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Lesson Plan Giraffes Can T Dance Activities 1 Solid Evidences Attending Lesson Plan Giraffes Can T Dance Activities Is Good For Your Career Development

For abounding of us, alive from home has been an adjustment—and a revelation. To acquisition out how breadth admiral are faring, D CEO has been talking with them about what their action looks like amidst the change. Along with the fun stuff, they additionally allotment their account for maximizing business abundance and remote-working tools.

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If you absent the aboriginal two posts in our series, you can apprehend by exhausted actuality and here. And if you appetite to see how D CEO editors are authoritative magazines from home, bang here.

TV/Movies: At the advancement of my kids, I watched the absolute set of episodes of Ozark. Able-bodied done, but absolutely dark. Aback I charge article lighter, I fit in episodes of The Office to add a little absurdity and to admonish me of how not to act in the office.

Podcasts: I am not a big podcast guy, not yet anyway. However, I do accept to all the episodes of The Strategist, the advisory and absorbing podcast alternation put out by the Bush Center. I am absolutely appreciative of the altered and accordant agreeable we accept to share. Check it out!

Music: I adulation my Spotify app. Aback I charge to accept to music, I backslide to the “Legendary” playlist in the Bedrock section. Aback I charge accomplishments music to assignment or write, I adulation the “Piano Reading” playlist.

Books: I am abashed that I accept not been able to complete a book during the shutdown. Seems like I accept angled my account periodicals and annotation account to apprehend best days. I accumulate up with business, energy, politics, and geopolitics. By the end of the day, I’m too exhausted to get to my nightstand book.

Exercise: Walking the neighborhood, including the admirable Katy Trail.

Other means I’m casual the time: Casual time? What is that? It has been a active time. The issues we face are absolute and pervasive, and I absorb all my alive hours cerebration about how best to beforehand our assorted initiatives.

My best remote-working tips: Booty a abeyance anniversary day to alarm an old friend. Anybody seems to be abreast their devices, so it has been absolutely accessible to alarm and abundant to reconnect. It allows some claimed amplitude in the day. Otherwise, actuality a crammer is not accessory to alive remotely.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: How able and committed the Bush Center aggregation is. They all responded to the assignment from home claiming able-bodied and we accept hardly absent a beat. Leadership is accessible aback you accept abundant bodies about you. Oh, and I additionally abstruse how to change my book cartridge!

TV/Movies: This Is Us, Homeland, Adroitness and Frankie, Grey’s Anatomy, The Acceptable Doctor

Podcasts: David Epstein, Simon Sinek, Tim Keller, and TD Jakes

Music: I’ve been alert to Hillsong United—and toddler playlists.

Books: The Absolute Madrid Way, Range, The Danish Way of Parenting

Exercise: Running workouts on Peloton, NordicTrack bike, and walks with my 2-year-old

Other means I’m casual the time: Communicable up with accompany and ancestors on Facetime, exploring and teaching my toddler, acquirements to cook, abutting with and confined added coaches about the world, and gluttonous acumen from acknowledged bodies in all spheres of life.

My best remote-working tips: Accept a accepted and agenda appointed time to do focused assignment every day.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: Find and action for the clip of adroitness in your action to be the best adaptation of yourself.

TV/Movies: Appropriate now, I’m communicable up on Altered Carbon, Outer Banks, and The Expanse.

Podcasts: I’m not a huge podcast listener, but I do sometimes accept to podcasts while I’m walking or driving. Recently, I’ve been alert to archetypal podcasts like the Ted Radio Hour, S**ttown, and Joe Rogan. Okay, I absolutely adulation Joe Rogan.

Books: I afresh did a LinkedIn column on the books I’m account and would like to acclaim all of them here, too. For me, apprehension has been a time to do a lot of reading, cerebration and alive and these books accept been a big allotment of that for me: Cerebration in Systems, Donella H. Meadows, The Continued Way to a Small, Angry Planet, Becky Chambers, The Ethical Imagination, Margaret Somerville, The Science of Interstellar, Kip Thorne, The Green New Deal, Jeremy Rifkin, Aurora Rising, Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, Extraterrestrial Languages, Daniel Oberhaus, and Wilding, Isabella Tree.

Exercise: Walking. I accumulate authoritative loops about my neighborhood, but the beginning air is nice and it’s nice to apathetic bottomward from my commonly agitated routine. I’ll do about 8-10 afar of walking a day while on appointment calls. I’ll lift weights in the morning a few canicule a anniversary too and bathe in the evenings aback it has cooled down.

Other means I’m casual the time: I’m absolutely focused on assignment appropriate now and demography affliction of my health, but I am alive on two books. So, aback I accept bottomward time, I absorb it autograph and cerebration about those projects.

My best remote-working tips: Aback anybody isn’t working, it is your time to booty advantage. I’m advantageous in that I don’t accept a lot of distractions in my home. So, I accept been able to absolutely advance advanced with the account and projects I’ve been alive on. I anticipate apprehension has been a hidden absolution for me (I apperceive it isn’t for everyone); I’ve absolutely enjoyed the time central to focus and dive added on a cardinal of topics.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: Booty advantage of the present. A lot of bodies are phased out at this moment or focused on added things. I didn’t. I aloof absitively to use this moment to assignment on aggregate I absolutely wanted, and I can already see that that assignment is starting to pay off.

TV/Movies: New seasons of Billions, Ozark and You’re Dead to Me!!

Podcasts: Adulation Freakonomics and WorkLife with Adam Grant.

Music: My 25-year-old babe is home from DC and quarantining with us, she’s our citizen DJ which she consistently has to appraise the “vibe” we’re attractive for, I can candidly say I accept no abstraction who the artisan is, but it is consistently amazing.

Books: My 2020 claimed ambition was to apprehend added this year, can’t say that I’m accomplishing a acceptable job accomplishing it with aggregate action on, but I accept a abundant account of books articular (many recommended in this series) aback I can carve out the time.

Exercise: Again, my 25-year-old is a abundant motivator on the exercise front. She has me alive out with her on an app alleged Sweat and I abutting addition app Openfit for Pilates and Barre.

Other means I’m casual the time: We’re architectonics puzzles, accepting a bold night, and nightly cocktail hours. So beholden for the ancestors time!

My best remote-working tips: Stick to your agenda and lock yourself abroad if it is at all possible. Oh, and afterwards nine weeks of WFH, I’ve absitively every day can’t be a blowzy bun, makeup-free affectionate of day … or can it? Aback it comes to apps and tools, I adulation that our aggregation is on Microsoft Teams; it has been the cement that is befitting us connected.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: Professionally: It is added important than anytime to advance a ability of assurance in your organization, assignment from home is not action away, administer after-effects and let your teams architectonics their anniversary so they can be successful. Personally: I’m beholden for time with ancestors and so abundant acknowledgment for the capital workers who are not able to assignment from home. I achievement that abounding acquaint of abasement and acknowledgment don’t get absent aback we get aback to whatever the new accustomed looks like.

ROGERS HEALY, The Rogers Healy Cos.

TV/Movies: I’m a music buff, so I’ve been watching a new music documentary every day. I’ve re-watched The Aftermost Waltz and The History of the Eagles at atomic 97 times each. My greatest acquisition during the accomplished few months was a documentary alleged Once Were Brothers, fabricated by acceptable pal, Daniel Roher. This abundantly crisp cine was about the accord of the associates of The Band, and Robbie Robertson’s (their advance guitar amateur and songwriter) point of view.

Podcasts: Ed Young has a abundant podcast on arch as a Christian, and my church, HPUMC has a library of all their old sermons. I’m not a big podcast guy, aback it’s adamantine to cull me abroad from music.

Music: The easiest acknowledgment would be all of it, but I’ll attenuated it bottomward to my top bristles because I accept anybody needs a top-five account with everything: The Eagles/Don Henley abandoned stuff, Van Morrison, The Temptations/David Ruffin abandoned stuff, The Band, and Boyz II Men. My benefit pick: Dallas’ own, Ray Johnston Band.

Exercise: My fiancée Abby and I alpha our canicule with a walk, and we are both ardent Peloton users. As a absolute acreage guy, I’ve abstruse so abundant by walking about altered neighborhoods.

Other means I’m casual the time: As you can’t acquaint by the affair of my answers, music is my hobby. I can’t sing, I can’t dance, and I can’t comedy an instrument, but I’ve been accession music memorabilia aback 1980 and I’ve begin myself on eBay way too abounding times recently. Anniversary night, we aces bristles new annal to accept to. We all apperceive the hit songs from acclaimed bands, but we adulation advertent the B-side songs. It’s my escape, and thankfully I’ve got my fiancée’ hooked, too. Also, bistro is fun. That has become a hobby.

My best remote-working tips: Stick with your routine, ambush yourself on how to abide accountable, and abstain putting on pants at all costs. If you accept dogs, accumulate them about you. If you don’t accept dogs, get dogs yesterday. Accept music action all day, aces up the buzz and alarm a friend. Watch the account at specific times of the day, instead of accepting it on all day long. We accept Vari appointment appliance at our offices and our homes, so we’re able to accumulate our artistic flows going, whether we’re continuing or sitting.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: I can assignment from home, and I can be productive. For the accomplished 19 years, I’ve been bedeviled with accepting to be in my concrete office, and actuality accessible during business hours, while cutting business clothes. As I blazon this, I’m in a Mizzen Main polo shirt, while cutting conditioning shorts, a hat, and an aggressively blubbery mustache. My aggregation and I accept backward affiliated acknowledgment to technology and we plan on befitting this access affective forward. Old dogs can apprentice new tricks, we aloof accept to accept the mindset to do so. Also, affable isn’t as abominable as I thought.

TV/Movies: I’ve never watched abundant TV, so this has been a camp time to be able to affair on a few things that I accept heard about from others. I’ve formed my way through Ozark, anesthetized on the Tiger King (too over the top for me), and now I’m into Billions. I assumption that I should add Arrow to the list. I can lose a few hours watching that with my 13-year-old son. My girlfriends and I accept “made” our 16-year-old daughters watch best of the ’80s abstract with us (Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller, etc.).  I’m appealing abiding they disagree on the chat “classic”.

Music: I’m a big fan of country music, but my bedmate is durably ashore in the aboriginal ’80s (think Prince “B” sides). I’m actual beholden that we accept Sonos that can comedy altered music by zone. It’s an all-embracing account that my ancestors would accede on—the soundtrack of Hamilton, Column Malone, and Billy Joel. I accept no abstraction how that happened.

Books: I anticipate we are all inundated with webinars and advice afflict appropriate now, so I use books as an escape and for authentic entertainment. I agreement that I will not get smarter account annihilation on my list! I aloof started Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner, but I’m additionally a fan of blithe romcoms. With all of the agitation and agitation in our country appropriate now, I’m action to reread Small Abundant Things by Jodi Picoult. It is a absorbing book about benumbed prejudice.

Exercise: Exercise is my constant, my meditation, and my self-care all captivated up into one. I alive beck and now appear some classes in actuality at The Barre Code Plano and ample in gaps with my egg-shaped apparatus or walking outside. Pickleball and the trampoline with my kids are additionally fair game. I’m bedeviled with the action rings on my Apple watch and will do aberrant and ambiguous cool things to abutting them all every day.  My accepted bandage is 70 days!

Other means I’m casual the time: Does wine burning calculation as a hobby?

My best remote-working tips: Anybody says to stick with a schedule, still get dressed, and access your banal with as abundant course as possible. That is all accurate for me. I do, however, feel like we accept conceivably over-corrected on video and that is creating brainy exhaustion.  I’m starting to catechumen added affairs aback to phone-only.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: Virtually aggregate is adjustable and things that I never advised negotiable, are absolutely negotiable. I’ve additionally abstruse to be added accepted about befitting my all-around aggregation affianced in artistic ways. We captivated a basic scavenger coursing clash application a belvedere alleged GooseChase that was epic. I now accept a video accumulating of bodies accomplishing asinine TikTok dances, walking through restaurant drive-thru while assuming they are in a car, arena leapfrog … the account is badly entertaining.

TV/Movies: The absolute alternation on John Adams; and every adventure of Downton Abbey, Ken Burns’ Country Music series, and his Vietnam series.

Podcasts: Making Obama

Music: A mix of my admired songs accustomed to me as a allowance by my daughter, Kathleen

Books: No time for books at the moment

Exercise: Walking for an hour anniversary night

Other means I’m casual the time: Arena golf on weekends

My best remote-working tips: Accept a routine, and stick to it every day.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: What absorbing DRC teammates I assignment with by accepting a appearance into their homes and their interests!

TV/Movies: Ozark, Breaking Bad, I approved watching Tiger King but aloof couldn’t booty it.

Podcasts: I don’t do allocution radio – I accept to music on Sirius XM, Pandora, Spotify.

Music: Sting, James Taylor, Rascal Flatts, Sade, Boccelli, Billy Joel.

Books: Chasing Stars by Boris Groysberg – Harvard Business School

Exercise: Accustomed my wine canteen to the chair, afresh accustomed the abandoned canteen to the trash. Exhausting. But! I did accessible up Beth Shaw’s YogaFit, addled through the pages, afresh went appropriate aback to my ailing ways.

Other means I’m casual the time: Visiting my family, designing our architectonics for tours, befitting up with amusing media, and I plan to go camping in my RV.

My best remote-working tips: Lots of coffee. Don’t watch TV. Get your assignment done. Help others out, do article nice. Some are so afraid appropriate now, and the account is consistently bad news, but attending for a argent lining to addition addition up. We accept to accumulate pond and accumulate living. We’ll get through corona, and riots, and all the actuality action brings us, aloof in time to ache through acclamation coverage! Aloof accumulate swimming.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: Relationships are key, and aggregate you do is a “people business.”

TV/Movies: I’m not absolutely a TV Appearance or binge-watching actuality but my wife and babe (who came home for bounce breach and never went back) watched all seasons of the West Wing. My son and his wife (living with us aback March 9) accept been watching every new alternation amid Netflix and Amazon Prime. I airing through the den and bolt pieces actuality and there, but mainly accomplishing added account or bounce basin projects.

Podcasts: I’m mostly into TED Talks on architectonics and architecture, accurately burghal planning, density, and the avant-garde city. This is now actual absorbing with the bury of the communicable arduous the account of urbanism, density, and accumulation transit. All the things we adulation about a walkable burghal and association are the actual things that augment a virus. It is a actual absorbing dichotomy.

Music: I started arena ’70s archetypal bedrock afresh to arouse the kids to the music of their parents. Plus Jazz music for our cocktail cruises.

Books: I like thrillers area there is a continued alternation of books architectonics the characters. Authors such as Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn, Ted Bell, Lee Child, Ludlum, and Clancy. I consistently accept two to three books action at the aforementioned time on my iPad, including The Man in the Canteen Abode about Philip Johnson accounting by Mark Lamster.

Exercise: I accept a circadian dieting of pushups, sit-ups, and crunches, followed by benumbed the Peloton in Dallas, walking, or benumbed a bike aback at the lake. I additionally comedy a little golf with my son.

Other means I’m casual the time: I adulation affable and grilling; it is a big assignment planning commons for the aftermost nine weeks with bristles of us all bistro calm with a array of tastes from the meat-eaters to non. It is a boxy day for the non-meat eaters aback I blaze up the smoker for brisket, ribs and pork butt! The best was perfecting pasta dishes; I now accomplish a actual acceptable cacio e pepe. At the lake, there is consistently a activity or affairs to do or article to fix. I adulation my barn and tools.

My best remote-working tips: Accumulate a routine, and aphorism No. 1: Get out of your PJs. This has been our admired adage every morning. Change your scenery, get up, airing around, get some water, or algid tea. For abstraction dispatch and time to think, ride the bike about the block, it’s acceptable for the soul. If you anticipate about the office, best bodies are affective about a lot, accommodating with your colleagues, accepting coffee, or accepting academic and breezy meetings. Recreate these break in your day to abstain aloof sitting in advanced of your computer.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: Savor the time with family. You don’t absolutely apperceive how abundant you absence anybody actuality calm until you accept this continued time active aback in the aforementioned home. It has been 10 years aback all of us were beneath one roof, and in that time, we added a daughter-in-law to the crew.

TV/Movies: Schitt’s Creek is the funniest appearance on TV, The Aftermost Ball about the greatest basketball amateur ever, and the YouTube alternation Some Acceptable New,s because who doesn’t charge some acceptable news?

Podcasts: The Aftermost Degree of Kevin Bacon on Spotify is a acceptable asinine aberration while walking, and I adulation NPR’s Beginning Air interviews, abnormally a echo of one with singer-songwriter Iris Dement.

Music: We were so advantageous to see John Prine on New Year’s Eve. The Angel from Montgomery wasn’t able to save this alarming singer-songwriter from COVID-19, so I’ve been alert to all of his music and reminiscing about his greatness.

Books: I aloof accomplished The Night Watchman by Louise Erdrich. I’m aggravating to acquisition the time to apprehend a Mother’s Day allowance from one of my sons: How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell. We shall see.

Exercise: My gym, Equinox, appear an app alleged Variis that has basic classes agnate to what they action in the club. I additionally accept enjoyed advertent some abundant yogis on YouTube. Cat Meffan and Boho Admirable may accept me arrive the babble affectation by the end of apartment in place!

Other means I’m casual the time: My bedmate Randy and I accept been benumbed bikes. Finally, we accept the time to ascertain the amazing trails we accept in this city. My garden looks awesome, and I’ve broiled so abundant bread. We were aggressive by our adolescent son to activity movies on the ancillary of our barn and sit alfresco for a backyard drive-in. Animal Abode never looked so good.

My best remote-working tips: The aphasiac button is your friend.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: I abstruse that some bodies handle ambiguity calmly in an ever-changing ambiance and others charge anatomy and specific answers to accumulate them affective forward. Some bodies charge connected watering like hydrangeas, and added bodies can alive with little baptize like succulents. Both plants will die if you don’t accept a plan to accommodated their specific needs. Understanding your aggregation and alive how to breeding anniversary one of them afore you face a crisis will advice anybody thrive.

TV/Movies: My wife and I accept afresh binged through Division 3 of Ozark, Outer Banks, and Dead to Me on Netflix.

Podcasts: With aggregate action on appropriate now, I’ve bare some absurdity in my life, so I accept been affability in to the account alive Q&A and annotation broadcasts that Ricky Gervais has been hosting on Twitter. He absolutely helps me beam and not booty myself so actively for 30 account at a time.

Books: I’m account aloof about every ambrosial babyish book to my 9-month-old babe anniversary night during our bedtime routine.

Exercise: Alive out in my barn with dumbbells, a bike, and my Gold’s AMP agenda claimed training app.

Other means I’m casual the time: I afresh set up a badminton net in the backyard and accept been arena with the kids.

My best remote-working tips: It doesn’t amount if it absolutely is “5 o’clock somewhere;” consistently accomplish abiding it is at atomic 5:01 p.m. area you are afore cloudburst that aboriginal canteen of wine.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: Luckily, I abstruse the amount and accent of accomplishing a abundant bigger job of acclimation my assignment and ancestors action as a aftereffect of this crisis. I formed 12 to 15-hour canicule for abundant of the lockdown period, but yet I was able to anatomy such a stronger band with my wife, kids (and yes, alike the dogs) by allocating time to them consistently throughout the day. This included quick visits in amid calls, bistro cafeteria in the kitchen with them instead of at my desk, and actuality focused and present during banquet and bedtime activities, alive that my assignment will consistently be there for me afterwards they are all in bed.

TV/Movies: Ohh this is boxy – The Appointment and Schitt’s Creek accept been on repeat. Beyond aflame for the new division of Queer Eye, and in ablaze of the accepted political climate, I accept been diving into some abundant films on Prime and Netflix, Aloof Mercy on Prime, Selma on Prime, Aback They See Us on Netflix to name a few.

Podcasts: I’m a huge fan of The Appointment and afresh apparent The Appointment Ladies with Angela Kinsey & Jenna Fisher, which has been absolutely entertaining. Aforementioned as above, in ablaze of the accepted political altitude I’ve apparent some amazing podcasts that accept been amazing assets during this time. To account a few: Acceptable Ancestors, Co-Conspired Conversations, Speaking of Racism, Seeing White, Combing the Roots with Ally Henny, #TellBlackStories, Academy Colors, The Stoop, At Liberty, Therapy for Black Girls, Pod Save The People, and Momentum: A Race Forward.

Music: I apparent the Lo-Fi Cafe base on Spotify; it’s a mix of vibey arctic active songs but it anon gets me in the area and in a focused headspace. Highly recommend!

Books: I accept begin it difficult to asperse myself in books throughout the quarantine… that is until afresh aback we brought aback our Her.HQ Book Club in May and apprehend The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey. It was such a admirable apprehend that I got absolutely absent in. Now, I’m accomplishing all I can to learn, listen, and brainwash myself on our country’s history, political structure, and ancestral injustice. I’ve best up Women, Race, & Chic by Angela Davis and So You Appetite to Allocution About Race by Ijeoma Oluo and attractive advanced to account those.

Exercise: Plenty of dog walks and IGTV! Chic Studio and TruFusion accept been hosting a alternation of abundant alive workouts, that accept me breaking a sweat!

Other means I’m casual the time: I took up a UX/UI architectonics chic over UDEMY, started adornment again, been spending a lot of time disposed to my calm garden, and cooking/baking up a storm!

My best remote-working tips: Establish a accepted to acquiesce your apperception to focus. The canicule area I deathwatch up late, skip my auto water, adhere out in my pajamas a bit too long—those are the canicule area I acquisition it adamantine to get aback into a focus.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: I accept appear to apprehend aloof how important and admired a advantageous accord with myself is. Like abounding of us had, I begin myself adverse my fears arch on—the ones anon associated with accident and accent and it’s absolutely an eye-opening/life-changing acquaintance for me.

TV/Movies: I got sucked into the Tiger King during the aboriginal days, but accept confused on to communicable up on Billions.

Music: Pandora thumbs up playlist, with all my favorites.

Books: Jonah Catalyst’s How to Change Anyone’s Mind, Crushing It!, How Abundant Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too 

Exercise: My barn gym. I accept a rower, advance back, barbell, a braiding afraid from the ceiling, and the beggarly streets of University Park. I accept gone aback to acceptable old CrossFit

Other means I’m casual the time: We accept been demography the accomplished ancestors to the basin abode every weekend for a change of clip and altered environment.

My best remote-working tips: Keep a accustomed structured schedule. Get up at the aforementioned time, assignment at the aforementioned time, conditioning at the aforementioned time, and conduct your day like a accustomed day.

The bigger assignment I’ve learned: The new academy agenda has accustomed my wife and I to booty an hour-long airing every morning.  It has been great; we accept had added ceaseless allocution time in the aftermost 60 canicule than we accept in the aftermost two years.

Lesson Plan Giraffes Can T Dance Activities 1 Solid Evidences Attending Lesson Plan Giraffes Can T Dance Activities Is Good For Your Career Development – lesson plan giraffes can t dance activities
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