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“I appeal you, I beg you, I adjustment you, in the name of God: stop the repression!”

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When the abbey denounced the aggressive government for its attack of abandon adjoin its opponents—and alleged on soldiers accustomed out the abandon to balk orders—some men in the aggressive absitively that it was time to annihilate him. El Salvador was on the border of civilian war—it was March of 1980—and the abbey had fabricated his appeal in a Sunday abode advertisement civic on the radio. He was allurement for trouble; he adapted to be killed. The killing itself was easy. The abutting day’s bi-weekly alleged the abbey area the abbey would be adage Mass that evening. The abbey abandoned admonition to breach home. The assassins drew lots to actuate who would be the gunman. As the abbey apprehend the Gospel, the assassins pulled up to the chapel. As he aloft the adored aliment and wine, the apache accursed a attempt to the heart.

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Nearly four decades later, Pope Francis has declared Óscar Romero a saint. An abbey murdered at the altar, in the abode of England’s Thomas Becket, would assume a simple case. But Romero’s aisle to canonization—at an October commemoration at Saint Peter’s Basilica, in Rome—has been tortuous. Added than 100,000 bodies awash the basilica basic in San Salvador for Romero’s funeral, and yet the apostolic adumbrative to El Salvador and all but one of the country’s absolute bishops backward away, abashed by the administering and the Vatican alike. As the murdered man became the face of a “people’s Catholicism” in Latin America—a saint by acclamation—Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI slow-walked the official annual process, absolutely because of what the abbey represented.

For the Catholic left, Romero’s assassination is as alternate as Martin Luther King Jr.’s, and his canonization—long awaited—is apt. At a moment aback bishops in the United States and about the apple are actuality alleged to annual for their bent camouflage of apostolic animal abuse, Óscar Romero stands in abrupt adverse as a abbey who strove to be angelic by actuality accountable—a articulation for the blurred rather than for the Church and its patrons. To bless Romero, the Church has to abode base episodes in its past—episodes as troubling, in their own way, as the accepted sexual-abuse scandal. The annual additionally armament us to accede Francis in a altered light—as a amount aching by Latin American backroom and his own arrangement with abhorrence and violence, accommodation and complicity.

The Pope Francis depicted in the North American media aback his 2013 acclamation is abundantly a amount in the ability wars—conflicts fought over issues such as divorce, homosexuality, gay marriage, and the Church in a assorted society. The issues are altered in Latin America. As the aboriginal pope from the region, the above Jorge Mario Bergoglio has affiliated the Catholic Church’s 500-year history as handmaiden to bounded oligarchs, dictators, and aggressive strongmen. In Latin America, in his lifetime, the Church and its leaders accept ample anon not aloof in the ability wars but in absolute wars: in Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, and Nicaragua; in Argentina, the pope’s built-in land, whose alleged Dirty War bound Bergoglio and his adolescent Jesuits; and in El Salvador.

The role of abbey of San Salvador in the mid-1970s was all but impossible. The abbey was accepted to serve the interests of the people, the cardinal oligarchy of landowning families, the bounded Church, the Vatican, and alike the United States, which adjourned El Salvador’s military.

Romero’s appointment, in February 1977, coincided with afflicted times: The country faced a growing absorption of ability in the military; ache and threats of ache adjoin campesinos who accustomed concessions from landowners; and a government-backed attack adjoin activist clergy. In a country alleged for Jesus—El Salvador agency “The Savior”—fliers were anesthetized out urging, “Be a patriot. Annihilate a priest.”

Romero did not alpha out as a advocate reformer. Born in 1917, the additional of eight children, he entered a seminary in El Salvador aback he was 13 and was eventually advancing in Rome, at the age of 24. To the bodies in his parishes, he was a accepted pastor; to his adolescent priests, he was an alignment man—a “stickler,” one accessory recalled. Aback the Additional Vatican Council airy the dress cipher for priests, he connected to abrasion a connected abbey (and disdained priests who did not). As the abetting abbey of San Salvador, he was an apostolic bureaucrat, captivated with paperwork. He confused the agreeable of the account archdiocesan bi-weekly from calls for amusing amends to calls for claimed improvement, honing in on biologic use, promiscuity, and alcoholism. He faulted the Jesuits at Central American University for announcement “political theology” and dedicated the government’s armed activity of the University of El Salvador on the area that the academy was a axis of Marxism. He fabricated his account acknowledgment to a priest who was a affiliate of the backstairs traditionalist movement Opus Dei. But for all that, he was not doctrinaire. In 1968, an alternate appointment of Latin American bishops captivated in Medellín, Colombia, badly acicular the Church’s charge to amusing justice; Romero accustomed a average arena amid the “Medellínistas” and the Salvadoran oligarchy. The Vatican, acquainted his moderation, installed him as archbishop—after the oligarchy active off.

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Three weeks later, a Jesuit priest alleged Rutilio Grande and two assembly were murdered in Aguilares, a apple alfresco the capital, area Grande had been acclimation sugarcane workers. Grande was a acquaintance of Romero’s—they had lived in the aforementioned seminary in the aboriginal 1970s, generally demography commons together. The new abbey went to Aguilares to adjure over Grande’s bullet-riddled body. Romero, one priest would recall, had ahead been “reluctant to go through the aperture of history God was aperture up for him”—but now he did. He alternate to San Salvador a afflicted man, vowing that he and the Church would not booty allotment in any official government commemoration until the killing was dealt with. He canceled all appointed Masses the afterward Sunday, replacing them with a distinct misa única in the basilica in anamnesis of the collapsed men. That morning, 100,000 Catholics aggregate alfresco the cathedral.

Romero lived modestly. For his abode he took a bungalow on the area of a hospital. He beneath to accomplish use of a affluence car and driver. He opened the chancery to poor people, who came to him with their problems. As the aggressive regime’s repression escalated—priests murdered, campesinos “disappeared,” protesters massacred—he accursed from aural the Church the “social sin” perpetuated by the government and the cardinal class, whom he accused of “paying to annihilate the articulation that speaks out.” He acclimated his Sunday homilies to address on bodies murdered or kidnapped, anecdotic anniversary by name. He fabricated the archdiocese’s radio station, YSAX, an addition to state-controlled media. Already an alignment man, Romero now begin his brother bishops autograph to Rome to accuse about him. In February 1978, Georgetown University, a Jesuit academy in Washington, D.C., absitively to accordance Romero an honorary degree. The Vatican accustomed to stop it, but the university stood its ground.

Karol Wojtyla was adopted pope that fall. As the abbey of Kraków, he had set the Church adjoin Communism in the Soviet bloc; as Pope John Paul II, he set the Church adjoin Latin America’s liberation theology, which army a absolute appraisal of accepted amusing structures in the arena and alleged aloft the Church to casting its lot, in chat and in deed, with the poor and the powerless. Romero had not apprehend abundant liberation theology, but he fabricated accepted account with its advocates. The Vatican beatific a abbey from Argentina to “check on” Romero. It began planning for his removal. Aback threatened campesinos active churches to assure themselves, he accurate them. Aback the admiral of El Salvador bootless to stop the murders of priests and laity, Romero excommunicated him.

Washington was watching, too. Under Admiral Jimmy Carter, the Accompaniment Department and the Pentagon were animate with the Salvadoran government. Aback the Marx-inspired Sandinista rebels came to ability in adjoining Nicaragua (and appointed four priests to the cabinet), abounding in official Washington feared that El Salvador was next. The Carter administering pursued a benevolent action adjoin the country: accusatory the government’s human-rights violations while allotment its anarchic military. The undersecretary of accompaniment for the arena derided Romero as “a anemic abbey acerb afflicted by an abstracted but naïve Jesuit cadre.”

After a alleged anesthetic accomplishment by the aggressive in 1979, the government’s war on its opponents grew alike added brutal. Campesinos were murdered at the amount of added than 300 a month. Priests connected to be killed. Romero had empiric that his role was “to tend the wounds … aces up the bodies”; now he presided over burial afterwards funeral. With the U.S. Congress set to renew allotment for the Salvadoran military, he wrote a letter to Carter affecting him to end the funding. Romero apprehend the letter aloud in the basilica and over YSAX, whose accessories were anon bombed. He banned to appoint a babysitter or abrasion a bulletproof vest. Why should he be adequate aback the campesinos were not?

Romero’s letter to Carter advertisement amid the president’s staff. The national-security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski—Polish-born, anti-Communist—reached out to John Paul, allurement him to bulldoze Romero to accent things down. The new U.S. agent to El Salvador, Robert White, saw things differently. White declared the aggressive administering as a “right-wing Annihilation Incorporated.” In a Accompaniment Department communiqué he remarked, “Probably the best austere blackmail to a abstinent band-aid would be the assassination … of Abbey Romero, the best important political amount in El Salvador.”

YSAX’s transmitter was eventually repaired, and on Sunday, March 23, 1980, in an hour-long abode advertisement beyond Central America, Romero begged the aggressive administering to “stop the repression!” The abutting day he was dead.

Pope Francis has had Romero in apperception anytime aback his election. Afterwards demography the name of a saint who served the poor—Francis of Assisi—he spurned the apostolic palace, opting to animate in a guesthouse. He rides in a Fiat, not a affluence car. He is open, bold, improvisatory. He has likened the Church to “a acreage hospital afterwards battle,” alleged in to bind up the wounds larboard by society.

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But he was not consistently this way. In Argentina he was accepted as bleak and cautious, a loner, sometimes a scold. Two decades adolescent than Romero, Bergoglio fabricated his final vows as a Jesuit in Buenos Aires in April 1973, at age 36. Two months later, he was alleged the provincial, or bounded leader, of the Jesuits in Argentina—a adolescent bourgeois appointed to adverse the surging progressivism of the order. His contour afresh was conspicuously affiliated to Romero’s at the aforementioned moment: authoritative priests abrasion accounting collars (and cutting a collar and a abbey himself), benign acceptable devotions over Vatican II innovations, continuing adjoin liberation theology, and blockage on accommodating acceptable agreement with the absolute Catholics who ran the country. He didn’t vote. He sometimes wore gold-embroidered apparel aback adulatory Mass, answer that accustomed bodies admired “a blow of Evita” in their liturgy. Some of his adolescent Jesuits wrote to Rome to accuse about him.

In 1976 he faced a analysis of his leadership. Inspired by the Medellín acknowledgment on amusing justice, two added Jesuits had founded a affiliation in a shantytown of Buenos Aires, active amid the poor and amid Marxist guerrillas, which some interpreted as alike to acknowledging terrorists. Bergoglio had been their student. Now he was their superior. Afterward an order, he said, from Pedro Arrupe, the baton of the Jesuits in Rome, he told the two Jesuits that they had to accept amid the community, with its politically annoying agenda, and the Jesuit order. They banned to accordance up their work. He arrive them to breach at the Jesuit abode in Buenos Aires. They declined. Bergoglio warned them to be “very careful.”

The accomplishment came bristles canicule later. The Jesuits were hauled from their abode in the shantytown—two of some 150 priests taken in the Dirty War that followed. The men were stripped, shackled, hooded, and bent for bristles days, afresh relocated and kept blindfolded. They became assertive that Bergoglio had either angry them in or acquiesced to their abduction.

Had he? Almost absolutely not. But he had been careless. Accustomed out the dismissal, he had larboard the priests afterwards institutional protection. In the flurry of paperwork and consultation, he had somehow fatigued the regime’s absorption to the two men. In any case, already they were taken, he formed for their release. The priests were eventually let go—drugged and dumped on a alien amplitude alfresco of Buenos Aires, but animate afterwards a five-month ordeal. Bergoglio’s efforts acceptable helped defended their release. In the alarming aeon that followed, as the Dirty War escalated, Bergoglio abiding aegis for added bodies threatened by the regime. He got them access out of the country on flights to Brazil. He put them up at the Colegio Máximo, claiming that they were there to abide the Jesuits’ acclaimed “long retreat.” On one breach he gave a man his own government ID, and the man able as Padre Bergoglio, in a atramentous clothing and accounting collar.

That is what Jorge Bergoglio did. What he did not do was aboveboard argue or accuse the backbreaking government in Argentina in the backward 1970s—the actual time aback Óscar Romero was opposing and accusatory the backbreaking government in El Salvador, a angle he paid for with his life.

The Dirty War in Argentina went on until 1983. Up to 30,000 civilians were asleep or “disappeared.” Bergoglio, afterwards two agreement as provincial, was alleged the abbey of the Jesuit seminary. He remained fundamentally conservative, and as a aftereffect accepted divisive. He was beatific on sabbaticals to Ireland and West Germany and eventually acquaint to the Argentine abundance boondocks of Córdoba—a move advised as breezy exile—until he was alleged aback to Buenos Aires in 1992, area he became an abetting abbey and afresh the archbishop. The abbey who alleged him aback was the aforementioned man the Vatican had beatific to El Salvador to analysis on Romero.

After Bergoglio’s acclamation as pope, some Argentines active the accusations that he had betrayed the two Jesuits and had abandoned the entreaties of the “Grandmothers of the Basic de Mayo,” a accumulation adherent to reuniting accouchement whose parents had been abolished during the Dirty War with their claret relatives. In a diffuse account appear anon afterwards he became pope, Francis batten remorsefully about his efforts in the 1970s. “My appearance of government as a Jesuit at the alpha had abounding faults,” he said. “I begin myself bigoted aback I was still actual young. I was alone 36 years old. That was crazy. I had to accordance with difficult situations, and I fabricated my decisions abruptly and by myself … My absolute and quick abode of authoritative decisions led me to accept austere problems.”

He had afflicted in the decades aback then. The change had amorphous during the Dirty War and it had deepened during his time in Córdoba. He alternate to Buenos Aires a humbler man, and one absolutely on the ancillary of the poor. He lived in spartan quarters. He took the alms and bus. He absolved the slums. Aback the bishops of Latin America convened in Brazil in 2007, Bergoglio, entrusted to address the official account about the meeting, alleged for the Church to become “a traveling accompaniment of our atomic brothers and sisters, alike as far as martyrdom.” In the years afterwards Romero’s death, the murdered abbey of San Salvador had become an afflatus to the abbey of Buenos Aires. Bergoglio said of Romero in 2007, “If I were pope, I would accept already canonized him.” It was the approaching pope’s admonishment to his two predecessors, who acquainted that Romero—in afterlife as in life—needed to be restrained.

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Pope John Paul II visited El Salvador in 1983. That he went at all took courage: The arena was in a accompaniment of war. He had aloof visited Nicaragua—where he bellowed “Silencio!” afterwards he was heckled during an amphitheater Mass—and tensions were high. Terror threats alleged into catechism his plan to adjure at Óscar Romero’s tomb, in the catacomb beneath the cathedral. He went and prayed anyway.

Robert White, the U.S. ambassador, had apparent Romero as basic to any peaceful way advanced in El Salvador. He accepted prophetic. The assassination of Romero presaged a civilian war that would aftermost 12 years and leave up to 80,000 asleep and 8,000 disappeared. Progressive Catholics were targets. Four American churchwomen were raped and murdered. Six Jesuits, their housekeeper, and her babe were attempt absolute by associates of a paramilitary group, who additionally accomplished their accoutrements on a affiche of Abbey Romero that was blind on the wall.

John Paul visited El Salvador again, in 1996. He afresh knelt at Romero’s tomb. But he beneath to appointment the abbey area Romero had been murdered, and he was not acquisitive to see Romero canonized: Better to adjournment a brace of decades, he believed, until the war was over and Romero’s political allure had dimmed. John Paul’s go-slow access gave awning to subordinates who against Romero’s annual on apostolic and political grounds. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the rigorist prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, accustomed to abolish liberation theology, and Romero was apparent as active by association. Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, of Colombia, addition archconservative, declared that Romero was not a accurate martyr, because he had been asleep for political reasons, not religious ones. The ties amid the Church and Latin American elites accepted adamantine to break.

El Salvador’s civilian war concluded in 1992 with a rough-and-ready accordance accord, and bristles years afterwards John Paul and Ratzinger accustomed the “cause” for Romero to be opened in Rome. A youngish Italian abbey was fabricated postulator—the man with the job of seeing the amount through. It would not be easy. The action was captivated up at every stage—by the bishops in El Salvador, and in Rome by the bishops’ office, by the clergy office, and, in 1998, by Ratzinger and the doctrinal office, which capital to analysis Romero’s homilies for traces of Marxism. Six years passed. Afresh Ratzinger appear addition delay, so that Vatican clerics could “delve deeper” into Romero’s writings. Pope John Paul II died. Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI. Seven added years passed. John Paul was canonized. At last, afterwards affair with the postulator—who by now was a aging bishop—Benedict accustomed the cause. Afresh he resigned. Bergoglio was adopted pope. Three weeks later, Óscar Romero was accustomed for canonization.

On one level, the annual represents a amiss assuredly righted. On another, it is an breach for Francis to accost the black of the backward 1970s—the struggles he faced, the decisions he made. There is no one appropriate way for religious leaders to claiming backbreaking governments in every circumstance. Francis is now demography a appeasing access with China, for example, absolute quiet on animal rights in adjustment to accretion amplitude for the Church to accomplish there. And outspokenness, for its part, is not affirmed to accompany results. But this annual marks a absolute change: Afterwards centuries of cozying up to strongmen, the Vatican has legitimated Romero’s way of accusation and confrontation, acquainted that it is not the aisle of a adventuresome maverick.

Pope Francis, greeting pilgrims from El Salvador in the abatement of 2015, went off calligraphy to allege candidly about Romero’s following ordeal, authoritative bright that he laid the accusation for the connected adjournment not on Central American despots but on princes of the Church, whom he placed amid Romero’s persecutors: “He was defamed, slandered, soiled—that is, his affliction connected alike by his brothers in the priesthood and in the episcopate.”

He went on to complaining that the aforementioned following fate had been suffered by Rutilio Grande, the Jesuit organizer of poor agronomical workers whose annihilation in 1977 prompted Romero to accomplish his activity to amusing justice. Asked already about affairs for Romero’s canonization, Francis had said, “Yes, yes, yes … And appropriate afterwards that comes Rutilio Grande.” Typically, a applicant for sainthood charge be associated with miracles. Francis responded to that angle in a abrupt arrangement with Grande’s biographer two years later. He said, “Rutilio Grande’s abundant phenomenon is Óscar Romero.”

This commodity appears in the November 2018 book copy with the banderole “The Agonize and the Pope.”

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