lot of things, he’s bigger a lot throughout the way. There’s a lot of little things we accept to accent forth with all of our players, but I’ve apparent him absolutely advance fundamentally, in brawl security, in accessible acreage running, in the ambition band blazon runs, authoritative abiding he gets beyond the ambition line, extensive with our pads and not extensive the brawl out. So I’m actual admiring with how Wayne is playing. I apperceive the aggregation gets a atom whenever he is in there, he gets a lot of yards. But the aforementioned with Alfred (Morris), aforementioned with Dion (Lewis), aforementioned with Devonta (Freeman) aback he’s healthy. We attending advanced to application all those guys on a account basis.

Q: I appetite to ask you not aloof about Wayne, but the advance in the run bold overall. What has been the key to that?

A: I anticipate it all starts up advanced with the line. These guys accept done a absolute acceptable job blocking. Run blocking, canyon blocking, we’ve bigger every week. I’ve been cogent you guys that in every columnist appointment we’ve had, you guys accumulate allurement about what we see or what’s activity on, I see a lot of advance beyond the board. Aback you allocution about the run game, I anticipate we’ve begin our character in agreement of what we are as a team. That doesn’t pigeon-hole us that we can’t do things alfresco of what we’ve already run, we’ll accumulate accretion on that and growing as a aggregation aural the playbook and aural the bold plan. I anticipate it all starts up front, we’ve got runners that run the brawl hard, the casual bold keeps them honest, Daniel (Jones) actuality able to cull and run the brawl out the aback aboideau keeps them honest with some of the fast breeze they can accept to the brawl with the active back; but to me, it all starts up advanced with the abhorrent line. Those guys accept done a absolutely acceptable job advancing off the ball, arena a concrete appearance of football, and finishing blocks.

Q: How acceptable does it feel to see your aggregation comedy so acceptable two weeks in a row, and how acceptable does it feel that your quarterback hasn’t angry the brawl over two weeks in a row?

A: I’m aloof blessed for our players and all the adamantine assignment they put in, that they can see some after-effects for it. That’s absolutely what they assignment for. So I’m blessed they can appear abroad tonight and activity into the bye anniversary with a acceptable aftertaste in their mouths. That actuality said, we’re activity to get aback to assignment Tuesday and Wednesday and booty some accomplish forward, activity into these aftermost six games. It’ll be a quick turnaround, but we’ve got to let them accept some time to get their bodies right, their minds right. But at the aforementioned time, we accept to get bigger as a football aggregation this week. I’m admiring for the players, their adamantine assignment is advantageous off from the absolute year, I anticipate they can see that from the tape. So the almanac stuff, that’ll booty affliction of itself, we’ve aloof got to accumulate annoying about convalescent as a football aggregation and affective advanced on a circadian basis.

Q: And Daniel as far as the turnovers?

A: I anticipate Daniel is a guy who is consistently growing in his profession, in his position. We accept a lot of aplomb in him. Look, it takes 11 bodies on the field, additional a drillmaster to accomplish a call, and position coaches to drillmaster it accurately throughout the anniversary to put us in a position to accept absolutely acceptable brawl security. So it’s everybody involved, it’s never one person. We’ve been adage throughout the year anybody has to drillmaster bigger and comedy better, and that holds accurate today. We all accept to drillmaster bigger and comedy bigger throughout the stretch. The teams are activity to be bigger and added advancing because there’s added band of us to watch, and anybody has had added time to get in accompany and acquisition their character as well. In agreement of turnovers, we never appetite to about-face the brawl over, we appetite to annihilate penalties, we appetite to accomplish abiding we don’t accept brainy errors, and those three things will accord you a adventitious to win if you don’t spiral them up.

Q: In the third analysis aback the Eagles appear bottomward and account and you guys acknowledgment them immediately, can you airing us through that drive and your aplomb akin at that moment that you were activity to bear in adjustment to accord your aggregation this abundant bare win?

A: We were assured in what we were accomplishing all day. From an abhorrent standpoint, we acquainted like we were affective the brawl and executing. The Eagles came out fast and scored. Actuality able to acknowledgment there was big for us. The aegis angled up and played huge bottomward the stretch. A lot of acclaim to those guys and how they played. Offensively, we acquainted like we were executing. It was up to us to accumulate drives going, to assassinate and accumulate the brawl activity forward.

Q: That 40-yarder to Darius that set up the acreage ambition that fabricated it a two-possession game, what did you see there and is that one of the instances that coaches accept been talking about area you booty the advancing attempt aback it’s presented to you?

A: First, that was a abundant alarm by drillmaster (Jason) Garrett there in that situation. Obviously, they were assured the run. Assured us to try to accumulate the brawl on the arena and cesspool out the clock. Aloof a antagonism there area we had Darius bottomward the field. (We) aloof approved to accord him a adventitious and you saw the comedy he fabricated was an absurd one. Abundant alarm by drillmaster Garrett in that bearings and abundant job active and heck of a bolt from Darius there. 

Q: Can you say what you saw on the touchdown run? Why do these area reads assume to be so able adjoin the Eagles? Was it abnormally acceptable to accept a continued run and get in the end area adjoin the Eagles?

A: It acquainted acceptable to get in the end zone. We did a abundant job blocking it up there. Austin Mack came bottomward and fabricated a big block there. It aloof affectionate of opened up for me. Aloof approved to breach on my anxiety that time and get in the endzone.

Q: Your drillmaster aloof said you are a boxy dude mentally and physically. Aback you apprehend that, what does that beggarly to you?

A: I anticipate that’s an important allotment of arena the position, brainy and concrete toughness. For any football player, abnormally a quarterback. That’s article I try to do every time I go out there on the field. I anticipate our aggregation is demography on that character from drillmaster and I anticipate we’re arena a boxy cast of football appropriate now. I absolutely try to be a allotment of that.

Q: What does it beggarly to accept two beeline amateur afterwards turnovers?

A: I anticipate that absolutely gives us a bigger adventitious to win games. It’s article I’ve been absorption on. I anticipate we did a abundant job active and drillmaster (Jason) Garrett alleged a abundant bold and it’s up to me to accept area to booty risks and area not to. I anticipate it absolutely feels acceptable not to about-face the brawl over and got to accumulate architecture on it, accumulate going, and that absolutely helps our affairs to win.

Q: Accept you done annihilation differently?

A: I anticipate it’s aloof a bigger compassionate in assertive situations aback to columnist and aback not to columnist and aback to booty those risks and aback not to.

Q: Can you allocution about how your aplomb is growing?

A: I anticipate our aplomb as a aggregation is continuing to grow. We were absolutely balked through the aboriginal amplitude of the season. Balked not to get the after-effects we expected, but we didn’t let that abash us. We didn’t let it affect our aplomb anniversary in and anniversary out. We abide to improve, abide to assignment appear the abutting week, and I anticipate that’s ultimately what has helped us do that, abide and grow, and the claiming is to accumulate accomplishing that, and we’ll abide to body aplomb through that assignment and through that improvement. 

Q: How abundant pride do you booty in authoritative plays as a runner? Seems like your runs are absolutely aperture up the offense.

A: I anticipate that’s a acceptable allotment of the system, drillmaster Garrett’s system, and what we’re able to do. I aloof try to do my best to assassinate those and booty advantage of the opportunities that are there.

Q: On a drive you guys concluded up punching in the endzone, you gave (Sterling) Shep(ard) a adventitious to accomplish a play, Golden (Tate) had a adventitious to accomplish a play… how acceptable is that for you to accept your guys accomplish plays aback you accord them an opportunity?

A: I anticipate that’s article we’ve talked about a lot, is giving those guys a chance. They’ve appear up big for us time and time again. Those are absolutely two situations area guys accept fabricated huge plays for us, and I accept to accumulate giving them affairs to do that, and you see what they’re able to do. Those were big plays, guys stepped up throughout the day to accomplish those plays.

Running Aback Wayne Gallman

Q: I’m apprehensive what goes through your apperception as you are in the air activity into the end area there. That’s the additional time, I think, this analysis you’ve gone up and over the band of flat to account a touchdown. What’s the key to that? What are you absorption on?

A: I’m aloof absorption on accepting in about I can, that’s it. But, of course, brawl security. Befitting the brawl tight. At the end of the day, I’m aloof aggravating to get into the end area and aggravating to appearance some assailment and comedy to win.

Q: Is there any affectionate of key to the timing there or area you barrage from?

A: I aloof saw (Eli) Penny shoot his guy. Shoot, I don’t apperceive area I was. I was aloof jumping in. I already had it predetermined.

Q: I’m aloof apprehensive what these aftermost few weeks accept been like for you? You’re accepting added of an befalling to appearance what you can do than you accept in a few years and you’re absolutely scoring touchdowns and arena some of your best football. What has this meant to you accepting this befalling and this apprenticeship agents assertive in you the way that they have?

A: I’m absolutely aloof activity out there actuality myself and assuming who Wayne Gallman is, you know? I’m aloof aggravating to do what’s best for this aggregation and capitalize on all my opportunities and aloof not do too abundant on a play, but aloof accomplish the comedy first.

Q: Aftermost year, you guys were 2-7 and you absent the bold afore the bye to the Jets and this year you won the bold afore the bye. It’s alone a one bold difference, but how altered is that activity branch into the bye the way you guys are trending compared to aftermost year?

A: Aloof with our alertness and aggregate arch up to this point, we’re assuredly absolutely activity that faculty of team. We’re all advancing calm and it’s aloof all arena out for itself. We’re alive adamantine and practicing anniversary week. We apperceive what we have. We’re 1-0 in our minds. Our plan is aloof to be 1-0 afterwards the bye.

Q: You guys accumulate adage that – ‘We apperceive who we are. We apperceive who we are,’ but it wasn’t absolutely assuming on the field. How abundant do you feel like you’re proving to bodies that are accepting to see it as well?

A: We’re not aggravating to appearance everybody what we are. We aloof apperceive who we are and we’re accomplishing it as a team. We’re advancing out and befitting the capital affair the capital affair and arena hard. We convenance too adamantine and we assignment too adamantine – it’s assuredly absolution some ablaze shine.

Q: Aftermost year, it seemed like you affectionate of fell out of favor. This year, you’re active like you’re pissed off. Is that fair to say that you’re active with a pissed off attitude the way you’re active this year?

A: It’s a additional to added things that I go into the bold with, but yes, assailment is article that I comedy with throughout my accomplished career. I’m aloof aggravating to get that added yard. That’s it.

Q: Do you like contact? It seems like you activity through acquaintance a lot, you don’t shy from it. No amount how adamantine you get hit, it seems like you either abatement advanced or accomplish the guy pay a little bit. Why do you run like that? Why are you able to run like that consistently?

A: It’s aloof me. You’re consistently accepting Wayne Gallman. I’ve consistently played like that. I feel like I can do whatever it takes to do whatever, to account some points. That’s aloof me.

Q: Wayne, afterwards accepting so abounding amateur that accept appear bottomward to the wire and not actuality able to allowance the deal, how acceptable does it feel to be able to put two amateur aback to aback area you guys are able to win it at the end and authority the added aggregation off? How acceptable does it feel to go into the bye anniversary on that affectionate of momentum?

A: Man, I can’t acquaint you how acceptable it feels aloof to appear into the locker allowance and brawl a little bit. We aloof accept to accumulate the capital affair the capital thing. All the guys are focused on this bye, accepting their bodies back, but we’re 1-0. Shoot, abutting week, we’re activity into it, the plan is to be 1-0 again. We’re aloof befitting the capital affair the capital thing. We’re advancing aback to work, alive adamantine and blockage calm as a team.

Cornerback James Bradberry

Q: Accept you anytime been on a aegis that didn’t acquiesce a third bottomward about-face in a game? And aback you do that, what does that beggarly about how able-bodied you controlled an offense’s adeptness to move the ball?

A: I don’t anticipate so. I can’t bethink the accomplished four years if we had a aggregation catechumen a accomplished lot on us on third bottomward or not, but third bottomward is a analytical allotment of the game. We pride ourselves on aggravating to get off the acreage on third bottomward and we were able to do that today and execute.

Q: This is two weeks in a row that you guys accept appear up with big stops at the end of amateur to win games. Allocution about how big that is for your aplomb and what’s led to that.

A: I anticipate it was huge this bold aloof because we all apperceive how aftermost bold went aback we played those guys. We knew we had to alpha fast and we had to accomplishment the game, and that’s what we did. We were able to assassinate at the end and accomplishment off the game, so it was a huge accomplishment for us.

Q: Were you afraid they went your way on that fourth bottomward backward in the game? And secondly, do you feel like this aegis is absolutely starting to body article based on what you’ve done the aftermost brace of weeks?

A: I absolutely anticipate we’re headed in the appropriate direction. We can advance in a few areas, but we’re absolutely in a acceptable position appropriate now activity into the bye week. And then, am I afraid they came my way? Not really, because I was on the abuttals side, the distinct receiver side, and usually on fourth bottomward best teams go in man, so that distinct receiver side’s got action.

Q: You guys are 3-7, but acutely with the way the division, you’re appropriate in the mix branch into the bye week. How would you call the activity of the aggregation branch into this bye week?

A: Our aplomb is high, but we additionally apperceive that there’s allowance for improvement. We’re activity to adore this bye anniversary and afresh we’re activity to booty it anniversary by anniversary aback we get back.

Q: What’s the acceptation to you of the actuality that you are now appropriate in the analysis chase with aloof a few added weeks to go?

A: I anticipate for us as a team, we aloof can’t get too far ahead. We’ve got to booty it anniversary by week. I apperceive in the accomplished aback I played on assertive teams, if we looked too far ahead, we messed up on those assertive amateur that we were overlooking. So aloof lock in anniversary anniversary and afresh aloof comedy brawl and assassinate aback it’s time to play.

Q: I’m not abiding if you’re alike acquainted in that situation, but the actuality that you’re the guy that gets the blow bottomward of Boston Scott abbreviate of the sticks, and get your aegis off the acreage to appealing abundant allowance that bold and accord the brawl aback to the offense, is that in your apperception at all acceptable or a little redeeming?

A: Not really, because aback you breach it down, he had a highlight touchdown on me to win the game. I was aloof cerebration about authoritative an accessible acreage accouterment and accepting off the field. I wasn’t absolutely cerebration about it like, ‘Oh, I gave up this. Let me get this back.’ That was my mindset activity into the game. I accept to accomplish appulse plays and aloof to ablution the bad aftertaste out of my mouth.

Q: Can you allocution about a little bit of the annoyance of alert in this bold area you looked like you had your eyes on the end area – one on the punt acknowledgment and one on the about aces six there at the end.

A: For the punt, it was aloof calefaction of the moment. I’m a angry competitor. We all adulation anniversary added actuality and we apperceive anniversary added personally. I can appear at assertive guys a assertive way because I apperceive that’ll actuate them and get them going. I was aloof added agitated because I acquainted like that could accept been a touchdown. Maybe I’m attractive at it wrong, but I acquainted like, maybe if I clasp through that abutting akin appropriate there, I’m on the punter. I like my antagonism adjoin the punter 10 out of 10 times. On the pick, I wasn’t absolutely frustrated. It could accept affectionate of been article like aftermost week, but I was more, let me breach to the man, and defended the accouterment and accomplish them breeze it afresh to accumulate the alarm going. Two big plays that I feel as admitting I larboard out there. At the end of the day, it didn’t aching us because we got the W, so I can beddy-bye acceptable at night. 

Q: What does it feel like to be a adversary actuality branch into the end of November?

A: We aloof demography it one bold at a time. Like I told y’all aftermost week, we apperceive we’re a appealing acceptable football aggregation and it’s aloof about advancing out actuality and active on bold days. We’re aloof activity to adore this bye week, blow our bodies, get some guys aback and adapt for the six-game stretch. 

Q: You said afore that you apperceive you’re a acceptable football team. Obviously, you’ve put calm a acceptable brace of weeks in a row shows that you ability be right. Do you feel like you ability assuredly be able to appearance what this aggregation absolutely is?

A: We’re demography steps. We still accept a continued way to go, but we’re demography steps. I absolutely feel like we’re a bigger aggregation today than we were three weeks ago. Three weeks ago, we absent this bold in the final minutes. Now we begin a way to adhere on. You aloof body off that, man, and accumulate active by accepting one percent bigger day in and day out. 

Q: A lot of times aback a aggregation starts off the way you guys started off, the arch drillmaster will change his access or drag things up. It looks like, from the outside, Joe Judge was the aforementioned dude the absolute way through. What does that aspect of aplomb from him say about him and how does it advice the aggregation affected that start?

A: Joe has been a allotment of a lot of acceptable programs. All we had to do was buy in. We knew it wasn’t activity to be easy. A lot of the times it was added beheading things. Aback you see how abutting you are, and afresh it’s a comedy actuality and a comedy there, it affectionate of keeps you absent to accumulate blame and accumulate chomping at the bit. You accept to breach bought in because it’s activity to about-face and we acquainted that. We were in it abuse abreast every bold we played and it aloof came to a brace plays actuality and there. That’s our mindset, man. We’re activity to stick to the script, appear to assignment to get bigger anniversary and every day and assassinate on bold days. 

Q: Affectionate of forth those lines, what’s the better aberration in this aegis from the aftermost time you played these guys? Aftermost week, you got the two picks to abutting it out. Today, you airtight the aperture on defense. What’s the better aberration and how abundant pride do you booty on aegis to be able to end these amateur back-to-back weeks?

A: Well, the aboriginal game, we were affectionate of boilerplate aback they went tempo, you know, cover-three, cover-two, cover-three, and cover-two. This game, we had a lot added multiples. That’s a attestation to the apprenticeship agents and putting us in places to excel and giving them looks on the fly while they’re activity tempo. They anticipate they’re accepting this and we’re absolutely accomplishing this. I anticipate that gave them agitation tonight. 

Q: In the third analysis there, you guys appear out, they account quickly, afresh Daniel (Jones) and the breach go appropriate aback bottomward and answer. As a defense, you guys accept been arena able-bodied and giving yourself a adventitious to win a lot of these games, but how big was it to see the breach acknowledgment that score?

A: That was huge, abnormally as a defender. What I was cogent the defense, the breach bailed us out, let’s go. To see the breach go bottomward and acknowledge that quickly, it absolutely gives you aplomb and makes you appetite to go aback out there and get them the brawl appropriate back.

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