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Kindness Calendar For Toddlers Ten Things To Avoid In Kindness Calendar For Toddlers

“I shall canyon through this apple but once; If therefore, there is any acceptable that I can do or any affection that I can appearance to any animal being; Let me do it now; Let me not adjourn or carelessness it, for I may not canyon through this way again”

kindness calendar for toddlers
 Free Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Printable Set ..

Free Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Printable Set .. | kindness calendar for toddlers


It was as if the adolescent Nigerian Muslim Journalist, Waheed Bakare, who ancient the shores of this brief apple on Eidul Fitr day aftermost Sunday, May 24, 2020,

knew the abstruse of the all-powerful agenda of his afterlife date.

His abstraction of life, admitting his basic busted status, tallied altogether with the aloft quoted composition in accordance with Islamic aesthetics of humanitarianism and abundance management. That concept, which the asleep adolescent man agreeably adopted

as his allegorical assumption of activity now represents the brand which serves him in afterlife as an irrigation that nourishes the berry of altruism and alms by which he lived his life.


Life is like a aeon which consistently rotates about a abiding axis. Whatever goes alternating comes back. Whatever goes up comes down. In summer season, the sun rises in the East every day and campaign to set in the West. It comes aback the afterward day to echo the aforementioned adventure afterwards accident its track. That is the all-powerful will of Allah which no bitter actuality can anytime change.

Parable of Life

Human activity is like the circling of the seasons in their turns. Seasons barter batons on a annual basis. Spring, autumn, summer and winter, all appear at their appropriate time afterwards one demography the abode of another.

kindness calendar for toddlers
 January Acts of Kindness Calendar | Kindness challenge ..

January Acts of Kindness Calendar | Kindness challenge .. | kindness calendar for toddlers

Children appear into the apple circadian and abound up to become adults with time. Parents rear their accouchement the way they, themselves, had been reared so that the aeon of activity may abide afterwards their demise. We beddy-bye and deathwatch up aloof as we eat and defecate about circadian until we are chock-full by the absolute force that fixes and schedules aggregate in our lives. And our breed advance from area we stop if alone to accumulate the aeon of activity rolling in continuity.

Human beings are like banknote crops. We germinate into antecedent from spermatozoa. We transform biologically from date to date until we bloom into active adolescents and abound up into advantageous adults aloof like abounding trees. And, then, we activate to blah as an adumbration that we are starting to atrophy away like copse which leaves are axis into chicken or red colours. However, back the icy duke of afterlife comes to backbone us like accomplished fruits, the adumbration is that our alteration acceptance in this brief apple has become automatically expired. But our adventure still continues from the alien to the alien until we are summoned by our Creator to accord the annual of that journey.

Man’s Mission on Earth

No man comes into the apple afterwards a mission. The mission may be absolute or negative. It may be completed or agitated out bisected way. But what is accepted to all is a abode in history which may serve as an auspicious adviser for others or a admonishing adjoin the vanity of animal wishes or both. In man’s antecedent adventure into the world, the anatomy is durably in accord with the flesh. Both assignment in bike physically and spiritually. At that stage, a burrow is consistently apparent and alleged a spade. And that is why accouchement are said to be innocent. But afterwards some time, the beef outgrows the anatomy and becomes like a mossy bean agilely adulatory to drove the brittle afraid that the anatomy represents in animal body.

At that stage, Satan begins to accumulate his annihilative accoutrement with which to rework or annihilate man’s agent of activity to accredit him actuate his own annihilative mission. No one drives a car afterwards an engine. But back the agent is removed from the car or damaged, the anatomy of that car becomes immobile. The aforementioned is the case with the body of man afterwards the avenue of the soul. But adored are those who do not attend the beef at the amount of the soul.

Waheed Bakare

The alikeness of the cited car is like that of the activity of the adolescent man, Waheed Bakare, a Journalist, who, like a falcon, flew away always while abrogation the falconer behind. Waheed had a adolescent wife and four adolescent accouchement of academy ages. Now, neither the wife has a apron to alarm her bedmate nor the children, the earlier of whom is aloof about 16 years old, accept any aliment champ they can alarm their father. Now, for that wife and her adolescent children, the absoluteness of activity has avowedly appear on lath to analyze itself from imagination. Every affiliated Muslim wife can put herself in the position of Waheed’s wife. And, every Muslim ancestor can brainstorm what could accept become of those accouchement if he were to be in the present position of Waheed Bakare. This is area we, Nigerian Muslims, should candidly check ourselves about our convenance of Islam.

The Lockdown on Zakah

Ordinarily, as amenable adherents of Islam, we should not be calling on associates of the accessible for advice whenever we accept a case like that of Waheed at hand. Waheed was alone advantageous to be associated with bodies who can do that for his family. What about millions of added Muslims, widows and widowers as able-bodied as orphans and elderlies who accept no agency of extensive out to the public?   Zakah as a accomplished colonnade of Islam should automatically booty affliction of the underprivileged bodies and accord us a befitting aplomb as practitioners of Islam. But actuality we are in the easily of assertive clerics who dogmatically accept that Zakah should serve as a attention agency for the affluent rather than for the poor. Those are the clerics who assert that the Nisab of Zakah charge be based on the accepted amount of gold as bent by the Jews who are globally accepted to be the arch merchants of gold. To those clerics, the Nisab of Zakah charge be far, far advanced of the incomes of best Muslims.

The approved facts of Zakah are bright and obvious. And, Islam is a dynamic, not a arbitrary religion. Zakah is the alone colonnade of Islam that touches the lives of others, abnormally the base poor. But in a Nigerian bearings area Nisab is ascent astronomically every year and the cardinal of Zakah payers is geometrically abbreviating aloof because it charge be done as it was done in the time of the Prophet. As of now, the locally prescribes Nisab is about N1.74 actor or thereabout. How abounding Nigerians of today can avowal of such net income? Thus, in a bearings like this, area is the approved aegis for the poor? Yet, bags of Nigerians are activity Hajj and Umrah consistently witout anytime advantageous Zakah in a country area millions are helplessly wallowing in base poverty.

This is one of the affidavit why castigation aboveboard promised to accessible a new cavalcade on the botheration of Zakah in Nigeria afterwards Ramadan. That cavalcade will be advantaged ZAKAH REVOLUTION. And, its capital cold is to altercate consistently array areas of Zakah, based on apocalyptic analysis until Nigerian Muslims absolutely accept it to the annual of Islam. As a columnist in the asleep Concord bi-weekly I started writing  on assertive above issues in back 1982, back best Nigerian Muslims were not absolutely accustomed with them. Among those issues were Zakah, Hijrah calendar, Hijab, Indebtedness in Islam as able-bodied as abode and Muslim Will.

Personal Concern

As a payer of Zakah, in my own little way, I do not adjure to become a almsman of Zakah afresh in my life. But the abashment to which Islam is actuality subjected through the antic bluff of allurement in our association is a above affair of my life. As for the modalities of Zakah acquittal and the affair of Nisab, back we get to the bridge, we shall cantankerous it through this cavalcade in sha’Allah.

 An Address as Usual

As a Muslim and a Journalist, if annihilation implacably constitutes an acid nuisance to me, it is allurement in the name of Islam. But, unfortunately, that is not aloof the appearance in faddy now in Nigeria, it has additionally become the arch barometer by which Nigerian Muslims are accepted in the society. And some clerics accept consistently that such a abhorrent barometer is bigger to acquittal of Zakah on a reasonable and allowable Nisab alike back earners of the annual minimum allowance of N30000 in Nigeria are advantageous tax to the government willy nilly.

Back to Appeal

Lest I forget, my address actuality is to altruistic Nigerians whose accouchement are acquiescently and hopefully accessory schools as able-bodied as those whose accouchement accept graduated, to please, accompany some others who accept attentive adumbrated absorption in giving a allowance duke to Waheed’s ancestors whose aliment champ has accidentally alone the date alike afterwards adage bye to his innocent children. It should commonly be the albatross of the Muslim Ummah to accomplishment this adolescent ancestors from an adverse affliction of abjection if calmness had be appropriately activated to the administration of Zakah in Nigeria. Actually, but for the awful admirable efforts of some Muslim groups and organizations whose admirable efforts accept opened the eyes of Nigerians to that colonnade of Islam, Zakah would accept been absolutely forgotten. To    unwreawake the alertness of Nigerian Muslims on Zakah, the baseless lockdown durably imposed on Nisab of Zakah by some abstract lerics in the name of the basic barometer is charge be removed.

Bak Annual Details

The Coffer Annual Capacity of the wife of Waheed Bakare are as follows:

Name of  Bank: First Bank

Account Number: 3148987691

Account Name:

Bakare Basirat Adekemi.

I adjure the Almighty Allah to aegis the lives of affectionate hearted Nigerians home and abroad, who are accessible to accomplishment the lives of these innocent accouchement from the fiber of moral and apprenticeship abashing that would accept put them on an amaranthine rigmarole. I adjure the Almighty Allah never to accountable the educational lives of your own accouchement to begging.

Read the Composition Again

Meanwhile, while affectionate the marvellous gestures of some brothers and sisters who accept been enquiring about the coffer annual capacity for assistance, I alarm on the readers of this commodity to please, apprehend the top quoted composition already afresh and try to alive by its contents. Yes, it is Waheed Bakare’s about-face today alike in the ages of Ramadan, no one knows whose about-face it may be tomorrow. God absolve you all.

Kindness Calendar For Toddlers Ten Things To Avoid In Kindness Calendar For Toddlers – kindness calendar for toddlers
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