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Lamb Chops On Primo Grill Things That Make You Love And Hate Lamb Chops On Primo Grill

Restaurants In The Busline Breadth With Curbside Pick-Up Or Takeout

lamb chops on primo grill Grilled Lamb Chops With Compound Butter • Beyond Mere Sustenance

Grilled Lamb Chops With Compound Butter • Beyond Mere Sustenance | lamb chops on primo grill

In the bosom of affair over COVID-19, bloom professionals accept encouraged “social distancing.” Restaurants about the busline breadth are dispatch up by alms curbside pick-up. Here’s a account of some restaurants in the busline breadth alms this service.

DISCLAIMER: Some restaurants accept appear they’re closing alike to curbside/takeout account back aboriginal announcement they would be. The best way to ensure if a restaurant listed beneath absolutely offers account appropriate now is to acquaintance them directly.

If you accept a restaurant to add to this map, amuse acquaintance us here. Amuse accommodate the restaurant’s procedures for ordering, absolute web articulation and buzz number.


In accession to the restaurants featured in the map, a cardinal of alternation restaurants accept additionally appear they accept curbside, takeout and/or commitment options in the Twin Cities. (Please analysis their websites for added advice on specific locations.) The account includes: Applebee’s, Arby’s, Bruegger’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Caribou Coffee, Chic-Fil-A, Dairy Queen, Davanni’s, Domino’s Pizza, Famous Dave’s, Firehouse Subs, Five Guys, Green Mill, IHOP, Jimmy Johns, McDonald’s, My Burger, Olive Garden, Panera Bread, Papa Murphy’s, Pizza Hut, Qdoba, Red’s Savoy Pizza, Starbuck’s, Subway, Taco John’s, TGI Friday’s and others.

Addition: Finnegans is additionally alms curbside options, including anniversary packs and artistic allowance ideas.

RESOURCES: Bang actuality for a account of COVID-19 assets in Minnesota.

CLOSINGS: Bang actuality for a account of COVID-19 cancellations and postponements in Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS5-8 Club: Alarm 612-823-5858 for takeout, curbside pickup.Agra Culture Kitchen: Adjustment curbside or commitment at/.Al’s Breakfast: Alarm 612-331-9991 for curbside pickup.Amore Uptown: Curbside account of abounding banquet menu, 10% abatement on all orders, alarm 612-823-0250Arezzo Ristorante: Curbside auto by calling anon at 612-285-7444 cafeteria 11:30-2pm M-Saturday, Banquet circadian 5p-8:30pBirchwood Cafe: Adjustment online or alarm 612-722-4474, they’ll accompany aliment to your carBlue Aperture Pubs: (42 Avenue and Como Avenue locations) Bang actuality for curbside directionsThe Bungalow Club: Curbside auto by calling 612-866-3334, additional buy $50 allowance agenda get $10 offBunny’s Bar & Grill: Call to adjustment 612-545-5659.Buster’s on 28th: Alarm 612-729-0911 to adjustment pickup.Butter Bakery Café: Alarm 612-521-7401 for auto either at the aperture or alike curbside. butterbakerycafe.comEl Burrito Mercado Minneapolis: Alarm 612-286-8089 ( Racer Kitchen: Alarm 612-208-1695 for curbside auto Cafe – Turkish Grill: Alarm 612-354-7158 to order, curbside pickup.Capital Grille: Alarm to abode a to-go adjustment 612-692-9000. As grocery aisles are active low, The Capital Grille is additionally alms basic steaks cut circadian by centralized butchers. Custom sizes are accessible aloft request.Chin Dian Kitchen: Alarm 612-532-6633 to order, curbside pickup. Bang actuality for curbside instructions.Como Tap: Additionally alms commitment in a 2 mile radius. 612-315-5257 & http://www.Comotap.comDarby’s Pub: Curbside pickup, adjustment online: Coffee and Wine: Open from 7am-5pm with curbside delivery, alarm 612-724-9895 Freehouse: Alarm 612-339-7011.Gardens of Salonica: Alms barrier ancillary auto by calling 612-378-0611’s Pizza: Curbside and no-contact pickup, adjustment online Doll Donuts: Adjustment online actuality at Alarm 612-345-7064 (Eat Street) of 612-223-8071 (Northeast) for takeout and curbside pickup.Gluek’s: Curbside auto and takeout by calling 612-338-6621 or emailing [email protected] Palace: Circadian carry-out from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Adjustment online at or alarm 612-886-3451.Heather’s Minneapolis: Alarm 612-445-8822 for curbside pickup.Herbivorous Butcher: Alarm 612-208-0992 for curbside pickup. https://www.theherbivorousbutcher.comHoney and Rye Bakehouse: Alarm 612-844-2555 for curbside pickup.Honour Cafe: Alarm 612-331-3877 for pickup.Hot Plate: Alarm 612-824-4794 for commitment and takeout, additionally adjustment online at Text I’m actuality and your car model/color to 763-218-1709ie – Italian Eatery: Curbside take-out by calling 612-223-8504 or online at http://www.italianeatery.comI Heart Tacos: Order online for auto Cafe: Alarm 612-789-7297 Spend $75 or added get a chargeless jar of Jax Spice or a allotment of Jax Chocolate Baileys cake. http://www.jaxcafe.comJun Szechuan Kitchen: Adjustment online for auto West Bistro: Curbside aces up and delivery, adjustment online at http://www.keywestbistro.comKieran’s Kitchen: Curbside auto starting at 8am online or alarm 612-354-5093 & Irving: Curbside auto adjustment online 7 canicule a anniversary Noon-8pmLongfellow Grill: Alarm 612-721-2711 to order, curbside pick-up.The Low Brow: Alarm 612-208-0720 to adjustment and appeal curbside pickup.The Lowry: Alarm 612-341-2112 to order, curbside pick-up.Lowry Hill Meats: Alarm 612-999-4200 to order, curbside pickup.The Lynhall: Launching Booty Lynhall Home agenda with ancestors commons for curbside pickup/delivery. http://www.thelynhall.comMac’s Fish & Chips (Minneapolis/St. Paul): Alarm for pickup. St. Paul: 651-489-5299 Minneapolis: 612-824-4804Marna’s Eatery and Lounge: Alarm 612-272-1370 to adjustment and appeal curbside pickup.Market Bar-B-Que: Alarm 612-872-1111 to order, curbside pickup.Mary Ellen’s Bistro: Adjustment online for pickup. & Schmick’s: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily alarm 612-338-3300.Mercury Dining Room: Alarm 612-728-1111 to order, curbside pickupThe Mill NE: Curbside auto including burgers and aggregate soup to go, 6-packs of veggie burgers alarm 612-315-2340 http://www.themillnortheast.comMoose Bar & Grill: Alarm for takeout (612) 623-4999 Huong Kitchen: Open for aces up: 612-702-2922 | 612-872-2323Namaste Cafe: For takeout and curbside auto alarm the restaurant at 612-827-2496. Taco Bar: Alarm 612-345-7688 to order, curbside pickup.Nolo’s Kitchen & Bar: Alarm 612-800-6033 to order, curbside pickup.Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub: Adjustment online for curbside Social: Eat Street Social is closed, all commitment and takeout at NE Social. Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9pm. Alarm 612.877.8111 Seafood Room: Alarm 612-333-2277 for auto or Bitesquad.Olive & Lamb: Alarm for auto from Noon-7pm 612-353-5196 46: Curbside pickup: email [email protected] or alarm 612-354-3257.Peppers & Fries: Curbside auto by calling 612-353-6730, agenda at http://www.peppersandfries.comPinkU Japanese Street Food: 11-2pm and 5pm-8pm Monday-Saturday, alarm 612-584-3167 to adjustment Brewing Company: Wood-fired pizza and beer to-go. Alarm 612-787-7937, columnist 2. http://www.pryesbrewing.comP.S. Steak: Alarm 612-886-1620 to order, curbside pick-up.QFanatic: Open for walkup orders. No buzz calls MacSammy’s Elbow Room: Curbside commitment from 4 p.m – 7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. weekends. Alarm 612-583-1593. Chinese: Alarm 612-870-7084 to order, alarm back you access they’ll accompany out the order. http://www.rainbowrestaurant.comRed Cow (North Loop): Alarm 612-238-0050 for takeout, curbside pickup. Adjustment online at Cow (50th & France): Alarm 612-767-4411 for takeout, curbside pickup. Adjustment online at Rabbit: Alarm 612-767-8855 to order, curbside pick. Adjustment online at’s Savoy Pizza: Adjustment online at for takeout and delivery.Red Wagon Pizza: Curbside auto and commitment from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. Alarm 612-259-7147 or adjustment online at : New app in Google Play and Apple Store for commitment and takeout, 10 percent off with cipher FUCORONA.Republic: Adjustment at 612-338-6146 for curbside delivery. Bagel: Adjustment online for curbside auto at or alarm 612-354-3349, bounded commitment is availableRuth’s Chris Steakhouse: Curbside to go by calling 612-672-9000’s Avenue Eatery: Alarm for auto 612-767-6278. Agenda at & Stable: Take-out accessible online amid 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. Paul Bagelry (Minneapolis/Roseville): Curbside Auto adjustment online at http://www.stpaulbagelry.comSurly Brewing: Launched Surly To-Go: Chargeless Commitment and auto from Noon-9 p.m. Limited beer anteroom agenda and family-style meal kits for BBQ supper for 2, 4 or 6. Boul: 15% off takeout and commitment with cipher SOUL FOOD at’s At Home: Launching this week. or 612-331-3938, use cipher MINNEAPPLEMELT to get $10 off your aboriginal orderTootie’s On Lowry: Curbside auto back you alarm 612-529-0200 Anteroom Brewery: Curbside 12-6pm by calling 612-339-8696 Anteroom Lanes: Curbside 12-6pm by calling 612-767-3354 Mucci’s: Alarm for auto at 612-315-4608, starting on Thursday.Uncle Franky’s: Alarm 612-455-2181 to get your hot dogs and italian beef delivered Grounds Coffeehouse: Alarm 612-872-4811 for curbside auto Street Kitchen: Adjustment online at for commitment and pickup.Wrecktangle Pizza: Adjustment online at Free no acquaintance commitment at 763-325-3190. http://www.zettasmpls.comZoe’s Cafe: Curbside auto at 612-824-4355. PAULAgra Culture Kitchen: Adjustment curbside or commitment at’s: Go to Thai Deli: Alarm for take-out 651-224-4300 and Chicken: Alarm 651-333-0929 for curbside pickup, and buy a $50 allowance agenda and get $10 free.Bennett’s Chop and Railhouse: Alarm for auto cafeteria and banquet (651) 228-1408 Dog Cafe: Will bear orders aural the Lowertown map or in city St. Paul. Get your adjustment in by 6 p.m. for banquet delivery. Alarm 651-228-9274 to order.Boca Chica: Alarm 651-222-8499 to order, curbside auto will be at the Taco House, 407 Wabasha Street South. Moe’s: Alarm 651-222-3100 to order, curbside pickup. Account starts March 18. Latte: Alarm (651) 224-5687 ext. 3 to adjustment curbside account alpha at 9 a.m. daily. http://www.cafelatte.comCarmelo’s: Alarm to abode analeptic order, 651-699-2448. Pull up abaft restaurant and honk. Cup on Randolph: Open 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Alarm 651-330-0920 for backpack out. (Free cup of soup and broiled cheese sandwich to go at this restaurant for kids).Chick-fil-A: Bang actuality for curbside instructions.Downtown Woodfire Grill: Alarm 651-228-9500 to order, curbside pickup. Account starts March 17. Burrito Mercado: Alarm 651-227-2192 for curbside pickup.Estelle: Ancestors meal pickups starting March 20. Alarm 651-330-9648 to order. Pub: : Alarm 651-330-0896 for curbside pickup.Foxtrot Burger: Alarm (651) 756-8123 / https://foxtrotstp.comFoxy Falafel: Alarm 651-888-2255 to order, curbside pick-up. https://www.hyacinthstpaul.comGabe’s By the Park: Curbside to go 11am-8pm circadian 651-646-3066 Tap: Alarm 651-699-5058 to order, curbside pick-up.Hyacinth At Home: Starts Wednesday, March 18, alarm 651-478-1822. Single agenda anniversary day, takeout only. https://www.hyacinthstpaul.comJoan’s In The Park: Alarm 651-690-3297 to adjustment commons for curbside auto (starts Tuesday) http://www.joansinthepark.comKincaid’s: Adjustment curbside auto online at or alarm 651-602-9000La Fusion Cafe: Open for analeptic orders, online orders, and delivery. Alarm 651 414-9903 to order. WWW.LAFUSIONCAFE.COMMucci’s Italian: Alarm for auto at 651-330-2245, starting on Thursday. Monkey Donuts: Alarm 651-224-0142 for curbside pickup.Moscow on the Hill: Alarm 651-291-1236 for takeout, and curbside pickup. For the agenda and commitment options go to Taco Bar: Alarm 651-450-8848 to order, curbside pickup.Naughty Greek (Snelling Ave.): Alarm  651-219-4438 to adjustment or go to New app in Google Play and Apple Store for commitment and takeout, 10% off with cipher FUCORONARed Cow: Alarm 651-789-0545 for takeout, curbside pickup. Adjustment online at Rabbit: Alarm 651-444-5995 to order, curbside pick. Adjustment online at’s Savoy Pizza: Adjustment online at for takeout and delivery.Rooster’s BBQ: (651) 222-0969 & Dinette: Alarm for takeout: 651-800-1415. Irish Nook: Alarm 651-228-9925 for curbside pickup.Shish: Alarm 651 -690-2212 to order, curbside pickup. Additionally adjustment online at’s Pub and Eatery: Curbside takeout of the absolute menu, alarm 651-291-0146 http://www.skinnersmn.comUrban Growler Brewing: No acquaintance take-out for aliment and beer, alarm 651-340-5793 http://www.urbangrowlerbrewing.comUrban Wok: Curbside auto and delivery, adjustment online at!/Waldmann Brewery: Booty out and commitment of aliment and growlers of beer amid 3-8pm daily Squares (Maple Grove): Alarm 763-425-3330 for curbside pickup.318 Café (Excelsior): Adjustment auto 952-401-7902 Club (Several Locations): Alarm 763-425-5858 for takeout, curbside auto in Champlin. Alarm 651-735-5858 for takeout, curbside auto in Maplewood. Alarm 651-456-5858 for takeout, curbside auto in West St. Paul. Smith (Wayzata): Alarm 952-698-7900, curbside pickup. http://www.6smith.comAcapulco (all locations): Alarm location, curbside pickup. & Mizu Japanese (White Bear Lake): 20% off all buzz takeout orders. Alarm at 651-407-7317 to order, for curbside auto aloof alarm back you access’s Kitchen (Woodbury): Curbside analeptic additional commitment accessible by calling 651-998-0474 (ext. 2)’s Mediterranean Grill & Lounge (Eagan): Adjustment online or alarm 651-452-0999Applebee’s (Various): Adjustment online for commitment or curbside auto at Kabob & Gyro Bistro (St. Louis Park) : Alarm 952-546-8000 to order, curbside pickup.’s Pizza (Ramsey): Backpack out and commitment online or alarm 763-323-1049Bakers Ribs (Eden Prairie): Alarm 952-942-5337 to adjustment takeout from the airheaded at Betty’s: Call 612-900-5587 for chargeless commitment aural 10 afar of Mall of America.Baldamar (Roseville): Alarm 651-796-0040, curbside pickup. (Minnetonka): Alarm 952-544-7000, curbside pickup. Café (Deephaven): Alarm 952-475-8488.Bellecour (Wayzata): Adjustment online for takeout auto amid apex and 8 p.m.: Bowl (Edina): Adjustment online for pickup. Bowl (Minnetonka): Adjustment online for pickup. Bowl (Roseville): Adjustment online for pickup. Chophouse: Driveup commitment at 952-830-5200 Butcher (Farmington): Curbside auto available, adjustment online.’s Bar & Grill (St. Louis Park): Order auto online at Sera Ristorante (Champlin): Barrier ancillary analeptic with a adulatory 10% abatement off your bill: (763) 421-1814Burger Bar (White Bear Lake): Adjustment online for curbside pickup. Kitchen and Pub (Blaine): Adjustment online for pickup. Thyme (Chanhassen): 10% abatement on curbside pickup. Online adjustment at or by calling 952-297-1779Carbone’s Pizza (Centerville): Alarm 651-653-7755 or adjustment online at Auto from our drive through window or delivery.Carbone’s Pizza (Hudson): Adjustment online for carryout at Pizza (Maple Grove): Contactless auto with online acclimation at or by calling 763-494-9949.Charlie’s Restaurant & Irish Pub (Stillwater): 7:30am-9:30pm. 651-439-6000. Take-Out, Curb-Side Aces UpChianti Grill (Roseville and Burnsville): Open 11am-7pm for pickup. Burnsville: 952-892-7555. Roseville: 651-644-2808 Bang actuality for curbside instructions.Clays Restaurant (Rockford): Adjustment online for curbside auto!/Cozzie’s Tavern and Grill (Stillwater): 11:00am – 8:00pm. 651-342-0447. Take-Out, Curb-Side Aces Up, Delivery, Aperture Dash/ Grub Hub/ Uber EatsDaily Dose Cafe & Espresso (Brooklyn Park): Adjustment online, alarm 763-762-8104 back you arriveDaily Dose Cafe & Espresso (Maple Grove): Adjustment online and alarm 763-657-0919 for curbside back you arriveDakota Junction (Mound): Curbside auto by calling 952-479-1519’s: Curbside auto adjustment online at Pizza (Chaska): Alarm 952-856-2082 for auto Pizza (Eden Prairie): Alarm 952-934-0333 for auto’s Bar & Grill (Osseo): 11am – 10pm for booty out aliment only. Alarm 763-425-0310. https://www.duffysbargrill.comEdina Grill: Call 952-927-7933 for curbside pickup.Egg-Cetera Café (Waconia): Alarm 952-442-5441 for pickup.El Rancho (Brooklyn Park): Alarm 763-208-6096 for curbside pickup. Dave’s (Roseville): order online for curbside auto or commitment at Restaurant (Stillwater): Alarm 651-571-3501 for pickup. Subs (Various Locations): Curbside Commitment by acclimation online (Little Canada): Alarm 651-483-8444 for a carryout adjustment and appeal curbside aces up, or adjustment online at Fort (North Branch): Open4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Alarm your adjustment in at 651-277-9447. Agenda can be begin at’s Chicago Style (New Hope): Alarm anon for curbside auto at 763-545-7767 or adjustment online at Range Exchange (Hokah): Open 6am-2pm Monday-Saturday, alarm 507-894-1111.Frenchman’s Pub (Richfield): Alarm 612-866-0318, curbside pickup.Fresh Squeeze (Otsego): Alarm 763-441-9090 or adjustment at the adverse for takeout.’s Pizza (Richfield): Curbside and no-contact pickup, adjustment online’s Restaurant (Lake Elmo): 8am-7pm accommodation and drive-up service, 8am-3pm Sunday. Alarm 651-770-2476 Pizza (Stillwater): Su-Th 11am-9pm Fr-Sa 11am-10pm. 651-351-1262. Take-Out, Curb-Side Aces Up, DeliveryGreen Mill (Roseville): Adjustment online for commitment or curbside auto at’s (Roseville): Order online for commitment through ChowNow at Grill and Tap Room (Excelsior): Hours for booty out are 11 a.m. – 8 a.m., and you can alarm 952-401-0066 to abode an order. http://www.Hazellewoodgrill.comHeavy Metal Grill (Food Truck/Lakeville): Open for takeout this anniversary (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) at Leo’s Street; abutting anniversary (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) at Twin Cities Harley.Hilltop (Edina): Alarm 952-925-5628 for curbside auto and takeout.’s Ancestors Restaurant (Hopkins): Pickup adjustment at (952) 935-2865.Hong Thai Restaurants: Alarm 763-703-3410 for takeout at the Maple Grove location. Alarm 763-425-8218 for takeout the Rogers location. Alarm 763-497-8462 for takeout at the Albertville location.’s (Minnetonka): Alarm 952-681-7099 for take-out from Noon-8pm Monday-Friday and banquet 4-8pm Saturday/Sunday: Novas (Excelsior): Alarm 952-405-2700 for Takeout and delivery; : sun-thurs 11-7 Friday, Saturday 11-8’s Restaurant (Stillwater): Alarm 651-439-3336 to adjustment takeout’s Café (Various Locations): Adjustment online for auto at’s Irish Pub (St. Louis Park): Alarm for aces up at 952-367-5070 and see the takeout agenda at Casita (Roseville): Order online for commitment or curbside auto at or alarm 651-287-4055 for curbside pickup.Latuff’s (Plymouth): Curbside auto by calling 763-545-2914’s Grill Malt Shop (Stillwater): 11am-8pm. 651-351-3943. Curb-Side Aces UpLindey’s Prime Steak House (Arden Hills): Curbside takeout online Stillwater (Stillwater): 11:30am-9pm. 651-342-0972. Curb-Side Aces Up, DeliveryLolo American Kitchen (Stillwater): 11:30am-9pm. 651-342-2461. Curb-Side Aces Up, DeliveryLucky Cricket West End: 15% off all absolute orders to 952-206-6830 Street (Plymouth): Open for takeout by calling  952-208-8890 or accessible adjustment online at’s Best Pizza & Calzones (St. Louis Park) : Alarm 952-297-8827 to order, curbside pickup. 65, Richfield: Alarm 612-353-5501 to adjustment and for curbside auto’s Restaurant & Kitchen (Osseo): Open 11am-2pm and 4pm-7:30pm you can adjustment auto by calling 763-712-0987 (Bayport): Special curbside take-out menu, they can additionally bear bottles of wine. Fusion Bistro (Stillwater): 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-9pm. 651-439-8333. Take-OutMason Jar Kitchen/Cupcake Bakery (Eagan): Alarm 651-340-7809 for booty out. Special ancestors commons at’s Real Roast Beef (Roseville): Curbside pickup-call 651-493-9672; (Excelsior): Alarm for auto (952) 470-1800’s Public House (St. Louis Park): Alarm 952-224-9494 for curbside pickup.’s Public House (Savage): Alarm 952-226-5800 to order, curbside pickup.’s Woodfired Oven (Hampton): Adjustment online or alarm 651-437-3837 http://www.mericswoodfire.comMilton’s Vittles (Crystal): Alarm for curbside auto 763-535-9373, Pub (Inver Grove Heights): Adjustment auto at 651-455-4975:’s American Grill (Mounds’ View): Adjustment for auto at or use Commitment Dash.Muddy Paws Cheesecake (St. Louis Park): Alarm 763-545-7161 for pickup, http://www.muddypawscheesecake.comMy Burger (Various Locations): Use abatement cipher TWENTY to get 20% off Cakes: : $5 commitment aural 7 afar of Maple Grove or Woodbury. Maple Grove: 763-575-8885 Woodbury: 651-314-4444Nothing Bundt Cakes (Eagan): Orders can be abode by buzz or online at 651-452-8292 or’s (Shoreview): Adjustment online at Chicago (Roseville): Order for curbside auto online at Original Malt Shop (Roseville): Order online for commitment at or alarm 651-488-0241 for curbside aces up.Pangea Café (Waconia): Curbside auto alarm 952-300-8604 to abode your adjustment Parian Mexican Restaurant (Lakeville): Alarm to adjustment auto 952-683-1996 Parian Mexican Restaurant (Savage): Alarm for auto 952-808-8104Park Tavern (St. Louis Park): Alarm 952-929-6810, curbside pickup.’s Bakery & Café (Richfield): Alarm for curbside pickup, 612-861-7570. Agenda at’s Organic Cafe: Curbside to go at all locations. Ate My Pizza (Robbinsdale): Curbside takeout 3:30pm-8:30pm Tuesday-Sunday. Adjustment online is preferred., but you can adjustment over the buzz at 763-537-7267.Pizza Karma (Eden Prairie & Maple Grove): Curbside auto additional chargeless commitment – bang on Adjustment Online.Pizza Luce (Roseville): order online for chargeless commitment or curbside auto at Pezzo (White Bear Lake/Woodbury): Curbside pickup, adjustment online. Pizzeria (Elk River): Adjustment carryout at 763-633-1222. (Lakeville): 4pm-7pm. Every booty out adjustment will additionally accept a adulatory anniversary cake. Alarm the restaurant at 952-469-2995. Agenda at (Little Canada): Analeptic from 4pm-7pm 651-483-9248 Limited agenda at Deli (St. Louis Park): 952-303-5813Primo (Long Lake): Alarm 952-479-1143 to order, curbside pickup. Fox Tavern (Lakeville): Alarm to adjustment 952.469.3919, agenda at (Egan): Adjustment online for auto at (Edina): Order online for auto at Inn (Haover): Call 763-498-7335 for booty out and curbside pickup. http://www.RiverInnHanover.comRock Elm Tavern (Plymouth and Maple Grove): Adjustment backpack out at Plymouth or Maple GroveRoadside (Blaine): Adjustment online at’s Redeye Grill (Lakeville): Limited banquet menu, ancestors meals, box lunches – alarm 952-469-0711, agenda at http://www.rrglakeville.comQFanatic (Champlin): Open for walkup orders. No buzz calls.’s Tipsy Pies (Stillwater): 9am-3:30pm. 651-342-0934. Take-Out & DeliverySarpino’s Pizza (Various Locations): Select your area and adjustment online at of the Wise (Victoria): Curbside aliment additionally alms curbside wine, adjustment online or alarm 952-361-9463Schullers (Golden Valley): Abounding agenda and off-sale liquor for takeout, alarm 763-545-9972, agenda at http://www.schullerstavern.comSilver Spoon Baker (Stillwater): 8am-2pm. 612-840-2938. Take-out, Curb-side Aces up, DeliverySlim’s (Brooklyn Center): Drive-thru and pickups: Adjustment online at http://www.eatslims.comSmokey’s Pub n’ Grill (East Bethel): Curbside auto from noon-8 p.m. daily. Alarm 651-464-6046 to adjustment and pay. Page (Bloomington): Booty out orders will be accustomed from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. by calling 952-887-0046. Suburban (Excelsior): Online orders with curbside pickup. Tavern Grill (Various Locations): Adjustment online for curbside auto or commitment Tejaban (Richfield): Adjustment online by calling (612) 243-9699: Bar and Grill (Ham Lake): Adjustment online at 4&5 (Eden Prairie): Hours for booty out are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and you can alarm 952-934-4545 to abode an order. www.Tavern4and5.comTequila Butcher (Chanhassen): Alarm 952-934-6127 for curbside pickup.’s of Edina: Alarm 952-941-2005 for curbside takeout betwen 11am-7pm Tavern (Rosemount): Alarm 651-423-7331 for takeaway and commitment http://www.topstavern.comTown Anteroom Station (Edina): Curbside 12-6pm by calling 612-767-9747 (Robbinsdale): $50 ancestors commons Wednesday-Saturday. Adjustment via Tock and assets a auto time:’s Pizza (Inver Grove Heights): Alarm 651-455-6363 for curbside auto or delivery. 32 Craft House (Eagan): 952-807-9777 for curbside pickup. for menuVann (Excelsior): Online ancestors commons to barrage with online acclimation at http://www.vannrestaurant.comThe Village Pub (St. Anthony Village): Adjustment online at’s Big Ten Tavern (Arden Hills): 651-633-7253 (option 5) Boar Bar and Grill (Hopkins): Call 952-378-1693 to order, acquisition the agenda at Boar Bar And Grill (Oakdale): Alarm (651) 414-0903 to order, agenda Scratch Kitchen (Bayport) : Alarm 651-342-0376 to order, takeout. Account starts March 18. (Eden Prairie): Order online for auto Tavern (Stillwater): 11:00am- 8:00pm. 651-846-9825. Take-Out, Curb-Side Aces Up, Delivery, Aperture Dash/ Grub Hub/ Uber EatsWinchester & Rye (Victoria): Alarm 952-852-1540 to order, curbside pickup. http://www.winchesterandrye.comWinkin’ Rooster (Shoreview): Curbside auto starting Wednesday by calling (651) 484-2585 http://www.winkinrooster.comWooden Hill Brewing (Edina): Takeout of aliment and beer, adjustment at’s Grille (Eden Prairie): Alarm 952-944-8799 amid 11am-7pm for takeout Kitchen: Curbside pick-up. VFW (Zumbrota): Curbside auto from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Alarm 507-732-4321 & Grand CafeBar BrigadePenny’s CoffeeMucci’s Italian/Trattoria MucciSaint DinetteLakeville brewingig brewingTori sushiGrilliumPizza LuceTony’s DinerNaviya’s Thai BrassiereTurtle BreadOld Southern BBQGreat Harvest BreadETTLIN’S Cafe new pragueHa Long Bay RestaurantFrench Meadow Bakery & CafeJewel’s CAVECrystal Pizza RanchAndover Pizza RanchScott Ja-Mamas Hot BBQPanera BreadsCŌV WayzataCŌV EdinaPizza T Lino LakesLu’s SandwichesBricks Neapolitan Pizza HudsonWindmill CafeChina Palace RestaurantBourbon ButcherWild Bill’s Sports SaloonDickey’s Barbecue PitSawatdee Thai ZushiyaBarley JohnsPizza Man BurnsvilleMagnoliasKaribu DeliBrunson’s PubMainstreet BarCheetah PizzaAnoka Chanticlear PizzaBukhara Indian BistroTruffles’s &TortesBlue Collar BBQGrizzly’s Wood-Fired GrillDorothy Ann bakeryCafe ThymeChanticlear PizzaThird Rail Bar and GrillFamous Dave’sOak EateryChatterbox PubPizza RanchIHOPSweet aftertaste of ItalyFlahertys Arden BowlFireside LoungePapa’s CafeBlue Ox SandwichesCanton RestaurantEl Camino Taco DeliGreat Harvest Bread CoHoney Baked Ham CoJensen’s CaféJoJo’s Rise and WineJL Beers BurnsvilleKazoku RestaurantLucky’s 13 BurnsvilleMediterranean Cruise CaféMorgan’s Farm to Table RestaurantNha SangOriginal Pancake HouseOutback SteakhouseRacks Sports Bar & GrillRed LobsterRed’s Savoy PizzaShogun Sushi and HibachiTaqueria La HaciendaThe Buzz Coffee & CaféHana BistroQ.CumbersKarta Thai RestaurantWagon Wheel Cafe and PizzaLone Spur Grill and BarCrossroads DeliOlive’s Fresh PizzaSt. James HotelSushi fix wayzataCream & AmberTaco John’sEmily’s F&M CaféTops TavernHana BistroSmith Coffee and CafeWhat’s the scoop? BuffaloEggroll Queen CafeCelts Craft HouseCrisp & GreenBRIMRed’s Savoy PizzaNaf Naf Grill

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