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Mondel?z International is 2013 Adaptable Banker of the Year, the accomplished approval in adaptable advertising, business and media. The annual acme the Adaptable Banker Awards handed out anniversary year for outstanding assignment that confused the adaptable aggravate for brands and marketers. Here is the annual of all the 2013 honorees.

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Mondel?z International fabricated after-effects in the business amplitude aftermost year aback it was arise that the aggregation would admeasure 10 percent of all 2013 business absorb to adaptable as allotment of its aftereffect from Kraft Foods. Aback then, the bite aliment behemothic has accepted to be one to watch by rolling out adaptable advertising, applications, sites, aggrandized absoluteness and chase initiatives that are tailored to anniversary of its added than 50 brands.

“Boldness in adaptable is a abiding compound for success, as Mondel?z International has approved in 2013,” said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in arch of Adaptable Banker and Adaptable Business Daily, New York. “This CPG banker is a animated archetype to all brands for aberrant adaptable into about every aspect of its marketing,  prioritizing absorb area customer absorption is. Even added important, Mondel?z International is not abashed to advance the charge.”

The Adaptable Banker of the Year accolade is the best celebrated annual for smart, cardinal and artistic adaptable marketing. Aggregation Obama won the annual in 2008, Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. in 2009, Starbucks Coffee Co. in 2010, Macy?s in 2011 and Starbucks Coffee Co. afresh in 2012.

Putting adaptable to workMondel?z International pushed abreast the average that customer packaged appurtenances is a apathetic vertical, decidedly in mobile, this year.

It is no baby accomplishment to acclimate a CPG cast and alignment for the agenda business era based on the adeptness and admeasurement of abounding of the marketers in this category. Mondel?z International?s strides are a attestation to the adeptness of adaptable marketing.

Mondel?z International aboriginal categorical its 2013 adaptable initiatives in January with the barrage of the Adaptable Futures program, which paired-up nine bite brands with adaptable startups. The 90-day pilot programs partnered brands including Oreo, Chips Ahoy and Sour Patch Kids with adaptable startups to watch such as Kiip and Waze (see story).

The ambition of the pilot programs was to prove that adaptable works at active actuation sales aural retail stores.

For example, gum cast Stride best adaptable aeronautics app Waze to bigger accept arcade behavior by active consumers to a grocery store.

Instead of absorption on a distinct channel, the Adaptable Future affairs was aimed at testing assorted channels to prove mobile?s value.

Going all out on mobileDeerfield, IL-based Mondel?z International afresh spun out altered adaptable initiatives to booty anniversary of its brands’ business programs up a cleft through mobile.

In February, Oreo partnered with Nokia on a adaptable messaging app that was absolute to the Lumia Windows Buzz (see story). 

The Oreo Skies app leveraged the device?s congenital motion sensors, date and time to carbon the constellations of the arctic hemisphere. Anniversary brilliant could be broke on to accessible up a bulletin to a consumer?s accompany on Facebook.

Instead of rolling out a basal adaptable app, the ambition abaft Oreo Skies was to analysis out the built-in appearance of the accessory and afresh ambition consumers through adaptable messaging.

Oreo additionally teamed up with Trident and Ritz absurd on a massive accomplishing of an aggrandized absoluteness app that brought changeless packaging to activity as allotment of a advocacy of agreeable accumulation One Direction?s 2013 North American bout in May (see story).

Later this year, Stride formed out an avant-garde app that leverages motion apprehension to ascendancy a adaptable bold (see story).

Mondel?z International?s adaptable chops go far aloft one-off attack efforts, though.

In May, the CPG behemothic active a mobile-only accord with Google to beef up the adaptable Web, chase and affectation announcement investments abaft its brands. The accord stretches beyond 16 countries, abounding of which are in arising markets (see story) and (see story).

The Google accord about gives Mondel?z International a new set of adaptable accoutrement to not alone body new content, but additionally alternation marketers on adaptable and accompany in analytic accoutrement to quantify mobile?s impact.

Mondel?z International?s allegation into adaptable this year has been primarily apprenticed by B. Bonin Bough, carnality admiral of all-around media and customer engagement.

Mr. Bough began discussing mobile?s affiance aftermost year and has aback formed to alive up to all the announcement by amalgam adaptable as a bulk allotment of the CPG giant’s all-embracing business initiatives.

Mr. Bough has announced at a array of industry contest this year including the Adaptable Business Association?s MMA Forum 2013 and SM2 appointment about the role of adaptable in abutting the absolute customer journey.

Given the convulsion of accomplishments amalgam adaptable in all of its marketing, Mondel?z International is a accustomed fit for the 2013 Adaptable Banker of the Year.

Here are the winners of the nine added Adaptable Banker Awards:

Mobile Advertiser of the Year: Macy?sWhen it comes to brands blame the envelope with adaptable advertising, there is no agnosticism that Macy?s leads the pack.

While added retailers primarily use adaptable announcement to drive cartage and quick sales through changeless banners, Macy?s is appropriately focused on architecture assurance through alternate and artistic ad units.

Macy?s stands out in the adaptable amplitude because the banker is consistently testing new types of adaptable advertising.

From Apple?s iAd to affluent media, gaming and absolute barrage sponsorships of music alive services, Macy?s accepted this year that it is advanced of the bold in adaptable advertising.

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Additionally, anniversary adaptable advertisement is altered from the added and is tailored to either drive in-store or online traffic.

For every anniversary or occasion, Macy?s curtains adaptable announcement in some way to get the chat out about time-sensitive sales and events.

Macy?s has acclimated adaptable announcement to advance a array of promotions including one-day, Christmas, Labor Day and Mother?s Day sales.

Moreover, these campaigns are added acceptable added adult at closing the gap amid agenda and in-store.

For example, Macy?s ran an iAd attack to advance its Mother Day auction in May. The ad included a array of alternate features, including a map and the adeptness to save a advertisement to the iBooks adaptable application, which helped the banker incentivize in-store cartage (see story).

Macy?s has additionally been aboriginal to bazaar as barrage sponsors of adaptable music alive casework such as Spotify, Bright Channel?s iHeartRadio and iTunes Radio.

The banker was one of the barrage advertisers on Apple?s new iTunes Radio and ran a array of audio and video ads to advance altered sales (see story).

Macy?s additionally developed a branded radio base aural the iHeartRadio app in November that targets millennials to accumulate its cast top of apperception throughout their circadian lives (see story).

For Macy?s, adaptable announcement is all about engagement.

In September, Macy?s congenital a adaptable bold into an announcement attack that acclimated chat affiliation to body cast awareness. Consumers could blazon in words such as ?bag,? ?Macy?s? and ?shoe,? and by academic the chat accurately consumers could afresh boutique a one-day auction on Macy?s adaptable armpit (see story).

Instead of artlessly bond a adaptable ad to commerce, consumers consistently get article new aback they bang on a Macy?s ad.

Mobile Administrator of the Year: Time Inc.Time Inc. is Adaptable Administrator of the Year because the aggregation has been on the beginning of new initiatives for advertisers and readers beyond all of the publisher?s brands.

Time Inc. stands out this year in accurate for the publisher?s focus on award new means to advance agreeable alfresco of basal adaptable apps and sites.

For example, Time Inc. became the better administrator to achieve its agreeable accessible on the Flipboard app in October, claiming 68 actor cross-screen users (see story).

As of September, Time Inc. had 28 actor annual adaptable altered visitors, and 27 percent of all agenda cartage came from mobile.

Time Inc. additionally assassin a mobile-specific editor for its People cast aftermost year. The editor is amenable for programming agreeable on People?s adaptable platforms and underscores the accent for publishers to clothier agreeable for specific devices.

The administrator additionally congenital adaptable into some altered print-to-mobile initiatives for brands including AllYou and This Old House this year.

Instead of application a one-fits-all approach, Time Inc. tests altered adaptable technologies for its brands to advantage the company?s better asset ? print.

In fact, This Old House switched up its print-to-mobile sweepstakes this year with aggrandized absoluteness afterwards application Microsoft Tags for several years (see story).

Similarly, women?s annual All You has additionally leveraged adaptable in altered means to drive business from changeless book pages (see story).

Additionally, Time Inc. has fabricated a big bet on tablets as allotment of a cable acquirement model. Subscribers to any book advertisement accept absolute chargeless admission to online and book agreeable as allotment of the publisher?s All Admission agenda cable strategy.

Readers can additionally subscribe to digital-only agreeable on a annual or annual basis.

On the announcement side, Time Inc. began testing built-in and abundant affluent media ad units that fit beyond the awning as alternatives to changeless banderole ads.

In May, People began testing built-in ad units from Pepsi and Sauza that arise in a annual beck as a allotment of sponsored agreeable (see story).

With publishers scrambling to achieve money off of an accretion adaptable audience, it is bright that Time Inc.?s adaptable action is advanced of the ambit with out-of-the-box announcement and cable opportunities.

Time Warner-owned Time Inc. affairs to circuit out the annual business into a abstracted accessible aggregation in 2014.

Mobile Bureau of the Year: DDB ChicagoDDB Chicago has been alleged Adaptable Bureau of the Year because of the company?s compassionate of how adaptable fits into beyond business strategies of audience including McDonald?s, State Farm and the Field Museum of Chicago.

The agency?s Chicago appointment angle adaptable holistically as allotment of a multichannel business mix and has activated new types of adaptable technology this year for clients.

Take McDonald?s, for example.

The fast aliment giant?s primary ambition is to consistently drive in-store cartage through announcement new card items and events. To advice achieve this, DDB Chicago formed with McDonald?s to actualize alternate announcement campaigns.

In July, McDonald?s and DDB Chicago launched an iAd attack that leveraged a adaptable bold to advance the acclaimed Monopoly promotion. The ad gave consumers a cipher that they could access for a adventitious at acceptable prizes for chargeless and additionally included a abundance locator affection (see story).

DDB Chicago additionally formed with the Chicago Field Museum to advance a QR cipher and near-field-communication attack that activated out-of-home signage.

By either snapping a QR cipher or borer an NFC-enabled buzz adjoin a allotment of collateral, consumers could download the Chicago Field Museum?s adaptable app to alleviate added agreeable (see story).

Mobile Researcher of the Year: Millward BrownMillward Brown is Adaptable Researcher of the Year because of the analysis organization?s adherence to compassionate mobile?s role in the aisle to purchase.

With marketers added absorbed in mobile?s appulse beyond all mediums, Millward Brown?s assignment this year focused on tracking how and why consumers use their adaptable devices.

Despite the actuality that adaptable business continues to accretion traction, Millward Brown?s analysis stands out because of the greater focus of the medium?s appulse on branding, which is of abundant accent to adeptness marketers.

Examples of capacity in letters appear this year by Millward Brown accommodate assurance ante from rewards-based announcement and the role of area in creating accordant SMS campaigns.

Mobile?s use as a focal point in business mixes will alone abound in 2014, and by analytical the all-embracing appulse of the medium, Millward Brown has accepted that it has the analysis chops to aback up marketers? connected investments.

Mobile Affairs of the Year: Starbucks? SMS and MMS databaseStarbucks? connected use of SMS and MMS is the Adaptable Affairs of the Year because of the marketer?s advancing efforts to advantage the tactic in architecture the adherence and CRM efforts.

Starbucks has accumulated a adaptable database over the years that the cast afresh uses to advance time-sensitive promotions and offers to.

This year though, Starbucks leveraged campaign-specific abbreviate codes and chip MMS into its capital SMS affairs to body a added accord with consumers.

For example, the coffee behemothic ran an opt-in trivia sweepstakes this bounce to advance its algid Frappucino products. In barter for blame out trivia questions, Starbucks additionally accustomed the consumer?s accessory to clothier video and angel agreeable appear (see story).

Starbucks additionally angry to SMS to body up address signatures in October as allotment of a multichannel attack to end the shut bottomward of the United States government. The aggregation set up the campaign-specific abbreviate cipher 20757, which was afresh after acclimated to opt consumers into a holiday-themed SMS and MMS attack (see story).

It is no abruptness that the coffee behemothic rules the adherence and adaptable acquittal space, which all of the brand?s SMS and MMS efforts augment aback into.

Once consumers argument in the keyword GOLD to the abbreviate cipher 697289, they can assurance up for the Starbucks My Rewards Program.

The affairs rewards consumers for advantageous for their orders via their account, and the brand?s iPhone, iPad and Android apps comedy a key role in how consumers are advantageous for coffee and redeeming rewards from Starbucks? My Rewards adherence affairs in-store.

In April, Starbucks appear that 10 percent of U.S. acquirement comes from adaptable (see story).

Starbucks has accepted to be a force to be reckoned with beyond all areas of agenda and mobile, but it is the brand?s SMS and MMS efforts that are fueling Starbucks? greater adaptable action in accepting and application consumers in its adherence program.

Mobile Attack of the Year: Chipotle?s ?The Scarecrow?Chipotle?s ?The Scarecrow? is the Adaptable Attack of the Year for application a artistic video to body up drive for a adaptable game.

Chipotle?s ?Scarecrow? attack was broadly accustomed this year because of its cross-screen action that stems from a three and a half-minute agenda video that promotes an iPhone adaptable game.

The attack centers about educating consumers on Chipotle?s mission to serve up fresh, wholesome aliment as an another to candy foods.

The blur was produced by Moonbot Studios and includes a accommodate to the song ?Pure Imagination? performed by Fiona Apple.

What makes Chipotle?s video and app angle out is its use of creative, which is still adequately new to mobile.

Ultimately the attack promotes a adaptable app, but Chipotle crafted the attack into a creative, multi-screen accomplishment that credibility to a added advance in adaptable artistic activity into 2014.

Mobile Web armpit of the Year: Coca-ColaWhen it comes to adaptable Web, Coca-Cola understands that acceleration and achievement are everything.

Coca-Cola?s adaptable armpit has been alleged Adaptable Web armpit of the Year because of the marketer?s absolute adaptable armpit that serves as a hub for all of its brands.

The soda giant?s adaptable armpit is apple-pie with the top-section of the awning committed to announcement new campaigns and products. 

For a aggregation such as Coca-Cola with a massive reach, a adaptable armpit is a analytical basic to a bigger agenda strategy. A adaptable armpit in abounding cases is a consumer?s aboriginal alternation with a brand, and Coca-Cola puts its best bottom advanced with a easy-to-use and simple site.

Moreover, Coca-Cola?s armpit was voted the best-performing armpit by The Chase Bureau in October. 

The Chase Bureau analyzed the Fortune 100 brands? sites based on armpit format, affected download speed, bulk speed, amusing media attendance and app presence. Coca-Cola?s adaptable armpit accustomed a account of 4.49 out of 5 accessible credibility for the marketer?s absolute admission (see story).

Additionally, Coca-Cola launched a abiding adaptable activity in April alleged the ?Ahh Effect” (see story).

The ?Ahh Effect? is Coca-Cola?s aboriginal all-digital attack and targets teenagers who are added relying on their adaptable accessories to comedy quick games.

The action includes a microsite that links calm assorted pieces of amateur and content. A absolute of 61 pieces of agreeable are planned to ultimately be accessible on the microsite.

Coca-Cola?s ?Ahh Effect? stands aloft added adaptable Web campaigns this year aback it is allotment of the soda giant?s bigger, overarching action to affix with teenagers through the accessories that are about absorbed to their achievement ? smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Appliance of the Year: VineTwitter?s adaptable app Vine befuddled up how branded video agreeable is created in January.

The app lets consumers shoot six-second videos that comedy in a bend and has been accepted by marketers as a way to advance out quick video clips on a accepted basis.

Vine claimed that it had accumulated 13 actor iOS users aback the Android app was formed out in June (see story).

Video has been a affairs point for big brands that accept commonly relied on business budgets bedeviled by TV and desktop ads.

However, with added consumers watching videos from their smartphones and tablets, affective artistic spots to adaptable has been a claiming for brands. Vine helps with this by banishment marketers to cut bottomward a blow to the bald essentials.

Brands including Dunkin? Donuts and Mondel?z International?s Trident leveraged Vine to absolutely amend the artistic and time of a acceptable television ad.

In fact, Dunkin? Donuts created four TV spots for football division this year that charm a memorable moment from a bold in real-time (see story).

At the aforementioned time that Vine was accepting steam, Facebook alien video into the Instagram app this year to attempt bang with Twitter.

Instagram afresh kicked its monetization action into accessory with an advertising-supported sponsored posts. Activity forward, Vine will additionally allegation to acquisition means to monetize the growing bulk of video watched via the app in a way that does not accommodation the user experience.

Mobile Evangelist of the Year: Vibes? Jack PhilbinJack Philbin has been a adaptable apostle for the accomplished 15 years aback co-founding adaptable business aggregation Vibes, authoritative him Adaptable Evangelist of the Year.

Mobile business has acquired decidedly over the accomplished decade, and Mr. Philbin has pushed Vibes? roots as a pager aggregation into a full-fledged business aggregation that works with brands including Sears, The Gap and Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Chicago-based Mr. Philbin has best afresh rallied the allegation abaft the non-payment adaptable wallet amplitude for retailers about Apple?s Passbook and Google Wallet. As allotment of this push, Vibes has appear several letters this year that appraise consumers? absorption in non-payment adaptable wallets.

Mr. Philbin is additionally administrator of the Adaptable Business Affiliation and carnality administrator of the MMA All-around Board. In November, Mr. Philbin spearheaded a address with the MMA and others in the adaptable business amplitude allurement for the Federal Communications Commission to abutment adaptable messaging.

Moreover, the Vibes controlling has announced at abundant industry contest including the Chicago Affiliation of Direct Marketing?s Adaptable in the Morning, Adobe Agenda Summit and the Customer Assurance Technology World.

The Adaptable Banker Awards were advised by the Adaptable Banker beat aggregation for all-embracing arete in adaptable advertising, business and media from a strategic, creative, tactical, executional and after-effects standpoint. All assignment advised had to be appear in Adaptable Banker in 2013. All anticipation was based absolutely on merit.

Final TakeLauren Johnson is accessory anchorman on Adaptable Marketer, New York

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