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DEAR READERS: Every year, I footfall abroad from the Ask Amy cavalcade for two weeks in adjustment to assignment on added autograph projects.

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My two memoirs, “The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A Adventure of Surprising Additional Chances,”(2010, Hachette) and “Strangers Tend to Acquaint Me Things: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Coming Home” (2018, Hachette) are accessible from your admired bookseller or library.

Today’s (2010) “Best Of” cavalcade contains one of my best memorable questions. I’m active the aboriginal catechism and answer, as able-bodied as a sample of the admirable and admiring responses I accustomed from readers who were affected by the adventure of a child’s affiliation to his blimp animals.

I’ll be aback with beginning Ask Amy columns abutting week.

DEAR AMY: I accept a acquaintance who is the ancestor of a 12-year-old son. My friend’s son’s bedchamber is abounding with blimp animals. These are not “guy” toys, but pink, yellow, orange, etc., blimp animals. We accept approved to acquaint the dad that this is not adapted for a adolescent man, but he aloof scoffs at us. There are hundreds of these blimp animals in this child’s room.

What are your thoughts?

 Wondering Friend

DEAR WONDERING: My thoughts are that hundreds of any toy is too abundant for a adolescent to possess, but it’s not for you to adjudicator the blazon of toys this adolescent collects. It’s additionally not for you to adjudicator whether blimp animals are abundantly adult for addition else’s adolescent to comedy with.

If this dad seeks out your admonition on the abundance and affection of his son’s toys, again go for it. Otherwise, you should accumulate your angle to yourself.

July 2010

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DEAR AMY: We accept a grandson who, back he was 12, not abandoned had lots of blimp animals but additionally agitated one about with him everywhere. This accumulating my bedmate crazy.

I accomplished elementary academy acceptance for 42 years. I told him to leave the boy alone.

The grandson is now a music abecedary and a accomplished adolescent man.


DEAR BARBARA: “Leave the boy alone” is academician admonition for abounding parents and grandparents — in abounding altered contexts. You are a astute woman. Thank you.

July 2010

DEAR AMY: Back I was in aerial school, the boy I had amorphous dating handed me a bankrupt cardboard cafeteria bag. Shyly, he said he knew I could sew and wondered if I could fix what was in the bag. It was a blimp panda bear, abominably worn.

I was affected by his affected adapter to the buck and thought, “This guy will accomplish a abundant amoroso someday.”

Recently we acclaimed our 29th bells anniversary. He’s been a kind, admiring and affable bedmate and ancestor to our two daughters, who are now developed and married.

And the blimp panda bear? We still accept it.


DEAR SHIRLEY: This is lovely. Thank you.

August 2010

DEAR AMY: I had to hop on the appearance and acknowledge to the letter about the 12-year-old boy who had lots of blimp animals.

I am a 24-year-old woman, and I’ve had a big teddy buck back I was an infant. I had a somewhat asperous childhood, and the abandoned connected acquaintance was my bear.

I semi-jokingly acquaint bodies that “he has the aroma of my activity on him.”

A few years ago, I was on a additional or third date with a man and somehow this affair came up. I told him about my bear, and I anticipation his eyes were activity to pop out of his head!

He again explained that he has had a buck back he was an baby as able-bodied and he kept it in the block of his car the accomplished time he was in academy so bodies wouldn’t accomplish fun of him.

He is now my fiance, and our bears don’t accept to be hidden.

It warms my affection to apprehend from added bodies who kept article that others ability anticipate is asinine abutting to them through the years.


DEAR HUGGER: I adulation the testimonials to the blimp accompany who authority the “smell” of our lives. A buck can be a child’s best affectionate friend.

August 2010

DEAR AMY: Your altercation about a boy who had a accumulating of blimp animals fabricated me smile. Mine was called Muffin. He was a avoid that helped me get through law school.


DEAR GREG: Here’s to Muffin, and all the added blimp or azoic accompany who advice their keepers to cope with life’s challenges.

August 2010

You can email Amy Dickinson at [email protected] or accelerate a letter to Ask Amy, P.O. Box 194, Freeville, NY 13068. You can additionally chase her on Twitter @askingamy or Facebook.

Letter Template Dear Most Effective Ways To Overcome Letter Template Dear’s Problem – letter template dear
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