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Land Transfer Tax Statement Why Is Land Transfer Tax Statement So Famous?

Nigeria’s absolute acreage professionals are addled by the federal government’s proposed addition of brand assignment on acreage transactions. They accept it is bad for the abridgement and appetite the National Assembly to stop its implementation. Bennett Oghifo writes

land transfer tax statement
 FREE 14+ Tax Statement Form Samples in PDF | WORD - land transfer tax statement

FREE 14+ Tax Statement Form Samples in PDF | WORD – land transfer tax statement | land transfer tax statement

Real acreage practitioners accept accursed the brand assignment claim proposed by the Federal Inland Acquirement Service for acreage transactions, calling it multiple-taxation, aloof and accept accepted that the federal government should abandon such idea.

The proposed acreage tax unfairly targets a accessible accumulation in the society, according to these professionals, who alleged on the National Assembly to attack in to assure Nigerians.

Lagos State, they said collects brand assignment on Deed of Assignment, apprehensive if the accompaniment would acquiescently handover this banknote cow to the federal government.

The Federal Inland Acquirement Service, in a annual recently, compelled landlords and acreage agents to ensure that they allegation six per cent brand assignment on all control and charter agreements they access into with all renters and address aforementioned promptly to the Service in adjustment not to abjure the Brand Assignment Act.

FIRS’ position is aftereffect to the contempo apportionment of a brand assignment description adviser by its Executive Chairman, Mr. Muhammad Nami, which stipulates that property-related affairs like “tenancy or charter acceding abatement beneath the Ad Valorem chic of the brand assignment which attracts six per cent assignment payable in allotment of the absolute bulk or sum of the control or lease.”

A annual by the Director, Communication, FIRS, Mr. Abdullahi Ismaila Ahmad said the accountability of acquittal of the six per cent lies on the almsman of the control or charter agreement, whom the Brand Assignment Act articular as the addressee or bedfellow while the albatross of accumulating and remittance avalanche on the freeholder or abettor in allegation of the acreage for charter or rent.

Nami fatigued that “in any case, the affair authoritative the acquittal shall accept the obligation to annual for the applicative brand duties.”

Some added Brand Assignment types and their ante are Appraisement or Appraisal of Property, 1.5 per cent; Certificate of Occupancy, Partnership, N1,000 collapsed rate; Gift of Land, 1.5 per cent; Acknowledged Mortgage, 0.375 per cent; Acknowledged Mortgage (Upstamping), 0.375 per cent, and Deed of Conveyance or Transfer on Sale of Property, 1.5 per cent

Others are Gift of Land, 1.5 per cent; Memorandum of Understanding (Related to Land, Sales, Joint Venture, Surrender, Subdivision Agreements, 1.5 per cent; Power of Attorney (Irrevocable/Land Related), 1.5 per cent; and Sales Agreement, 1.5 per cent.

Government should recognise that Absolute acreage plays a above role in economies


Interestingly, the absolute hypothesis has not gone bottomward able-bodied with professionals in the nation’s absolute acreage sector, best of whom attention it as aloof and able of extending bread-and-butter abasement in the nation.

Reacting to the proposed accumulating of brand assignment on property, the President, Fine and Country West Africa, Mrs. Udo Okonjo said, “I anticipate it’s important for the accompaniment and federal governments to recognise that absolute acreage plays a above role in economies and be alert of an adventitious aftereffect of these cogent charges, abnormally for aboriginal time home buyers and SMEs who about crave acreage as accessory for their businesses.

She believes assorted taxes/charges accept adverse appulse on absolute acreage investments. “That said, the description afresh provided by the federal government is acceptable as it opens up an befalling for stakeholders to appraise their investments added alarmingly and for professionals to be guided after ambiguity.”Regardless, she said, “With the accumulated tenants, acquiescence and administration is not a challenge. I about apprehend a challenge with abundant abate transactions.”

She said Fine and Country would bare and appraise the adverse appulse of assorted taxes/charges on absolute acreage investments, abnormally in an abridgement that requires dispatch of the Apartment and Absolute Acreage area at its Absolute Acreage Tax Webinar on Thursday August 6th for absolute acreage investors to accept the assorted applicative taxes and authoritative charges.

An added accountability that will amplify accidental accuse and taxes to added than 23.5% of the hire paid on a property

The Lagos Accompaniment annex of the Nigerian Institution of Acreage Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) describes it as “added burden.”

The Chairman, Lagos NIESV, Mr. Adedotun Bamigbola said the Brand Assignment charge would accept a above appulse on the bulk of leasing backdrop and “it is an added accountability on the acreage end users or lessees/tenants. This is not encouraging, abnormally in this abridgement which has already continued affairs of the citizenry.

“Don’t balloon that a acknowledged fee, which in some cases may be about 10%, will be paid to adapt the charter agreement, afore you can affix or pay a brand assignment on it afresh at 6%, by this regulation. “That is already 16% of the application on a year’s control or lease, aloof to accept a acknowledged certificate on the transaction. Let us not balloon that recently, FIRS brought up the accomplishing of VAT at 7.5% on hire and all fees. This will amplify these accidental accuse and taxes to added than 23.5% of the hire paid on a property.”

Bamigbola said, “This will added acceptable actualize a setback for affairs and the tenants/lessees. Government should agenda that their albatross is to accomplish activity easier for the bodies in this analytical time aback all businesses are still aggravating to acquisition their feet.  In fact, bodies should be accepting tax break for the taxes they accept paid in the past. I alone will admonish a analysis and changeabout of this action in the absorption of the end-users and Nigerians.

Stamp assignment was aboriginal alien in England in 1694 to accession funds for the war

A accomplished President, International Absolute Acreage Federation, (FIABCI), Nigeria chapter, Asiwaju Kola Akomolede said the timing of the proposed brand assignment was amiss and that it unfairly targets a accessible group.

“First, we should ask ourselves – what is brand duty? It is a assignment levied on the acknowledged accepting of assertive documents. It was aboriginal alien in England in1694 to accession funds for the war. It is due payable on acreage purchased at added than £125,000 and it is bound alone to acreage acquirement not on tenancy! It has aback been advised severally, but it is still payable alone on backdrop sold. There is no such acquittal additionally in the United States of America (USA).

“Come aback home to Nigeria, if you see any old Deed of Assignment or any agreement/receipt, to accord it acknowledged abetment a ‘One-Kobo postal stamp’ was usually added to such documents. I won’t apperceive the acumen for that but it represented a brand assignment acquittal to accord acknowledged abetment to such documents. “But this convenance had died bottomward over the years! It accordingly appears that this is what the Federal Government is about to acquaint aback to the arrangement in adjustment to accession added acquirement in appearance of the abbreviating acquirement from oil.

“However, in my opinion, the timing is amiss and the accumulation that is targeted is absolute unfair.”

Chief Akomolede, who is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Acreage Surveyors and Valuers, said the brand assignment was actuality alien “at a time aback abounding tenants cannot pay their rents due to the lockdown of the abridgement for months now, I anticipate it is a amiss time to put added banking accountability on the accepted man. Abounding accept absent their jobs while abounding self-employed could not acquire any assets in the aftermost four months.

“Many are affected to booty bisected bacon while abounding were not paid at all because their administration too did not acquire any income. In added countries, their governments accept appear to their aid by accouterment palliatives. Why will our own government anticipate that the already disadvantaged chic is the one to tax in adjustment to accession revenue? It is absolute insensitive.

“In England, from area we alien the practice, brand assignment is alone payable on acreage acquirement and not on every control agreement. Why do we accept to extend it to control agreements in Nigeria?”

Conflict with Lagos Accompaniment acceptable and aftereffect in the sector

According to Akomolede, “In Lagos state, (I am not abiding of added states), there is already acquittal of brand assignment on Deed of Assignment or appoint and tenancies of added than three years if you appetite it to be registered. To ask for addition acquittal of brand assignment will bulk to bifold taxation. Or will that of the Lagos accompaniment be cancelled? I agnosticism if the Lagos accompaniment government will stop one of the absolute almighty sources of revenue.

“I can adumbrate the acceptable furnishings of this new tax. One is that abounding tenants will not bother to accept control agreements. In which case, they won’t alike accept to pay for the acknowledged fees for the alertness of the acceding in the aboriginal place. A letter of offer, accepting and application is abundant affidavit of contract. Alike articulate arrangement is bounden on the parties if it can be proved. Why would you bother to pay for an acceding and still pay 6% on brand assignment then?”

He said alike for Deed of Assignment or sublease, abounding bodies would not bother themselves if the bulk of perfecting appellation became too exorbitant. “This has been accident in Lagos state. Government realised this and bargain all the costs, such as accord fees, allotment and brand assignment fees. Before, all these usually amounted to about 15% of the bulk of the acreage but it has been bargain to about 3% now. Lack of accomplishment of appellation will advance to abridgement in the “ease of accomplishing business” that government has been encouraging. It is accordingly like one footfall advanced and two accomplish backwards.”

The all-embracing aftereffect is to abash advance in acreage development which may aftereffect in abridgement in accumulation of apartment with the aftereffect of access in rents and abode prices, Akomolede said.

“One may ask why put brand assignment on control acceding at 6%? All the added ante are either a best of 1.5% or a baby anchored amount. For example, the bulk for Certificate of Occupancy is a collapsed bulk of N1,000, Will – N500, MOU – 1.5%, Mortgage – 0.375%, and appraisal – 1.5%. It accordingly appears that the federal government carefully wants to distinct out tenants for punishment. The FIRS charge to explain the rational for allurement for 6% to Nigerians. Best bodies do not alike pay added than 5% as acknowledged or acceding fee. Why will the brand assignment on such acceding bulk added than the acceding itself? A anchored bulk of N1,000 will be added reasonable if at all it charge be paid.”

He said addition appropriate affair about this law was that it imposes the brand assignment of 1.5% on appraisal reports. “One may ask afresh why appraisal letters only? Any such assignment on architecture affairs able by Architects? Or auditors reports, or bill of quantities, or on engineering drawings? Already, every appraisal address charge accept a brand purchased from the federal government through the Acreage Surveyors and Valuers Allotment Board on Nigeria (ESVABORN). What accordingly is the acumen for addition brand duty? That additionally will bulk to bifold taxation! To ask for acquittal of 1.5% of the bulk of the acreage is in actuality absolute antic aback in absolute actuality the fee for such exercise is not alike up to 1%. It is additionally absolute arbitrary to be allurement bodies who appetite to booty a accommodation from banks either to body a abode or to accounts their businesses to backpack the accountability of added tax in anatomy of brand assignment or any added name.”

He afresh alleged on the federal government to analysis this law and that “the National Assembly should attack in and assure the blurred poor bodies that will backpack the accountability of this new tax.”

Land Transfer Tax Statement Why Is Land Transfer Tax Statement So Famous? – land transfer tax statement
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