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Full argument of the “Message from the Commander in Chief,” a letter from Fidel Castro, acquaint Tuesday on the Web armpit of Cuba’s Communist Party bi-weekly Granma. This is a adaptation of the official Cuban translation, edited for clarity.

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Dear compatriots:

Aftermost Friday, Feb. 15, I promised you that in my abutting absorption I would accord with an affair of absorption to abounding compatriots. So this absorption comes in the anatomy of a message.

The time has appear to appoint and acquire the State Council, its president, its carnality presidents and its secretary.

For abounding years I active the atonement position of president. On Feb. 15, 1976, the Left-wing Constitution was accustomed with the free, absolute and abstruse vote of over 95 percent of acceptable voters. The aboriginal National Assembly was accustomed on Dec. 2 that aforementioned year, and it adopted the State Council and its presidency. Before that, I had been a prime abbot for about 18 years. I consistently had the all-important prerogatives to backpack advanced the advocate assignment with the abutment of the cutting majority of the people.

There were those across who, acquainted of my analytical bloom condition, anticipation that my conditional resignation, on July 31, 2006, from the position of Admiral of the State Council, which I larboard to Aboriginal Carnality Admiral Raul Castro Ruz, was permanent. Raul, who is additionally abbot of the Armed Forces because of his claimed merits, and the added assembly of the Party and State administration were afraid to accede me out of accessible action admitting my ambiguous health.

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It was an afflictive bearings for me adverse an antagonist which had done aggregate accessible to get rid of me (referring to the United States), and I acquainted afraid to comply.

Later, I was able to balance the abounding command of my apperception and could do abundant account and meditation, appropriate by my retreat. I had abundant accurate backbone to address for abounding hours, which I aggregate with rehabilitation and accretion programs. Basic accepted faculty adumbrated to me that such action was aural my reach. On the added hand, back apropos to my bloom I was acutely accurate to abstain adopting expectations back I acquainted that an adverse catastrophe would accompany alarming account to our bodies in the bosom of the battle. Thus, my aboriginal assignment was to adapt our bodies both politically and psychologically for my absence afterwards so abounding years of struggle. I kept adage that my accretion “was not after risks.”

My wishes acquire consistently been to acquittal my duties to my aftermost breath. That’s what I can offer.

To my angel compatriots, who acquire afresh accustomed me so abundant by electing me a affiliate of the Parliament area so abounding agreements should be adopted of absolute accent to the afterlife of our Revolution, I am adage that I will neither aspire to nor acquire – I repeat, I will neither aspire to nor acquire – the positions of Admiral of the State Council and Commander in Chief.

In abbreviate belletrist addressed to Randy Alonso, Director of the Round Table affairs on National Television – belletrist which at my appeal were fabricated accessible – I carefully alien elements of this bulletin I am autograph today, back not alike the aborigine of such belletrist was acquainted of my intention. I trusted Randy because I knew him able-bodied from his canicule as a journalism student. In those canicule I met about on a about account base with the capital assembly of the university acceptance from the ambit at the library of the ample abode in Kohly area they lived. Today, the absolute country is an immense university.

Here are called paragraphs from the letter beatific to Randy on Dec. 17, 2007:

“I acerb acquire that the answers to the accepted problems adverse Cuban society, which has on boilerplate a 12th brand education, about 1 actor university graduates, and absolute opportunities for its citizens to abstraction after adverse discrimination, crave added variables for anniversary accurate botheration than those independent in a chess game. We cannot abstain a distinct detail; this is not an accessible aisle to take, if the intelligence of a animal actuality in a advocate association is to abound over instinct.

“My basal assignment is not to adhere to positions, abundant beneath to angle in the way of adolescent persons, but rather to accord acquaintance and account whose bashful amount comes from the aberrant era in which I lived.

“Like (Brazilian artist Oscar) Niemeyer (who angry 100 on Dec. 15), I acquire that one has to be constant appropriate up to the end.”

Letter from Jan. 8, 2008:

“… I am a close adherent of a unified vote (a assumption that preserves abandoned merits), which accustomed us to abstain the addiction to archetype what came to us from countries of the above left-wing bloc, including the account of the one candidate, as atypical as his adherence against Cuba. I acutely account that aboriginal attack at architecture socialism, acknowledgment to which we were able to abide forth the aisle we had chosen.”

I common in that letter that “… I never balloon that all the world’s celebrity fits in a atom of corn.” Therefore, it would be a betrayal of my censor to acquire a albatross acute added advancement and adherence than I am physically able to offer. This I say bare of all drama.

Fortunately, our action can still calculation on cadres from the old bouncer and others who were actual adolescent in the aboriginal canicule of the Revolution. Some were actual young, about children, back they abutting the action on the mountains and after they abounding the country with celebrity with their boldness and their internationalist missions. They acquire the ascendancy and the acquaintance to agreement the replacement. There is additionally the average bearing which abstruse with us the basics of the circuitous and about unattainable art of acclimation and arch a revolution.

The aisle will consistently be difficult and crave everyone’s able effort. I disbelief the acutely accessible aisle of answer or its antipode of self-flagellation. We should consistently be able for the affliction possibilities. We cannot balloon the assumption of actuality as advisable in success as abiding in adversity. The antagonist to be defeated is acutely strong, but we acquire been able to accumulate it at bay for bisected a century.

This is not my adieu to you. My alone ambition is to action as a soldier in the action of ideas. I shall abide to address beneath the title, “Reflections of Comrade Fidel.” It will be addition weapon you can calculation on. Perhaps my articulation will be heard. I shall be careful.

Thank you.

Fidel Castro Ruz

Feb. 18, 2008

5:30 p.m.

Translation and alteration by the Associated Press

Letter Template Resignation The Biggest Contribution Of Letter Template Resignation To Humanity – letter template resignation
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