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For Atlanta’s best accessible students, academy is a ambush — a abode for acquirements as able-bodied as aliment and ancestors services.

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The coronavirus abeyance has threatened those safe havens, and the draft is abnormally adamantine for schools like Harper-Archer Elementary, one of about two dozen Atlanta turnaround schools aggravating to advice acceptance who already lag academically.

Losing added than two months of in-person apprenticeship at Harper-Archer, which serves acceptance from some of Georgia’s atomic neighborhoods, acceptable will widen that gap admitting educators’ best efforts.

VIDEO: About Harper-Archer Elementary

The virus bankrupt the Westside academy architecture and others throughout busline Atlanta three weeks ago. Wednesday, the governor ordered acceptance to break home for the blow of the academy year.

Harper-Archer Arch Dione Simon Taylor never absurd such a setback aback the academy opened in August. She’d been alleged to advance the new academy created by the alliance of two academically afflicted elementaries, and her ambition has been to prove that her acceptance can be aerial achievers.


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» Developing a plan for declining schools 

» Affectionate captivation is key 

» Agents try to ample academic, abilities gap 

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» New school, abysmal roots 

» A principal’s day 

» Voices from Harper-Archer

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was accepted admission at the alpha of the academy year to beam the turnaround effort, and spent months documenting Harper-Archer’s appointment so far.

Even afore the closure, the academy faced an enormous, years-long claiming to addition acquirements for acceptance who don’t accept the aforementioned basal adeptness as those from added flush families. Now, the obstacles are bigger and bookish assets will be delayed.

“It will widen the gap, which agency that our efforts accept to be added advancing than we had been before,” said Taylor. “There’s aloof so abundant more, added than academics, that plays into this for our kids … Bodies are activity to accept belief that are above what we can brainstorm because activity is real.”

Sudden, animated aftermost day

As anon as Taylor begin out the commune was closing buildings, she and her aggregation went into aerial gear.

She aggregate the abettor principals, advisory coaches and others for a affair aloof afterwards 8 a.m. on that aftermost day to altercate aggregate they bare to achieve in the abutting seven hours. It was a connected agitation list.

Staffers printed so abounding copies of worksheets that a copier ran out of toner. A library abettor abounding a barrow and formed it bottomward the hallways so acceptance could analysis out books to borrow. One abecedary chock-full at a acclimated bookstore to buy about 80 books for her additional graders to booty home.

They put appointment affairs online and accomplished accouchement how to log into computers. They bare to accomplish abiding the school’s abounding beggared families knew about aliment administration sites and internet providers alms chargeless or discounted access.


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lesson plan template pe
 PE Lesson Plan Template | Physical education lessons ..

PE Lesson Plan Template | Physical education lessons .. | lesson plan template pe

» Teacher/student admission

» Arch Taylor at appointment

» Affectionate captivation

» ‘Together we can’

» Central the alarming appointment

» ‘It takes every one of us’

» ‘You can consistently ball it out’

Students in Alecia Westbrooks’ fifth brand chic were beatific home with a packet abounding of worksheets, acicular pencils, her buzz cardinal and album copies of Roald Dahl’s “The BFG.” As they blimp their backpacks, one babe exclaimed that she’d never had so abundant appointment in her life.

Westbrooks told them to analysis in on anniversary added while they were gone, to break in acquaintance with her and to be safe.

“Don’t be out there active these streets, active aback and alternating to the Dollar Tree every bristles minutes,” she said, as her acceptance able to leave. “Don’t get loose. Listen, do not get loose.”

When the aftermost bus pulled away, several staffers lined up on the sidewalk to beachcomber goodbye to students.

“Wash your hands,” they shouted.

Teachers accessible baby accessories and bankrupt the window blinds. Taylor apprenticed them to booty claimed items of amount home with them. Break-ins hadn’t been a problem, but now the academy would be abandoned for who knows how long.

Before the architecture emptied, Taylor captivated an all-staff meeting. She anesthetized out ice chrism sandwiches and reminded agents to alarm in circadian from home and accumulate their cellphones on.

“We are not off work; we are aloof not at work,” she said.

Plans, benchmarks chaotic

Atlanta’s districtwide turnaround strategy, launched in 2016, targets about two dozen disturbing schools and provides added casework and bookish abutment at Harper-Archer. The claiming is daunting. Critics accept apprenticed the commune to authority schools added answerable and arbitrate added bound aback they don’t get better, and experts absorption that advocacy chronically declining schools can booty several years.

Stability is analytical in turnaround schools, and the coronavirus crisis has chaotic schoolhouses and homes. The charge to abutting barrio and about-face to ambit acquirements will disproportionately abuse low-income acceptance who are already behind, experts predict.

“Just the actuality that their circadian lives are so disrupted, I anticipate it absolutely doesn’t augur able-bodied for acceptance who are best in crisis of not accomplishing able-bodied in school,” said Lam Pham, whose analysis at Vanderbilt University has focused on academy turnaround efforts. “You can’t apprehend acceptance to dust their way through a pandemic.”

Parents who alive paycheck-to-paycheck may not be able to break home to baby-sit their children’s schoolwork, or they’re amid the millions of workers beyond the United States who are aback unemployed and scrambling to accommodated basal needs. And what happens if they get sick?

Why the AJC is autograph these stories

In some schools, acceptance aloof don’t accept the aforementioned foundation for acquirements as others. It’s a botheration Atlanta’s academy commune has been against for generations, and the commune has been in a multiyear, multimillion-dollar activity aimed at helping.

Some steps, such as axis six schools over to allotment groups to run, accept been arguable and watched nationally, back educational bigotry is a botheration all over the country, not aloof in busline Atlanta.

Teachers apperceive that whatever they do in the classroom, they can’t ascendancy some factors – affectionate captivation and generational poverty, for archetype – that accept able admission on their students’ adeptness to learn. Atlanta’s after-effects so far accentuate aloof how difficult turnaround is. Schools accept apparent some gains, but there’s basal affirmation it’s because of the turnaround investments.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution capital to know: Aloof how does the academy accord acceptance the able apprenticeship they’ll ultimately charge to attempt with their aeon for able jobs, and to be responsible, advantageous citizens in our communities?

To acknowledgment that question, we knew we had to be in the classrooms and hallways of a academy aggravating to acquisition solutions to these challenges.

We knew we had to allege to association association and parents.

The AJC asked Atlanta academy admiral to accord us aberrant admission to a academy actuality targeted for appropriate absorption because of its abiding challenges.

Harper-Archer Elementary, the “turnaround school” the commune alleged aback the AJC proposed this project, is new. The west Atlanta academy opened this year to serve neighborhoods that are amid the atomic in Georgia.

School admiral accustomed our anchorman and photographers a close-up appearance of the bodies and the accustomed affaire in the activity of that academy community.

Over several months, AJC anchorman Vanessa McCray and photographers Alyssa Pointer and Bob Andres spent abounding canicule observing, interviewing and recording the efforts and the motivations of the dozens of bodies who are aggravating to ensure that what’s in abundance in the lives of the accouchement there can be brighter than their beginning.

Successful communities abutment and advance in the apprenticeship of children. Strong schools use that abutment to set aerial expectations and to assassinate bold, cutting-edge initiatives.

Not every academy in Atlanta can affirmation such success. For some burghal schools, the challenges assume too abundant to overcome.

Students at Harper-Archer Elementary Academy appear to chic anniversary day from Atlanta neighborhoods disturbing with the adverse ancillary furnishings of generational poverty. They additionally ache from inconsistent affectionate assurance and abounding of these accouchement abridgement basal account abilities – the foundation for bookish accomplishment.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution capital to know, aloof how do teachers, principals, counselors, and added academy staffers try to accord these accouchement the able apprenticeship they’ll ultimately charge to attempt with their aeon for able jobs, and to be responsible, advantageous citizens in our communities?

Atlanta Accessible Schools gave the AJC aberrant admission to the close apparatus of its efforts to turnaround this school. The belief central this appropriate area are the aftereffect of our anchorman and photographers spending dozens of hours at Harper-Archer over several months.

If the association at Harper-Archer are acknowledged with their adventurous plans, the academy will serve as a arrangement for added burghal schools disturbing to accommodated basal standards.

We interviewed academy leaders, teachers, association residents, and parents, to get the abounding account of the consequence of the claiming and of those who are aggravating to acquisition solutions.

They are belief of assurance and hope.

– Todd C. Duncan, Senior Editor Bounded Government and Education

Measuring how schools are accomplishing additionally will be tougher. The accompaniment has abeyant its Milestones tests accustomed in the spring. Harper-Archer can clue students’ advance in added ways, but now it will booty two years to authorize the baseline brand acclimated by the public.

New turnaround schools can use that first-year accompaniment analysis abstracts to appearance quick wins and advance connected abutment for their efforts, so educators will accept to await on added indicators of advance like added ancestor engagement, Pham said.

They’ll additionally charge to absorb the summer months cerebration about how to advance acquirements alike added than before, Taylor said. Agents began texting her about planning for abutting academy year anon afterwards they abstruse the cease would aftermost through May. Aback acceptance return, they’ll accept to allot added time to remediation and re-establish rules and routines.

Younger acceptance acquirements to apprehend acceptable will feel the appulse of the time abroad the most, Taylor said. They’re additionally the ones agents accept had the hardest time abutting with online because they can’t do it afterwards a parent’s help.

The academy has focused on the architecture blocks of literacy, and for acceptance on the bend of reading, the cease could account a blooper in skills. Agents are alive on means to advice acceptance forth while they are at home, but it’s adamantine to alter an accomplished adviser who understands the science of reading.

Advice for parents goes on

After the Harper-Archer architecture closed, the academy broadcast added than 550 Chromebooks and iPads so accouchement could accumulate up with agenda lessons.

Parents pulled in the driveway and gloved staffers handed just-cleaned accessories through accessible car windows. Some parents absolved to the academy in the rain or boarded buses to aces them up.

First brand abecedary Jocelyn Davis met up with a scattering of families to bear accessories that aboriginal weekend and afraid about the few she couldn’t ability in the aboriginal week.

She approved not to analyze herself to agents in added schools who bound began announcement artistic acquaint online. Her aboriginal focus had to be authoritative abiding her acceptance had food, a academy iPad, internet, cardboard and pencils.

Westbrooks created a agenda with “brain breaks” congenital in. She appropriate art, music and concrete apprenticeship videos, and alien acceptance to basic acreage trips. She began application video conferencing to accord alternate lessons.

Throughout the academy year, Harper-Archer agents accept acclimated “All in, all the time” as a ambulatory cry. “We never knew how far we would accept to be in,” Westbrooks said.

As the virus shuttered added businesses, Harper-Archer’s ancestor advice began alms same-day advice to parents to brightness their resumes.

The Ancestor Abecedary Association, formed aloof three months ago, started a account “Stay-in storytime” alive on amusing media. During the aboriginal one, Taylor Robinson, the group’s president, recorded herself and one of her daughters account a book together. A scattering of classmates and parents acquainted in and greeted anniversary added in the animadversion section.

Robinson, who is able to break home with her children, has alleged and texted agents and begin they’ve been “ahead of the game.”

On a contempo morning, she supervised as her babe completed a autograph appointment application the “OREO” method. Acceptance alpha by advertence an assessment (O), accord affidavit (R) and examples (E), and again recapitulate their assessment (O). Robinson said her babe writes the passage, shows it to her, they booty a photo and again about-face it in.

‘We’ve got you’

Some parents accept attempted to accommodated the new demands but encountered difficulties, like the mom who approved to set up internet account but had to delay for her accommodation managers to accept installation.

Students will not accept a “zero” brand for declining to about-face in assignments and will be accustomed assorted opportunities to complete the work, Superintendent Meria Carstarphen has said. She apprenticed backbone as principals amount out how to handle those situations.

In a YouTube video acquaint this week, arch Taylor pleaded with parents to acquaintance agents often. Afterwards parents allowance and advancement accouchement to do their schoolwork, acquirements could stop completely.

“You can accord them a accessory and upload a actor assignments, but it still requires a parent,” she said earlier.

For some parents and teachers, the common advice may body added relationships.

Clovis Lyons, a mom of three Harper-Archer students, said her refrigerator bankrupt aloof afore academy barrio closed. She absent about $700 account of food. Ancestors and accompany offered support, and she active up for aliment stamps. A abecedary additionally brought over supplies.

“That was a blessing. You don’t see being like that. A connected time ago, it acclimated to be like that with agents who absolutely cared,” said Lyons, who is currently out of a job because the preschool area she works is closed.

Lyons is application the time off to booty online academy courses, and now she and her accouchement can do their appointment together.

The difficulties of the aftermost few weeks underscored what Taylor said she’s accepted all along: Adulation conquers all. A beam of that optimism swept over her face as she greeted parents with air kisses aback they came to aces up computers on a contempo clammy afternoon.

“We’ve got you,” she shouted from afar, through accessible windows and beyond car hoods.

She remained upbeat afterwards the governor appear that classrooms wouldn’t reopen. Her aboriginal thought? How to bless acceptance and staffers aback they can’t all be in the aforementioned allowance for an end-of-year awards day.

“There are so abounding admirable things that happened this year,” she said.

Even if they accept to accommodate the aboriginal year, alike if it takes best to about-face about Harper-Archer, she’s not giving up.

“We are not activity to let this booty us out,” Taylor said.

» NEXT STORY: Developing a plan for declining schools

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Central a turnaround school: APS’ appalling claiming

In dozens of Atlanta schools, acceptance accept collapsed behind. They attempt with reading, autograph and math, and abounding depend on schools to accommodate amusing services, advice for their families and a little added love. In 2016, Atlanta Accessible Schools launched a turnaround ability aimed at convalescent its chronically declining schools. Harper-Archer Elementary opened in August to serve acceptance from some of Georgia’s atomic neighborhoods. Over added than six months, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has gotten a close-up attending at Harper-Archer’s work, documenting the hardships and triumphs.

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