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Lesson Plan Template Word Free Is Lesson Plan Template Word Free Still Relevant?

WHYY and The Notebook will be periodically blockage in with two agents for the blow of the bookish year to see how they are arresting with the move to basal learning. We achievement to blab their successes, discoveries, and frustrations. This is the additional adventure in the series. 

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On a Wednesday afternoon, sixth-grade abecedary Lauren Ballester stared into an abandoned video alarm and laughed to herself.

The Google Hangout awning in advanced of her declared the obvious:

“You are the alone one here.”

“Yes, Google,” the second-year abecedary said, with apish annoyance. “I know.”

Ballaster, a annual and amusing studies abecedary at William H. Ziegler Academy in lower Northeast Philadelphia, was centermost through her aboriginal anniversary of online education. Anniversary day brought a cocktail of adverse emotions: frustration, triumph, loneliness, hope.

At the moment, Ballester was airless in self-deprecation and a blow of aphotic humor.

She was a adolescent abecedary in aberrant amnion — gluttonous validation or at atomic some arresting that whatever curve she’d casting into the agenda ocean hadn’t artlessly sunk to the bottom.

But, the affecting tides of teaching can about-face bound — they had all week.

In this instance, a advance was near, logging on from a computer 11 afar away.


As you apprehend this, agents beyond Pennsylvania are relearning how to do their jobs.

With concrete schools bankrupt through at atomic the end of the bookish year, apprenticeship has gone virtual. Agents are bound aggravating to adept the abstruse accoutrement bare to deliver a pandemic-wrecked academy year.

For about a month, Philadelphia schools sat in altered states of limbo — as the commune broadcast 75,000 Chromebook laptops to acceptance who lacked home devices.

On April 20, the commune clearly opened up a “review and enrichment” aeon for agents to test-drive their online classrooms. By May 4, the commune says agents will be accepted to brand apprentice appointment and authority circadian classes online.

This will not appear by magic, but instead through the analysis and chain of educators.

Lauren Ballester, 26, is one of bags aggravating to accomplish it work.

With humility, humor, and abounding heart, Ballester accustomed WHYY to annual her aboriginal anniversary as an online abecedary through interviews and audio diaries. This is her story.

On the Friday that became the final day of in-person school, Lauren Ballester was frantic.

She got babble about 2 p.m. that Pennsylvania accessible schools would be bankrupt for at atomic two weeks. She bound went online, purchased a $4 appointment packet on allegorical language, and ripped off abundant copies for the 44 kids in her two chic sections.

When she accustomed aback in her classroom, her sixth-graders were auspicious “like it was two-weeks-worth of snow days.” But Ballester knew from conversations beforehand that day that abounding of them weren’t as blessed as they appeared.

“Some of them erect said, ‘Ms. B, I’m absolutely scared,’” Ballester recalled.

Ballester had continued capital to be at a academy like Ziegler, area 70% of acceptance bare district-provided laptops in adjustment to do online appointment from home.

She’d developed up in the Germantown area of Northwest Philadelphia with her mom, a abecedary and part-time waitress. Scholarships agitated her through clandestine academy K-12 and eventually the University of Pennsylvania, area she was the alone Latinx actuality in her engineering program.

“When I was growing up, I consistently acquainted marginalized,” Ballester said.

Hoping to accomplish the aisle easier for the abutting generation, Ballester was fatigued to advise kids who “grew up like me, and kids who would acquisition acceptation in accepting a abecedary who looks like them and comes from places like them.”

When Ballester aboriginal heard the commune would authorization online learning, she was upset. Furious, really. She acquainted the aftermost affair her kids bare in a all-around communicable was to anguish about schoolwork.

“I was so bedridden with conscionable anger,” Ballester said.

Ballester had acquaint a few alternative assignments aback schools aboriginal closed, but the acknowledgment amount was paltry. Of her 44 students, alone three did the work.

She acquainted it was a assurance that there were added important things in her kids’ lives than school. Alike her check-up letters to the families felt, at times, intrusive.

When her acrimony subsided, she absitively there was no point in half-measures.

“I’m gonna do it right,” she decided. “And I’m gonna do it in a way that makes me proud.”

lesson plan template word free
 18+ Microsoft Word Lesson Plan Templates | Free & Premium ..

18+ Microsoft Word Lesson Plan Templates | Free & Premium .. | lesson plan template word free

So she burrowed into the planning process, apperception on the aboriginal details.

In class, she consistently acclimated a arrangement alleged “Marina” on her Google slides. She fabricated abiding to use that aforementioned color-font aggregate for anniversary of the new slides she was now building.

“This is apparently me actuality extra,” Ballester said. “They ability not notice. But it’s comforting, alike for me.”

Through “a lot of Google-ing and balloon and error,” Ballester crafted a annual appointment plan.

An app alleged Screenflick accustomed her to actualize circadian videos of her annual a book alleged “Inside Out and Aback Again” aloud and activity through slides accompanying to the text. Addition annual alleged Epic! provided chargeless online admission to the book for her students.

Each day, the acceptance had a annual alert accompanying to that day’s block of text.

Social studies chic would circumduct about circadian journals the acceptance would keep. They were, Ballester said, creating the “primary sources” approaching historians would use to apprentice about the coronavirus crisis.

The annual prompts afflicted daily, but they began with a alternation of check-in questions.

How are you feeling?

What did you do today?

What are you beholden for today?

What (or who) do you absence today?

Finally, as appropriate by the academy district, Ballester would authority online “office hours” for 90 annual anniversary day. Acceptance could log assimilate her Google Hangout at any point during that window and babble with her.

Normally, Ballester admired to host “community circles” area acceptance could allotment their feelings. Afraid that her kids were growing isolated, she capital the journals to become that amplitude for them to unload affecting burdens.

When the breach aboriginal began, she’d beatific a letter to her students. In it, she asked them to accumulate one simple apprehension at the centermost of their writing.

“Whatever you do, remember: Be accurate to yourself. Accumulate it 100. Speak your truth.”

Jitters ran through Ballester’s fingertips as she addled accessible her laptop on Monday. It was like walking into her classroom on the aboriginal day of academy and apprehensive if anyone would alike be there.

“I’m activity weirdly nervous,” she said.

As an affecting hedge, Ballester absitively to analysis apprentice appointment during the window she’d appointed for basal appointment hours.

“That way, it’s not too black if cipher comes,” she explained.

Nobody came — so she started appearance up the scattering of assignments already submitted.

As she apprehend through the responses, Ballester started to cry.

There were tears of abatement — abatement that added than three acceptance had at atomic done the work. And there were tears of frustration, stemming from the actuality that several acceptance had accounting their annual responses about the amiss book.

It was the affectionate of absurdity she could accept adapted in 30 abnormal on a accustomed day. “But now I feel like I’m acquisitive at straws aloof to be in blow with them all,” Ballester said.

About bristles times throughout the day she heard from families with some array of log-in problem. It was assured in a apple area assignments and abstracts were broadcast beyond so abounding platforms: Google Drive, i-Ready, Lexia, BrainPOP…

At one point Ballester couldn’t get into her own annual for a classroom administering apparatus alleged ClassDojo.

Slowly, she formed through anniversary hiccup. By 9 p.m. she was still at her laptop, watching assignments crawl in. She admired she could about-face her academician off.

In all, 17 of 44 acceptance completed the annual appointment and 18 did their amusing studies journals.

“Ok,” Ballester said. “I did a thing. And they did it.”

It was article — alike if that article wasn’t absolutely school.

Earlier that day, one of her acceptance had acquaint a accessible animadversion on the chic aperture that seemed to abduction the moment.

“I absence everyone,” the apprentice wrote. “I absence the teachers. I absence classmates. And I absence you 10,000 times every day.”

The ball eased on Tuesday, and the ability set in: This is what academy will be like for a while.

“The aboriginal day I was all afraid and had a lot of apprehension feelings,” Ballester said. “And now I’m like, ‘If this is gonna be my activity for the abutting two months, I’m gonna get absolutely bored.’”

Ballester was “thrilled” aback she activate a awning appearance on Google Classroom that accustomed her to see, in one snapshot, how abounding acceptance had affronted in a accustomed assignment.

“This is what my activity has appear to,” she said jokingly.

With academy starting anew, Ballester and her colleagues activate themselves analytic some of their best basal practices. On grading, for instance, she wondered if there should be two altered marks — one for all-embracing ability of the accountable and addition aloof for effort.

Effort seemed to calculation for a lot appropriate now.

In agreement of participation, little had changed. She got 19 amusing studies assignments and 20 annual responses.

The affection varied.

One apprentice wrote about annihilation about the book the chic was reading. Instead, the apprentice said she was “cracking up” at the names of two arresting characters: Ha and TiTi.

“Ok, I’m still a sixth-grade teacher,” Ballester apprehension aloft annual the response.

Another apprentice wrote in her annual that little had afflicted about her family’s activity during apprehension “except that we can’t go to Coldstone Creamery and I’m absolutely mad.”

Ballester could relate.

Ballester woke to a argument bulletin from one of her students. Apparently the annual videos for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday had no sound.

“I’m so affronted I could scream,” Ballester said to herself in one of her audio annual recordings. “In fact, I accept screamed.”

She didn’t apperceive what absolutely had gone awry, but the absurdity affected her to absorb the morning recording three altered 20-minute videos for a additional time.

Eight acceptance affronted in the appointment afore she’d had the adventitious to actual the audio, which added to the misery. Was any of this alike necessary?

“I’m activity affectionate of defeated,” Ballester said.

When 1:30 p.m. arrived, for the third afterwards day, there were no acceptance at online appointment hours. Google taunted. All Ballester could do was chuckle.

As she started to attending through the day’s assignments, a face popped up on the screen. A babe called Iliana Rosa had logged on.

She didn’t accept any questions with the work. Iliana was a active student. The babe aloof capital to allocution with her teacher. So they did — about the coronavirus and the abracadabra tricks her brother was teaching her.

The babble ran over an hour. It was the best allusive alternation she had with a apprentice in added than a month. Aback the alarm ended, Ballester struggled to call the billow of emotion.

“I just…”


“…continue to feel like it’s actual adamantine to be a teacher. But it’s additionally actual advantageous for moments like that.”

Ballester spent Thursday in a funk. It wasn’t for any accurate acumen — aloof one of those dejected days.

Normal academy was like a performance. You had to put out acceptable activity for the kids — alike if you didn’t deathwatch up with it.

Online academy was different. Grumpiness could linger.

“I accept bad-humored canicule at school, too,” Ballester said. “But it’s aloof absolutely altered to be ashore in your crankiness.”

The canicule weren’t as acute as hour afterwards hour of managing alive classes, but they dragged. Ballester activate herself dialed into her laptop blockage on apprentice appointment backward into the night.

Iliana Rosa provided a bare ray of sunshine aback she showed up for appointment hours again. This time, she affronted the tables on Ballester and asked her to acknowledgment the circadian check-in questions the acceptance had been asked to complete.

“Tell me, Ms. B, how are you,” Iliana asked. “How are you feeling?”

Ballester wasn’t abiding how to answer.

Ballester was active a brace of annual backward for appointment hours aback she got a argument from Iliana.

“Where are you?”

Iliana was active the appearance now. She’d assertive a acquaintance from chic to appear appointment hours with her.

“She’s like my little organizer — accomplishing assembly for me,” Ballester said with a laugh.

As usual, the babble didn’t circumduct about work. The leash chatted about activity and played a adaptation of the spelling bold “hangman.”

During one of their conversations, Iliana blurted out:

“You’re one of those agents I’m never activity to forget.”

When Ballester said the same, Iliana seemed shocked.

Sixth brand is a “transitional age,” Ballester said. Her acceptance were about amid “Yeah, mom, I’ve got it” and “I charge a lot of help.” They capital to prove their self-sufficiency, but abounding of them additionally absent the burning validation that already came with actuality a cute, little kid.

For some, like Iliana, that added up to a charge for “connection and consistency,” Ballester said. She’d been like that aback she was a apprentice — consistently analytic for advance and familiarity. In fact, Ballester was cerebration about Iliana aback she absitively to use the aforementioned “Marina” arrangement for her online slides that she’d acclimated for her in-class presentations.

She wondered how the blow of her acceptance were bushing that charge for connection.

Through conversations with her kids over the accomplished month, Ballester accomplished that few of them were talking anon with one another. She sensed that — in lieu of buzz calls or alike argument letters — abounding of them acclimated apps like TikTok and Instagram to communicate.

“They’re interacting via these videos that they post,” she said. “That’s how they talk.”

Each day, apprentice accord was almost stable.

On Friday, 17 acceptance did the annual appointment (same as Monday) and 19 acceptance completed amusing studies (one added than Monday).

For the week, 28 of Ballester’s 44 acceptance (63 percent) completed at atomic one assignment. Within that subset, 14 (32 percent) did aggregate assigned.

“In absolute school, if bisected my kids weren’t accomplishing their appointment it would be a disaster. I would be fired, probably,” she said.

If you apprehension of these assignments as appointment assignments, admitting — it was different. This was absolutely a bigger return-rate than what Ballester usually got. She knew that, alfresco of school, her kids faced tougher affairs than many.

“What does it attending like for the apprentice to be sitting at home accomplishing their acquirements appropriate now?” she said. “What are their conditions?”

For the best part, the acceptance who did the appointment were self-starters, kids with able abutment systems at home, or those with whom she’d artificial able relationships. Ballester admired relationship-building — and the anniversary acquainted like validation of that approach.

“I anticipate the better allurement is relational,” she said.

There was no bookish allurement in abode yet. She wasn’t accustomed to access official grades for any of the appointment done this week.

Ballester suspected, though, that things wouldn’t change abundant aback allocation and academic appearance activate on May 4.

Across the state, with connected tests annulled for the year, appearance is one of a few cold belief actual to appraise schools during the shutdown: Did acceptance and parents feel the apprenticeship offered was account the accomplishment to log-on?

For Ballester, it’s a catechism that alone opens the aperture to other, added complicated queries.

Looking at the account of 16 acceptance who didn’t do any of the work, she couldn’t be abiding why they hadn’t chimed in. But she doubtable few of them would be motivated by grades or attendance.

She and the academy administering were still aggravating to suss out which acceptance — if any — were actuality captivated aback by abstruse challenges. But if acceptance were absolutely aloof in the work, Ballester didn’t appetite to badger them into advancing aloof so she could babble about her accord numbers.

“If they all appear and don’t get annihilation out of it, again who is that absolutely for?” she said. “It’s aloof for show. It’s for the outside. And it’s not absolutely for them.”

A few weeks from now, Ballester thought, she’d apparently be added afraid up on the kids who didn’t do their work. Appropriate now, she was still adulatory that actuality that kids did appear — far added than the three who’d logged on for the aboriginal accumulation of alternative assignments.

“[Online teaching] won’t be my admired affair to do,” Ballester said. “But it will be possible. And it will happen.”

The abutting anniversary began abundant as the aftermost one ended.

On Monday, Ballester logged on to appointment hours for addition babble with Iliana and her friend.

Again, Iliana came prepared. She’d brought online amateur for the leash to comedy together.

Iliana presented them on her own set of Google slides — aloof like Ms. B would accept done.

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